Need Grain Free Recipes? Against the Grain eBook Giveaway!

Need Grain Free Recipes? Against the Grain eBook Giveaway!

against the grainDuring the past 14 months, our family has gone on the GAPS diet twice. The first time we had excellent success, but I gave up too early because we were in a hectic season of life and I feared that I couldn’t keep up with the demands of the extra kitchen time.

The second time, the biggest challenge I was experiencing was a lack of interest in the meals that I was making. It seemed that my kid’s and husband’s eating preferences had changed in the 8-9 months in the interim.

Meals that had gone over well the first time were flopping this time around. Everyone seemed bored and frustrated with the food, myself included. I don’t know exactly why the difference, but it was evident and honestly, it was discouraging.

We could all handle eating foods we didn’t really like for a short period of time, but we had only done 6 weeks and were aiming for 6 months, and I simply didn’t see how to continue with things as they were.

What I Really Needed

Shortly after making the decision to stop the diet, a friend and I discussed it (as she had also been doing the diet) and she asked whether I had bought any cookbooks written specifically for those on GAPS. I hadn’t, but now looking back I wish I had looked into finding some better resources.

I realized that I was functioning without a solid repertoire of meals that my family really enjoyed, and with little more than my own creativity for coming up with new ones (and there is good reason this isn’t a food/recipe only blog!), it’s no wonder I got stuck and frustrated.

What I really needed was some solid resources, full of fresh, new recipes that I hadn’t tried yet or had to come up with myself, to carry us through and keep eating interesting and enjoyable.

Against the Grain: Delicious Recipes for the Whole Food and Grain-Free Diet

This ebook written by our very own Kate Tietje (also of the blog Modern Alternative Mama) was written for this very purpose. Here’s what she says in the book’s introduction:

My immediate frustration was with the lack of ideas and options out there. I found so many gluten-free recipes that were not grain-free. These weren’t doable. Those gluten-free grains still contain a lot of starch and can prevent the body from healing (more on that later). The next thing I encountered was the sheer boredom in the options we had. Did I want to serve baked chicken and steamed broccoli or vegetable soup for every meal? No, not really. And I don’t think most others do either!

I think it’s a big reason why people give up on the grain-free diet so quickly – they’re bored! They don’t want to just eat fresh or steamed veggies with plain meats or soups, but they don’t know what else they can eat.

I think she hit it on the head. We were bored! We needed more ideas to keep us going!

That’s what Against the Grain is primarily about… broadening the eating horizons of those who want to remain grain free.

Note that not all of the recipes fit in with a GAPS diet perfectly (some include potatoes or beans or dairy that are not on the diet, for example) but most do work for GAPS or could easily be adapted.

What the Book Includes

Here are some of the main-dish recipes included:

  • Spicy Lime-Marinated Beef Strips
  • Sausage and Peppers with Spaghetti Squash
  • Salisbury Steak
  • Fresh Herb Burgers
  • Beef Stir-Fry
  • Beef Tips with Portobello Mushrooms
  • Garlic-Rubbed Pork Chops
  • Tomato-Cream Sauce with Chicken and Zucchini
  • Blackened Fish
  • Chicken in Sundried Tomato-Cream Sauce

Not to mention lots of soups, side dishes and some desserts as well! Kate has also included some helpful information on the why’s and how’s of eating grain free and tips for making it work for you.

Though we’re eating grains again at this point and therefore haven’t tried out many of the recipes, they’ve been well received by the book’s taste testers and the look simple and yummy and definitely child-friendly as well.

Whenever we decide to get back on the GAPS bandwagon, this ebook will be one of the invaluable resources in my arsenal against grain-free boredom.

Want to win your own copy of Against the Grain: Delicious Recipes for the Whole Food and Grain-Free Diet?

I have 5 copies to give away! Here’s how to get entered:

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Giveaway ends Monday, May 30. 2011.

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  1. My son is very interested in going grain-free. He has started to run. He feels better and runs stronger when he eats no grain products. I really could use this book to aid in preparing meals for him. I also think I would feel better with a grain free diet.

