Gas prices too high? Try water! 1

Gas prices too high? Try water!

I don’t know what you’re paying for gas right now, but yesterday I saw gas at a whopping $1.52 a litre! (For the Americans, that’s $6.02 a gallon. Read it and weep.)

Which brings me to a fascinating thing that my husband and I learned about last night. Did you know that the technology has been developed to use water or a water-based fuel in a conventional vehicle engine?

When my husband told me this after learning about it during his men’s caregroup meeting, I was completely skeptical. Even though we had promised each other we would go to bed extra early, we just couldn’t resist looking it up online and watching a few YouTube videos to find out what this was all about.

We’re not entirely sure what to think about it quite yet, but we have a friend who has bought a kit online and is trying to adapt his scooter to use the technology. I’ll let you know what happens with it!

Here’s one of the many sites that we found:
Run your car with water

Am I the only one who’s heard of this? Do you know anybody that is doing this successfully?

On a slightly different note, I was hoping to post this up on Frugal Friday, but since that isn’t happening this week, I’ll shamelessly plug a carnival of my own!

Next week (on Friday, to be precise) is the first of a two part carnival, Nourishing Frugal Food. The carnival will be co-hosted by myself, and Kimi of The Nourishing Gourmet. Check out this post for all the details.

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  1. Please do post when/if your friend is successful with this. I have been looking at it for a while now but am hesitant to spend money on a potential scam.

  2. I am half asleep so I might not be thinking correctly. But wouldn’t this become a problem too. Since we don’t have a big fresh water supply not unless you can use salt water from the ocean or something. I am not trying to be negative but just curious. Or like I said I may not be thinking clearly. But just last summer our area especially just south of us had a very bad drought conditions and used water sparingly.

  3. My husband has actually fabricated his own hydro cell for his Jeep. And it works! Right now he gets an additional 5-6 miles per gallon farther. He has a few guys from work that have done the same and theirs work as well. Some guys online are getting much more and even running only on water with no supplemental gas. I’ve been waiting to post on it myself until I can get some good pics. (and have him explain it to me!) Check me out next week and I’ll be sure to have something up! Maybe I can even get him to write the post for me so I don’t have to resort to saying “you know, the thing on the engine goes into the other thingy” 🙂
    And the thought that it would use up all our water is not as big a problem as you might think. The water lasts for quite a long time (as you’re only taking the hydrogen out of it and not exactly burning water per se)and actually comes back out the tailpipe as water.

  4. We actually had a story on the news last night. A local man ordered the plans from online from a place called He read and hooked up the system. Our news has a thing they do on Thursday where they test things to see if they work. They set up a trip and made it twice, calculating mileage, using the same vehicle, route and gas pump. On the second trip, they installed the water system. It did not save any gas or make it more efficient. They say this system failed to meet its claims. They are gonna continue the story tonight about another product. I will check it out and try and remember to post about it later….

  5. Yeah, it seems there are a lot of alternatives starting to pop up. But I have a feeling the oil companies are going to try there hardest to shut any kind of alternative down. I am on the board of my dad’s company that has been developing a no-gas engine for almost 20 years (granted the company just consists of my family at the moment). If he could get the funding (a mere 5 million), I have every reason to believe his product would seriously rival any gas powered engine. And I know that there are others out there with similar ideas, but it seems we get blocked at every turn..and usually by the government. Hmmm.. are they for us or against us? If anyone is interested, our website is

  6. My husband has also been researching water for fuel. He’s done some experimenting in the garage, but we have yet to convert any of our vehicles. He’s hoping to retro-fit the lawnmower and see if it works before moving to bigger things. I think it definitely has potential!

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