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Where to find natural living products to support your lifestyle

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Do you ever struggle with finding products you’re comfortable with using?

Do you feel like you waste a lot of time searching online or locally to find things like skincare or beauty products, ingredients for remedies or homemade gifts, or certain traditional or super foods that are hard to locate?

I’ve definitely run into that problem over the years, and I’m always grateful for any way to simplify my shopping process.

Since we know that it can be difficult to find places to buy the natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly products you want for your family, we came up with a way to make it easier!

Keeper of the Home has been working together for years with like-minded businesses, running product reviews and giveaways to help bring awareness to products that we think our readers will care about. But we wanted to take it a step further and help you quickly find those companies listed in one place, no matter when you go looking for them.

This spring, we launched a new guide which we hope will simplify the process even more for you…

It’s called the Natural Living Guide, and it’s a quick and easy resource for you to find products that fit with the ideals you have for what you bring into your home, put into and onto your body, and how you vote with your dollars.

You can find the Natural Living Guide in the turquoise bar up top, so it's always fast and easy to find!
We’ve put Natural Living Guide in the turquoise bar up top, so it’s always fast and easy to find!

It includes products and businesses that are:

  • Eco-friendly/sustainable
  • Organic, naturally raised/grown, GMO/preservative/additive free
  • Allergen-friendly
  • Perfect for DIY (ingredients for you to make your own pure beauty and skincare products, cleaning supplies, homemade gifts, etc.)
  • Educational – eBooks & eCourses to further your own natural living journey
  • Natural and herbal remedies and supplements (or ingredients to make your own home remedies)
  • Safe for your kitchen (like non-toxic cookware)
  • What you need for raising healthy babies and children
  • and anything else we think will be a match for your conscientious lifestyle!

You can see the Natural Living Guide here.

We just launched it about a month ago but it’s already filling up quickly. Our team is working hard to add to it even more, to make it as thorough and useful as we possibly can!

Just to give you a few examples, here are some of the fantastic companies that are already listed:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Zero-Waste Cooking – Tips and techniques to start concept cooking with leftovers in the kitchen!
  • Branch Basics – Containing absolutely NO synthetic ingredients, this plant-based concentrate replaces every cleaner in the home. And works!
  • Container Emporium – Great selection of beautiful, high quality containers made from glass, ceramic, and metal!

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Don’t see a type of product you’re looking for?

Give us a shout and let us know! We’ll do our best to source it out for you and find something that we can recommend.

Know of a great product or company that we should be in touch with?

Email and tell us about them. We love getting recommendations from you, and if you want to play matchmaker and introduce us to them, all the better.

Are you a natural living business that would like to be included?

Perfect – let’s talk! We’ve intentionally made this an affordable opportunity specifically for smaller businesses who would like more exposure to a targeted audience. Our readers know that KOTH is all about natural, healthy living for families, and if that’s who your target audience is, this is a perfect way to reach them. Over the course of the year, it will remain available for readers to access and we’ll occasionally link to it in posts or on social media to remind readers to use it.

You can email Jennifer at She coordinates all of our sponsors, including those included in the Natural Living Guide, and she would love to take care of you and make sure that our readers are being connected with you.

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