  2. I would like to win a copy because GAPS, or at least greatly reducing our grain intake has always interested me, but after being gluten free for several months last year, I’ve been too scared to try!!

  3. After some experimenting on my own, I feel so much better when I don’t eat grains… I’d love to take my family in that direction, and this book seems to have some wonderful recipes that will make that much less painful… I would love to win this book! (I posted a link to this giveaway on Facebook AND Twitter!)

  4. We have gluten and wheat allergies and need to be gluten-free. I’d like to take it a step further and be grain-free to try to heal our allergies, but I know my family would balk at that all the time. I’m so excited about this e-book and having so many recipes that are grain-free! Thank you so much for offering this as a giveaway!!

  5. I would love to win this book just to have some good GAPS-friendly recipes for when we decide to take the plunge. 🙂 Thanks, Stephanie!

  6. I am subscribed to Keeper of the Home by RSS feed and by email! (I don’t want to miss a single thing!)

  7. I would love to win this book to expand on my grain free recipe list. I know I feel lighter, less bloated and more energetic when I cut out grains and feel this is something my whole family could benefit from.

  8. I’d like to try the book because I’ve been thinking about trying the GAPS diet. We just found out my oldest is allergic to soy and peanuts…along with some other health issues. Thank you for this!

  9. I would like to try the GAPS diet for some of our health issues. It would be nice to have a lot of recipes on hand to draw from right at the beginning. That way, maybe they won’t even know I’m helping them be healthier, and I can knowingly avoid foods I am having more and more trouble with. Thank you for the offer.

  10. I’d love to reduce the amount of grains in our diet. It’s always hard to know where to start and I think having these recipes would be a great place to do so. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. I have a sister-in-law who has celiacs. It would be a great resource to have when she and her husband came over for dinner.

  12. I want this book so I can begin our family’s GAPS diet with a good stock of recipes to try so we don’t get bored too.

  13. We have gluten allergies in our family, so this book would give us some new, much appreciated, recipes to try!

  14. I’m always interested in broadening my recipe selection. We eat far to many grains and this might just be what I’m looking for. I also know several people that are sensitive to gluten and can’t eat it. It’s not terribly difficult to cook grain free once in a while, but all the time as you say is much more challenging.

  15. I would love to win a copy of Against the Grain! I can so relate to what you were saying about being bored with preparing the same old things again and again while on GAPS. My son did well on it for the 3 months we tried it, but I just got burned out on trying to prepare things he liked AND could eat.

  16. I would love a copy of this book because, while we are not totally grain free, we have been cutting back. I have been experimenting with coconut flour lately with good results. I am looking for some new ideas 🙂

  17. Our whole family feels better on a grain-free diet. But I’m running out of ideas! I’d love a copy to get some fresh meal ideas!

  18. Shalom!

    I would love this book. I am a T2 Diabetic and striving to be 100% grain-free for myself, but I also have a daughter who I am trying to get to go gain-free and we’re having some struggles of what is good to eat, yet grain-free!

    Thank you for offering this resource!

  19. I am most interested in the introduction of the book. I have recently heard so much about the GAPS diet and I’d love to learn about it. *Although, the recipes sound delicious!! :o)

  20. Wow. The book sounds wonderful. I need to be grain and dairy free. It is really difficult and I am discouraged. I would love to try the salisbury steak and the muffins just to name a few.
    Thanks so much.

  21. I’m really interested in this book. I checked it out and I’m eager to try grain free with my already GF family.

  22. I’d like this book so I can introduce more grains-free recipes into our diet. We’re able to eat grains, but I think variety and breaks from it is good from time to time!

  23. I’ve recently discovered how good gluten-free eating can be. I also have a couple of friends who are doing the paleo diet (grain free) and I would love to find more recipes for them! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I’d like to win it because we eat so much bread/grains around here it sometimes feels like all we eat is bread, largely because it’s cheap for me to make it at home and its comforting. add to that all the rice and oats we eat, and well, I think I need some non grain related meal ideas. We’ve been making so many changes to real foods and more homemade that I feel out of energy to try something like this without help!

