Real Food Recipe Roundup: January

Real Food Recipe Roundup: January

It’s time to share a few favorite recipes and recent finds with you once again! Here are some that we are either really enjoying these days, or that I’m dying to have again once we’re finished with our grain/sugar/starch free diet (the Maker’s Diet):

addictive sweet potato burritosAddictive Sweet Potato Burritos

With the odd combination of sweet potato and black beans, I would have not guessed just how good these would be, but they really are amazing and addictive! We like to eat them with sour cream/creme fraiche and fresh guacamole, and I make them using my homemade soaked tortillas. They’re also a great meal to triple and then you can eat one meal, while freezing two. To serve the frozen meals, I just allow the burritos to thaw for several hours, then put them in the oven at 350 until they’re warm again. They turn out just a teeny bit crisper than when made fresh, but they still taste great and make such a nice, simple meal on a busy day.


I’m always looking for new ways to serve cabbage to my family and this recipe has turned out to be a real winner. The first time I ever made it, my husband was on a yeast-free diet so I couldn’t use bread dough. Instead I made them with a soaked biscuit dough and we liked it so much that I have never bothered with bread dough at all, though someday I might try it that way. I like to make a big batch of these as well, as they make a wonderful food to pull just 1 or 2 from the freezer when my husband needs a lunch to go, or a whole bag to reheat for a dinner. I serve these with sour cream/creme fraiche (I keep saying both because we use either/or depending on what we have at the moment) and grainy or dijon mustard. The kids like them with ketchup instead of the mustard.

Red, White and Blue Cupcakes (aka gluten/grain free muffins!)

Currently, our family is on the Maker’s Diet, so I’m actually drooling a bit as I write about the first two recipes with tortillas and biscuit crust! We’re grain free/sugar free/starch free while on Stage 1 and Stage 2. I found this recipe on The Nourishing Gourmet for a muffin made using coconut flour instead. Now I cheated and just ground up unsweetened shredded dried coconut in my blender to make a “flour”. I also made almond flour (by grinding soaked/dehydrated almonds) and I used the two “flours” to make an all-purpose mix. I substituted my flour mix for the coconut flour in this recipe and used stevia instead of the honey, and then all blueberries because they’re sweeter than raspberries. They turned out pretty well and feel like a real treat to us since all other muffins are off limits. My only complaint is that they’re too soft because of all the eggs in them, but that’s what you get with completely grain free muffins, I suppose. They actually get nicer left out on the counter (because they dry out a little), or so I think anyways. My one recommendation is to double this recipe, at minimum, because it makes less than a dozen and they’re quite small. I like bigger muffins, so I triple this to make 18 decent sized muffins.

Another use for coconut/almond flour: I used my flour mix, added some melted butter and 1/2 tsp salt to make a crust for quiche. I just mixed it up and pushed it into the pan and baked it for 10 min. at 350, then baked my quiche as usual. It was a bit crumbly but a wonderfully tasty substitute!


Fermented Salsa (Nourishing Traditions)

No, it’s not an online recipe, but I figure probably half of my readers have Nourishing Traditions. 🙂 I had a goal last year of introducing our family to more lacto-fermented foods and so I tried this just before the New Year to get one more new recipe in. We already love salsa so this wasn’t much of a stretch, but I wondered if we would like it with a fermented taste to it. The recipe is similar to my own, so it seemed very familiar, but it did have just a bit of a more sour sort of kick to it. It was totally enjoyable, though, even to Ryan (the ultimate test). He didn’t like it so much after a week in the fridge, however, as he felt that it got more sour as it went on. My one major suggestion is to hold off on the salt and lemon (or only put some of it in) until you taste it. The first time I made it with sweet, flavorful tomatoes. The second time the tomatoes were really bland (score one for eating seasonally only- out of season food is just not the same). Without the sweetness of the tomatoes, the salt/lemon became overpowering and I had to do some major adjustments. With good tomatoes this recipe is wonderful, though!

Peppermint Pattie Coconut Bark

This was my incredibly yummy, decadent indulgence all Christmas season long! This whips up in just over 5 minutes and freezes within about 20 and gets eaten almost as quickly. It’s a wonderful way to get more coconut oil in your diet if you’re not sure what to use it for. I’ve also tried this with stevia instead of sweetener and my hubby didn’t like the taste, but I thought it did the trick. Perhaps when you’re craving sweets and can’t have them, even a not-quite-as-good imitation will do? Just make it the regular way and you won’t be disappointed!

