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The ultimate guide of natural products to help support living a more sustainable, non-toxic and eco-friendly lifestyle



*Tropical Traditions

Grass-Fed Traditions provides grass-fed beef produced by family farms with animals that graze on pasture.

Food Planning and Preparation

*The Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste Cooking

Tips and techniques to start concept cooking with leftovers in the kitchen.

*Real Food Cookbooks

Budget-friendly recipes & resources for any cook on a whole foods journey!



*TriLight Health

Our Mother’s Choice Products are Midwife Approved and Pregnancy Safe Formulas.

Baby Food

*Breast to Bib eBook

Practical, research-based suggestions on how to establish breastfeeding and  how and when to feed a real food baby

Infant Hygiene

*My Buttered Life eBook – Baby Edition

5 recipes: baby massage oil, baby balm, creamy baby lotion, diaper rash cream, oatmeal milk bath.


*Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert

Book to help overcome cloth diapering challenges.



*Flourishing Spring

Over 25 ideas for creating intentional moments with children, multiple variations, allergy-friendly recipes, and simple resources.

Health & Wellness


*TriLight Health

We specialize in great tasting, alcohol and sugar free, liquid herbal formulas.



At the Bulk Herb Store we provide our homemade concoctions, our experiences, and the tested wisdom of others.

*Herbal Nurturing

44-page book of preparing basic herbal remedies from childbirth to arthritis, and everything in between!

General (wellness)


Rocky Mountain Essentials produces natural health and beauty products without toxic ingredients.

*Solay Wellness

So Well Made Artisan Salt lamps, organic beauty, healthful gourmet and green home & health aids

Cleaning Products

Home Cleaning


Containing absolutely NO synthetic ingredients, this plant-based concentrate replaces every cleaner in the home. And works!

Personal Products



Natural & Organic Solutions to Gum Disease, Bleeding Gums, Periodontitis and Bad Breath


*Hobo Beard Oil

All of our items are handcrafted in small batches with natural and pure ingredients.


Bath Products


Natural bath products without the use or addition of chemicals and preservatives.



Ingredients and supplies to make your own all natural and Organic Mineral Make-up

Candle Making


We also carry over 200 of the most popular fragrance oils suitable for candle making.

Skin Care

*MadeOn: Skin Care Products

Make your own skin care products with our DIY lotion and lip balm kit!

*Food On Your Face

PDF ebook, with all-natural cleansers, steams, masks, moisturizers and SO much more.

Holidays & Celebrations

Natural Christmas

*A Natural Noel

A Family Handbook for Savoring the 12 Days of Christmas

For the Home



Great selection of beautiful, high quality containers made from glass, ceramic, and metal

General (for the home)

*Solay Wellness

So Well Made Artisan Salt lamps, organic beauty, healthful gourmet and green home & health aids