Safe Water This Summer: Win Sport Bottles With Built-In Filters!

Safe Water This Summer: Win Sport Bottles With Built-In Filters!

berkey sport bottle

Several months ago I talked about the importance of water filtration. I shared the portable water filtration system that our family uses and loves, the Berkey Light.

Much as I love my large counter-top filter, and it is light and portable enough to use for emergencies or even to bring camping if I wanted to, there are times when it simply isn’t helpful or practical. Like travelling somewhere with a questionable water supply, or a hiking trip, or even a full day summer outing where you will want to refill water bottles and not have to lug around a huge jug of pre-filtered water.

This is the Sport Berkey Water Bottle that I have been trying out from LPC Survival, one of this blog’s fantastic sponsors and a retailer of Berkey Water Filters.

I know, first thought is that it’s plastic and I don’t love that fact any more than many of you do. It is BPA-free, though, and the website states that it does not leach plasticizers into the water. I haven’t noticed any plastic taste in the water at all, and since I am a stainless steel gal, you would think that if it was in there, I would notice it.

What makes these bottles really unique is not whether they’re plastic or BPA-free, but rather the fact that they have a built-in, heavy duty water filtration element. It is a miniature version of the filter elements used in the larger Berkeys.

We have a Berkey Light filtration system in our kitchen, and we love, love, love it. The water tastes pure and fresh, but without the minerals being stripped from it. I feel good giving this water to my kids, the science behind these filters gets a thumbs-up from me, and guests regularly comment on what clean tasting water it is.

The same filters in my larger system are exactly the same as the smaller filter used in the sport bottle. Here’s what the website says about the power of these little filters:

The Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier Eliminates or Reduces up to 99.9% of:

Unpleasant taste and odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment and chlorine.

Toxic chemicals: Trihalomethanes, VOCs, detergents, pesticides, etc.

Harmful microscopic pathogens: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-coli 99.99999% and other pathogenic bacteria.

Heavy metals: Aluminum, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, and Mercury.

Radiologicals: Radon 222

How Does it Work?

Basically, you just fill it up with water. Any water- from a kitchen tap, from a water fountain, even from a mountain stream (because yes, the filter can handle bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.).

Berkey sport bottle product shotAs you suck up the water through the straw, it goes through the filter and you get only fresh, clean tasting water.

Just like the larger filter elements, these smaller ones can be used over and over again for years, and washed with a dish scrub pad when they begin to show sediment on the outside or the filter speed slows down.

The bottles have an easy-to-use flip top that covers the straw (which is attached to the filter). When you first see and feel the bottle, it seems a bit bizarre to have the filter dangling like it is, but once the bottle is full of water you don’t really notice that it’s there anymore. I’ve also been able to carry the bottle in my purse and haven’t noticed any leaking issues to this point, a definite plus for me.

Aside from regular use as a water bottle, they are also an idea thing to have on hand for emergencies when a larger system would be impractical. Although I am not willing to test it out for the sake of product review (bloggers do have their limits, you know!) the idea is that with such a thorough filtration system you could feasibly use water in any survival situation, dirty, contaminated, etc. and expect to be as well-protected as possible rather than putting yourself or your family at risk by drinking unsanitary water (which, by the way, is a major cause of much of the disease and death in developing nations or during natural disasters).

Would You Like to Win Your Own Sport Berkey Water Bottle?

I have 2 bottles ($49.98 value) to give away to each of two winners! Here’s how to get entered:

(Please leave each entry as a separate comment)

1. Check out how the Berkey filters work and tell me why you’d like to win these Sport Berkey bottles!

2. Subscribe to Keeper of the Home byΒ RSS feed orΒ by email (and be entered to win ourΒ monthly email subscriber-only giveaways!).

3. Share about this giveaway through your blog or favorite social media, or follow LPC Survival on Facebook,Β Twitter or on their blog.

Giveaway is now close. Thanks for entering!

Disclosure: This giveaway was generously sponsored by LPC Survival, retailers of Berkey Water Filters and other survival products. I also received Sport Berkey bottles for the purpose of review.

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  1. We are doing a lot of 5K and at least one 10K this year. These bottles are just what we need to take with us.

  2. I would love to win this water bottle. It is a great way to try out this company’s products. This is a great item, I really like the idea of portable water filtration to use away from home!!!

