Menu Plan Monday- June 23

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Does anyone else find it hard to even think of cooking when you're sweating glowing away in a roasting hot house?

About the only thing sounding good to me right now is an ice cold fruit smoothie! And I suppose, I can't really make that for dinner for the next 7 nights in a row (or can I)?

Since we should probably have a bit of vegetables, meat and grain mixed in between our smoothies, I suppose this is what I'll serve for dinner:

Monday: Chicken Divan over quinoa, with steamed broccoli and cauliflower (I prefer to steam mine separately and add it at the end- it has a nicer texture to it that way, in my opinion)

Tuesday: Bean and rice burritos, with fresh salsa (the recipe is a little ways down on the page)

Wednesday: Taco Salad (using fresh greens from my garden!)

Thursday: Fish Coconut Curry over rice, with garden salad

Friday: We'll be in Seattle, picking up a van that we'll be borrowing while we host two Taiwanese students for the next three weeks

Saturday: Baked potatoes with broccoli cheese sauce (simple and easy, since we'll just arrive home from Seattle around dinner time)

Sunday: Homemade Pizza (with peppers, feta, herbs, tomatoes, chicken, etc.)

I didn't take the time this week to properly plan my breakfasts, but we'll be eating an assortment of:

  • oatmeal
  • smoothies
  • toast
  • hashbrowns and eggs (but not for me- I'm avoiding eggs to try to improve my eczema- so sad!)
  • homemade yogurt and raw granola
  • waffles (I'm going to make a big batch while I'm at it and freeze some for busy mornings)

For those new to meal planning, I'll be talking about some meal planning techniques in my Baby Steps post this Wednesday. If you're looking for more menu planning info and resources, be sure to check out Organizing Junkie, who weekly hosts Menu Plan Mondays!

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  1. Funny, I am making taco salad, a curry dish, and burritos this week as well! Great minds think a like! 😉 Thought you might be interested to know that I discovered that heating your yogurt about 110 degrees will kill alot of the nutrients. I just starting heating it to just 110 before incubating. Works great still, as long as you use some sort of solidifying agent (milk powder, gelatin, or I am thinking about trying pomona’s pectin as a better option, we’ll see if it works). Not sure if you saw my post about it.

    Blessings upon your sweet family!


  2. Ooooh, I think I’m going to have to try your recipe for Fish Coconut Curry. It sounds great, and I’ve got a some fish in the freezer that needs to be eaten. Thanks!

  3. Lindsay, I think I must have missed your post about the yogurt, but I’m guessing it doesn’t apply to me. I think that you are using raw milk, and I am using milk that has already been pasteurized (milk in Canada is just too pricey, so I use discounted organic milk to make my kefir and yogurt, and save the really pricey raw stuff for straight drinking). I’ll have to find your post, though, as I’m curious to read about what you’ve found out!

    Laura, if you want to do a week of smoothies, you can blame it on me! 🙂

    Alison, try it! It’s sooo good! It’s slightly runny, but it just means that the rice really soaks up all the flavor.

    Sherry, quinoa is great! It’s fast cooking (only about 20 minutes, compared to more like 40-50 minutes for brown rice), it’s very soft in texture, and it has a mild, slightly nutty, very pleasant flavor. My husband actually prefers quinoa to rice, so I switch back and forth between the two (rice is cheaper). I use it just as I would rice in many of my meals, and it always works!

  4. As always, wonderful food at your house! I have to say that I had to read Friday’s plan 3 times before I could get my head around what you were saying!

  5. Jen, lol, I can see why! I guess that’s why I shouldn’t try to spit out posts really quickly when I’m tired while nursing the baby. Bad sentence structure is inevitable!

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