Coming up- Simply Celebrating Christmas!

Looking for ways to keep your Christmas simple, stress-free and Christ-focused this year? Me too!

Just wanted to remind you that this Saturday, December 6, we'll take a short hiatus from the regular Living Simply Saturday carnival, and instead focus on simplicity in our Christmas celebrations.

I'm eager to read your posts on how your family celebrates, how you simplify your gift giving, decorations, or food preparations, how you shift the focus back onto giving and serving and loving others and how you keep Christ at the center of all that you do (it doesn't matter whether your post is serious, practical, spiritual, informative- it's all good!).

Please join me and help spread the word! I'm so looking forward to this carnival, and so at a loss for intelligent or interesting things to say at the late hour that I'm posting this (and that is why I shouldn't be blogging at nearly 11pm when I'm tired as can be!), so suffice it to say I'll see you Saturday!

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  1. Hi, All! Isn’t this a great site?! Such a rest from the frantic pace of the world….

    I started decorating for Christmas while I worked. It happened this way…

    I was a private in-home caregiver, and realized that many of my clients hadn’t “had Christmas” for many years, due to disability, lack of family, etc. I purchased a 4ft Christmas tree from Big Lots for just $12. Not a great looking tree by itself. But by adding Dollar Tree ornaments, ornaments from bazzars, homemade ornaments, and shopping thrift stores, you can make a silk puse out of a sows ear.

    I put up the tree at night as a surprise for my clients. The first client I did this for almost cried. And did he ever get into the Christmas spirit! And it was the same with all my clients for which I used the tree. It developed over the years to other decorations, even a Nativity scene. It became the time I most looked forward to, and was a blessing to everyone.

    I’m now disabled and do very little decorating at home. But what I do comes with such sweet memories and stories told over and over….I love Christmas!

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