Hair Clips That Actually Stay in Place: Lilla Rose Giveaway!

Hair Clips That Actually Stay in Place: Lilla Rose Giveaway!

scrollwork stoneset lilla
My favorite Lilla Rose clip, Scrollwork Stoneset.

I guess it’s giveaway week around here, because I have a giveaway for you today, one more coming up this Monday, and did you catch the Cultures for Health giveaway on Monday?

I usually stick to products that are specifically natural, healthy, related to going green or some such thing. Every once in a while, though, it’s fun to do something that’s just pure girly.

I’ll confess to being skeptical when I first agreed to try out the hair clips from Lilla Rose. I have thin, fine, slippery hair and nothing really holds it better than anything else that I’ve tried. I’m also not one to spend much money on accessories for my hair or on jewelry. My expectation was that they would be just another so-so clip with a pretty design that I wouldn’t be willing to fork out money for.

You guessed it… I was totally wrong. (It’s good and humbling for me to announce that to thousands of people every once in a while.)

etched lilly wiht amethyst lilla
Etched Lily with Amethyst (I got this in extra-small, with matching lily earrings)

I love my Lilla Rose clips! I’ve only had them for about 2 weeks, and I have been wearing them almost non-stop. Here’s what’s unique and awesome about them:

  1. They are flexible, which helps them to adapt to how much hair you have, the style that you’re doing, and I think it’s also part of why they hold hair better than other non-flexible clips.
  2. The stick is attached to the clip front. I’ve had those cute hair holders that have a soft leather front and then a stick that goes through two holes to hold it on your hair. Except that then I lost the stick. Shoot. There’s no chance of losing either piece of the clip and it also helps you to maneuver it better because it’s all connected.
  3. The stick has little grooves in it to help grip more or less tightly depending on the style and your hair thickness. Again, I think this helps to hold it more firmly.
  4. They actually stay in my hair. In one place. All day. Without falling or slipping. (Yes, I’m still in shock)

I tried an extra-small and a medium. My hair is just above shoulder length, and I have lots of hair but it’s thin and fine. I use the extra-small to do a half-up style, and the medium can do either my ponytail (on the tightest setting- I could probably use a small for a slightly tighter fit) and it is the perfect size for any up-do’s. My 6- year old daughter tried a mini for her hair (similar in texture to mine) and it makes a great ponytail or up-do for her, although her hair slips a bit when we tried a half-up, just because it’s so fine.

For those who have the opposite hair issues (curly, thick, too much hair, out of control hair), there are large, extra-large and mega flexi clips sizes. This helpful sizing guide shows you which size will suit your hair and the styles that you like to wear it in.

simple band lilla
The simplest clip that I saw and one that I really like.

My only request with the Lilla Rose clips would be more with simple, plain designs. I’m not a fancy gal, especially when it comes to what I put in my hair, and so I did have to look carefully to find the ones that were the least decorative to suit my taste. That said, I know that many women prefer far fancier and prettier things, and so you may just love the design selection.

(For those who are curious and have similar taste to me, I ended up choosing the Contemporary Flower, Scrollwork Stoneset in Wood and Etched Lily with Amethyst, and I also really liked the Antiqued Silver Band.)

My awesome Ad Manager, Kate, also tried some clips and here’s what she had to say:

The Lilla Rose clips are beautiful. I used a small to put up my daughter’s hair, and it stays better than most clips — at least until she pulls on it! I love that the two parts of the clip are stuck together so you can’t lose them. And this, despite my daughter’s best efforts! (She loves the clips so much she insisted on carrying them around the house a lot.) I had thought that there was only one style but many sizes, but I was wrong. There are many styles, and there will be one that suits you!”

mini butterfly lilla
A mini clip, this was my daughter's choice and she adores it!

Clips range in price from about $12 (extra-small) up to $24 (for the extra-large, elaborate designs). I probably wouldn’t have been willing to pay that much without having tried them, but now that I’ve used them and realized just how much I like them, I don’t think the cost would be a barrier for me anymore. I’m honestly using my medium clip 2-5 days per week and it’s just so sturdy and handy that I think I would pay to replace it if I lost it.

