A very happy ending

All of that hard work and restricting what I ate these past couple of months was worth it!

This morning I went to see my Naturopath for a food sensitivity re-test, as well as to get the results of my general health screen (blood tests), and discuss where to go from here.

I was so relieved and delighted to find out that my Candida levels have gone back down from a 9/10 to a 0/10!!! As well, the parasites are gone, and my digestive system is functioning so much better than before!

The only food sensitivities that remain from that long list I gave over two months are: wheat, pasteurized cow’s milk (raw milk is ok), egg yolk, oranges/grapefruits, chocolate (so sad), sugar (but honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, etc. are all fine). I can deal with those, though I will greatly miss my chocolate… sniff, sniff.

One of the things that has come out of doing this Candida cleanse that I have appreciate the most is a new level of clarity and energy, even on days when I don’t get as much sleep as I’d like. I just find that I have more ability to focus, and I feel much less foggy and lethargic. More energy is a really good thing for this way-too-busy mama!

The next steps for me are to get my iron up (which was definitely low), as well as up my protein intake, and regain the weight that I lost through the course of this diet. It also looks like I may need to do some liver/kidney cleansing down the road, but I really can’t while I’m nursing, or pregnant. Our hope is to have another baby soon (nope, nothing to announce, just a hope!), and so my Naturopath is going to meet with me again in two months in order to help me prepare for that. I have PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, a hormonal disorder), so there is definitely more work to be done as I continue to try to overcome the difficulties that go along with the disorder.

All in all, a very encouraging visit! Thank you so much to all who cheered me on as I plodded my way through the special diet and all of it’s restrictions!

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  1. Its amazing to know that certain foods can really affect what you eat. At least you’re able to manage,so that probably makes things a little easier.

  2. It’s so nice to see results after so much hard work! I remember working with a nutritionist (versed in Nourishing Traditions, etc.) to get my body ready for our 4th pregnancy. It was the only one were I didn’t have ANY morning sickness and had more energy! I was amazed!
    So keep up the good work and you’ll be able to be healthier than ever for the next baby!

    ps.oh how I wish I had your naturopath! Good ones aren’t esay to find and I would love someone so willing to work me through to better health rather than just trying to sell me supplements as their only goal!

  3. Stephanie,
    Could you direct me to the parts of your site where you talk about a naturopath? I am interested in learning more about what they do. If you don’t have anything specific, would you mind sharing more info about it specifically, such as what to look for in finding a good one, what’s the difference between a natuorpath and a do/md, etc. I admire the lifestyle you and your family live and would like to work toward doing that with my family as well. We have some big changes coming in the next few months, so lifestyle changes will have to wait until we are settled again, but I look forward to being able to make those changes! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  4. Oops! My previous comment was supposed to be under your post on how you were tracking your cost per meal. Sorry for putting it in the wrong place…. I’m blogged challenged at times!!! If you have the ability to move it to the proper blog entry please feel free to do so!

    So sorry!
    Mom of 6

  5. Hey Stephanie! That is GREAT to read about the candida diet and probiotics working. I’m in need of going on the diet myself and have been really nervous about it. Has your Naturopath mentioned anything about Kefir as a way to keep your gut flora healthy? I have some really healthy live kefir grains that I’d be happy to share with you if you are interested email me your address and I’ll ship them off! I make kefir smoothies for my entire family every day either right before dinner or as an afternoon snack. You could use your raw milk, kefir it then make your smoothies from the kefired milk just like you usually make your smoothies. I usually add a little bit of Virgin Coconut Oil & a sprinkle of flax meal in my smoothies just to get some of those good Omega’s & fats into our diets.

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