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Time Saving Tips for Natural Cleaning

Do you want to clean your home naturally, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of making the cleaners yourself? Here's how to save time with natural cleaning!

By Stacy, Contributing Writer

Do you want to clean your home naturally, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of making the cleaners yourself?

If you are anything like me, you might get carried away and think you need a new cleaner for every task. Eventually this becomes a burden that is just too much to handle.

It might seem a little silly to allow the desire to clean your home naturally drive you crazy, but when added to the mountain of tasks a wife and mom already has, it really can be the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Today I’m going to share a few tips to help you save time while cleaning your home naturally so you can maintain your home, toxin-free, with the least amount of fuss.

1. Label homemade cleaners with the recipe

First of all, be sure to at least label cleaners so you don’t forget what is inside. It’s easier than you might think to forget what you poured into that spray bottle.

Go one step further and write the recipes on the container; it makes refills a breeze.

Since many recipes involve only a few ingredients, and can often be made by pouring those ingredients directly into the container, a label with instructions will allow you to make cleaners whenever very easily.

Just the thought of looking up the recipe can be enough to stop me from bothering to make the cleaner at all (I know, I’m sad), so having it on hand does make a big difference.

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2. Use a select few cleaners

Save time by choosing just a few recipes that work for multiple cleaning tasks. It’s not necessary to have a different cleaner for every chore.  In fact, soapy water will do the trick on just about anything.

These all-purpose cleaning sprays are easy to make and great for cleaning counter tops, bathroom sinks, door knobs, cabinets, and more.

Along the same vein, it is important to be selective about what you choose to make. I used to make just about everything related to cleaning. I had more time on my hands than I do now. It was fun, but after some while it became a great chore.

The most difficult for me was keeping up with making laundry soap. Especially when I had to grate the bars of soap first! I have found some acceptable alternatives and now buy laundry soap instead of make it.

I continue to make all other cleaning products, but have accepted that laundry soap is not something I am going to make for the time being. I will probably do it again in the future, but for now, I need to use my time to make other things (like breakfast, lunch, and dinner!).

(If you are able to make laundry soap, that’s awesome!)

3. Prepare in bulk

Some cleaners, such as scented vinegar, can be made in bulk. Other cleaners need to be prepared at the time of use (limit your use of these, unless they are very simple!).

Create scented vinegar by adding 75 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil to a one gallon jug of white vinegar. Close the lid and shake to blend.

Preparing a large amount means you won’t have to re-make the cleaner as often.

 4. Leave spray bottles close to areas that require frequent cleaning

The easier it is to clean, the more likely we are to actually do it!

Keep a spray bottle filled with all-purpose cleaning spray in the bathroom and kitchen for quick clean ups.

I also store baking soda and vinegar in the bathroom cabinet so the toilet or sink can be deep-cleaned whenever they need it.

If you have already reduced the number of cleaners you use, then storing one or two in each room is much easier.

I hope this post has shown you that natural cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming.

What are your best time saving tips for natural cleaning?

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  1. Hi Stephanie! Your post today made me sad. I am 47. I enjoy you and all the other girls so much! You all are teaching me so much to make my family’s life happier and healthier. No I don’t always agree with every written word. Yet I have the knowing that it was shared in the spirit of love and generosity. And I know that everyone’s life does not look the same, nor should it. The best way we learn is to make mistakes! Anyway, I just wanted to lift you all up today and tell you that there are many of us that love and appreciate you. Maybe we just aren’t as vocal as we should be. Please don’t get discouraged. We need you! Thanks for all you do!

  2. OK, I have what might be a dumb question. I’ve tried making my own cleaners (mostly with vinegar or baking soda) and buying generic spray bottles to refill. No matter what I’m using, the sprayer breaks by the time I’m ready to refill the bottle. Sometimes, I’ve been able to refill the bottle 2 or 3 times, but still the sprayer breaks by the time I’ve recouped the cost of buying empty bottles rather than Windex or whatever. Any hints on how to make the sprayer bottles last?

  3. Anitra – You may need to buy Chemical Resistant Spray Bottles. These can be found in the garden section of a department store. These are a little more expensive – but are made to handle chemicals such as weed killer, etc. They also seem to have a heavier spray insert.

  4. I’ve been really wanting to start using natural cleaners in our home. Thanks for posting this. It’s hard to break from what i’ve been using for so long but I know it’s better and safer for us to use.

  5. I don’t know what is in your bottle that is bothering the sprayer but, when I put bleach in a spray bottle it ruins the sprayer. I figured out how to cure that… when I’m done I take the sprayer out, place the straw in water and spray until only water is coming out then I replace it on the bottle (without spraying) leaving the head with water in it. When I’m ready to use it again, I spray in the sink until the bleach is back. I hope this makes sense and it works for you.

  6. Making my own cleaners was initially really daunting to me, and for the longest time I used store-bought natural cleaners instead for most things (which is way too expensive, so eventually I had to find a better solution). I totally agree with #2 about not using too many different products, and having just a handful of my favorites (like one all-purpose spray for bathrooms and kitchens, a baking soda scrub, and essential oil vinegar) made it much easier for me. I do #4 as well, and leave spray bottles in each of my bathrooms, plus in my kitchen, because I know that if I have to go far to get something, I’m less likely to use it.

    But I love your idea for #1. I think that when we get home, I’ll definitely add the recipes to the bottles. Such a great idea! I like the idea of making something like the essential oil vinegar in bulk, too. I could probably do that with a baking soda scrub as well, since it’s just a powder. Thanks, Stacy!

  7. HI I,too, gve up on grating the soap bars for my homemade laundry detergent then I found this simpler recipe you may want to try:
    Quick and Easy Laundry Detergent
    •3 tablespoons borax
    •3 tablespoons washing soda
    •2 tablespoons original Blue Dawn

    Find a one-gallon container with a tight-fitting lid. Pour in the borax, washing soda and liquid Dawn. Add two cups of very hot water. Apply the lid and shake until the soda and borax have dissolved. Now fill the container with cold water. Reapply the lid, label and you’re done. To use: Add 1 to 2 cups to each load of laundry depending on the size and soil levels.

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