Giveaway: Fuzzi Bunz One-Size Diaper, Hemp Insert and Bamboo Wipes

Giveaway: Fuzzi Bunz One-Size Diaper, Hemp Insert and Bamboo Wipes


Now that I’ve got you all thinking about diapers (not to mention the fact that one of the themes at Keeper of the Home this month has been reducing waste), it’s the perfect time to offer a giveaway of my current fave, the Fuzzi Bunz One-Size pocket diaper!

Just Bumming Around, who happens to be one of my fabulous March sponsors, kindly allowed me to review several of their products on my own little sweetheart. Now it’s someone else’s turn to give these wonderful diapers and accessories a go!

Barbara has a policy of only selling cloth diapering supplies that she absolutely loves and thinks are the best. I’ve been cloth diapering a long time and I think she’s got pretty good taste.

Here’s what she’s giving away to one lucky mama:

  • 1 Fuzzi Bunz One-Size diaper, winner’s choice of color/pattern
  • One Countoured Hemp Insert
  • 6 Bamboo Wipes

fuzzi bunz one sizeFuzzi Bunz One-Size Diaper

Here’s what I recently said about this diaper that I use and love:

“I wasn’t sure that I could love another diaper as much as I initially loved my BumGenius, but I was wrong. The new Fuzzi Bunz one-size is hands down my current favorite diaper.

It uses a unique cinching system with the leg elastics that allows you to change the size from the inside, rather than using a snap system on the front of the diaper (like most pockets). This ultimately means a less bulky, funny shaped one-size- hooray! It also keeps the legs fitting snugly, no matter what size your baby is.”

To read the rest of my thoughts, see the Keeper of the Home Pocket Diaper Review.

contoured hemp insertContoured Hemp Insert

I have tried several different hemp inserts previous to this one, but I can see why Barbara was eager for me to try it. This is the mother of all hemp inserts.

It is made with 4 layers of a mix of hemp fleece and organic cotton, making it super absorbent. It is cleverly designed so that it opens in the middle, with 2 layers above and 2 layers below. This means that it offers a full 4 layers of absorbency, but dries relatively quickly for its size, because the layers separate in the dryer. It also has a large, wonderful contoured shape which means that it really fills the pocket completely, for full coverage.

It is ideal to use as a single insert during the daytime, or to double up with a microterry insert (micro on top, hemp on bottom) for excellent nighttime absorbency. Now that I’ve got the hang of using it, I’m lovin’ this baby!

bamboo-wipesBamboo Wipes

So. incredibly. soft. Seriously, why do babies get all the luxury?

They are made with bamboo fleece, and are 8×8 inches. They are double-sided, so even one wipe can handle a pretty messy job. I’ve always used cheapo baby wash cloths as my diaper wipes, but I can definitely see why you would consider using these instead.

Want to win this incredible cloth diapering package? Here’s how:

*Please be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional entry- thanks!

  1. Visit Just Bumming Around and choose your favorite color/print if you won the giveaway. Then come back and leave me a comment letting me know which one you would pick.
  2. Explore Just Bumming Around’s site a bit, and leave a comment letting me know any other products that particularly appeal to you, or that you’ve used before and loved.
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Giveaway ends Thursday, April 1 at 9pm. Giveaway has now ended.

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  1. Oh wow. I would love to win! I cloth diaper but my stash, though not small like it was (and I washed daily!) isn’t large either.
    I think I’d choose orange because it is my husbands favorite color; do you think at would motivate him to change the baby? LOL.
    .-= Jenn @ Beautiful Calling´s last blog ..Made-Up Mommy =-.

  2. I am a subscriber and thought you did an awesome job of the reviews yesterday!

    I actually emailed the link to a friend who is considering cloth diapering. I loved the BG because it seemed to wick moisture away from baby but completely agree with the utter disappointment in the velcro. I love the fuzzibunz!! I have two of them and after a year, the colors are still bright and beautiful!
    .-= Jenn @ Beautiful Calling´s last blog ..Monday, Monday + Tartar Sauce Recipe =-.

  3. I love Fuzzi Bunz one size–they are awesome! (LOVED your review eysterday, too!)
    I think my favorite colors are either periwinkle or sage 🙂
    Sarah M

  4. This is a great site! I have heard wonderful things about Bummis covers, and we have a LOT of prefolds over at this house (2 small children and lots of different types of cloth diapers)
    Sarah M

  5. I am new to cloth diapering. Our baby girl is due in June and I’m doing all the research I can!! I love following your blog and would love to win this diaper. : ) I already subscribe to you blog! : )

  6. I would love the butter yellow diaper. I love love yellow. My little girls nursery is yellow and peach and taupe.

  7. I would like to try the hemp fleece inserts. I’ve heard that hemp is amazing! OR the trial pack of diapers looks cool too.

  8. The Fuzzibunz hanging diaper bag and zippered diaper pouch on their site look so handy to have! I am definitely considering cloth diapers for our next baby (due July) so I will definitely be checking out this site!