  25. We are in the process of ridding gluten from our diet (suspected intolerence). This book looks like an amazing asset to that journey. Thank you!!!

  26. Hi, although i bought the GAPS diet book over 6 months ago i have yet to attempt the diet due to having no motivation. The e book looks great and would definitely give me the prompt i need

  27. I recently learned I am gluten intollerant. The grain free diet will be a great way for me to get the nutrients I need without loosing interesting food.

  28. About a year ago my husband was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. After two weeks on prescribed meds he stopped taking them and decided to try to heal or at least reduce symptoms by way of diet change with natural whole foods. I am so proud of him but it’s been a very rough road for both of us. Actually for the whole family. Baked chicken can only go so far! A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon your site and have been devouring it bit by bit every day as time allows. I can’t thank you enough for sharing. My whole family is trying to follow the gaps diet so these recipes would be a wonderful guide. I am definitely subscribing to your site. Not on facebook or I would share there too.

  29. I would love to win this because we are having difficulties keeping to our grain-free diet on our budget. Sometimes I feel like I have run out of options for my family, and I always need new ideas and recipes that taste delicious! These recipes look awesome, too!.

  30. We have been grain free for six months and boredom is kicking in, despite having looked at other grain free cookbooks, which seem to rely more on desserts and not easy, simple main dishes. I have already spent tons on other books that failed to fill the need. That is why I would like to win.

  31. My chiropractor recommended that I cut grains from my diet. I would love to have some good recipe ideas!

  32. We’re making the shift to healthier, more whole foods eating and I could *always* use new recipes to keep things interesting. I like that the ebook has a mix of recipe types and that it’s not all sides or all soups.

  33. I would love to win this e-book because I am begining to think celiac disease runs in our family. My sister has started looking at gluten free for her family and now I am thinking I need to do the same, and I need help getting started. This would be a wonderful resource to have and I am sure I would use it everyday.
    shannonsweep at gmail dot com

  34. I am an email subscriber. I get the emails at shannon.ready at gmail dot com
    My contact email: shannonsweep at gmail dot com

  35. I’d love to win this book. I’m hoping to greatly reduce grains over the summer and next year. Looks like a great resource.

  36. I’m on GAPs right now and would LOVE to have some inspiration. I’m starting my 3rd week and I’m kinda in a slump.

  37. I really like that the book has no “weird, science-experiment type ingredients”! Simple will help me make it work. And new ideas to help the family eat it too is a huge thing!

  38. I would love more ideas for grain-free meals because I think I rely too much on grains to feed my family.

  39. I keep looking for more grain free meal ideas since I’m not coming up with much on my own. My family is getting bored with eggs, chicken and veggies. 😉

  40. I would love to have this book. We are gluten free and I am striving for grain free. The more tools I have at my disposal the better chance I have of making that happen. Thank you for the giveaway and for your awesome blog.

  41. I would like to win this book so I can have fun trying all the different recipes and improve my health and my family’s health.

  42. I would always love some inspiration as to healthy eating! 🙂 Some of the recipes sound amazing..

  43. I want to put my husband and I on the GAPS diet, and any help we can get towards doing this and staying on it are greatly appreciated.

  44. This book sounds great – we are eating lots of vegetables and no gluten grains now and I need more ideas!

  45. I would love to have an excuse to go grain free. The cookbook would send me on my way. The beef recipes make my mouth water.

  46. I would love to try the recipes and I would enjoy reading her intro to learn more about the bebefits of being grain free.

