Happy Birthday Abbie

My favorite little girl is turning 4 today.


Can you believe it? I can't. Four just sounds so old (and yes, I know that I'll be back next year saying, "Sniff… my baby's turning five… I just can't believe how old she's getting!").

I received some wonderful advice last night from a mom who's a few years ahead of me in the journey, and it was simply this. Cherish each day. No matter what the day held, how hard it was, hard tired or discouraged I am. Just cherish the fact that I had another day to spend with these incredible children that God has blessed us with, and know how quickly they grow up, and what a beautiful season of life this is right now.

Today, I am so grateful for my sweet girl (who just came into the room where I am typing, knowing it's not time to get up yet, and said "Mama, I'm thirsty…" with these adorable, puppy dog eyes that I just can't resist as I write a post like this 🙂 She brings such joy into our lives!


Abigail, you are becoming such a beautiful little girl! You are one of my favorite people to spend time with, and I can't imagine not being home to share each and every day with you. I love the way that your reasoning and logic are developing (though you sure do give me a run for my money some days!), and the increasingly deep and meaningful conversations that we are beginning to have and the insightful questions that you are asking.

It's clear to see that God is working in your heart and drawing you to Himself. You love to learn His Word, and to thank Him for your many blessings. You run around singing made-up worship songs all day (The Lord is His name and I shall not be afraid… SHOUT, SHOUT, SHOUT, SHOUT!), and I love to quietly listen to the softer ones when you don't know I can hear you. I know that He delights in listening to you, too, and I pray that His gospel will become more and more rooted in your heart.


You have such a love for others, and show such gentleness and impartiality to everyone you spend time with. It doesn't matter whether they're 1 or 9 or 17, you just love developing relationships and having fun with other children. You are so tender and mothering to those who are smaller than you, and your care for them is so evident.


You are such a loving big sister to your brother, and it's so obvious that you adore him (and he adores you right back!). I love to watch you play and laugh together. You have your moments, of course, but most of the time it is evident that you're crazy about each other and that you are developing a very special, lifelong friendship.


You're always up for helping your Mama, whether it's switching over the laundry or kneading bread or attempting to wash the dishes (but really, let's just face the fact that it's a really good excuse to play in water, though I don't mind going along with the "washing the dishes" ruse if you don't). I can see such a love of womanhood, of mothering and of homemaking in you already, and it's so lovely to watch.


You're a delightful snuggler, and there's nothing better than one of your hugs (though sleeping with you is not something I recommend, except to those who enjoy being kicked in the ribs and pushed off the bed!). Don't ever stop being willing to snuggle up to your Mommy, ok? I consider it payment for mothering, and believe me, it's a far better reward than any corporate job could ever offer!


There's just so much I love about you, but suffice it to say, I am just so thankful to have the awesome privilege of being your mother. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love you more than flowers. I love you more than ice cream. I love you more than summertime and snuggles and butterflies.

I love you, Abigail Jennifer Grace! Happy 4th Birthday!

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  1. We just adopted some kids, the youngest of whom just turned four a couple of weeks ago. It is such a sweet age!! They’re more mature than toddlers, but not too cool for the mommas. 🙂 Enjoy the sweetness! 🙂 She’s a doll!

  2. Awww, I have tears in my eyes! What cute pictures and sweet words. We all need to remember to cherish each day with our children. Happy birthday to sweet Abbie!

  3. Thank you for sharing. You have beautiful children.

    I can’t believe my baby will be 3. Everyone says that time flies…but it does. I know my mom can’t believe that her “baby” (me!) has a child! I try to remind myself all the time that I should enjoy the moment.

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