Great giveaway on stainless steel products!

For those who have been entering the last two giveaways for stainless steel water bottles, and eyeing all of the other fantastic products at The Tickle Trunk, you are just going to love this giveaway!

Not only could you still win an incredibly practical and wonderful, BPA-free, stainless steel water bottle, but if you'd rather, you could pick one of her many other safe and oh-so-useful stainless items, such as:

Double walled stainless

This 14 cm, double-walled food storage container, perfect for keeping cold lunches cold, and hot lunches hot!

Rectangular dual purpose  

Or this rectangular stainless steel lunch box, which actually has two layers (the top could fit a sandwich, and the bottom apple slices or some other snack), and has a removable handle.

Stack of stainless

Or take your pick from one of these round, stainless containers, each with an airtight seal! They range in size from 240 ml (perfect for baby food or snacks) up to 1.5 L (great for larger amounts of leftovers).

Stainless bottles in a row

And of course, you could still choose one of these bottles (which I have and adore), ranging from 12 oz to 40 oz, with your pick of lid style and color (blue, pink, black or silver)!

(And sadly, the Tiffin has completely sold out due to it's popularity making it unavailable this time, though I'm told that it will be available in again in January.)

If you're still looking for any last minute gifts for those you love (or maybe yourself? 🙂 this just might be the place to get something. If you're expecting these types of products to be unaffordably expensive, think again. These are the most reasonably priced products of their kind that I have come across, and would be ideal for anyone you know who is trying to ditch their plastics, "green" their kitchen, avoid nasty chemicals and keep their little ones safe!

How to win:

1) Visit The Tickle Truck to take a look at all of their products, and decide which item you would most like to win.

2) Come on back here, and leave me a comment letting me know your choice and how you plan to use it if you win.

3) If you'd like a second entry, post about this giveaway on your blog and comment leaving me the url of the post where you mentioned it.

4) One name will be drawn at 6pm this Friday, December 19th, when the giveaway will end.

Edit: The giveaway has now ended. Thanks to all who entered!

And for those who entered last week's giveaway, the winner is…

mountain girl!


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  1. I’d really love some of those storage containers!

    I really hate using plastic junk for leftovers and the like, but it’s so difficult (and expensive) to wean myself from them! I try to use glass bowls or extra pots as much as possible, but none of them are airtight like those bowls.

  2. Thanks for hosting another giveaway! My favorite product from this great store is the 18 oz. pink water bottle.

  3. I like the 2-layer lunchbox. I would send it with my husband to work. I”m trying to get all the plastic out of my kitchen too!

  4. Well its kind of hard to decide what I would want since you made it more complicated now LOL. I would still like the 40 oz water bottle though if I should win. I’ve always wanted a bigger one for when we go hiking as mine isn’t big enough for that sort of thing.

    I am really impressed with how affordable the stuff is there though. Eventually I want to do an order, but it will have to wait for now.

  5. I think I would have to choose the 40 oz stainless steel bottle with a flat cap. We are about to become a family of 3 and I would love to have a larger water container to carry with us when we go out. I have a .6 liter steel bottle and thats barely enough for me these days. Love the website…very affordable. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I had never seen these products before, but I know I am going to be hooked! Fabulous! I would love the 40 oz. water bottle for hikes and traveling in the car with my five kiddos. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I absolutely LOVE the rectangular lunchbox one!! I pack my daughters lunch everyday in her Laptop lunch, but it seems like I could use the rectangular one for myself! it would definitely motivate me to pack my lunch instead of buying one at work… !

  8. I would LOVE the storage container 3! I try to save every little bit of food and can always use the extra storage…very sweet & generous idea for a give-away!

  9. Great contest. Please enter me for the 1.5 stainless steel container (round). Thank you, Keeper of the Home.

  10. I like the 2-layer lunchbox. I would send it with my husband to work.

    Hello from a fellow “used to be” BCer. We live in Ontario now, but I grew up in Abbotsford.

  11. I would love the 18 oz water bottle or the rectangular, lunchbox-looking food storage containers! My husband takes his lunch with him to work and typically uses Tupperware for his food and a Rubbermaid 2-quart bottle for his water. I would love to replace the things he uses with a healthier alternative!

  12. Food storage containers 240 ml! I am looking for a container to send with my preschooler for lunches that can keep hot foods for him – perfect!

  13. I like those storage containers but if I win I want the 18 oz pink water bottle with the sports cap.

  14. I’d love a 40 oz. water bottle with the sports cap lid. It would be perfect for hiking! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. I would be happy with any of the stainless steel products since we need to work on replacing our plastic but a nice start would be the 40 oz water bottle that we could take on the go. Thanks for the chance!

  16. I’m torn between the two-layer storage container and the cutlery set. I probably would have to go with the storage container, because I think I could use that more often for lunches. Thanks!