  47. Thank you for the heads up on this book. My family of eight (nine in November) is currently on the GAPS diet because my firstborn was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after a few scares and a couple hospital stays. We had already started GAPS, but the hospital food ironically put a hasty stop to healthy eating. My daughter couldn’t (wouldn’t?) eat the hospital food at all for the first week, but then they fed her some rather atrocious (as in unhealthy) foods which she finally felt well enough to munch on. She has been back home for three weeks and has been doing Intro GAPS, while the rest of us are on Full GAPS. My children are being great about the whole thing–truly wonderful. I can tell, however, that my husband is bored senseless by the endless chicken and fish and veggie du jour. He’s also 25 pounds lighter and suffering serious detox. I can’t say I blame him for his food doldrums…not one bit. I’d like to keep the entire family on the diet as long as possible, but I told them a minimum of six weeks. My Crohn’s Crusader, however, is committed to a few years. The rest of the family will have a few grains added back in via Nourishing Traditions in a month or so, but I’m hoping to keep that down to a dull roar…whisper actually. That said, some extra recipes all in one place would be absolutely fantastic for when my firstborn moves to Full Gaps and to keep everyone else happy on Gaps and relatively low-grain thereafter. I love that the ingredients are real and readily available. We are in the process of losing our home (when it rains, it pours), so sending away to Timbuktu for an ingredient I can’t even pronounce is not an option. 🙂

  48. Though my family is not on a GAPS diet, I would love to try out the grain-free recipes in this book…and hopefully I could work up the confidence necessary to try the full GAPS diet.

  49. We’ve been trying to eliminate grains from our diet for about a month now, but so far we have only managed to reduce the grains. Going grain-free has just been too hard. This cookbook sounds like exactly what I need to be motivated to be more disciplined.

  50. I have a daughter on GAPS and we are considering the entire family (all 9) but it IS overwhleming to feed so many in a new way without a resource to keep you going. The dishes look delish. I’d love to have a copy. Thanks!

  51. I’ve got a son who is wheat/gluten intolerant and we get bored easily, would love some fresh ideas!

  52. I have had recent concerns about the amount of gluten that we consume. It appears that several of us have slight sensitivity to wheat. My eldest daughter’s “intended” has coeliac disease and we would all appreciate some good advice on how to prepare suitable dishes that don’t contain difficult to obtain ingredients. I want to simplify!

  53. I just learned my eldest son has a wheat intollerance. Now I have to come up with a new menu to help him, without making him hate every meal and sneak bread when I am not looking. This book sounds like just what we need. I have never gone grain free before. Thank you for the resource.

  54. We are in the same place you were. We have been on GAPS for 6 weeks and I am getting so tired of the same foods. That and I just discovered I am allergic to eggs. I’ve thought maybe I was for a long time, but I am sure now. I’m feeling really overwhelmed by the diet right now, especially since we have been going through at least a dozen eggs a day. I don’t know what we will eat.

  55. I would love this book, it’s already in my “amazon universal registry!” My daughter is having trouble digesting grains and after looking “through” it a bit I’d love to have my hands on a copy.

  56. my family tries to eat as little meat as possible and we wind up being a little heavy on the grains. i’d like more options.

  57. I would love to win this e-book as our son has Crohn’s and we are doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help him heal. He is not allowed any grains at all! Thank you for this opportunity to win…and for the information about this book…it sounds wonderful! 🙂


  58. I’d love to have this recipe ebook since I have discovered that I’m so sensitive to processed foods and try to eat whole foods as much as possible. This would be a great addition to my recipe repertoire! Thank you!

  59. What a great giveaway. We don’t have any allergies/reactions to grains, but I’ve been trying to add more grain free recipes to our diet. Grains are so easy to fall back on that we tend to eat too many!

  60. I would like to win this ebook because I’m hoping to reduce the grains my family eats. I like the fact that the recipes included are whole food recipes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. I would love to have this e-book because I am currently on a grain-free diet due to stomach issues. This would help me so much! Thank you!

  62. My son has multiple food allergies/intolerances. We just started looking into GAPS for healing. It seems so overwhelming right now, but having this book and being able to have recipes for a variety of delicious foods may help us to go forward.

  63. I have had life long food problems, allergies and intolerances and who knows what. About a month ago I was desperate. I began the primal diet. No grains, no dairy, no legumes or beans of any kind. I need some new ideas!

  64. I recently learned about GAPS and have been trying to embrace this new way of eating, nourishing and healing my body. I must admit that I am getting bored with eating the same things over and again. The recipes sound like they would bring a lot of very tasty variety to my table and would be delicious “company worthy” meals for guests that are not doing GAPS…!

  65. This is very interesting. The recipes listed in the table of contents sound delicious and integring. I haven’t really heard of this diet and so I’m very interested in wanting to gain more knowledge.