Blueberry Clafoutis

This is an unbelievably easy dessert to make! It takes 5 minutes to whip up the batter in the blender, then pour it over the berries and bake. Done. One recipe isn’t enough, so I always double it at least. Nice with a dollop of whipped cream for dessert, but also nice sans whip cream for breakfast. On our grain free regimen, this has been a nice change of pace for breakfast fare. One tip: don’t ever bake it with a lid on. It will be gooey and will sink. Ask me how I know.

Easily distracted- I took this picture before making my zuchinni into pizzas- just imagine them with pizza toppings!
Easily distracted- I took this picture before making my zucchini into pizzas- just imagine them with pizza toppings!

Zucchini or Summer Squash “Pizzas”

My newest creation. I had been craving pizza during this grain free diet and wanted to see if I could find a way to make it without a grain crust. Since zucchini works in pasta-free lasagna, I figured it just might do the trick as a base for making pizza, too. I used these cute little gray summer squash (like a short, gray-green version of a zucchini) and sliced them so they were about 1/4 inch thick. I layered on tomato sauce, meat and cheese as usual then baked then at 350 for 5 min. The short cooking time is key, because my husband took seconds that had been sitting on the hot baking stone I used and he said it had become a bit too soft to eat easily and wasn’t quite as nice. So just enough time to warm them and melt the cheese, to keep the “crust” nice and firm. Very tasty and easy!

What real food recipes have you been enjoying lately? Please share them with us!

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  1. We’ve been trying to eat more beans and have been enjoying Stephanie O’Dea’s White Bean and Apple Crockpot Chili.

    We substitute coconut oil for the butter and soak dry beans overnight then cook them for about an hour in the morning before adding them to the crockpot. This chili is great with corn chips or corn bread.
    .-= Allyson´s last blog ..Haiti Silent Auction Starts Today! =-.

  2. We are loving our winter greens! I made some Southern Style Braised Kale from Nourishing Days and our only complaint is that 2 bunches of kale wasn’t nearly enough for our family.

    I can’t wait to look at some of these recipes! I have cabbage coming out my ears right now from our CSA winter share. I have to check out that recipe!
    .-= Noelle´s last blog ..weekly menu =-.

  3. Oh goodness my mouth is watering reading all these! Definitely going to have to try a few!
    I just got Julia Child’s first cookbook and while definitely not grain or starch free I think there’s something to be said about cooking with real ingredients. Chicken, butter (of course), real cream, bouillon, vermouth and you’ve got a dinner to die for!
    I’m trying to balance her heavy dishes by eating them in small portions with a big salad, sauteed greens or roasted root veggies. So far the scale hasn’t tipped! (knock on wood)
    .-= Kait Palmer´s last blog ..Challenge Days 12,13, Ode to Le Creuset and Krochet Kids =-.

  4. My mouth is totally watering at this…coconut flour??? Yum!

    I just got Julia Child’s first cookbook and have been cooking some very real food out of there! Real butter, real cream…real fattening! But keeping portion sizes small and pairing it with a salad or roasted veggies we’ve been able to not tip the scale yet! (knock on wood)
    .-= Kait Palmer´s last blog ..Challenge Days 12,13, Ode to Le Creuset and Krochet Kids =-.

    1. @Kait Palmer, And you probably won’t tip the scales eating that way! Since I began eating old-fashioned fats, in abundance, I have not had any weight struggles but actually the opposite has happened. It has become easy to maintain a healthy weight. The only time I struggle, actually, is when I start eating too many carbs, even whole grain/natural sweetener ones. The fats aren’t an issue, really!

  5. Hi! I’m new to your blog, but I’ve been so blessed by what I’ve seen so far! It seems you are a ways down a journey that the Lord is just starting myself and my friends on down here in Texas! We have recently begun reading the Maker’s Diet and Nourishing Traditions and are slowly easing into the dietary changes. One of our new favorite recipies is Taco Syle Lentils and Rice which I’d love to share with you…
    3/4 c. lentils
    3/4 c. brown rice
    4 c. water
    4 beef bullion cubes
    2 tsp. chili powder
    1 tsp. cumin
    1/2 tsp. onion powder
    1/2 tsp. garlic powder

    Boil the water. Add all the other ingredients and return to boil. Then let it simmer for 45 minutes. Use the lentils and rice as a taco/burrito filling instead of ground beef or beans. We enjoy topping ours with cheese, sour cream, tomatos and lettuce. Could also be used to make tostadas.