  3. Would love to win one of these bottles… I also have been uneasy with plastics and have been lugging around my, get this, glass bottle! It would be great to be able to fill up wherever I am and not have to drink sparingly when I’m out because I’ll run out of water!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I’ve checked out the Berkey works and enjoy my Berkey! The portable personal size would be great for my working teen who really needs his clean water!

  5. I , too, already subscribe to Keeper of the Home; both email and RSS feed. Thanks for all the good information you post!

  6. My son and I are hitting the pool a lot this summer and this would be perfect to take with us! πŸ™‚

  7. I would love to try this bottle and possibly change from Poland spring to this companies home filtration system!

  8. I have two kids and worry about the contaminations from Plastics My kids love outside and this would be an awesome safe alternative to plastic throw away water bottles for them.

  9. These look AWESOME. Would so love to win some so we don’t have to worry about finding clean water when we’re hiking or camping.

  10. I really like the fact that you can fill it up wherever you are with any water that happens to be available and still have peace of mind that the water is clean. I have gone thirsty in some places rather than drink the water available! This would be a great thing to have!

  11. I had no idea that a filtration system could be “reusable”. I have 4 kids, so we go through water pretty fast when we’re out running errands. Would be great to keep refilling it!

  12. I like this filtration bottle for all of the reasons you do, portable, handy, safe. Many times we are out all day and carting around tons of stainless water bottles can be really hard. Thank you for this contest and your great blog!

  13. I would love to win the sports bottle. I have actually been thinking of ordering one, just haven’t done it yet!

  14. It would be a huge blessing to recieve these water bottles, as our family has been striving to make changes in our food habits ( diff. meat, milk , eggs, joined a CSA for produce to help local growers), but these would help us to not only drink more water, BUT BETTER water… it would be a great way for us to cut down, or stop using Brita Filters…and bottled water… PLEASE consider our family !!!
    The Rigdons

  15. I also follow you on Facebook… πŸ˜‰ THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!! this blog has been great !

  16. I would love to win a Berkey Sport bottle because I have a Berkey at home and like you, would rather not have to lug a big bottle of water with me when leaving the house. It would be very convenient to be able to fill up with “Berkey water” wherever I am!

  17. I already subscribe.
    I would love a bottle like this to take with our family when we are out and about!

  18. We have a Berkey filter at home. I would love to use these waterbottles – we were just at the zoo yesterday for 6 hours and would love to have been able to be drinking the filtered water the whole day!

  19. My husband and my 13 year-old daughter are going on a mission trip to El Salvador. Where they are staying is supposed to have clean drinking water, but I would feel much better about it if they had a high quality filter for their water. You can never be too careful in a third world country! This way they can focus on helping the orphans and buildings houses for the homeless and not have to worry about what they are drinking!

  20. I would love to win these for two reasons. 1. We can’t drink our tap water and this would be helpful for when we run out of our spring water and 2. everyone in our family has a water bottle that we take with us when we leave the house and this would be helpful for those times that we drink all our water and are still out and about.

  21. How funny! My husband just ordered one last night : ) To take to work with him. He’s barely been drinking water b/c it tastes nasty here. I’d love to win one for myself!

  22. This is the best idea, especially for hikers. My husband would love something like this because it’s efficient and useful…and it has to be those things if we take it camping with us! πŸ™‚

    Sarah M

  23. I would love to have this. I love the fact that it has it’s own filter. My husband and I just got back from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and this really would have come in handy. We drank bottled water, but even that was sometimes plastic tasting. I would love this for future trips and for everyday use, as I am a big water drinker. Thanks for sharing! ( I also shared on facebook, and am now following LPC Survival)

  24. I am trying to build my supply of emergency supplies and this would definitely help with water filtration!

  25. I’d like to win because sometimes I am in situations when I need to refill my water bottle and then I just have to use tap water without filtering it. We also sometimes go hiking and so far have to bring all our water with us on a day trip since we can’t yet afford a water filter.

  26. I would love this water bottle! With two little ones and lots of road trips, the filter being included in the bottle is necessary and I wouldn’t have to rely on bottle water at the store or my own flimsy attempt at water filtration with a cheap filter. I would REALLY love a Berkey at home system, too!

  27. I would love to try this water bottle for “on the go” and am contemplating one of their bigger systems for my whole family.