Would you like to win some Lilla Rose clips?

I will be choosing two winners, and they will each get their choice of any 2 clips. Here’s how to get entered:

1. Visit the Lilla Rose site and tell me which clip(s) you would love to win!

2. Subscribe to Keeper of the Home by RSS feed or by email (and be entered to win our monthly email subscriber-only giveaways!).

3. Follow Lilla Rose on Facebook or Twitter.

4. Share about this giveaway through your blog or favorite social media (find Keeper of the Home on Facebook and Twitter here).

Giveaway has now ended.

Disclosure: This giveaway is generously sponsored by Lilla Rose. I was provided with clips and earrings to sample, so that I could be surprised by how awesome they are. 🙂 My opinions, as always, are my own.

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  1. I love the May Bouquet and the Silver Etched Lily, both in medium. These look awesome! I’m also a RSS subscriber. 🙂

  2. I’d have to say small antique brass princess tiara and small antique brass roman cross.

    What a fun giveaway!

  3. I love the Large Flexi Clip in the Celtic Knot or the Large Flexi Clip in the Silver Princess Tiara. They’re all so lovely!

  4. I like contemporary flower and scrollwork stoneset also. Liked on FB and subscribe to Keeper of the Home. Thanks for the fun review.

  5. Oh I love hair clips but because my hair is so thick and heavy I have a hard time finding ones that work. I’d love to try these.
    It was so hard to pick favorites but I liked the Contemporary Flower and the Silver princess tiara dangle in the large size.

  6. Oh, what fun! I’m a regular subscriber of your’s/ I liked Lilla Rose on Facebook/ I visited their site, and these would be my two choices:
    6-0216 Fairy in Aurora Borealis
    6-1429 Renaissance Cross

    Thank you, Stephanie (and Lilla Rose!)

  7. I always put my hair up and would love to try these.
    I like the small brass princess tiara and small antique brass roman cross.
    Thanks for your post on frugality with sensitivities!

  8. Love this! Can this be the new banana clip for our generation? Maybe the new scrunchie too?? May bouquet please and etched Lillie! Thanks!

  9. Love Lilla Rose clips!

    I already have 4 of their flexi-clips and they work great!

    I’d like to get a butterfly one for my youngest daughter. 6-0359
    And the Hummingbird for my oldest daughter. 2-1816

    I’m already a subscriber to your feed, I also “Like” Lilla Rose on FB

    I “Shared” the giveaway on FB as well!

  10. These look awesome! I also have a lot of baby fine hair. I really liked the Mighty Celtic Knot and Eternal Infinity. I thought her hair bands looked really interesting as well.

  11. Ooooh, these are so pretty–and I’m not usually a “hair flair’ person, either. My favorites are the scrollwork stoneset in wood, the silver etched lily, and the mighty celtic knot. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway! I follow your blog via email.

  12. I have these on my Amazon wish list so hopefully I will get one someday. 😉 I have had my eyes on them for a few months now but haven’t tried them. I love the first style that you posted a picture of, “Scrollwork Stoneset”

  13. I like the celtic knot and the butterfly! Also, I subscribe to you! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  14. There are so many pretty clips!! I like the Scrollwork for everyday – thanks for the chance to win one!

  15. I’d pick the Ex. small clip Simple Band Sunflower Beads 6-1371 for my daughter and the Large Flowering Fern clip 3-1367 for myself. They are so beautiful. I’d love to win. Thanks!

  16. I love every single one! But if I had to choose favorites it would be be the Open Flower Jet Black and the Open Flower Princess Tiara! With hair that is uber thick I have thought for months that I wanted to give these a try!

  17. I liked the “simple band” and also am interested in the “O” rings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. AWESOME giveaway! I love the Celtic butterfly in the mini and Renniassance Cross in the medium…..and all the other ones too…They’re beautiful!

  19. My daughter is such a girly girl, she would absolutely love the Daisy Dangle Freestyle & the Silver-Multi Cluster. There are soooo many beautiful clips, it’s hard to just pic a few.

