Menu Plan Monday- April 14

I find my menu plan posts are such a great way to start the week, and keep you updated on what’s new with us. They always seem to be filled with littles tidbits of information, news, etc. so this week is no exception!

I mentioned two weeks ago that my family would be doing the Maker’s Diet once again. We did, for two weeks, and we have opted to stop for the time being, for a few reasons. One major reason is that my husband’s Candida is likely very bad, due to a series of antibiotics while he was in treatment last summer. It is probably much too high to address through diet alone, so it would make more sense to save our energy and will power for working with the Naturopath and a good anti-yeast supplement, something we’d like to get him started on in a month or two.

As well, having just finished my own two month special diet, I’m feeling a little bit burnt out of cooking with so many restrictions, and just didn’t have the energy to put into it that I really need to have to make it work. I think that burnout is a common reaction to doing dietary restrictions suddenly, or for long periods of time.

I know that I was extremely burnt out after doing all raw food for over a month when my husband was preparing to start his chemo treatments, and the rest of the summer and fall I had very little desire or motivation to really delve back into cooking and more intense food preparation. Right now, I’m doing all right, but I just can’t quite handle another season quite so soon of having to be so intense and vigilant about everything we eat.

So, back to more of our regular fare for a little while, and I’m a bit relieved! But to those who are still doing the Maker’s Diet , keep going on it! It is worth it, and I know that we will go back to it again (and probably again and again, for different seasons of life). We are continually striving to live at a Stage 3 level, eating the Nourishing Traditions style in the great majority of our food.

This week, I am so excited because we are heading off for the weekend! We will be going down to the Seattle area, to stay with family and attend a wonderful home schooling conference that we attended last year as well.

It is the Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference , and it will take place all day Friday and Saturday. Last year we were blessed beyond words to hear Voddie Baucham as the keynote speaker, and this year is equally exciting, as Doug Phillips of Vision Forum will be speaking. As well, there will be many other speakers and workshops, and a family night of music and drama performances.

As we’ll be leaving right after dinner Thursday night, and not returning until Sunday afternoon, my menu is pretty simple this week:

Monday: Beezie’s black bean soup with Broccoli Salad

Tuesday: Piled-High Veggie Potpie

Wednesday: Shepherd’s Pie

Thursday: Leftovers, whatever needs to be eaten in the fridge.

Friday/Saturday: at the conference

Sunday: At a friend’s for brunch on our drive home, then a simple dinner of Lentil and Rice Casserole and baked squash.

Happy meal planning, everyone! More menu plans over at Organizing Junkie !

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  1. I just love the new look of your blog. It is SO fitting for your content.

    Your week so wonderful. I’m going to have to try the veggie potpie soon. That sounds just delicious.

    Have fun this weekend. It sounds like a wonderful conference.

  2. Hmmm, the lentil and rice casserole sounds good!

    BTW< I love the nice, clean feel of your blog – I’m all about uncluttered šŸ™‚

  3. I hear you about getting burnt out on doing strict diets! It is tiring! That’s why I find it so nice to have Nourishing Tradition style principles to go back too. They are much more doable on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. šŸ™‚

  4. that looks great. It is hard to do everything..and follow restricted diets when there is alot else going on!

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