  17. I would love to win a water bottle. We are trying to move towards glass and steel in the kitchen…but it’s just so expensive to replace items!

  18. I love the lunch box container #3, but then I love all of them. I want all the round containers to replace my tupperware…but I wonder about storage issues. Do they stack inside each other like tupperware?

  19. Wow what a cool website! I’d use the popsicle molds for sure. It gets over 100 degrees here for much of the summer and we have just one window AC unit that I try not to use unless we desperately need it.

  20. I love all of the products, but since I don’t have a stainless steal water bottle I’d love the pink 18 oz. bottle! Great giveaway.

  21. Hmmmm, you complicated it a bit!! But I still want to win the 18 oz. pink bottle with sport cap and I will use it at the gym in place of my not-so-safe water bottle!

  22. I’d love the 27 oz. water bottle with the loop cap. I really hate plastic water bottles, and my last stainless steel bottle disappeared! I used it all the time… road trips, work, etc.

  23. My oh my…lots of wonderful goodies. I would love the 1.5 L food storage container and that large 40 oz water bottle would be awesome!

  24. I would like to win the stainless steel food container 3, the double-layer one. I pack my husband a huge salad every day for lunch, and I think this box would allow me to pack all the salad fixings in a sane, ecologically-sound manner. Right now, I’m using disposable plastic containers, alot of them.

  25. I love the water bottles. I could use 4 of them–so all of the family would have their “own” bottle.

  26. Even with all those choices, I still would pick the 27oz water bottle. But either way, I think I will be buying one tonight.

  27. I would love the 1.5 L round storage container. I love to make big batches of soup when the weather is cold. This container would be great for freezing half the soup for another meal.

  28. Thank you so much for offering this contest. I’d love the “14 cm, double-walled food storage container, perfect for keeping cold lunches cold, and hot lunches hot!” My spouse has had cancer twice now and we are working towards healtier alternatives in our life. We currently use pyrex and glass containers for lunches but I always worry about breaking them.

    Thank you!

  29. Their products are just wonderful. I would like the food storage container #4. I love you can take the handles off if you need to reheat something. Very nice and great giveaway!
    Have a great day!

  30. Even with all the tempting products, I’d still go for a waterbottle, since stainless steel waterbottles on are my wishlist when we have the money. 🙂 The 27 oz. steel-colored one would be my choice….

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. I’d love the 18 oz. pink water bottle. While we wash & reuse plastic water bottles until they’re just plain ol’ sad, I’d love to move away from the plastic!

  32. Hey. I think I would really like the 27 oz or larger water bottle. I think the size would probably be unpracticle for exercise, but would be great for drinks in the car. I usualy take a large cup with water or tea to share with the fam on short daytrips. Eating out is usually not a big problem, but my kidos are always thirsty. I like the flat lid and either black or silver. I am not a pastel kind of girl. Thanks!

  33. I would love one of those food containers! I’m trying to move toward no plastic left over containers in the near future.

    Hey… question for you to write about if you don’t mind. I know the BPA is bad bad bad. I’m sold on that. A couple of questions on that.

    1. On toys… would you talk some about the actual dangers of plastic toys. I believe it, but I need a boost of resolve with fact behind it to help me actually take the step of getting rid of it.

    2. What about plastics that don’t have BPA. Are there other things that I should look out for. I just let myself order some Modular Mates Tupperware for storing my home milled flour in the freezer because it doesn’t have BPA. Have I done the wrong thing? Are there other things that are bad?


  34. I would really like the 27 oz water bottle. Just found your blog and looking forward to reading more. Thanks for this giveaway.

  35. I love the Stainless Steel Food Storage Container. It looks soo handy for lunches!
    It’d be great to keep things cold!

  36. I would love the stainless steel storage containers. I would use them for leftovers or for storing homemade baby food. I too am trying to get rid of plastic. This would be great!

  37. I’d use the double-walled food storage container for taking food somewhere for my son, like if we’re going to a restaurant, and I’m taking a little something extra along for him.

    Those prices are great! They seem very reasonable.

  38. I WON?????????????? I’ve never won anything in my life!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Do I need to do anything? Send you my address or anything? Make a speech? (haha!)

  39. Yay! I can’t believe I won the last giveaway! I probably can’t win 2 in a row, but if I could, I would like a 12 oz silver water bottle with a sippy cup lid for my little Zia. She’d love to match her mamma when we go for our long walks! I’d get the silver for her just to be extra sure of no paint chipping.

  40. Thank you for this opportunity. I would pick the large water bottle. Perfect for family outings because we always bring our own snacks or meals.

  41. The storage container set looks wonderful! I’d use them to replace some of the plastic containers I currently use for food storage (and of course, I’d use those plastic ones for non-food items so they don’t go to waste).