  20. I love the princess tiara bobby pins for me and the soaring butterfly pink mini clip for my daughter. beautiful!

  21. I was blessed to get two sets of these from my sweet husband when we saw these at a craft fair type thing here in Alaska. My hair is so thick, that I had to get the step up from mini even just to have two holding my hair back from my face. They do slip a little more than the regular barrettes do, but they are so pretty and elegant and do a good job on my hair. I have a pink butterfly set and a ruby stone set. I get compliments on them ALL the TIME! I’d love to have one of the large or X-large ones to hold ALL of my hair. I have been wearing it up a lot recently because it is not behaving in pregnancy! I thought the Crown of Hearts with the simple dangle is just elegant! I love how the pink is just a hint (you don’t have to rearrange your whole outfit to wear it). So pretty!

  22. I looked at the Lilla Rose website and I like the more simple ones as well. If I could choose one I would choose the Black Nickel Floral Shield. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Lots of lovely designs, but I would probably choose the silver scroll work heart and the princess tiara. I have three girls so we have tried all kinds of things around here. Most of which don’t work well. Thanks for the chance.

  24. Would love to get the mini celtic knot for my daughter. I am also a big fan of simple and brown -making the scrollwork stoneset my ultimate favorite!

  25. Wow! Those are beautiful!! So hard to choose! I loved the med. silver scroll-work heart, the mini plumeria flower, and the small open heart dangle. Giveaways are so much fun! Thank you! I subscribe by email to your blog, I shared via facebook, and I liked yours and Lilla rose on facebook.

  26. I love the Gorgeous Stoneset Flower and the Silver crystal AB fairy. I’ve had my eye on these for so long! If I had the money, I would buy them in a minute!

  27. I will probably need mini’s. I like Soaring Butterfly Purple-iris and Celtic butterfly, in the Mini. In the extra small, I again like the Soaring Butterfly w/Purple-iris. I don’t see Celtic butterfly in the extra small, but there is Celtic Knot that would be great.

  28. I like almost ALL the designs!I think my favorite three are the 6-0256 Scroll work heart
    the 6 1536 open heart dangle and the 1 may bouquet. I would LOVE to win any of those three! I am like you with very fine slippery hair (only mine is about a third way down my back) and never get to wear pretty clips b/c they are too heavy and fall out. Usually I end up wearing stuff that looks like it came from my 5-yr-old’s stash of hair accessories! My husband likes me to do my hair “half-up”, and I literally have two clips that I can wear for a few hours (but not all day). I would really like to try something that works and looks good. My daughter has my same hair texture, but it goes down to her “hiney”. She usually wear it down or just tied back with a scrunchy. (I’ll bet I could even SELL these if I was convinced they worked!)

  29. Oooo!
    Silver filigree flower and Silver Scroll Work Heart! They would be wonderful to have (win!) and enjoy!

    Thank you!

  30. I’d love the small Princess Tiara for myself and the extra small May Bouquet for my daughter. She loves purple!

  31. Hey! I’d like to try the Hawaiian Flower in a small – I’m always looking for a way to keep my hair out of my way!

    Thanks – Meagan

  32. I loved the dragonfly clip and the tree of life clip. So, so fun! I might actually be able to do my daughter’s hair with these!

  33. I was also blessed by my husband with one of these for my birthday! I love the one I have but could really use one for just 1/2 of my hair to pull back quickly. And a larger one for all of my hair. So, the two I would choose are:
    6-1371 Simple Band Sunflower Beads – size extra small
    2-0744 Princess tiara – size medium
    Thanks for such a wonderful give away!

  34. I like the simple band lilla – although I might need two, since I think both of my daughters would want one for their hair!

