Oh garage sales, how I love thee

Would;you rather buy;these for $16.50, plus tax and shipping…

Twill cargo pants

…or all of this, for $15.50 total?

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In a couple hours of garage saling this morning, I purchased 6 pairs of pants (khaki, cord and jeans), 2 knit sweaters, 2 knit winter hats, 1 sweater vest, 6 warm sleepers, 3 long sleeved button up shirts, 1 tee shirt, 3 long sleeved cotton shirts, 1 corduroy jacket, and 1 pair of Striderite runners for my 1 year old son . The majority of the clothes were brand names such as Children’s Place, Gap, Old Navy and Carters, and all were in great condition.

Average;cost per piece of clothing?

60 cents!

About half of them;are for this fall and winter,;and the other half;go up to size 3 and 4. My theory is that if I continually buy items for the next season (or even a year or two down the road) at rock bottom prices, I will generally have almost everything I need by the time my kids need it.;It is totally working for me!

Any takers on the retail cargo pants? I didn’t think so!

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  1. What a great find! My husband would have opted for the $17 pants….he doesn’t like garage sales the least bit. 🙁 I e-mailed him your post and he said,”hmmm..your not the only one huh?”

  2. I love garage sale-ing! I’ve been able to buy most of what my little guy will need all the way to next summer. All in all I’ve spent about 200.00 and that includes all his clothes, a juicer, and a panini grill! Got to love that!

  3. I get so excited about stuff like that, too. I never, ever pay full price for clothes. I have so much stocked up too! You share my theory on getting things when they are rock bottom prices. My DD is in size 2-3 and I have up to size 6 or even 7-8 if its a really good deal (like 25 cents each at yard sales, I don’t go over $1 unless its for the next season or so, or if I really need it now). I was able to get a garbage bag full of clothes size 2-8 for $10 (25 cents each) at a yard sale the other weekend, all in excellent shape. A few weeks ago I got two pairs of maternity pants for $2 each in great shape.

    I am so excited for you! Yard sales are the best.

  4. Wow! That is a terrific comparison! I love garage sales. Once you wash an outfit for the first time, it looks no different than the used ones you buy for much, much cheaper!! And, that little sweatervest on the top left of the pile is so adorable.

  5. I LOVE garage sales! 😀 Good job, looks like you found some great deals!

    Speaking of finding great deals, lol, I’m hosting a natural carnival and two giveaways on my blog tomorrow. I don’t know if you’d be interested, but if only for the giveaway goodies, check mah blog on July 1st 🙂

  6. Great job! 🙂 I have the same theory, too. I stock up at our “bulk” Goodwill (where you dig through bins of clothes, and they charge you per pound! Amazingly, I’ve been able to find most of what Gen needs, without having to travel around at garage sales.

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