  28. We are a family of 7 that does a lot of camping, these would be perfect for us and help defray the cost of having to get 7 πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

  29. I would love one of these bottles, as I have not been able to find a water bottle solution for daily use that suits me.

  30. My husband and I do alot of biking and camping and these would be great to have with us so we could have clean water no matter where we are…

  31. I love the idea that I can use this bottle to drink the water ANYwhere! I’m pretty picky about clean water, and the thought of not having to lug my brita pitcher on vacations makes me happy!

  32. I think this sports bottle would be a great way to get acquainted with the Berkey water filtration system. I would love to have one of the large models but don’t have the fundage for that, yet. :0)

  33. I would love to try this bottle out for the filtration benefits and the fact that it is portable.

  34. I love my big berkey, and would like to be able to go out for the day with just one bottle, instead of having to plan! (I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal, and planning cramps my style. πŸ™‚

  35. I checked out the website, and I’d like to win these primarily for reducing/eliminating “Unpleasant taste and odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment and chlorine.”

  36. I would love to win one of these bottles because it would be so useful when out for the day with the kids.

  37. I just love how the Berkey filters work. Would that I could afford a big one for our house! I’d love to have at least a sport bottle to carry around.

  38. I love that you can fill it up with tap water, drinking fountain water, any kind of water and know that you’re drinking pure, clean, good-for-you water.

  39. I love that these are just all around what we need. I wish we could get these to the countries that NEED them.

  40. I have visited the website many times. I love the purifying without removing valuable minerals with a clean taste. I think getting to try one of these out would help convince my husband that the investment is worth it.

  41. I’ve read about the benefits of Berkey before and would really like to own one, but with it being so large and expensive I worry about buyer’s regret. Winning a sports bottle might be just the “trial period” I need to take the plunge and get a kitchen full sized one.

  42. Why? Just so I can quit hauling a cooler full of cold water bottles, ice packs and everything else around to all our road-trips, kid sporting events, etc. in trying to avoid being sick drinking from neglected fountains and the like. BRILLIANT!

  43. For me, I would love to win these because the thought of “herbicides and pesticides” in my water is frightening! To know I was drinking clean, pure water would be a great relief!!

  44. I own a Royal Berkey and love it. It removes so much more than any other filter system I have seen. I would love to have a chance at winning some of the portable filter bottles.

  45. I LOVE the idea of being able to refill my water bottle on the go. We haven’t figured out how to deal with that. (Already have and LOVE our Berkey counter-top filter)

  46. I would love to win one simply because of the number of things that they remove from the water. My husband and I love outdoor activities–biking, hiking, etc., so being able to carry along a water filter bottle would be so helpful!

  47. I love the idea of the sport bottle for all those trips to the park, where the water fountain water is rusty and chlorine filled – plus, our city’s water tests quite high for hexavalent chromium, which this filter gets out! I’ve been porting my own pitcher of filtered water everywhere we go, which is getting old.

  48. Checked out the website. I would like to win because I am always on the go and it would be nice to refill my water bottle without worrying about the source. Plus, it would be great to keep on hand for emergencies

  49. I would love them because a) they are filtered and get all the nasties out. and b) they are small, portable, and can be refilled while out and about which is awesome.

  50. I would love to have these for my family of six… winning two would make that more affordable. Thank you for making us aware that these are available. I am putting these on my family’s wishlist for holidays! I carry a waterbottle everywhere because I have to drink reverse osmosis water and it would be so wonderful to eliminate the trip to the store every week to buy water & just be able to refill from anyone’s tap! Thanks, again!

  51. I would love to have one of these in the car when I forget to bring my water bottles. I could use regualar tap water.

  52. I love how the sports bottle gets rid of all the yuckies in the water. Awesome for on-the-go summers! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  53. I would love the sport bottle. I am getting my Big Berkey filter today and I am so excited. I love the idea of being able to filter water on the go. I think I would leave them in the car for road trip emergencies.

  54. I have been looking at this and they look wonderful! Would love to have some to keep in the car for hiking and traveling.

  55. I checked out their website and I like how the filter removes or reduce pathogenic cysts, parasites, harmful or unwanted chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, VOCs, detergents, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, cloudiness, silt, sediment, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, foul tastes and odors.