  35. All of the clips are so pretty! I have short fine hair so the flexi mini clip in simple band – purple iris would be lovely. I also subscribe via email. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

  36. I have on my wish list the Silver Celtic Cross Hair clip, earrings and necklace. Someday. Hoping soon.

  37. Ok…I will say…these are VERY LOVELY, but I am kinda skeptical…I have REALLY THICK hair…and have broken hair clips trying to use them…I think I would have to try one to believe it…and at $24…boy howdy…that is pricey…I would have to KNOW they worked for me. I had a hard time navigating the website, so I really could not find a favorite there, but of the ones you posted, I think I like that silver simple one best…I think it would co-ordinate with the most outfits. I am rejoicing with you over getting to try these beauties…

  38. Oh this is hard I like so many! I probably would choose a Celtic knot and a eternal infinity motif. But I like the Celtic cross too so it makes it really hard!
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  39. I’m following you via email. Thought I wasn’t so a resigned, but it told me I already was following. Oops! 🙂

  40. I subscribe by email…and I’m bummed I can only pick two 🙂 but I liked the silver scrollwork heart, and the filigree dragonfly. they are all so pretty and if they truly work as well as you say I’m game cause with my thick hair nothing can hold it all!

  41. WOw! Hard to choose, I like several. My 2 favorites would be ~
    2-1202 Flowering Fern
    2-1265 Scrollwork Stoneset in Wood

  42. I subscribe with Google reader. 🙂

    I love the butterfly mini clips! They would be ADORABLE for my daughter’s long hair! She has fine hair, and I’m always looking for something that will stay in her hair. 🙂

  43. I love the 1-0732 Petite Dragonfly with brown metallic faceted stones and

    the 6-0723 Silver celtic cross.


  44. I would love to win the scrollwork butterfly clip. All their clips are so pretty it is hard to decide.

  45. I love the filagree heart and the princess tiara dangle. Those would be for my little girls who love hearts and dangles. I, like you, prefer simpler designs. For myself I love the celtic knot nd the hawaiian flower multi. They are all beautiful!

  46. Hi! My friend Andrea shared this with me and I would love to try these clips! I just signed up, liked them on FB and I’ll be sharing about the giveaway on my FB, too. If I were to win, I would like (goodness, how would one ever decide?), okay, I would like the Extra Small 6-1179 Princess Tiara Freestyle and the Small 1-0274 Deep-Set Rose. Best wishes, everyone!

  47. I love the Filigree Dragonfly, Celtic Knot, Simple Dangle. The bobby pins are also really nice.

  48. Thank you! I am subscribed.

    I am interested in an extra small:

    6-0351 Hawaiian Flower
    Product # [6-0351]

    and a small:

    1-0093 Hawaiian Flower
    Product # [1-0093]

  49. I subscribe by RSS feed in Google Reader

    I love 1-0738 Scrollwork Heart and 1-1615 Open Heart Dangle both in small.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  50. These are so girly and feminine..I think my house full of boys would be tempted to try and stash them in their treasure chest during a game of pirates!! lol
    I like the silver celtic cross and celtic knot clips. Thanks!

  51. Thank you for sharing these! They’re all so pretty. I love the princess tiara and the scrollwork design in medium. Subscribed by email and following Lilla Rose on FB.

  52. They are all so pretty! I love the silver elegant dangle and the scroll-work heart. Maybe if I let my little girl pick out a mini she will actually let me fix her hair! 🙂

  53. I would love the new floral bouquet flexiclip – varying colors of beads and four different flowers in the center (I garden).

  54. I really love the look of these clips, but I had a problem with the website. To actually get to the clips to look at the different styles, I finally clicked on one of your links and then was able to get to the list. I really liked what I finally found. I think the Celtic Knots are really pretty–both silver and gold. I also like the Deep-Set Rose, and the Scroll Work Heart. They DO seem expensive, though–but you gave a great review! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. hmm I like the roman style cross, the silver etched lily, etched lily with amethyst, the enchanting copper rose is also beautiful. so many adorable designs!

  56. I really like the clip called antique gold mighty celtic know. I also like the idea of the o-rings.

  57. Beautiful!! They remind me of hair ornaments from the Renaissance Festival here in NC. I think the small dragonfly stole my heart – would definitely pick that one. I would probably also get one for my daughter who has very fine hair and can’t find anything to stay in it.

