Name my new book!

Name my new book!


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My new book is coming, oh yes it is!

Since this summer, I have been working on what I feel is a timely book on the topic of eating a whole foods, real food diet, but doing it frugally. If that sounds like a contradiction to you, it’s not. The premise of this book is that you really can feed your family a healthy, nutritious diet even when you’re working within a tight budget, and throughout the book I set out to show you various ways to do exactly that!

Current chapters include:

  • Establishing and working within a grocery budget
  • Finding resources for buying high-quality, nourishing, whole foods
  • Using meal planning to lower prices and improve nutrition (and keep mama sane!)
  • Shopping locally and seasonally- as well as preserving your own foods
  • Cooking from scratch (with lots of ideas on how to make it easier and find the time to do it!)
  • Buying in bulk (where, how, using it to your advantage, storing it)
  • Eating nutrient dense foods to maximize nutrition while minimizing cost
  • Growing your own food
  • Analyzing the value of couponing, and ways to incorporate it on things that you actually buy
  • Getting creative with unique ways to source out food for cheap
  • Lots of general tips on money-saving ideas in the kitchen!

Sound good? I’m actually amazed at how much I feel that I’ve been learning through the process of writing it myself and have been so encouraged with ways to stretch our own budget and continue to buy even higher quality foods than before!

The goal is to have the book published and available for purchase (both ebook and paperback) by sometime in January! But for that to happen…

I need a title!

(You might have figured out by now that although I can write day in and day out, coming up with titles is not my favorite part of the writing process! I run a naming contest for practically everything, LOL!)

At the moment, the book has been going by the working title of “Good Frugal Food”. I know you can do better than that, ladies!

Please, indulge and entertain me with your creative title suggestions. Leave as many as you like! I will narrow them down to my favorites next week and run a poll where you can vote for your top picks.

And the winner? She will be among the first to receive a copy of the book in paperback!

Ready, set, blow me away with your suggestions. ­čÖé

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  1. Here are some ideas:

    – Wholesome Frugal Food
    – Frugal Wholesome Food
    – Less Money, Real Food
    – Real Food, Less Money
    – Eating Healthy on a Limited Budget
    – Healthy Food, Thrifty Budget
    – Real Food on a Real Budget
    – Eating Real Food on a Real Budget

    Regardless of the title, I can’t wait to read this new book!
    .-= Laura┬┤s last blog ..How Great Thou Art! =-.

  2. I’m sorry, I am drawing a blank on this one but I like Jenn C’s suggestion: Nourish and Flourish: Eating Healthy on A Budget. Although I would emphasize the whole foods thing ­čÖé Much success to you I am sure some other creative women will have many more ideas for you!!

  3. Shoot! They didn’t go through the first time–hopefully I can remember what I typed! Maybe they are slightly different (and added some, too!)

    Fiscal Frugality: Eating Well on a Budget

    Prudently Planning: Spending Less while Eating Better ((or Prudent Planning))

    Seasonal Selection: Healthy Eating Inside a Budget

    Sarah M–hoping it works this time!!

  4. Wow! After reading the previous title ideas above, I almost didn’t want to add my own little ideas, but here they are.

    Frugal Health
    Healthy Frugality

    accompainied by a subtitle like several of the above. I’m sure my title is not the most clever, but I look forward to ordering a copy of the book when it is available. This is EXACTLY the subject I have been trying to find good information on. Thank you for working on this!


    Mrs. H

  5. I was going to say the real food thing too….so I don’t want to enter it again, but I thought of this as an addition:

    Real Food, Real Budget: How to Eat Healthy for Less.

    I love that you are doing this. I have the book “miserly meals” and its great on how to cook for less but many ideas do not apply to whole foods health food lifestyles. I have been wanting a book like this for a long time. I will be ordering it that is for sure! I am glad you also have it in paperback.

  6. Go For Broke Nutritionally But Not Financially

    Your Go-To Guide for Healthy Eating on a Modest Budget

    Practical Ways To Eat Well For Less

  7. Okay I thought of another. I might come back and add more too. This is kind of fun! LOL

    -Frugal, but Healthy: How to manage a budget while buying real food

    -Reconciling Real Food and Real Budgets

    -Eat Well on a Budget

    -Healthy Homemaking: Real Food, Real Budgets

    -Frugal Food the Healthy Way: How to Eat Well on a Budget

    -Frugal Food: Eating Healthy Without Sacrificing Your Budget

    Okay I think I need to stop now LOL unless I come up with something else I think is “really” good LOL

  8. I can’t think of a name
    but I am excited that you are doing the book in paperback, I like having a book in my hands ( I’m old fashioned that way!)
    the book is coming at the perfect time for me, as my husband and I are trying to save more. I need some ideas for budgeting for food without loosing out on nutrition.

