Beautiful wooden and safe teething toys for babies!
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Beautiful wooden and safe teething toys for babies!

I just had to share these stocking stuffers we bought for my 7 month old son this Christmas. I’ve posted a bit about my recent concerns over toy safety, and so when the time came to find a few small gifts for our children, I knew that what I bought would be impacted by my thoughts of their safety and health.

After a bit of research, I found several companies that make excellent, safe toys, including a wide varieties of teethers, rattles, etc. for babies.

I purchased two wooden toys from a small Seattle toy store (Izilla Toys, downtown). They were pricey ($10 and $14 respectively) but I felt they were worth the price for the peace of mind they allow me as my baby just chomps on everything he can get his little hands on these days. They were made by Plan Toys and Haba.

Caden really enjoys them and I am eager to buy some more with a bit of Christmas money the kids received. I would far rather have less, good quality toys than an abundance of toys that I am continually worried will be the next recalled item.

A few good places I’ve found online for safe children’s toys include BabyBecausetraffic record (let me know if you’d like a coupon code for 10% off your entire order), Baby Naturopathics, and Oompa Toys. Please comment with any other natural toys brands or suppliers that you are familiar with!

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  1. I love wooden toys. We gave our 5-month old son a bunch of Haba toys for Christmas. We are so excited about the variety of natural toys that he received from family members this Christmas – including a wooden boat for the bath! Thanks for posting this! Keep up the good work!


  2. Oh, I’d love to know which toys you got him and which he likes the best! I’m thinking of getting some more. And a bath toy- how fun! We don’t have many of those. Thanks for commenting!

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