  58. These are great! I love the simpler styles… the Gaelic and Celtic knot styles look beautiful. I also really like the antique brass diamond center and the copper rose. I have that in-between hair — lots of it, but very fine. I hope I figure out which sizes I need! I’m an RSS subscriber.

    Peace out!

  59. Wow, these look great. The sizing guide was helpful. My hair is pretty unruly so these would be a welcome change! I like all of the ones you picked Stephanie, in small or medium, and my 2 year old might be able to keep food out of her with a mini one! Thanks!

  60. My daughter has extremely thick hair and we have had such a hard time finding hair clips that would hold her hair. These look fantastic!!! So many beautiful designs but I think I’d choose the Antique Bass Princess Tiara and the Silver Celtic Butterfly both in Large for her. Her birthday is coming up and I may have just found the perfect gift. Thanks!

  61. They are all so beautiful…If i had to choose 2…. extra small Dragonfly Mix Metal and small pink Fairy. This is an awesome site.

  62. I like the simple band and the multicolored cluster 🙂 My hair clip is falling out, dangling by my ear as I write – need to check these out!

  63. Oh I have super-fine hair too and would love a solution to actually hold it up! My favorite clip is the Small Etched Lily clip!

  64. I have been eying these for a long while and would love to win these to not only use myself, but share them with my mom! <3

    We really like the small 1-1809 Etched Lily, and the medium 2-0280 Silver scroll-work heart

    Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway!


    Miss Antoinette

  65. I love the princess dangle and the celtic clips! My daughters would love these, the fancier the better!

  66. I would pick the mighty celtic knot and the copper rose in a size small! They look so cool. I have a lot of trouble finding clips that fit “just right” too.

  67. So many pretty styles… I think a few of my favorites are the (extra small) Lily with Amethyst, Silver Celtic Cross, and antique Princess Tiara.

  68. I like the summer fun flip flop mini for my daughter and the antiqued simple band in small for me.

  69. I’m not quite sure what I’d pick, but I like the medium Antique gold mighty Celtic knot & the small Renaissance Cross.

  70. I’d choose the Antique Brass Princess clip. I’ve seen these around, but after your review would love to try them out!

  71. Hi Stephanie ~ Thanks for bringing these hair clips to my attention! My hair is just like yours and I have not ever been satisfied with all the various clips and tail holders slipping out, or too tight, 99% have been just wrong! 🙂

    I have just shared this on facebook as I have quite a few friends with slippery hair too!

    Here are my faves from Lilla Rose

    1-1873 Eternal Infinity Motif

    1-1440 Sea Turtle

    They are so pretty is was HARD TO CHOOSE, want one of each!

    Thanks! Janet

  72. So many lovely choices to pick from! 3-1885 Eternal Infinity (I wonder if it comes in gold color) this has a little more color, Motif3-1888 Enchanting Copper Rose or something smaller for my daughter, 1-0738 Scrollwork Heart (this is my 1st entry, which was mandatory 🙂

  73. Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions! They’re lovely! I have visited the site, lovely items, liked them on FB, and will repost it on FB. Sure hope I win. I’d love to have something lovely like this to pull my hair up that looks good! 🙂

  74. I’d love to have these!

    antique gold mighty celtic knot 2-0844
    floral center, silver w/ black beads 2-0745

    Really, really want one of these clips!!!

  75. Thanks for the great giveaway! I like the small Antiqued Simple Band & the x-small Simple Band Sunflower Beads. I like that they are pretty but simple.

  76. I just love anything fancy and pretty. The Hawain flower is nice, and the Etched Lily with Amethyst is beautiful as well. Thank you so much!

  77. I’m really excited about this one- I’ve been eying these for a while now, but hadn’t known if they would actually work in my hair. Your hair sounds exactly like mine! Yay! I’m liking the simple band and the flowering fern styles. For starters… :o)

  78. I would choose the Mighty Celtic Knot in Medium and the Silver Aurora Borealis Cluster in Large.

  79. So many pretty clips…. I’ve seen them various places and would love to win one!
    May Bouquet, Simple Danglie, and Crown of Hearts… They’re all so beautiful!