  56. I would like to win one of these bottles because I am nursing a newborn and the contaminants in our water make me nervous. I love that such a small portable filter can do so much!

  57. I would just love to win this! We have a filter at home, but these filter your water when you’re out without leaching plastic. Looks great!

  58. I love that they remove lead from the water. We have 100+ year old pipes and you just never know what leaks out from them!

  59. I would love to win these because we have VERY hard water here in Colorado, and I’m also pregnant so I’d love to have a great water bottle that filters my water so it is best for me & baby! πŸ™‚

  60. We have our vehicle stocked with water bottles from the store. The Berkey water bottles would help us reduce the need to use so many plastic water bottles. That would save us money, be less storage and better for us.

  61. I love how much these filters can remove – but what a bonus that they don’t remove the minerals. How cool is that! I’d love to have one of these!

  62. I love the science behind this water filter. It would realy come in handy for a mom on the go, raising 3 boys.

  63. I love how the Berkey works so that I can take it with me and have clean water wherever I go and filter as I go.

  64. We have a Big Berkey and love it. I would love to have the water bottle as well for travel or for hiking trips.

  65. I am a subscriber. I also have been using a home berkey filtration siystem for about 4 months now. WE LOVE IT!!! And, I have been wanting a sport bottle ever since I first ordered. I would love to win! thanks for the giveaway!

  66. I checked out how these filters work. I used to sell EcoQuest water purification, and the Berkley Black filters sound even better! I am impressed.

  67. I have shared this on my facebook, I already subscribe by email, I have left a post as to how awesome the Berkley Black filters are and why I’d like to win a Sport filter. They sound so great, and I am going back into nursing after a 17 year hiatus due to economic necessity. It would be wonderful to have this access to free, safe water at work and as I continue my way into healthier living.

  68. I would love to win one of these bottles! I have to formula-feed my daughter, and I think this would be a great addition to my diaper bag. We always bring filtered water from home with us, but this way we don’t have to worry about bringing enough!

  69. I’d love one of these!! The taste of chlorine in our water is nasty!!! We’ve been making do with a filter but I’m looking to upgrade this summer. Thanks for doing thise!

  70. I’d like to win becausevwe live far from a lot of things and I always run out of water while we are out running errands. And living in the south 100 degree days are the norm!

  71. I currently subscribe to Keeper of the Home and would love to have one of these water bottles!

  72. I subscribed via email and like the facebook page. I would love to win this for my husband. He is disabled with an immune system breakdown and the chemicals in the water really make him ill.

  73. I would love to win one of these water bottles because this has actually been something I’ve been looking around for for a while. I picked up a Bobble recently, but I do not believe the filter is powerful enough. I looked at Sport Berkey’s website, and this looks like the kind of powerful filter system on-the-go that we need. My hubby and I do a lot of camping and would love to have these!

  74. How cool! I love that it filters the yucky odors and chlorine out because I work at a hospital where we use tap water and it just tastes yuck. So it’s hard for me to be motivated to re-fill my water bottle at work. I have to force myself to remember to do so, but I usually forget because of my lack of motivation to drink yucky tasting water, so I usually end up dehydrated at the end of the day! This water bottle would help me stay hydrated at work!!

  75. I appreciated the article and wanted to add to it. if people are interested in emergency preparedness, this site is something to consider. The LDS Church, which I attend is probably the foremost authority on the subject, and they use these to send to disaster sites all over the world where the drinking water is compromised. What is particularly nice about them is they are pouches, so they store flat, but filter a large amount of water. (Tap water, muddy puddles, saltwater, or even wastewater sludge!) Some of them can even add electrolytes if needed. I keep a couple in my food storage and a couple in my car for emergencies. They are expensive, but for me, the vast types of water they can make absolutely clean is worth the cost.
    Just a thought.

  76. We are currently saving up for a large Berkey . . . but these water bottles are a great solution for water filtration on a small scale!

  77. Hi!

    I want to win the sports bottle because I travel a bit and want the convenience of getting water from anywhere for free without worrying about contaminants or taste. I’m subscribed by RSS. I liked LPC on FB.

  78. we are also saving for a berkey light and would love having water bottles! We drink lots of water around here!

  79. Interesting, this is the 3rd time in as many days as I have read mention of a Berkey water filter. I did go check them out again and if I had the cash I would love to purchase.