  66. I would love this ebook because I am on the GAPS diet and needing some more ideas! The recipes look really tasty!

  67. We do not have huge dietary issues w/ gluten and grains, but I would like to not be so reliant on them in our meals. I think it would only improve our health, but it’s hard to know where to start, so this would be a great resource!

  68. I would love to win this. I am sorta on the GAPS diet, it is what I feel best on. But it’s hard, I get stuck in a rut… so some new recipes would be awesome!! I try to feed my boys as little grains as possible too.

  69. Went grain-free to rid myself of my rheumatoid arthritis. It works well (*very* well – no meds in two and a half months!), but I need more diet-friendly recipes. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. I am currently grain free, and I’m trying to get the rest of my family converted. I feel so much better eating this way. I do need some new food ideas to make the kids happy. This book looks like it’s just what I need!

  71. This book is exactly what I need. I’m in a food rut and really need to infuse some new recipes into my life!!

  72. I want to win because I’ve been reading more about gluten free or low gluten diets and have been trying to transition, but it’s very difficult! It seems that this would help!

  73. I would love to have this resource as I am checking out the GAPS diet for the heavy antibiotic load I had last summer. New health issues have surfaced which I would love to see lessened or eliminated.

  74. Our family (me, in particular) are dealing with new diagnosis that is making us rethink our eating. I’ve just started looking into alternative eating plans and would love to win this book so we could try it to see if it helps us.


  75. This looks fabulous. Our family is trying to limit grains due to health issues. My daughter & I are having the most trouble with grains, but it is so much easier on the chef to have everyone eating the same meals. Plus it’s a healthy choice for the boys in the family as well & my grocery budget can’t handle two sets of menus! I definitely could use some flavorful recipes. We too are experience boredom with the same meals repeated often. Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. I would love to win this! My son has 7 different food allergies and figuring out what to feed him often ends in me giving up. This book would help a ton!

  77. I would love to win this book, because, as someone who has taken my family through the Paleo diet for almost a year now, I am interested in some new ideas. I am also a trainer and teach people about nutrition and use the Paleo or grain free approach. I’d love to have another resource to point them to!

  78. I need this this book in the worst way. I am grasping at straws. I have constant loose stools.

  79. I’m an RHN and email subscriber, but would love to have a copy of this book to lend out to clients who would benefit from avoiding grains.

  80. This book would be so helpful to our family having a child with Celiac Disease. It gets hard to find good recipes that everyone enjoys. The recipes in this book sound good & kid-friendly.

  81. I would like to win this book because I think it would give me the necessary motivation to really try to be grain free.

  82. This book will be a godsend to our family who has looked at GAPS, but been overwhelmed with how to implement it in the midst of daily life with 4 children who have health issues (some indeterminable to date).

  83. I’d like to win this because I eat gluten-free (and right now, fairly grain-free) and could use some recipe ideas! Thanks!

  84. I NEED this book! My family is allergic to wheat and dairy and I’ve been wondering how healthy it is to be feeding them products made with potato starch, rice and tapioca flour all the time. We are also VERY VERY bored with bland recipes and need some good ideas!

  85. I am venturing out in eating grain free. And her recipes look really good.
    Thanks for the contest

  86. I would love to win this for my mom who has recently gone grain free in order to try to deal with some health issues. This would be an excellent resource!

  87. I would like to enter to win this book because some members of our family is always looking for grain-free books as there are not very many and our family being allergic to some grains and dairy, this would be a big help!

    Miss Antoinette

  88. It would be just really nice to have one source of grain free food recipes to be able to go to when I’m desperate for healthier menu ideas.

  89. I’d love this book because:
    A) I have a cook book addiction and
    B) I would truely like to add more grain free recipes into our whole food diet
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. I’ve wanted to put our family on the GAPS diet for awhile now but know that without pre-planned ‘wanted’ meals it could never fly. I need a book like this to get me through meals. All the recipes sound good!

  91. I’ve been wanting to try going grain free (for longer than a week) but have had trouble trying to find enough recipes that my family would love.. this book looks great!