  80. I love the Sea Inspired Dolphin flexi. I’d probably get it in both the medium and large!

  81. Hi, Stephanie.

    I was told about this giveaway by my piano students. The family all wear these clips, and they are gorgeous! I know they hold hair too, because they have more hair than I do, and I have a lot!

    I would choose 1) in large, “3-0925 silver scroll-work heart” and 2) in large, “3-1768 divinely framed jewel.”

    Thank you for the opportunity! I will promote your giveaway on my website. You will be under “Helpful Links.”

    Thank you!

  82. I really like the Etched lily (plain silver) and I think a medium would be about right for my fine and slippery but not especially thin hair. I have been wanting to try these for awhile but, like you said, cant justify spending that much $$

  83. They are all so beautiful! I really liked the Hawaiin flower multi and the Gorgeous Stoneset Flower.

  84. I like the filigree with green on it. So pretty. Also the two you like are simple and pretty. Thank you for the giveaway!

  85. I like 2-0288 Celtic Cross and 3-1793 Intricately Designed Motif. I just cut off about 5 inches of my hair and added layers. It’ll be interesting to see if these will work.

  86. I like the simple etched silver clip in small for informal and the garnet danglie in small for formal wear.

  87. They are all beautiful, so hard to choose. I liked the small Fascinating and Fun and the medium Etched Lily w/Amethyst. I think these would make lovely gifts for my daughters.

  88. Thanks for this giveaway and info about clips that stay. I too have a hard time finding good clips. I liked the medium 2-0755 Silver celtic cross. Thank you again

  89. I shared about the give-away on FB, I also follow Keeper of the Home on FB & by email.
    I would love the large Vibrant Hematite Cluster for myself & the mini Soaring Butterfly Pink for my daughter.

  90. I love the Lovely Circle stone set and the flower blossom medley!
    shabbychicmomma at gmail dot com

  91. My favorite clip is the Silver Celtic cross. So pretty! I also like those dangley ones.

  92. I only get to pick 2? haha =) I love the Scrollwork Heart small clip and the Flower Stoneset with Danglie =)

  93. I love these! My favorite is the Hawaiian Flower Multi…I’d probably get one small and one medium.

  94. These clips are so neat! I would love to win the Mighty Celtic Knot & the Floral Design or the Celtic Cross or the simple band dark brown. It’s hard to choose!

  95. I like the Fascinating and Fun hair clip. I’d love to try one on my thick curly hair. I have trouble finding hair stuff that is big enough for my hair and I like that there are different size options available.

  96. I have so much fine thick hair and such a time finding a clip! The one I have had for the past 5 or so years just broke so I am on a hunt. I think I would get the Silver Etched Lilly or the lovely circle stone-set. I would love to win one!

  97. The princess tiara is pretty (medium) and etched lily in small would be my choices since I think we have similar hair. Hard choice though since they have so many nice ones.
    I have to admit – I’m a skeptic like you. I’ve spent too much on clips that side out and don’t hold tight on account of my fine hair! Would love to win!

  98. I’m also an RSS subscriber and actually read most blogs through Google Reader

    jennifer @

  99. Oh my! I am fairly sure I won’t win… but wanted to say I LOVE MINE!!! I won one and have worn it almost every day since December! I have thick curly hair that berets never held… and I always got headaches. Not any more! I won a medium and bought a large. I totally agree I would have never spent money on them, but now that I have them I would!

  100. I saw these last year at our CHEO convention and thought they were a wonderful idea. Even though I really like most of them, the one I would choose would the the small antique gold mighty celtic knot. Being one color, it would go with most of my clothing and I love anything that celebrates my Irish heritage.

  101. I loved this! I wasn’t able to see the specific designs on her website, I’m not sure why. I liked the hair sticks, though, and of the ones you showed above, the Etched Lily with Amethyst was my favorite.

    I already subscribe to your feed and I liked Lilla Rose, Marci’s page, on facebook.