  80. I’ve been interested in getting one of these for a while…Finally ordered one through your link today! I would love to get the bottles too πŸ˜‰

  81. I love the fact that you can purify water from water fountains while out and about. yucko!

    I subscribe through google reader.

  82. My family and I go out and about quite often, and we almost always bring our water in our stainless steel water bottles. However, I would love to win these water bottles because they are the “next step up” in clean water!

  83. I have subscribed. I would love to win one of these!! I live in Iowa and Berkey doesn’t ship here. =(

    1. @Laine,
      We used to live in Iowa and something interesting we found out from some good friends of ours was that Iowa has an importing restriction on water filtration systems! Weird, huh? If you try to get one from anywhere online, you’ll have to have them send it to someone out-of-state who can deliver it to you. Best wishes!

  84. I would LOVE these for my kiddos. My almost 3 and almost 2 year old are always drinking water from their stainless steel water bottles (which are too large and heavy for them), and these filters would be a God-send. The water around us has recently been found to contain all kinds of contaminants. These filters would equal peace of mind for this mama. I have been trying to save up for a water filter for our home, but with money not coming in at all right now – that has been just a dream. Praying that I get these, but thankful that anyone might be blessed by them. Thanks!

  85. Hello! I’m an email subscriber and a Berkey fan too! My family and I have a Berkey because even though the water here in Idaho seems great, we just want to make sure that our drinking water really is safe. I LOVE our Berkey and would like to have some handy sport bottles. Thanks for the post!

  86. Wow, these filters are awesome. It is amazing that they can make the water so pure and have such good results. I would love to win one to drink out if everyday when we are out and about or just at home!

  87. I’ve been looking at Berkey filters for a while… I want a big one for our house – that’s our next big purchase! These travel bottles would be fabulous, too… I like how they take out everything including fluoride.

  88. This would be great for hiking, because then we wouldn’t have to bring massive amounts of water. πŸ™‚

  89. We have the Big Berkey and would be great to add the sports bottle. Thank you for the give away.

  90. I keep reading about the Berkley filters and thinking this might be a better idea then RO for our new home. I am a big water drinker and love my kleen kanteen but its not great for hiking or living in the heat so looking for another possibility. I think these water bottles might be it!

  91. i would love to win this giveaway because i am a water-aholic and always have my water bottle with me. i would love to be able to filter my water anywhere and i know how amazing the berkey filter is. i hope to get a full size one someday.

  92. I always find myself needing to refill my water bottle in public places, but hate doing it from drinking fountains — it just doesn’t taste as good! So this would be perfect for preventing that “I guess I’m out of water since my bottle is empty and refills taste gross.”

  93. I’d love to win a Berkey sports bottle to take on hikes. We have a bottle with a similar filter idea, but I worry that the plastic is not BPA-free. I’ve heard such agreat reviews about Berkey water filters.

  94. I just checked out their blog and I definately am looking to add something like this to our emergency preparedness stash. Thanks!

  95. I would love to win this because I would like to not have to carry water tablets or drops with me when I am hiking!!

  96. I really don’t enjoy drinking water, so I hope that with one of these the taste might actually improve.

  97. I’d love to win won of these as I just found out I’m pregnant and the idea of truly clean water without the bottled water cost is a welcome one!

  98. I would love to win one of these. I am nursing my baby and always like to have a water bottle around with me. I would love one of these!

  99. I would love to win these because we are avid campers. This would be a wonderful resource for water while we’re dry camping.

  100. Wow. I love the idea of being able to purify water anywhere! It sure would come in handy when we are out and about and the purified water from our regular water bottle runs out. Amazing!

  101. Why would I want to win one of these?
    I think the real question is why wouldn’t I?

    I have a “Bobble” and I’ve never been 100% impressed. I’d say its quality is less than that of a Brita pitcher and it is difficult to clean.

    But this Berkey bottle looks like the goddess of water bottles!

  102. We would love to have these. We are on the go a lot this summer and these would be very convenient to just have on hand.

  103. I don’t feel comfortable with our city water and would love to try this out! I’ve very interested in getting a filter for our home and the Berkey system seems like a very reliable option.

  104. I would love to have one of these for camping. I always end up buying bottled water because I don’t trust the water at the campground. Sometimes, we’ll remember to freeze water in milk jugs, but I’m not sure that’s the best option either.