  92. I have 7 children, 2 of them need to be on a gluten free diet, and my husband’s Dr. has ordered him to be on a low-carb diet. This sounds like just what I need to help juggle all the dietary needs in this house!

  93. I have been reading the GAPS book; planning and preparing for my family of 5 to go on the diet. We are in desperate need of this diet. We have issues ranging from severe food intolerance (dairy and soy for sure) in two of my daughters – to lowered immunity. Someone is constantly complaining of a tummy issue or tummy pain. Now I just found out that my middle daughter may have a neurological issue called Sensory Processing Disorder. It is hard for me to say that there is no other reader who needs this more, but suffice it to say that we need this diet, a lot! And my greatest concerns are as yours, established picky eaters (including my husband, who is very willing but very concerned about having enough food and enough variety). Having this book at the outset of our diet, beginning in June, would be a tremendous blessing!

    Thank you, so much, for bringing attention to the GAPS diet. I heard of it for the first time on your blog – it was truly from the Lord!

  94. I would love to win this book because I’m trying to incorporate more grain free meals in our lives.

  95. I would love to read this book because my sister and her family are currently doing a candida-cleanse, which is WAY different than their normal diet. My sister is really struggling to come up with recipes to make for her family, so I’d love to give her this book as a resource to make it easier to feed everyone.

  96. I’d like to win the book because we started eating a more Paleo lifestyle late last fall. I’m always looking for new ideas and recipes, especially ones that appeal to elementary-age children, and this book looks like it would fit the bill.

  97. My husband and I are trying to increase our grain-free days this summer. This would be a big help with menu planning.

  98. I would love to win this book as I’ve been experimenting with grain-free recipes for the past few months. This would be a lifesaver. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  99. We eat mostly gluten-free because of my husband’s sensitivity to it, but we aren’t completely grain-free. Nonetheless this book looks like it would be a great resource for more recipes, because goodness knows, I’m often struggling to come up with something interesting for dinner!

  100. My husband and son were on the full GAPS diet for almost two years, but recently we have lost some of our commitment. My son is still mainly grain free (definitely no gluten for him) but I have started re-introducing small amounts of rice and potatoes into his diet. My husband on the other hand has completely fallen off the wagon, mainly due to boredom (I am pregnant and have not been very creative in my cooking). I have been trying to work up the energy to get back on track with our eating because I am seeing negative consequences as a result of all the “cheating” they have been doing; the recipes in this book look like they might be just the thing to help us get back on track.

  101. I would like to have a cookbook that will help me eat better. All of the recipes noted look so yum!

  102. I am amazed by all the recipes in this e-book! I am planning on doing the GAPS diet with my large family (we have 9 kids). Going grain-free for this small army is a huge challenge. This book would be a great source to learn “the how to”‘s about cook grain-free for true healing of the gut.

  103. I would love this ebook. My sister recently went grain-free and dropped a ton of weight in the first month without doing anything else differently in her routine. I’m interested in going grain-free but feel so overwhelmed! What do I cook? This would be exactly what I would need to make that scary leap of going grain-free.

  104. Lack of variety is what keeps holding us back from really getting into GAPS or grain free. This book looks like a great springboard that would grease the wheels for a better diet!

  105. I would LOVE to win this book!!! I’m trying (rather uncessfully…) to convince my husband that we need to really reduce the grains in our diet and replace it with better food (to which I hear…grains are good for you! especially how you make them!). I think one of my issues is not being able to come up with really great grain alternatives…especially with having 2 small children (crackers and bread are just so easy…) I would so appreciate a book giving me a leg up!!

  106. This book sound FABULOUS! We just decided last night that we needed to try the GAPS diet for myself and my daughter and this would make the transition so much easier! Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway!

  107. i’m interested in expanding my repertoire of gluten-free, grain-free options. our solution many times has been to go vegetarian (tomato soup is on the stove right now) but i’m curious about another way….

  108. Hi! this would be a great book for me to have. I recently was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and with my research it looks like the GAPS diet would be the best route for me to take. I am intimidated to start it because of lack of ideas for meals for my husband and I. Help! I need this book!