  102. I’d love to win the Scrollwork Stoneset because Ithink it would compliment my hair… and my brown swimsuit!

  103. There are too many to pick from!!! I like the flower blossom medley, and the contemporary flower, the floral design…

  104. There’s so many beautiful ones to choose from. I like the Daisy Dangle Freestyle and the large Beaded O-Ring.

  105. The clips are beautiful! I had a hard time picking which 2 I liked best, but I settled with the Antique Gold Open Flower and the Lovely Circle Stone-set.

    I just subscribed by email, liked Lilla Rose on Facebook, and Facebook-ed about this giveaway. 🙂

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  106. Wow! So many choices. My top two picks would be the medium Silver Scroll-work Heart (2-0280) and the small Princess Tiara Jet (1-0949). Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. My 10yr dd has fine thin long blond hair, she really liked the Etched Lily with Amethyst and my 8yr dd has thick curly brown hair, and she is drooling over the mini butterfly clip and the Princess Tiara.
    Thanks for posting, I’m going to order as soon as the giveaway ends!

  108. How cool! I would love the Flowering Fern or the Prominent Dragon Fly. They are all so beautiful!

  109. The celtic knot one is nice, and I also like the etched Lily, I’m more of a simple gal 🙂

  110. I subscribe by RSS and email. I love the 1-0738 Scrollwork Heart best but most all the designs are quite lovely.

  111. The Mighty Celtic Knot catches my eye. I also like the Plumeria for my girls. These would look so much nicer than my simple hair bands!

  112. I like the enchanting copper rose and flower blossom medley. I think I would need the extra large in flexi because my hair is so thick.

  113. So many beautiful ones that catch my eye! Would have to pick flowering fern, antique gold open flower, or open flower gold. 🙂

  114. I have longed to try these flexi-clips for years. I would eagerly tell you which styles I favor, but my phone won’t let me see them, as they are only viewed with Java script. I just came home from the hospital and am still recovering from severe kidney infection. I am 27 weeks pregnant with #7, so please forgive me not being able to tell you my fav designs.

  115. Wow, the choices!! They are all gorgeous. But I love the Silver elegant dangle and the Daisy Dangle Freestyle.

  116. Thank you for sharing these clips! I’ve been looking for something similar and these are so pretty:) I would love to win the Filigree or Prominent Dragonfly ♥

  117. I would like to try the freestyle headband, the celtic butterfly bobby pin, and the May Bouquet flexi.

  118. These are beautiful! I wear my hair up everyday and have one leather clip that I have used for 10 years. Needless to say, it is on the last legs:)
    I would love to win one clip and bless my homeschool co-op leader with the other clip. She has 5 children under 12 and constantly serves others. I not sure which one she would like, but I know the large size would be best. I would like to win the medium Enchanting Copper Rose for myself.

  119. I would love to win the Lovely Circle Stone Set in medium and the Might Celtic Know in large.

  120. And last, but not least, I subscribed to Keeper of the Home on e-mail. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  121. I actually like the bobby pins the best. My hair is too short for a pony tail. I specifically like the Princess Tiara pin 🙂

  122. I love the Celtic Cross and May Flowers flexi-clips! And I hope I’m not too late to enter this. I read about this as I was catching up on my RSS feed version of Keeper of the Home.

  123. I now follow Lilla Rose on facebook as well as Keeper of the Home! I’d love to try a clip that would hold my thick hair comfortably. I know it isn’t winter anymore but I was quite taken by the sparkling snowflake as well as the more seasonally appropriate silver etched lily!

  124. Oh my goodness, how beautiful!!! I cannot choose a favorite! I doubt I’ll win but I think I might just go ahead and buy one right now. 🙂

  125. WOw! Hard to choose, I like several. My 2 favorites would be ~
    2-1202 Flowering Fern
    2-1265 Scrollwork Stoneset in Wood

  126. Thanks for the fun review. My favorite is contemporary flower and scrollwork stoneset. Liked on FB and subscribe to Keeper of the Home.

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