  9. Whole Foods on a Small Budget

    How to Eat Real Food on a Really Small Budget

    Feeding Your Family the Best Food for the Least Amount

  10. Whole Foods, Half Price
    Real Food Fantastically Frugal (or, Fantastically Frugal Real Food)
    Real Food, Real Nutrition, Real World Budget
    The Prudent Cook: Feed your family real food on a budget
    Preserving Providence: Keeping frugal food nutritious
    Frugal Fare for Nourished Bodies
    Whole Food Abundance for Tightwads
    Penny Pinching Cooks
    Traditional Fare for Tightwads
    .-= Milehimama┬┤s last blog ..Cameras for Kids: Best Gift =-.

  11. Nutritious food on a Nickel
    Nutrient rich on a Nickel
    Quality food on a Quarter
    Nutrient Dense food on a Dime

    I’m going with the coin theme…. can you guess? ­čÖé

  12. I say do a play on words from Michael Pollan’s saying: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
    Something like… “Eat real food… don’t spend too much.” or “Eat real food without breaking the budget” … something along those lines.

    I just quickly scrolled and I love Nola’s suggestion “Real food, real budget.”

  13. I don’t really have a new idea but I did like:
    Whole Foods, Half Price (maybe with a subtitle)
    And the “Wholly within a Budget” one.
    The titles that specify whole foods have been really good.
    So excited about the new book! This subject matter would be great for our family right now.

  14. The Whole Family: Healthy eating for the family without breaking the family bank

    The Wholesome Budget: Eating whole foods without using the whole budget

    Ok, so I’m a little stuck on the word Whole. Hope you find the perfect title.

    .-= Becky C┬┤s last blog ..Random =-.

  15. 1. In good health: Eating nutrient dense foods while minimizing cost

    2. Living Whole, For a Whole Lot Less

    3. You don’t have to be Rich to be Nutrient Rich

  16. What came to mind first was….

    Eat Right Now! or Eat Right, Now! with the thought that you don’t have to wait to eat right, you don’t have to have lots of money or have a huge garden, or until you have more time or any other excuse, but you can…

    Eat Right, Now!

  17. or what about Frugal and Fantastic Food

    or Fun, Frugal and Fantastic Food

    or Fantastic Frugal Food –
    Feeding your family healthy food on a budget.

    Whole Foods for the Whole family-
    A guide to nourishing your family frugally

  18. ok last try –

    Whole foods for a whole lot less or

    Nourishing Meals for Less
    You can feed your family whole, healthy foods for less than you think

  19. -How to keep more of your dollar while buying less processed foods
    -Buying whole foods on a budget
    -Budget survival guide to buying whole foods *** I like this one! ­čÖé
    .-= Mandi┬┤s last blog ..Home Birth story =-.

  20. How about She’s Got Skills: Savin’ the Fam’s Health and Green

    or more seriously, Keeping the Home: The Ktichen Project

  21. Hi Steph,
    I think the title of your book should be the largest benefit that your book delivers, and should be something specific along the lines of:
    397 ways to live healthier for less

    If you want to know what will sell the most (thus delivering your valuable ideas to the most people) then I’d recommend testing title variations through split tests on adwords. It’s an easy way to see what the real winner is. “The 4 hour work week” was named that way.

    Anyways, if you’d like more ideas about how to market your book or business please check out my new blog at

  22. Healthy Homemakers: Happy Wallets

    (I like Jennifers Nourish and Flourish suggestion too!)
    Can’t wait to read your new book!

  23. Healthy Food, Happy Budget

    Saving Green While Eating Green

    Natural Eating that won’t Break the Bank

    Frugal Tips for Wholesome Eating

    Thrifty & Tasty

    Good Stewardship: Of Your Body and Your Budget

  24. How about:

    Food Matters

    The Sustainable Kitchen

    Eating As If Your Health Depended On It

    A Stewardship of Food

    Bringing WHOLE FOODS Into Your HOME

  25. Wow, great ideas. I cant wait to read the book, just what I need.

    Going back to basics, nutrition on a budget.
    Not your grandmas pantry. Real food in real times.
    The style of old fashioned food growing. Preserved and nutritious.
    God created wholesome foods.
    How to feed your family on a frugal budget and do it wholesomly too.
    .-= Lena┬┤s last blog ..Our storm cellar is in Him. =-.

  26. Feeding the Family…A easy guide to eating healthy and in budget

    Cheap Healthy Eats!

    Eating Cheap and Healthy!..Yes it is possible!

  27. Even though I haven’t thought of a title for you, I was wondering how you manage your writing with your family. I am also in a writing project and this is something I always seem to struggle with.
    .-= Jennifer Barker┬┤s last blog ..Some Crazy Things =-.

  28. @Jennifer Barker, I don’t really find it possible to get writing time in the midst of the regular day-to-day routine. It’s enough to try to fit in my blog writing, yet alone a huge project like a book! The way that I find time is that my hubby and I choose Saturdays when I can go to a coffee shop and work (for either a half or full day, depending on our plans) and he stays home and has a “Daddy day” with the kids. My first book took me a year to complete doing it that way. This second one will be completed in half the time, because I took a lot of coffee shop days when my husband had time off this summer and I was recovering from having my 3rd baby. I was pretty much supposed to sit and rest, so why not rest while writing a book? Newborns are very portable. ­čÖé

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