Menu Plan Monday- April 21

We’re back, after a wonderful, exhausting, thought-provoking, encouraging, passion-stirring weekend at a homeschool conference! I didn’t have a chance to write my menu plan before we left on Thursday afternoon, so I just whipped it up a few minutes ago, and kept it fairly simple as I didn’t have time to hunt for fun new recipes. 

This week is noteworthy, though, in that I am participating in the Frugal Cooking Carnival, from Tuesday to Thursday. I’ve noted these days in my meal plan below, and have done my best to come up with some frugal, yet still nutritious, varied and tasty dishes– I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday! 

One other noteworthy item– this weekend, I received my copy of Sue Gregg’s Whole Grain Baking, and I am so excited to try it! I have planned to try 4 recipes from it this week (well, one I’ve already tried and liked- the blender batter pancakes). I will let you know how I like them!

Monday: “Fish and Chips”, which means breaded and pan-fried white fish (not deep fried!), and probably a mix of sweet potato and regular potatoes baked like fries in the oven, with homemade tartar sauce, and a side of broccoli salad. 

Tuesday (Day 1 of Frugal Cooking Carnival): Garlicky White Beans and Broth (with added veggies and a bit of brown rice pasta), and homemade whole grain dinner rolls (recipe from the Sue Gregg book).

Wednesday (Day 2): Lentil and Rice Casserole with cheese, baked acorn squash, and steamed cauliflower. 

Thursday (Day 3): Root Vegetable Millet Cobbler, with added chicken, and a garden salad on the side. 

Friday: Chicken a la King and Greek Salad.

Saturday: Sandwiches, at the request of my husband. 🙂 

Sunday: Chili (in the crockpot), and Blender Cornbread.

I’m also including my breakfast menu this week, even though I don’t usually plan my breakfasts ahead. But since I am doing the FCC, and also since my teenage brother-in-law is visiting for the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be easier to plan breakfasts out as well. And for those new to my blog, I don’t plan lunches because I make our dinners large enough that I can usually serve leftovers for lunch– simple, fast, and good!

Monday: Eggs, toast and turkey sausages (a rare treat- I just got my case of all-natural, no preservative breakfast sausages with my co-op order this weekend- they were on sale so I decided to splurge a little)

Tuesday (Day 1 of FCC): Blender pancakes, with honey-sweetened yogurt and as a topping (it is the cheapest pancake topping I can come up with. I may also add a little grated apple to the pancakes, for a bit of fruit and sweetness that doesn’t cost much)

Wednesday (Day 2): Oatmeal with milk, honey and minimal dried fruit

Thursday (Day 3): Cinnamon Scones and a fruit smoothie (the scones are a recipe from Sue Gregg’s book, and they use spelt berries and honey, and are a soaked, blender-style recipe)

Friday: Oatmeal (as above)

Saturday: Toast and smoothies

Sunday: Baked Oatmeal

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  1. Please do keep us filled in on how you like your new Sue Gregg book. I have the Taste and Tell, and like what I’ve made from it.
    Are most of the recipes in your new book for the blender?

  2. I just wanted to say that your blog has really encouraged me in my journey to become the godly wife and mother that I am striving to be. Your nutritional tips and homemaking advice has helped me so much!

    AND, your menu sounds great! I’m very interested to hear how the recipes from Sue Gregg’s cookbook go.

  3. everything sounds great Happy frugal canival-ing. I’m a big fan of leftovers for lunch (and sometimes breakfas) too… sounds like a good plan. 🙂

  4. Stephanie,
    If you end up liking the scone recipe, I would love to get it from you! I grew up with Sue Gregg’s cookbooks, but it was before she changed things to be soaked. I liked a lot of her recipes, even then (although they weren’t high in meat recipes etc). Let us know how you like the new and improved version. 🙂

  5. Yum! Looks like a great menu and a great week! Fish and chips sound fantastic! 🙂

    Quick question that I’ve been thinking about since I’ve been a reader of your blog . . . you mention that you make a large enough dinner for lunch leftovers (which we do too) but also that you do not use a microwave . . . how do you store and heat the food for leftovers? Do you keep it in the original pan and reheat in the oven or stovetop? Or do you (for lack of fridge space) condense into other containers, and then how do you reheat? I’m a little concerned about our use of the microwave, but really don’t know how else to quickly reheat food (or defrost veggie cubes) for hungry little (and big) ones. Thanks in advance Stephanie!


  6. I’ve never heard of the book “Baking with Whole Grains”…Gonna go look that one up! Your menu sounds yummy!

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