    The best part is they’re SUPER cheap and easy! I will combine all the ingredients into a ziploc bag and make several of these ahead of time and then when I want to make it I just boil water and dump it in!

    Happy cooking and nice to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you better!
    .-= Jessica Bolding´s last blog ..The End of the Malibu Era =-.

  6. I’ve been trying to add liver (chicken and beef) into my diet. I’ve really enjoyed it sauteed with a little onion, mushrooms and tomatoes then wrapped in a soaked tortilla with ketchup or sour cream (depending on my mood!) on top. My husband, who hates liver, even likes this!

  7. I made a lentil recipe the other day from my new cookbook that my husband said was an 8! That means 8 out of 10….that is fantastic for lentils around here! Also very easy. I put it together without the broth in the morning and then poured the broth in and baked in the late afternoon.

    I did have to double it…but we are big eaters, my daughter eats as much as me…so this is the non doubled original recipe. From “wow this is sugarfree” cookbook.

    4 cups chicken broth
    1/2 tsp salt
    3/4 cup chopped onion
    1/4 tsp oregano
    1/8 tsp garlic powder (or equivalent garlic)
    1 cup lentils, uncooked
    3/4 cup brown rice, uncooked
    1/2 tsp basil
    1/4 tsp thyme

    Blend all together in casserole, bake, covered, 300 F for 1 1/2 hours. Optional (we did not do) top with 1/2 cup cheese last 20 minutes.

    I think the homemade chicken broth made this recipe so good.

  8. Approximately how long do you bake the blueberry clafoutis? Looks good. I have had the peppermint bark on my list to try for a while now.

  9. That peppermint pattie coconut bark sounds gooooood!!! I’m going to print it off for sure!

    I have been enjoying your blog so much. Don’t find time to get on your new forum as much as I’d like, but am so glad you’ve opened up a place for moms and wives to turn to for conversation and help. 🙂

    I’ve posted a few of my favorite recipes over on my blog if your readers are interested in some recipes like:

    Egg Spinach Casserole – a meatless dish I like to make periodically to save those meat dollars for use elsewhere

    Kings Ranch Chicken – I LOVE Kings Ranch Chicken and I make this recipe with as much “real food” as possible. It’s WONDERFUL!!

    Honey Applesauce Cake – I especially love this cake because the only sweetener in it is honey. It’s yummy and moist and delicious!

    These recipes can be found in this folder on my blog if anyone is interested in seeing them, in addition to several others:

    Thanks, Stephanie!
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Tuesday Tastiness #10 – Egg Spinach Casserole =-.

  10. I’m so excited to hear you’re enjoying the coconut bark. Yumm! I have tried stevia in it twice – once I didn’t put enough, the other time too much. 😉 How much did you use? I’d really love to make this without a sweetener.
    .-= Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS´s last blog ..Basic Chocolate Syrup =-.

  11. Stephanie, I’m just wondering how you’re keeping your breast milk supply up while doing an essentially no-carb diet. I have read that eating a diet too low in carbs can decrease your supply, and when I tried it (something like South Beach, only not low fat dairy or artificial sweeteners–just didn’t have any sweets), after about a week, my baby was fussy at every feeding, so I went ahead and re-introduced carbs because I didn’t want to leave her without enough milk.

    I am still not back to my pre-preggo weight at 11 months, so I’d love to be able to cut out carbs if I won’t lose my milk! Interested in your thoughts on this. 🙂
    .-= Mary Jo´s last blog ..Super Savings Saturday =-.

  12. Stephanie, I am belatedly getting back here to thank you for telling me how much stevia you used! I didn’t have the drops, but green leaf stevia. So what I did was use a pinch of stevia in place of half the honey, and we really couldn’t tell a difference in the coconut bark at all.
    .-= Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS´s last blog ..Guest Post: NT “Yogurt Pizza Dough” =-.

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