A question for all of you…

I’ve mentioned a few times that I am working on a site design, and that my blog will also be moving over to WordPress.org. All of this is going well and will happen fairly soon, but there is still another issue that keeps coming back to me.

Here’s the issue. When I first began this blog, I thought that I would write a bit more broadly on all topics relating to keeping the home- cooking, mothering, budgeting, Biblical womanhood, nutrition, home educating, faith, natural living, etc. However, I find that my blog is becoming more and more focused on nutrition and simple, natural living (which includes some frugality as well). Not that I don’t ever touch on those other topics, but I wouldn’t say that they are what my blog is primarily about.

The other issue is that when choosing a name and a domain, I researched around and found that those who owned the other "Keeper of the Home" (or similar) domains were not doing anything related to what I was doing, and so I went forward with it. Now that I am much more immersed in the blogsophere, I have found that there are many other blogs using a title that is some sort of spin off of Keeper of the Home (or even that exact phrase, although I know that some of them existed before I did, and I just didn’t know it!), but are simply not using their own domain (using a blogspot.com domain or something similar).

As I redesign and make all of these changes, I am now considering a name change as well, just to add to the fun of it all! 🙂

Here is my question to you:

Do you think that it would be a good idea to change the name of this blog?

And if so, would you be interested in participating in a little bit of a contest for helping this creatively-challenged woman to come up with the perfect new name?

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  1. Stephanie, I do think that it is important that your writing match up with your name…so although it will most likely add some confusion for a time, it would probably be the best if you are heading more in that direction.

  2. Of course I would love to participate in a contest, and I already have a name in mind for you…I’ll keep it to myself for now until I find out what the prize is 🙂 Seriously though, I do think a new name is in order to match the content of your blog.


  3. I think it would be fine to change your name if that’s what you’d like. The important thing is that your domain match the title of your blog. I’m not very creative either though, sorry!

  4. Kat, don’t worry- there will be a prize! 🙂

    Laura, yep, I’d get another domain to match the new title. That’s a non-negotiable for me.

  5. it’s funny that you’re thinking of changing your name- i read your blog everyday and i was just thinking today-why is it named “keeper of the home”? It should be something like “everything natural” or “going green…my way” or? something to that affect. so those are my suggestions

  6. Great ideas, Erin. Totally funny that you would think that today!

    Alright, nobody else tell me their ideas, because I want you to wait until (or when or if) I post a name contest! 🙂

  7. Whatever it is, it should somehow relate that your perspective is uniquely Christian because there are tons of “green” blogs out there, and they do not have the Biblical world view that you have.

  8. i woke up in the middle of the night for some crazy reason – with this post on my mind…maybe it’s meno-pause or something….kept brewing it in my head…i have thoughts 🙂

    i’ll work on emailing you later today…or this evening…am off for the day…meeting a woman about coffee talk at her church and buying…garden plants…ahh…life in the desert…love to u…and, you had many,many women respond to the gifts…but i can see my the posts..that many,many women didn’t post back :(-…maybe they’ll be nudged to do so….

    love to u…’me’

  9. I’m not very creative, but I’ll try 😀 I think if you want your blog name to express the content, then probably a name change is in order? I think the topics you talk about certainly RELATE to being a keeper of the home, but it seems to be a more specific focus. Also, I agree with Ashlyn…if you go for a title reflecting the green or natural aspect of this blog, it would be cool to delineate your Christian perspective within it somehow. There ARE so many ‘green’ blogs out there, and the Christian perspective is sadly under-represented.

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