  109. Well, this is rather timely. I’m too chicken to try GAPS full on yet, but I was just thinking to myself the other day how nice it would be to have more recipes that were grain free to help me and my husband reduce our reliance on grains in our diet. Especially since, with a baby on the way, I’d like to buck the system when baby is old enough to be on solids and not do the whole rice cereal/ pureed baby food thing. It would be much better to feed baby what we’re eating, and even better if we’re not eating as much grains, as I’d like to delay that until one year of age….Anyway, I somehow came across the recipe for Kate’s white bean vanilla cake, and haven’t tried it yet, but it sure looks yummy! Also, I like how all the recipes in the book look like everday recipes, nothing super exotic. DH and I have rather unadventurous palates for the most part. 😛

  110. I’ve been gradually working toward a grain-free diet because my weight has been sneaking up and I’ve noticed that when I cut back on grains it’s much easier for me to lose/maintain weight so I would love some ideas for grain-free recipes.

  111. I just recently heard about the GAPS diet (which is how I discovered your blog a few weeks ago) and I am currently reading the GAPS book. My 9 year old has been struggling with some digestive issues that haven’t resolved with our current gluten free diet. This cookbook would be so helpful!! I have a newborn and anything that can reduce time in the kitchen once we begin the diet would be a blessing!

  112. 1. I would love this book because I’m very, very new to cooking without grain. I recently removed gluten, lactose, and sugar from my diet and would LOVE to find some recipes that are fabulous enough to win my husband over!

  113. I would love to win this book because we have been trying to limit our grains and I just am having a hard time cooking without them!

  114. Needing a change in diet and some good ideas for grain-free meals.
    thanks for the info and opportunity to win!

  115. i’d love this book because i eat grain free but lately find myself eating “off” because i get so bored with food. i could really use some fresh recipe ideas!!

  116. wow! 30 recipies! I like the price too! we are praying about starting gaps, so this would be such a blessing!!

  117. The book looks awesome, we’ve been trying gluten free to help with my daughter’s significant digestion issues but haven’t seen all the results I’d hoped for. Doing the GAPS diet is the next step but its so intimidating!

  118. I would love to win this because I have celiac, so popular grains are out of bounds for me. I’d love to improve my ‘grain-free’ repertoire.
    Sarah M

  119. Oh, I would really LOVE this book…the main reason would be that I have a child who has a form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis…I really believe that if I could get him eating better and heal his gut, that his overall health would be better…and I know I personally would love it for overall health for all of us…
    How exciting! Thanks for sharing about this book!

  120. We have attempted GAPS once and slowly came off of it, but had noticed great changes while we were on it. We would like to get back on it, but find the hardest part is figuring out our meals and still having a lot of variety. I would love to have some new recipes!

  121. I would love to win this because I’ve had to cut tons of things out of my diet because I’ve had an overgrowth of yeast in my system which is coming out in the form of making my hands red and painful. It’s been so weird. As soon as I cut out diary, sugar, grains, even fruits my hands started to get better. I’m slowly losing steam on creative ideas for recipes, although I have good motivation…I’m tired of red hands! 🙂 This sounds like an awesome book! 🙂

    Oh, I’m also an email subscriber. 🙂

  122. I love the ideas in this book – I find cooking without grains extremely taxing. Coming up with new and exciting meals multiple times a day and dealing with flops can get frustrating and tiring- this book would be a huge resource.

  123. I am new to this whole blog world and giveaways. I posted my comment in the wrong place (On Moder Alternative Mama’s site). *blush* Here is what I said:

    “Hi!! I am so excited about this giveaway! I am embarking on a grain-free diet with my family. I have been moving towards it for a while, but and unexplainable rash all over my body gave me some good motivation to really get started. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed to say the least. I am a working (part time) mom, and feel like I spend so much time trying to figure out what to eat and what to cook (that the whole family will eat). This is my first time entering a blog giveaway, so I hope I have done everything correctly!”