  105. Would love the sport bottle. I have been thinking of buying the larger system. This would be a great start.

  106. I am a subscriber. I am temporarily living in a city for the next several months and this would be an ideal solution to keeping drinkable water handy…!

  107. Would love to win one of these sets. I’ve been eyeing them for some time because of the quality of filtering. We are always on the go and tend to run out of the filtered water we bring with us in stainless steel containers … then we’re out! What a wonderful option to filter it from a drinking fountain or elsewhere.

  108. I love the idea of being able to have clean and safe water while out and about in a reusable bottle!

  109. I love the idea of being able to get water from any source and using the filter to have it taste good. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  110. Wow! I’m officially impressed! I’ll bet the fluoride removal filters would be great for folks who have it added to the municipal water. I was interested to see that it even removes radon. The sport bottle would be great for my husband when he’s hiking or working, and I think I’ll tell him about the counter-top filter. We’ve been looking for a good filter, and this might fit the bill!

  111. I have seen these and have been wanting one…… along with a real big one too πŸ˜‰ BUT being in my third trimester this summer I drink ALOT of water and would love to have clean water to take with me!

  112. As a widow (with an eight year old son), I am trying to be obedient to the Lord, while at the same time being a good steward of His resources He is providing. I have the Berkey Light, but would really love to have the sports bottles for our backpacks should the need arise.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  113. I drink filtered water and that is a pain when you go on vacation or to someone’s house where there is no filter – having this bottle would solve that problem!

  114. I’d like to win because it would be so hand to not have to carry around 3 bottles of water from home with us everywhere we go. I could feel safe knowing my kids are getting clean water!

  115. I just wanted to say thanks to Stephanie for this opportunity, and also to all those who have entered the contest. I am amazed by how many entries and comments there are!

    Jeff Gleason
    The Berkey Guy

  116. I would love to win these…but, last time I checked Berkley wasn’t able to ship to CA…do you know if that’s still the case?

  117. Our water comes from the Rio Grande river so drinking from the faucet even filtered is out of the question. These sound like we would be able to use them with the amount of pathogens they can filter!

  118. I’d really like to drink Berkey-purified water, but the big ones aren’t in my budget right now, so this little sports bottle would be amazing!

  119. I would love one then I wouldnt have to worry bout what im drinking when I have to drink city water. I can just filter it:)

  120. I’d like to be able to carry a water bottle without having to worry about not only the safety of the water, but of the safety of the actual bottle too. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  121. I would LOVE these bottles as we live in a city that adds waaaay too much to our water. My children would really benefit from these when we hike in the area. We would love to get them!

  122. Oh I’ve been wanting one of these! It sure would be handy while my daughter is at camp all this week. Thanks for the chance to win!

  123. We use a Santevia water filter, but it’s currently out of commission (the ceramic filter broke). We’re waiting for a replacement to arrive via Canada Post, but who knows how long that could take?! It would be great to have these two sports bottles instead of having to purchase the big 15L water bottles at the store!

  124. I spend a lot of time overseas in a city without drinkable tap water. This would come in handy so often! I’m looking at their countertop systems as well. I’ve subscribed to your blog.

  125. This would save me so much $$$ on filtered water. I would love to own one of these sports bottles. Thanks for the opportunity !!!!!

  126. I live in Florida and we are official in hurricane season. These water bottles seem like the perfect solution to post-hurricane, contaminated water issues…and a whole lot easier than having 30 gallons of purified water on hand for the family! I’d love to give them a try.
    And I subscribe by email! Thanks.

  127. I would love this! Even though I use filtered water when I fill up my water bottle, the ice I put in it is not – this would be fantastic!

  128. We have trouble with our city water (unusable due to iron THREE TIMES in the last three weeks!!) – I am going insane. I desperately need a full size Berkey for home (another giveaway perhaps?). πŸ™‚ And the smaller portable bottles would be perfect for keeping in the car so my three year old (always thirsty) and I (also always thirsty due to nursing my 7 month old) would always have filtered fresh water available!

  129. I am amazed by all the toxic chemicals and bacteria the filter removes! I would like it to be able to drink good water even if I do not have access to a clean water source.

  130. I *love* water. This bottle would be awesome to refill anywhere and not have to worry about what’s in the water! Water tastes different everywhere we go, it would be nice to have peace of mind with a bottle like these. Awesome product!!

