48 Hour Redmond Trading Giveaway!

48 Hour Redmond Trading Giveaway!

Happy Weekend, friends!

(Beth of Red and Honey here, standing in for Stephanie in lieu of weekend links! Stephanie is currently in the midst of a two-week “radio silence” as they begin their year-long journey around the world. Follow along with their adventures on their travel blog here!)

While Stephanie is out gallivanting across the globe with her adorable family and we’re all here at home trying to contain our envy, I am pleased to help her out by running a giveaway for y’all!

Redmond Trading is the kind of company that us natural-living mamas adore. They care about our family’s health and about the earth, and they’ve got some pretty incredible products to offer. Oh man, I’m excited for the winner already – this is such a fantastic giveaway!

Since a company’s products and quality are directly affected by their overarching philosophy, it is especially worth noting that Redmond believes that nature has it right most of the time, and that natural is the key to wellness.

They don’t feel you can really ‘improve’ an orange or a carrot because nature had it right to begin with. With that belief, Redmond products are as simple and natural as possible, the way nature intended.

I think it was pretty serendipitous that Stephanie asked me to help her out with this, because as it so happens I started using the Redmond Earthpaste (their clay-based toothpaste) about a month ago, after receiving my free tube in the mail from the Natural Living eBook Bundle Sale freebies. I am pretty much in love with this toothpaste, and am excited to see how awesome the other Redmond products work for my family as well.

Stephanie has also written lots lately about her experiences with some of Redmond’s products. As I went back through those posts to grab some links to share with y’all, I noticed a bit of a theme: every single one of their products was a hit.

I mean, some toothpaste flavours were preferable over others, sure, but their clay, their salt, their Earthpaste…all quality stuff that works amazingly well for what it’s intended.

These products are totally natural, and they work. Check out these posts from the archives on Stephanie’s adventures with some of their products:

Clay as a Natural Home Remedy? Yes, Really!

I Found the Toothpaste I’ve Been Searching For (A Review of Earthpaste)

Does the Salt You Choose Really Make a Difference?

Stephanie even made space for some Redmond Earthpaste, some clay, and some Real Salt mini-shakers in the family’s precious luggage space, so you know she really believes in their quality! Those are some lucky salt shakers, am I right?

This weekend you can win an amazing gift basket put together by Redmond. It contains Redmond Bath Salts, 10 oz. Redmond Clay, Earthpaste, Facial Mud, a 2 ounce Salt Shaker, and a loofah. This is a $40 value, and there are two up for grabs! Woohoo!

You can enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends in 48 hours!

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  1. I’m not sure what the URL is, so I can’t use that one to enter the giveaway, but thanks for the free download!! Be blessed!

  2. I know clay is great for drawing out toxins when applied topically, bur I’ve never heard of using it as toothpaste! I’m intrigued…

  3. I am solo sad I am no able to download the eBook onto my cell phone ;(
    But am excited to be able yo enter still. I would love to test out the products its something I have been wanting my dh to try and for our family to switch over!

  4. Anxious to read the book! I’ve been reading some about the benefits of clay but not sure how to use it or where to get it. Thanks for the give away! It’s awesome 🙂

  5. This is amazing! I have been long searching for good quality products! Thanks for the chance to try them out!

  6. Would love to try these! Is it open to us Canadians? I didn’t notice anywhere if there was restrictions for shipping.

  7. I love these products. Use the toothpaste and am so happy with it. It took a long time of searching before I found a toothpaste was was not going to be full of chemicals.

  8. I have been using the earthpaste for awhile now and love it. I have been planning on getting some of the clay soon, so this is timely.

  9. Earthpaste is the BEST!!! It is all my family uses now and everyone loves it. Would love to win this gift basket to try out this stuff! Thanks!

  10. Redmond salt, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t have idodine in it. Where does your family get it from on a regular basis? I just got a big bag of Redmond salt and feel like I can’t just use ti alone, I want me family to get this essential nutrient too…

    1. Hi Michelle,
      There is iodine in the salt, but only what occurred naturally, no added iodine. It is a natural source. Great sources of iodine are fish, eggs, milk, dark green, kelp, seaweed, etc.

  11. Thanks for doing this! All are FANTASTIC sounding products. I love REAL SALT, have been hearing about Redmond clay – didn’t know until recently that you could eat it too! I wanna try!

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