First harvest of the season

Mmm… the first salad of the season, made with a lettuce blend from my backyard! I'm using a nice heirloom lettuce blend, as well as a romaine called Olga and some oriental greens called Mizuna.

Is there anything more satisfying than eating what you've grown? (Okay, the answer is yes, but it sure does rank up there somewhere among wonderful things in life!)

Apparently the bugs in my garden are also enjoying the first of the harvest… behold the sad state of my radishes.

For some reason (heavy, clay soil? weird type of radishes?) they've been growing above ground, and as a result, are being munched on by the insect world's equivalent to Peter Rabbit.

I had hoped to be able to share a bit of produce with the neighbors, but this wasn't really what I had in mind!

My turnips are also ready to eat, and Caden had his first one for dinner the other night, steamed and mashed with a bit of butter. He told me to tell you how delicious it was (I tried a bit- it was good!). It feels so great to feed my baby naturally grown food, right from my backyard!

Next up, I'm looking forward to harvesting some carrots, young onions, parsley, and I should have peas and strawberries within a few weeks as well!

How are your gardens coming? Most of you are so much more Southern than I am (and doubtless getting more sun than the Northwest has had in June!). What have you harvested so far this year?

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  1. Oh, your poor radishes! Hopefully, you’ll get some, too, eventually!

    I’m in the Northwest with its weird weather this season. The kale fizzled out with this weird weather (it got so confused as to what season it is!). However, we’ve been having lots of fresh lettuce and chives. The tomatoes seem to be growing nicely, too. (We’re container-gardening.)

    Enjoy your mizuna! We love that.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I am in Colorado and we have to plant later because it freezes until late April, so we planted mid-May…. I have nothing to harvest yet, but the lettuce will be ready in the next couple of weeks. I also have tomatoes that should start to ripen any day now!! My strawberries are barely hanging on so I have no idea if they’ll even produce this year. I’ll have cilantro ready within the next week or so, also. No peppers yet though, just a few blooms.

    I’m really looking forward to about 2 weeks from now when I think I’ll finally start having something to harvest!!

  3. I have harvested a lot of radishes. I don’t know if this is “proper” but when I noticed mine were growing above ground a bit (I thought it was due to TONS of rain (like I mean every day for weeks now, and tons of thunder storms and heavy rains) and that the rain pushed the soil down around the plants. Just my theory. Regardless, I went around and pushed them down back in. I have something eating the radish leaves (probably earwigs, a major problem here) but nothing got at their bottoms.

    Also I have harvested lettuces and spinach. And some onion tops. My herbs didn’t do well this year so I had to buy some and I have also been eating off those.

    I cannot believe the cool weather and rain we have been getting here. Lots of hail, too. Its extremely abnormal. We have only had maybe 2 days literally above 20 degrees. It still feels like April but with more green around. I hope my garden does okay. I was really expecting it to do better. I can’t imagine the poor farmers.

  4. My radishes always grow about half above ground (I thought it was normal?). You can always build little mounds around each, I guess. Everything’s late this year because of late planting and this terrific weather…urghhh. I unfortunately stepped on two of my rows of carrots to hoe my third row of carrots because I completely forgot that I had sown those rows and was wondering why the soil hadn’t been hoed lately. Halfway through the row I noticed the little plants struggling to get out – so now I have two half trampled rows of carrots and one row half dug up. What was I thinking?

  5. Hooray for tasting your harvest! I’m sure your salad was EXTRA tasty, since you grew it yourself! 🙂

    I think I got a late start, so we have yet to reap anything from our little apartment garden. But we’re chugging along, hoping to get something soon! 🙂

  6. We haven’t harvested anything yet ourselves. Yet, I think it will be time for some peas and such soon. My in-laws are growing our garden this year because of the move, so I don’t even know what it looks like right now! (Lucky me, I think!) However, we have been experiencing some terrific strawberries and cherries from the local farms that friends have been dropping off. My daughter surprisingly loved the cherries and even bigger surprise…she likes the kernels(?) of wheat right from the plant! She gobbles it up! We’ve also had the first of raspberry picking tonight except they are a little dry. I’m procrastinating. Pray that I stop distracting myself and can finish as much packing of boxes and laundry tonight as possible!

  7. Umm, I tagged you in a Meme…don’t feel pressured to participate, but feel free to stop by and check it out!

  8. This year I only planted two heirloom tomato plants. I have only had two tomatoes grow so far (sad!) and one of them was eaten by an animal. Last night I picked that lone orange colored plum tomato and ate it. Eventhough it was only one tomato, it did feel very satisfying, and boy, did it taste so sweet!!

  9. I think I’m just about ready to harvest some of my lettuce mix. I think I’ll give it a few more days though. Other than that, I’m waiting for everything else. I did go pick some strawberries at the farm where we have a goat share and made some jam. Hopefully I’ll get some of my own next year. Right now I’m busy pulling off the flowers so they root better and not produce berries.

    Oh, and my husband thought I was nuts cause I had a jar full of washed and dried eggs shells sitting in a jar on the counter! I just told him it was tomato food. 🙂

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