  131. I’m living on campus at school this summer, and it is HOT. The cafeteria isn’t open, and the water here is really nasty, so I have been having to buy gallons of water. This would be wonderful.

  132. YES YES YES, this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. We will be returning Stateside after 2 years in Asia and these bottles are exactly what we’ve needed in regard to the bad water here (yes, I’ve had my fair share of parasites). As we look into returning next year these would be such a blessing to our family!

  133. We’re planning to move to China in the next year, and a water bottle like this would be so handy in a place where tap water is undrinkable!

    1. @Charissa,

      That is exactly where we are and why I am looking to even purchase one of their regular filters as well!! The water here is so bad and I’m thinking it could be more cost effective in the end… you really just never know if the water you are drinking is actually clean…
      Happy travels to our “neck of the woods” (although we’ll be State-side for the next 6 months)

  134. This would be perfect for my husband. He has been looking for a solution for drinking water at work, and this is THE solution.

  135. We have really gross tap water so we refill gallons of water at the store. When we run out though, until we have a chance to go to the store, we boil our water. This would be so nice to have, especially when I’m out and about!

  136. I would love to win to be able to have filtered water on the go. We spend a lot of time at the ballpark, and I hate having to refill with tap water!

  137. I would really appreciate an on-the-go water bottle that keeps what I’m drinking pure & clean!

  138. I would love to win this Berkey water bottle filter as I have been looking into getting the Berkey water filtration system as of recent. We are saving money to buy the big one. BUt I would love to win a bottle to convince my husband of all the benefits of the Berkey filtration system.
    Thanks for the opportunity! HOpe I win!


    I am subscribed to your feeds!

  139. Oooh, I’d love to win one of these! City water (and every other type of water with all of the chemicals and stuff) upsets my body systems so terribly bad. I would love to try this to see if it would help!

    I liked LPC Survival on Facebook! (And I already subscribe by email)

  140. Hey Stephanie! I hope this finds you well! I just sent your blog address to one of my dear friends in VA this morning. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. Oh, and I’d love to win one of these water bottles because well, we don’t have any filtered water bottles, so I’d like to give it a try.

    I followed LPC on twitter.

    I just subscribed to your receive your blog via e-mail this morning.

  141. (1) When friends and family come to visit, we can rely on one thing: “Wow – the water down here really stinks!” Unfortunately, Clearwater (our town) doesn’t have actually have “clear” water. =) It’s heavily chlorinated and has a foul odor and is chock-full of contaminants. We can’t afford bottled water (which is no cleaner anyway), but I have 2 sporty, active boys who are out in the heat sweating all day and need to drink!
    I checked out the Sport Berkey bottles on that website and am now officially drooling. We SOOO completely need water bottles that they can fill at the basketball court, or at a water fountain… wherever outside we happen to be… so their growing bodies get the benefit of clean water without those scary contaminants! =)

  142. I have a berkey light and love love love it! These bottles would be great to have when on the go since I pretty much can’t tolerate the taste of anything but berkey water : )

  143. My two boys aren’t fans of drinking water…unless it’s out of a water bottle. So I have gone out and bought them each their own water bottle. But sadly the water we are putting in it isn’t the quality that my husband and I would be liking to give them. So with these water bottles it would be our start to filtering water for the boys. Also my husband is a huge hunter/hiker. He often spends weeks in the mountains and needs a good water bottle. We thought we had a good bottle for him, but after a trip into the mountains he contracted giardia and was sick for over a week. So now he is super cautious when drinking the mountain water. Right now we just don’t have the extra funds to be buying him a great water bottle. So this would make his trips more enjoyable also!!

  144. Oh I’d sure love to have a Berkey light water bottle! so often we are out working on our farm and run out of water and have to take water from a creek or pond! we filter but taste leaves much to be desired! I need a Berkey light water bottle!

  145. I love the idea of the Berkey filters. I’ve been searching for a good replacement sport bottle for my workouts and thought my only option was to get the expensive stainless stealer (insolated) ones. But to have a bottle that filters my water too! That is so awesome. Plus having a cleanable filter – where I don’t have to buy a new filter every 6 months – even better

  146. Having one of these water filter bottles would be great when traveling to use instead of buying bottled water.

  147. I looked at their web site and am really impressed with how well they filter! We are traveling next month and I would love to win these to take with us. Hotel water always tastes so bad!