    Hopefully I did all of the steps correctly THIS time! 😉

  124. I used to eat lots and lots and LOTS of baked goods, mostly because I love to bake. When my son was born, it didn’t take long to realize he is sensitive to numerous foods, one of which is wheat. Going grain-free for awhile rocked my world, but I did get bored after a couple of weeks. Even though we can now eat quinoa and oats and spelt, I’d love to learn what other creative options we have for grain-free meals. Thanks!

  125. Your book sounds incredible and extremely helpful but I consider e-books to be horribly large and don’t like putting them on the computer. If your book was a paperback I’d be all about it. Having said that, I do understand that there must be hard work and frustrations involved in printing books. I just wanted to let you know my unusual opinion. 🙂

  126. I would like to win this book because I have a child with autism, and a language development disorder. I have noticed who his behvior changes with different foods. I also have an Infant who suffers from severe eczema. We have completly eliminated all grains from her diet and have noticed a huge improvement in her skin. My husband suffers from severe IBS and skin issues. But he was raised as a meat, taters, and bread with every meal sort of fellow. I am having a hard time coming up with recipes that please everyone. I think this book would be very very helpful in feeding my family.

  127. We have wanted to try the GAPS diet but have been intimidated and I feel we would’ve gotten bored quickly as well (my hubs moreso than me) so I would love to win and try this cookbook! 🙂

  128. I would love to win this book! My whole family needs to go off of grains! Thank you for your wonderful site!!!


  129. There are a number of reasons I would love this. My son can’t have gluten or dairy, and my husband has gone back and forth with gluten. We are pretty sure that he will have to go on the gaps diet or something similar and eventually the whole family. I will need help with inspiration with meals for sure. It’s hard enough some days. Thanks

  130. I would love to win this book because my son has been directed by our naturopath to discontinue all grains, including rice. It has been a difficult struggle to keep his meals varied and interesting. If he goes off his diet, his behaviour is essentially unmanagable. Knowing that there are others out there that have subscribed to the same diet, gives us hope to continue.

  131. I would love the ebook, because I’m desperately trying to help my developmentally delayed son through diet and not meds! GAPS seems so overwhelming right now! Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. I have been very ill for 4 1/2 years and have serotonin syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypothyroid,adrenal fatigue,systemic yeast syndrome , chronic fatigue and gluten intolerance to name a few.I am unable to work and on a very fixed income and cannot afford to buy gluten free food or cookbooks.I am trying to get the information needed to make foods using alternative sources.This cookbook would give me the tools necessary to cook yummy, nutricious, healthy meals.Thank you for offering this book as a giveaway.

  133. I get crabby when I eat wheat and am considering a grain free diet eventually to try to improve some other health issues.

  134. Oops…posted under the book page instead of here.
    I would like to win because my family is transitioning to healthier diet…we are embarking on gfcf diet for various issues among family members, and my youngest 5yo is in process of diagnosis for hypoglycemia. This sounds like it would really help us with ideas of what we can eat!

  135. I checked out the book and it looks like a really great resource for grain free cooking. I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy a little less than a month ago and have had to completely change my normal diet. I am constantly on the search for new and interesting recipes so I am SO excited about this book. Chicken with sun-dried tomato cream sauce, that sounds so yummy!

  136. My mom and I are on a gluten(grain)-free diet and need recipes. It’s a journey, and sometimes we’re not sure where to begin! This book sounds excellent for helping us get on the path!

    Natalie (age 12)

  137. I’d love this book b/c I’m really wanting to try out the GAPS diet but afraid my family will boycott it if I don’t do it “right” with tasty meals!

  138. Thank you for the give-away! This book would be a blessing to have as we are eating grain-free.

  139. A life-saving cook book for me has been the one that came with the GAPS Book– “Internal Bliss.” It’s got a ton of stuff, and I use it as a springboard to expand because we have no problems with raw milk and butter instead of ghee, so it’s easier!

  140. We have also tried Gaps and are doing a similar diet now and have been frustrated with the lack of variety to the point I’ve considered quitting. I recently got a gluten free book, but was disappointed to realize the starches and grains the recipes called for would still not be good for us to have much of.
    A book like this would be a real help! Thanks for the giveaway!

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