Free BPA-free Sippy Cup- call quickly!

Free BPA-free Sippy Cup- call quickly!

Just wanted to pass on a (potentially) great freebie that a friend just let me know about.

Since all of the BPA info has come out into the open, Avent has been offering refunds on their products containing BPA.

Now, it turns out they are offering a free trial of their new BPA-free line of bottles and sippy cups. The only requirement is that you have to live in Canada (sorry Americans, but maybe there is a similar promo going on down there- does anybody know?).

The number to call is 1-866-624-1906, and the promotion ends on May 20th, so you’ll have to act quickly. My friend just called last week and has a sippy cup being sent to her within 2-3 weeks. It sounds as though they base it on how many children you have and their ages, though I don’t know exactly what is being offered.

It’s still a plastic cup, which doesn’t thrill me. I just purchased our first Klean Kanteen sippy, as well as a bottle for Ryan and I, last week. I definitely prefer going with the stainless steel. However, I’m not going to pass up on a freebie that is supposedly a safe plastic (I’m assuming it’s similar to Born Free plastic products?). I’ll let you know what I think when I get mine, which I will be calling for tomorrow morning.

On the subject of safe sippy cups, I found this great blog post today, comparing five of the most popular brands. Check it out, and let me know if you have tried any of these cups and what your thoughts are!

Edit: I just noticed that the title of this post didn’t really make sense- who wants a BPA sippy cup??? Not me! So now, though redundant sounding, it’s a little clearer that the offer is for a free, BPA-free cup. I just called and mine is coming in 2-3 weeks!

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  1. Well BOOOO to Avent for no free cups in the USA. 🙂

    Thank you for the sippy showdown link! SO HELPFUL!

  2. Hi! You can also find Klean Kanteen stainless sippy cups for 10% off at Free Market Organics along with many alternatives to petroleum-based products. Just use source code: green10 at checkout.

    Below are some examples of bpa-free alternatives we use and where to get them.
    This is part info-bite, part shameless plug for my store, that I opened specifically to offer people safe options.

    1 – We used mason jars to store all of our food. (garage sales, a local grocery)

    2 – Now we use glass refrigerator dishes too.

    3 -I froze all of my daughter’s breast milk and homemade baby food in 4 oz glass
    jelly jars and was careful to leave room at the top so the glass wouldn’t break.

    4 – glass baby bottles

    5 – My daughter’s sippy cups are the safest form of stainless steel and made by Klean Kanteen

    6 – Our water bottles are also Klean Kanteen

    7 – We source cosmetics stored in glass and non-BPA plastics.

    8 – All of my daughters toys are eco-painted wood, organic cotton or wool

    9 – we avoid plastic wrappers and get much of our food from a local organic farm. It is clean, super high quality food and easy to do. Kids LOVE it! Many farms near all of us have programs called CSA’s where you can get a box of in-season veggies w/great recipes once a week by paying a set fee, or making payments through out the year. Insurance companies such as Unity, Physicians Plus, GHC and many others will offer a rebate for folks joining CSAs. Find your local CSA:

    10 – we use stainless coffee mugs instead of disposeable paper and plastic – can be found at any coffee chop

    11 – avoid wearing polycarbonate glasses and lenses on your face and get hip glasses made of metal or… sustainable WOOD with glass lenses.

    12 – buy canned goods from companies that do not line their cans with BPA like Eden Foods and Trader Joes.

    13 – avoid supporting the making of Polycarbonate( Bisphenol-A) Compact Discs by purchasing songs digitally and downloading them onto your computer or IPOD.

    14 – If you smoke cigarettes – smoke the ones without the filters that contain plastic. If not – you double the harm done!



    Amelia Royko Maurer

  3. Thanks Stephanie. I just joined a Healthy Mom’s group and would be glad to pass on anything I get from those ladies as well.

    Gorgeous blog!


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