  148. This is just what our busy family needs. Fill& go, I love it! No more worrying about forgetting to fill water bottles before we leave the house, just fill with water while we are out and the water is great. I really need these πŸ™‚

  149. I like the peace of mind of having them for an emergency situation. Plus, I can worry less about what’s in the regular tap water.

  150. I have had a kidney transplant so pure water is very important me. This would be perfect for traveling to ensure that I drink “safe” water all the time! Great invention!

    Judy πŸ™‚

  151. I’m impressed that it can take out food coloring leaving the minerals behind! Wow! We have issues with arsenic, though. Still trying to figure out what to do about it. πŸ™ I would love one of these. So wonderful for getting fresh, clean water anywhere! I’ve been afraid of Giardia in “clean” mountain streams since 10th grade biology. πŸ™‚

  152. I would love to be able to send this with my son when he goes to his sporting events. He actually told me he doesn’t drink the water when he is out because the water tastes bad and he knows what is in it. We have a Big Berkey at home and LOVE it, so he knows what good water tastes like.

  153. I would like to win a water bottle so I can feel confident that the water I’m drinking is safe for me and my nursing baby!

  154. The micro-pores within the self-sterilizing and re-cleanable Black Berkeyβ„’ purification elements are so small that pathogenic bacteria are simply not able to pass through them. I’d love to win one so I could refill my bottle anywhere instead of just at home.

  155. I love that the filters remove all pathogens but keep the good minerals! These would be awesome for hiking and camping this summer!

  156. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway. These bottles would be great to have in the event of any emergency!

  157. I also subscribe via Google Reader (just this morning as a matter of fact),
    and I would love to have filtered water bottles. I recently bought a camel back bottle with filter but the filter has to be replaced every 3 months and I don’t taste a difference between plain tap water and water sucked up through the filter and straw – so that was a waster of $30 for me. These bottles seem like a better deal and like that vital minerals aren’t stripped out. Off to check out their website and see what else I can learn.

  158. I was just looking at the Berkley water bottles a few days ago! Our water is fairly tasteless in Erie, PA(not sure that’s it’s pure by any means) or maybe I’m just used to it… but every time we travel my husband and I become water snobs and won’t drink anything other than bottled. I was looking to get one or two of these for our upcoming trip to Disney – thier water is horrible!!!

  159. I would like to win a bottle so that my kids and I could have clean water when we go on vacation. Thank you!

  160. I would love to have this to drink when I am out and about! I refuse to buy water bottles but sometimes you are just thirsty y’ know!

  161. I’d love to win one of these bottles because a) we enjoy hiking a lot and it would be great for that, b) incase of an emergency it would be nice to know we have at least some source of clean water c) perhaps if my hubby could use one of these bottles he’d be more inclined to want to get the large system!

  162. I would love to have one of these to filter out all of the bad stuff when we are on the road. How handy to have the filter connected!

  163. I would love to win a water bottle….. this would complement my Filtrete system since our fridge filter doesn’t work!

  164. I’m a subscriber and I “liked” LPC Survival on Facebook. =) I would love these for camping, hiking and just normal days out for my family! Thank you!

  165. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this water bottle! I just got back from a vacation with my husband, and over the 4 days we were gone I hardly drank any water because the hotel water was disgusting. I should have just bought bottled water. Having clean, filtered water at all times while I’m away from home would be great!

  166. Can the filter in the berkey sport really last for one year or more? I thought I read somewhere else that the filter needs to be changed more often than once per year.

    And, is it easy to order a replacement filter?

  167. I would LOVE to win this water bottle because I hate emptying our entire fridge pitcher of filtered water into my water bottle. Plus I could refill it on the go! πŸ˜‰

  168. I would love to win one of these sports bottles because it would just be nice to have one! Very handy!

  169. oh…i’d love to win it! saves from spending $ on water bottles and easy to take anywhere! love the filter!


  170. Our tap water is so full of chlorine that it tastes like pool water! We’ve purchase three water filters (tap connected) and all have broken in as many months. I’m tired of buying junk filters, so I’m drinking straight out of the tap and I”m afraid I’m doing so much harm and counter acting all the good I do in other ways.

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