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How to Take Control of Your Mood {When Life Distracts}

You can take control of your mood thanks to the beauty of God all around us. Life’s distractions and challenges don’t have to be what sets you back.

Beauty refreshes and feeds the spirit. Enter a lovely, serene spa, watch the sun rise or set, sit by the ocean and watch the waves roll in, listen to an uplifting song, walk through an art gallery, stroll through an elegant garden, or hike along an untouched trail — these things all strengthen and energize your spirit.

Why is that?

Often, when my spirit is limp, sad, or overwhelmed, I retreat to the Batiquitos Lagoon near my home. I find great comfort in natural beauty. I’ll often take a walk along the earthen path that winds around the tranquil water surrounded by tall, grassy marshes that sway in the cool breeze flowing off the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Turn your heart to simple things . . .

Eucalyptus trees are home to graceful, white egrets and majestic blue herons, which chatter among themselves. The scent of wild licorice and honeysuckle permeates the air, and the cheerful spots of yellow mustard and daisy wildflowers dash the landscape here and there.

Sometimes I disappear into a hidden grove of trees close to the water where I hide just to be still, listen, and absorb the beauty.

God is near in the cool of this private refuge. Mysteriously my spirit sinks then soars as egrets lift off the water and then dip into the lagoon for their evening meal.

Have you ever considered that God himself is beautiful?  His beauty totally captivates me. Each day when I seek Him, I find beauty, light, and hope — even when the sky is grey (not too often in San Diego!) or my day fills with loads of responsibility or the weight of worries. The light of God enlivens my soul.

One thing I ask of the Lord . . .

External circumstances do not have to dictate our mood. Of course, tragedy and heartache happen, and the impact is disorienting and often terrible.

Aside from those riveting events of life, ordinary days can be filled with beauty through the connection made through God’s Spirit. It can actually help you take control of your mood.

God touches all of life is touched. Healing happens. Attitudes shift. Eyes brighten with beauty.

Beauty poem

How do you take control of your mood with God’s beauty or when life distracts?

Take control of your mood with help from God's beauty...because yes, God is beautiful and his Spirit will refresh us, if we let it.

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  1. Janie, I can totally identify with your feeling of closeness to God when you are in nature. When I am in need of that quietness to be still and know HIM, to listen, and to feel His blessed comfort, I make my way outdoors to the lake or to my garden. It’s there that I am always reminded of His greatness. Surrounded by His beautiful creations I am always overcome with peace and awe.

  2. Just what I needed today. My mom passed away and emotionally I am so drained and very much distracted….
    right message right time and much appreciated

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