  42. I would love the 40 oz stainless water bottle with the loop cap… my daugher and I could share instead of taking two on walks. Thanks for the chance!

  43. I would love the 27 oz stainless steel bottle with loop cap. I would use for when we are out and about around town, at the park, or on a walk.

    Every time I look at the website my wish list grows!

    This is a great giveaway.


  44. I would love to win the water bottle. I’m trying so hard to eat and drink healthier…especially upping my water consumption. My hubby has been without a job since May, so there’s no way I can “splurge” and buy one for myself!

    Merry Christmas~

  45. I love the, Water Bottle 18 oz – 532 ml, I’d use it as motivation to get more exercise! If that’s not available, I also like the Food Storage Container.


  46. My *favorite* item is the popsicle molds! But I’d love to win one of the bottles. I’d use it to keep my kids water…it’d be helpful for keeping track of how much they drink daily and better than the plastic containers 🙂

  47. I would say that my favorite item is the stainless steel ice cube tray, but it is a “coming soon” item! LOL!

    I love the various sizes of food storage containers – those are my second favorite. 🙂

  48. I would LOVE the large round storage container as I have celiac disease and can’t use any of my gluten infested tupperware anymore!

  49. I would love one of the stainless steel water bottles. Taking water everywhere with me is the only way I get enough water while pregnant and this would replace my Nalgene (which is supposedly not very good for you)!

  50. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few months now. Thanks for all the great information. My husband and I have been looking all over for stainless steel cups for our children. I’m looking forward to telling him about the Tickle Trunk website. We will probably be ordering some of the cups – we already have several water bottles and stainless steel bowls.

  51. Any of the food storage containers would be great, although my husband is still very excited about the ice cube trays! We are trying to banish plastic from our kitchen… Monica

  52. I’d like to win the 12 oz pink water bottle… I’d let my dd who is 8 use it. I am slowly trying to get rid of all the plastic around here!!! Slowly…

  53. These are great. I would like a bottle, medium size. Although, the lunch box is also a great thing to have. 🙂 What a wonderful give away.

  54. I would love the rectangular storage container. I would use it for my lunch box. The one I use every day is getting pretty ratty looking.

    Love your blog, I have recently started reading it a few weeks ago. I have learned a lot!


  55. Thank you for posting this site. They seem to have great prices and I’ll have to invest in some things after Christmas. The cutlery set would work perfectly for my husband’s lunches he is always losing silverware. I also like the idea of the ice cube trays and popsicle trays–can’t wait until those are available. I never thought about the plastic involved in making my ice–yikes!


  56. Thanks so much for tuning me in to that site! Sometime after Christmas I’m going to have to order. I would also love that 14cm food container to get started. Not only would it be great for sending dinner leftovers to work for Hubby’s lunch, it will get us started on a great purge of our yucky plastic storage containers. Thanks!

  57. I like the Container #5. I would use it when I take my son physical therapy so I can bring his lunch. For a picky toddler 3 choices would be helpful. If I cannot request it since it is out of stock then I would like #3 I am trying to stop using plastic for storing food.

  58. thanks for the giveaway. i really like the double-walled round food container. i’d use it to pack my lunches for work.

  59. I’d like to have the food storage container that keeps hot food hot and cold food cold for hours. My hubby could use it to take lunch and or dinner to the work place. Sure would come in handy!

  60. Water bottles for sure! My daughters have been asking for some new ones and I refuse to buy the plastic ones!

  61. I love food storage container number 3. What a great food storage container!



  62. I would use the Stainless Steel Food Storage Container 3 and give it to my mom because she does not have any nifty containers.

  63. I would pick the 40oz bottle for my husbands birthday present (Jan 9!)
    He’s in the military and travels a lot and this bottle is so rugged and manly looking I know he would LOVE it!

  64. I would absolutely love to get any of the water bottles. My husband is always so careful to watch for ways he can keep us safer, and he has been pushing to get good quality stainless steel water bottles. And these are cute too!

  65. I would definitely have to pick the 40 oz. stainless steel water bottle! I’ve switched most of my containers in the kitchen to stainless steel, but have never gotten around to switching our water bottles! Thank you for sharing The Tickle Trunk, they definitely have great prices!

  66. Wow! How to decide! I would like the 12 oz pink bottle. I would use it to get all my water each day, and it would fit in the cup holder in my van to take it with me!

  67. I’d choose one of the water bottles, probably pink for my daughter who has allergies and still carries water to school. Thank you for the resource to but these at a reasonable price!

  68. I love the water bottles. I would like to be more concious about keeping the world a better place…less plastic bottles next year. I don’t even like using plastic dishes and bottles so I would love one of these water bottles!

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