Who Knew Colloidal Silver Was So Useful? {Review}

Who Knew Colloidal Silver Was So Useful? {Review}

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Colloidal silver: what is it? More importantly, why would you want to WIN it?

I’m sure not many people have ever heard of this before, but after receiving this product and reading up on it, I can see a lot of potential here for colloidal silver to be good for your health. In fact, I was seriously surprised to find that there are 95 documented reasons to use Colloidal Silver.

Silver Living Tech suggests using Colloidal Silver for:

  1. Sore throats
  2. Ear infections
  3. Minor cuts and burns
  4. Disinfecting vegetables

Colloidal silver has a history of medical uses dating back over thousands of years. It is said to be an immune system booster, fighting bacteria and viruses in the body. In ancient times it was used for treating wounds, ulcers, heart conditions, and even in water purification. Silver ions are still being added to water purification systems in some hospitals, community water systems, and pools today.

Many people feel that it will help with their sinus and cold symptoms this winter. I have friends that use it in their nose as a wash to prevent colds and they swear it works. I also know of friends who put drops in their kids ears to prevent ear infections.

How does it work?

I have a lot more research I want to do on this stuff, but what I have done suggests that the Colloidal Silver has charged nanoparticles of silver that helps kill bacteria and virus and according to some research may help promote cellular healing.

Advocates of colloidal silver claim it does things nothing else can, such as clearing up chronic sinus issues and curing a cold in just a few days. They also insist that it can boost the power of antibiotics.

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So what exactly is colloidal silver? Simply put, colloidal silver is a mineral supplement, it is tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid. Silver Living Tech is on a mission to promote the research and development of colloidal silver and specifically colloidal silver with the Tyndall effect, which is believed to be the highest quality form:

“Thus, today, a normal test for determining whether a silver suspension has any colloidal characteristics is to shine a light through the suspension and determine whether the light is scattered. If the light is scattered at all, it exhibits the Tyndall effect and will be classified as a silver colloid. If the light is not scattered in any way, then it will not be considered a silver colloid. After identifying whether the suspension exhibits any Tyndall effect, the next step is to determine how strong the Tyndall effect is. A weak Tyndall effect suggests that only a small part of the silver suspension is colloidal. The stronger the Tyndall effect, the more the silver suspension is colloidal. Some colloids exhibit such a profound Tyndall effect, even normal room lighting is adequate to observe the effect described in the previous paragraph. In such cases the silver suspension is likely almost entirely colloidal. We call such suspensions, Super-Tyndall colloids. Such colloids are considered the highest quality.”

Some medical websites have concerns over side effects, such as overdosing, causing problems from neurological issues to skin irritation. And there is even the risk of colloidal silver interfering with some prescription medications. However, the likelihood of overdosing is believed to be quite small and would take over 10 gallons a day and a long time to have any negative effects. You can read about safe dosing here.

This colloidal silver is manufactured by Silver Living Tech. Begun is Peru in 2011, the company is now based in Panama City, Florida. The company has researchers and manufacturers with 20 years combined experience in this field.

Their website, which is easy to use and full of good information, gives a great description about what colloidal silver is, what it does, and how it’s made. It also includes information about why it’s important to use high quality colloidal silver and what the dangers are of using inferior products.

colloidal silver set 736x1128

The box I received  included a small spray bottle to use as a supplement by spraying it three times in the back of your mouth or on your face for acne, cleaning make-up and refreshing skin. Also included was a large spray bottle for using the Colloidal Silver as a disinfectant on vegetables and surfaces.

The company is also doing ongoing research into additional uses for colloidal silver: as a diagnostic aid, conductive applications, and optical uses, as well as how and why to use it on your pets.

Silver Living Tech’s website is easy to navigate and easy to buy from. You can purchase directly from them or an independent distributor. On their website it is available for $15.95.

Special offers for KOTH readers:

Win a year’s supply!

Enter here to win a whole year’s supply so you can try it for yourself. Let us know what you think of colloidal silver and what you use it for.

Disclaimer: Although all Keeper of the Home contributors are passionate about nutrition, natural living and alternative health issues, we are not certified nutritionists, medical doctors, or practitioners of any kind. We are not licensed to counsel anyone in medical matters, nor may we be held responsible for any course of action that you choose in regards to your own health or that of your family. Please remember that what we are sharing is the result of our own experiences and years of study, but may not necessarily be the right course of action for you. We are advocates of becoming informed, knowledgeable and responsible for one’s own health, but our desire is not to be an authority on any matters of health for you, nor would we presume to have sufficient knowledge to do so. Our hope is that what we share may encourage you and start you on the road to doing your own research, and seeking out the opinions of professionals or others that you trust.

