Jenuinely Pure a Genuine Delight 3

Jenuinely Pure a Genuine Delight

Find out about a great product for babies in this Jenuinely Pure review and giveaway.

With my first baby, many years ago, I used Johnson & Johnson’s. It was, after all, what my mom used on me. And the smell of the lavender calming wash and lotion was enough to convince me that yes, I was going to follow in her footsteps.

I was even able to ignore some disturbing things I heard about the ingredients in baby soaps. To be honest, I couldn’t handle it. And the people telling me seemed … well, they didn’t seem to be quite logical or able to speak rationally. They were a just a leeeetle bit too passionate, too invested in convincing me, too sure of themselves in a self-righteous “ah-ha!” way.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine, who cleans for cancer families, shared some heart-to-heart facts with me that I experienced what I can only call a conversion.

And then I was relieved of aisles of shopping at the store, much to my delight, and I was introduced to soaps and products that were lovely and so very different than what I had been using.

Find out about a great product for babies in this Jenuinely Pure review and giveaway.

Gentle for Baby

My latest baby, who loves his bath in a way that makes me think of how I love my coffee, gets more baths than any of my previous ones.

But can you blame him? He has a whole staff of siblings who want to jump in there with him. He can splash and sing and even growl: they will smile and laugh and entertain him as much as he wants.

Now that I’m convinced about what products I use for soap, I’ve noticed that it’s far easier just to grab a bar of soap — any bar of soap! — to wash him. He hasn’t seemed to have any skin problems, so I haven’t worried much about whether they’re gentle enough or any of that. It’s not completely logical on my part, but I hate shopping and I have other kids with skin problems. So what they use, the baby can use, for the most part.

Find out about a great product for babies in this Jenuinely Pure review and giveaway.

The lavender smell of Jenuinely Pure’s baby wash is enough to make me snag it for my shower. My 8-year-old daughter was begging to use it and loved how it washed her as much as I loved how it washed the baby. (My 5-year-old boy was less impressed.) It doesn’t take much to do the job, and you can rest assured that it’s all organic and natural, so what’s going down the drain won’t hurt the environment.

I also had the baby cream to try, and when I read that it’s made of butters, I understood the texture of it a little better. In fact, if you’re far from Iowa, they recommend that you use the baby oil instead. The smell of both of these products is as divine as the wash, and, while I was tempted to test it, I did not verify whether using them will make my skin as soft as baby’s. 🙂

Find out about a great product for babies in this Jenuinely Pure review and giveaway.

From Iowa to You

Jenuinely Pure is based in Iowa. Founder Jenny Drew is a mom who was passionate about making natural products at affordable prices. She writes,

We believe what you put on your body has a tremendous impact on your health and our mission is to provide you with excellent products you can use with confidence. We are also passionate about educating our customers on why it is so important to Make the Switch to natural, pure and safe products.

All of these products have been used in Jenny’s home for many years, and they also have the EWG (Environmental Working Group) seal of approval.

There are a host of other products in the Jenuinely Pure store, and from what I’ve seen of the baby line, I have high expectations for them.

Looking to Save?

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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Jenuinely Pure. They provided me with several products to use, review, and enjoy. Even so, the opinions above are solely my own.

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  1. I’ve just been researching all the toxins in our personal care products and started looking for good, affordable replacements – it makes me happy to support small businesses (local – I’m in IA!!) and know that I’m giving me kids one little boost!

  2. Over the last year I’ve made a great effort to clean up all of our daily personal products… after food and water and cleaning products, this one seemed to be the last place to ‘clean up’… I already love your soaps!

  3. Over the last year-and-a-half I’ve become a lot more concerned about the ingredients my family is exposed to, and recently the ones absorbed by our skin have been on my radar. Unfortunately, even the brands that claim to be more “natural” usually have things I don’t want, so knowing these products are free of toxins without spending hours researching everything in them sounds like a convenient comfort!

  4. I’m having my first baby and am realizing more and more everyday all the nasty stuff they put in baby products! It would make me feel much better to know that at least his bath time will be safe :).

  5. I love knowing that I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals on my kids’ skin and possible reactions with their sensitive skin.

  6. I love knowing that the products I use for my kids with sensitive skin are safe and gentle for them and the environment.

  7. I would love to use products on my little ones that I know are safe & do not have possibly harmful ingredients in them!

  8. I like knowing that I’m trying to do my best for the best health of my family & myself. I try to avoid toxins as much as I can.

  9. I’ve been trying to switch over ALL our care products to natural products that aren’t just good for us but for the environment too. We’re still working on it. I’ve heard of Jenuinely Pure before but have never tried it. It may be time.

  10. I want to know that the products I use are not going to harm my grandson or our pets! I am still trying to convince my lil guy that he shouldn’t drink his bath water!

  11. It makes me feel better knowing my family isn’t having a bunch of unknown ingredients soaking into their bodies!

  12. Since a huge percent of what we apply on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream, it is extremely important to know what the product is and what it is made from. Love using natural products because just knowing that they are not harmful makes it so much better:)

  13. I love the comments I am seeing. I am the current owner of Jenuinely Pure, after buying the company from Jenny a year ago. MY family uses the products so you KNOW they are safe! And if you are on a tight budget (and who isn’t these days) this is the line for you…PURE, NATURAL and AFFORDABLE. Now is a great time to try the products with the 15% discount. Not wanting to invest in full sizes of the products? Check out the “GIFTS” link on our website for ordering sample sizes which includes our Baby Line.

  14. It’s just nice not to have to wonder if it’s harming my baby in some way. I don’t put up a fuss when occasions arise where we have to use non-safe products (like when I forgot to pack sunscreen for a family reunion this summer), but I breathe a sigh of relief when I’ve got the good stuff back in our hands!

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