Lack-of-menu-planning Tuesday

Well, I’ve finally pulled myself out of the warm covers, started some laundry and breakfast prep and turned my computer back on. Ryan, Abbie and I were enjoying a bit of a snuggle as we listened to the intensely loud thunderstorm outside (seriously, the thunder sounded like it right in front of our house- our house actually shook each time!). I was also having one of those mornings where you’re just so tired that you can’t keep your eyes open for the life of you, and you just keep rolling over after you smack the alarm clock, muttering “just one. more. min…zzzzz”.

Alas, my slumber has to come to an end, and so has our blissful long weekend. I’m sure that only the Canadians knew what I meant when I mentioned a long weekend in my post on Saturday. This weekend was what we call the May long weekend, simply because in general we do not really know or care which particular holiday it is, but only that it does not require going to work. Even going through public school and being inundated with Canadian history, I still do not have a thorough grasp of what either the May or the August holidays actually celebrate– sad, n’est-ce pas? (I’m being just a little bit facetious- I know it was Victoria Day, I’m just not entirely sure why it matters.)

So, if you were wondering what happened to my Menu Plan Monday post, well, the holiday happened to it. We had a great weekend, beginning first with having our caregroup leaders over for dessert and lots of good conversation on Friday. Saturday found my SIL and I up at the crack of dawn to wait in the border line for 2 hours (in the hot sun, with not enough water, with two tired babies), so that we could attend a Mother-Daughter tea in Lynden, WA, with my MIL– it was really lovely,the speakers were encouraging, and I had lots of nice time with Amy and Janet. As I was driving home near dinner time, my thoughtful hubby told me to pick up dinner so I didn’t have to come home and cook. I gladly picked up one of our favorite treats, sushi, which we turned into a backyard picnic, the perfect end to such a warm, sunny day!

Sunday after church, we worked on finishing up some shopping we had been doing last week, a few furniture and decorative items for the house. We so rarely buy stuff like that, and we were so pleased with what we ended up getting. Some simple bedside tables (we’ve never had night tables, but have always wanted to and these inexpensive, wrought-iron look tables have added a nice touch to our room), cute baskets to hang on the wall to hold our reading material, a very comfortable chair for nursing, devotions, etc. (from the as-is section, which equals cheap!), a stand-up lamp for the living room (also as-is), a curtain set for the l.r. as well (from a local discount store), and some containers for organizing the toys on the new shelves we were given.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an incredible decorator and I struggle to know how to make our home more homey. These little touches helped, though! I’m particularly excited that this Friday, two women from my church who’s children are grown and who have impeccable decorating taste are coming to ruthlessly help me redecorate my home! I’ll have to show you some pictures after they go through it (and maybe I”ll try to take some before pics as well, just to incriminate myself a little).

And lastly, on Monday we had a mildly lazy morning, ate a delicious breakfast of pancakes with strawberries and some organic whipping cream I scored on discount. Then we quickly went out to resolve our insurance fiasco (oh, long story, but basically our insurance had run out 3 weeks earlier and we hadn’t known it because we moved and didn’t receive notification, and we found out that our previous insurance place had accidentally processed our last year’s insurance as pleasure, not business! If we had been pulled over, what a huge, double whammy that would have been- thank you God, we weren’t pulled over!). We had a fun picnic lunch and then a game of bocci ball at a beautiful park with some friends and their kids, before finishing up the days with errands (me), naps (everyone else), a nice dinner, and evening computer work while my husband studied for a midterm he has to take tonight.

All of this brings me to admit that I never actually got around to my meal planning, and am actually not even convinced that I am going to do it this week. My fridge still has a lot of food in it that needs to be used, my pantry and freezer are well stocked, and I think that I’m just going to have a really wild and crazy week, flying by the seat of my pants and making whatever I feel in the mood for. Gosh, I feel so free! 🙂

I promise, I have exciting posts coming this week that are much more thoughtful than this stream of consciousness post, including a review of Sue Gregg’s baking book, my thoughts on sunscreen, a birthday message to my baby boy, some Q&A and just maybe another giveaway… stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks, Mrs. Taft- it really pleases me to hear that you’re enjoying the changes I’ve made. I”m so glad! 🙂

  2. Too bad it’s a bit far for your ladies to come redecorate my house as well…guess I’ll have to find my own, huh?

    Love your blog!

  3. Hehehe, I am like you decorating challenged. I know what I like to see it, but to put it together I am hopeless. I have no artist in me that is for sure. I love those mornings when just to lay in bed and listen to the rain, I do that at our trailer too. Long weekends are great, we don’t get enough of them:) Nice post:)

  4. It was so fun reading your post today! It was quite humorous and so carefree.
    Glad you had a fun weekend. Our holiday is on Monday with a day to remember our
    service men who fought for our freedoms. Keep up the good work on writing.

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