This giveaway is sponsored by Silver Living Tech. Silver Living Tech provided me with the Colloidal Silver and both sprayers to use and review. The opinions above are completely my own.

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  1. Would love this! I’m slowly learning beneficial things to add to my life one step at a time – so they stay with me for life!

  2. My 22 yr. old son lives in NYC, does not take care of himself and lives too far from me to be of much help to him. He spent much of last winter on antibiotics to treat strept throat, and then another horrible throat infection where the ulcers in the back of his throat bled. If he would only listen to his momma, but at last, he does not. I have been contemplating buying colloidal silver for him to keep on hand in case he has another bad winter.

  3. i haven’t tried it yet but have heard great things, i’d love to try it for skin issues and general wellness.

  4. I have been using colloidal silver for several years. We primarily use it when we feel a cold or sinus infection coming on. We have a silver spray for our nasal passages and the liquid that we gargle with a little water when we have a scratchy throat. Huge fan of colloidal silver.

  5. I have a natural first aid kit, but I’m never tried colloidal silver. I really want to try it for winter time colds and sore throats and maybe even my super itchy and irritated skin. Must do more research, I’ve been hearing so much about it lately.

  6. I haven’t used it yet. It’s been on my “need to buy some” list for a long time, along with other great home remedy things!

  7. I love colloidal silver. I’ve never used a spray bottle of it, but have used it to clear up an ear infection in my daughter and at the first sign of a sore throat for myself.

  8. I have never used it but some friends use and told me about and I thought it would be great to have on hand. But, anytime it wasa subject of conversation, I couldnt just go and purchase. I would always forget once home. So, this would be great to win. Thank you jessica

  9. I would love to try this for so many of the reasons listed! On vegetables and as a disinfectant top the list, as does helping with my teen’s acne. Anything to boost immunity is something I’d like to add to my arsenal this winter!

  10. I haven’t used it yet, but I know a few people who use it regularly. I would love the immune boosting properties. It seems to do so many great things.

  11. I haven’t used colloidal silver before, but I do see it referenced often in natural living blogs, FB pages, etc. I’d love to have some for our home!

  12. I woke up with a sore throat and having trouble swallowing this morning. From reading your post it sounds like I need this stuff! I don’t like taking off the shelf medicines usually and do prefer more natural ways to tackle health issues. I’m intrigued with this colloidal silver!

  13. I must share how we discovered this wonderful product: Colloidal Silver. Our daughter was about 6 years old and it was the week before Thanksgiving. We’d taken her to the doctor (her pediatrician) and because of her symptoms, we were told she had a virus. We were told to let it run its course, but she became worse. Took her back to the pediatrician and he said it was viral. This went on for weeks!:( Her fever was high and we took her to the emergency room and they contacted her pediatrician. He wasn’t available, but another doctor said she needed to be admitted and tested for spinal menegitis. After much prayer, I wouldn’t allow the spinal test. She was dismissed from the hospital and I felt to visit a health food store. I explained Hannah’s symptoms and the lady gave me a bottle of Colloidal Silver. After one dose, no more vomiting and another dose no more fever! Hannah was healed! I praise God for leading me to this amazing discovery! Since, I research and try to stick to completely natural products for our family of 6:)

  14. I’d like to win the silver product,i hve big family,and cnt afford,good stuff like that!what a blessing though,to be able to win!thank you,i live in regina,sk,canada!thank you

  15. I’ve never used it before, but have been curious to try, particularly for my daughter, who has frequent ear infections.

  16. I haven’t used it yet but my friends do. They have used it for sore throats, pink eye, and to boost their immune systems. I can’t wait to try it myself.

  17. I have used colloidal silver in my neti pot to help with sinus infection and also taken orally to help with dental infections. I would love to win a year supply and learn more about all the different uses!

  18. I had a cough last winter that lasted two months until a friend of mine recommended colloidal silver. Five days later it was gone! It is great stuff!!! Expensive, but well worth it!

  19. I have never used colloidal silver before but after reading I would love to try it on my dad’s bed sores. He has been bed ridden for the last 4 years due to a bed sore that is slowly healing. I would love to try something new that could possibly help him get out the bed again.

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