  9. I LOVE the green daisy print. It would be so cute on my little one that is arriving in July. We could really use this. Our stash is small and largely homemade, so a Fuzzibunz would be a great addition. Thanks.

  10. We’ve only used prefolds and covers at this house, but I would love to try out one of the contoured diapers they sell as well (and of course the Fuzzibunz!).

  11. I think all the colors are beautiful, it is hard for me to pick. But I am really drawn to the red one. It is just so bright and cheerful! And gender neutral which is good because we don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl 🙂

  12. I would love the lavender daisies print. I loved fuzzi bunz with my son and can’t wait to use them when my daughter is a bit bigger.

  13. I would love to try out the KISSALUVS COTTON FLEECE FITTED DIAPER , it says that it is really absorbent and i am looking for a really good overnight diaper.

  14. I think I would choose the periwinkle. I used cloth diapers on my oldest, but the old-fashioned kind,pre-folds with nylon pants! It would be interesting to see how these compare…

  15. Baby number 2 is due any day – and this time around I would love to try different inserts that Just Bumming Around offers, and the hanging diaper keeper.


    renee dot royal at gmail dot com


  16. I think I found your blog through Simple Organic. I added you to my RSS feed last week – I love this blog its been so helpful already!


    renee dot royal at gmail dot com

  17. I have always wanted to try KissaLuvs fitted diapers, which I see on the site. I love soft squishy fitteds!
    .-= Susan´s last blog .. =-.

  18. The Goodnight Diaper inserts and the organic changing pad really interested me. Also the adjustable elastic on the onesize diapers were interesting.

  19. oh I would choose red! red is so fun and gender neutral because we don’t know what baby number 4 will be but I know my still diapering 15 month old little man will look fine in red 😉

  20. What a fantastic giveaway! I would choose the apple green if I were to win.

    We’re working on making the switch to cloth right now (still building up our stash) and I LOVE fuzzi bunz! I haven’t tried the one size though, mine are all perfect size.

  21. oh my goodness I would love to win this!!! Of the one-size, I think I’d pick red.. or purple daisies if I find out I’m having a girl 🙂

  22. I just signed up for updates by email. Thank you for offering that! I wish all of my favorite blogs did. 🙂

  23. on the site I see they have flushable diaper liners which I personally love once babies poo gets solid, makes cleaning up so nice and they biodegrade in the septic. lovely.

  24. I would also love to try some kissaluvs fitted – especially in the newborn size. I already use Bummis covers, I love them!

  25. If I were to try out something else from Just Bumming Around, it would probably be the diaper tote wet bag. I’ve been thinking of getting one since it seems like it would be so convenient.

  26. Also, I am new to cloth diapering and expecting a new baby anytime now, so I would like the sample pack or maybe the one size Fuzzi Bunz economy pack.
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..The Belly =-.

  27. I subscribe on google reader! I really want to win this one badly, thanks so much for the generous giveaway : )

  28. Ooh, I love Fuzzi Bunz! I would probably choose the red or orange since those seems to be my little ones favourite colors.

  29. I guess I’m a traditionalist – I’d probably pick white. I’ve been contemplating changing to cloth diapers for my little guy, this would give me a great chance to try it out. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  30. I would choose the white cover, because I’m boring like that. I chose mostly white covers for my beginner diaper stash. 🙂

  31. I love the zippered diaper tote. I have a similar little bag already, but half the time it’s dirty. I might have to get one of these to use the other half of the time.
    .-= The Praying Mom´s last blog ..Tomorrow’s the Big Day =-.

  32. I see that they offer the Bummis Superbrite cover. I bought one of those elsewhere and am looking forward to trying it out after baby arrives next month!

  33. I think I would go with the baby blue. I think this next one is going to be a boy.:) These look like awesome diapers!

  34. i think i’d probably choose the lavender daisy print for our little miss. most of her diapers are hand-me-downs from her big brother and she could use something girlie 🙂
    .-= katherine´s last blog me in…atlanta? =-.

  35. after reading your review, i’m really eager to try the FB one-size. we’ve used a couple other one-size diapers and i’m realizing that the way they fit the legs can be a little lacking. our first baby was a skinny boy, but our daughter has some chunky thighs. while most diapers fit him pretty well, her thighs out-size her waist. having a one-size diaper that could be adjusted for a better fit on her legs would be a keeper!
    .-= katherine´s last blog me in…atlanta? =-.

  36. I’d love an apple green diaper. My LO is almost growing out of her green cover. I only use prefolds and covers, so this diaper would be a nice addition to my very boring collection!

  37. Oh how cute!!! I would love love love those cute daisy ones… and if only my girl weren’t potty trained! But, I’m expecting a boy in August and that Apple Green is pretty cute too!

    Thanks for the chance!

  38. I currently use the bummis super whisper wrap and enjoy that. I’d love to try her goodnight insert. I haven’t branched into overnight CDing yet.

  39. I know it might seem strange, but I would love to try the Bummis Whisper Wraps. I have only ever used pocket diapers, but would like to try prefolds or fitteds and covers.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..2!!! =-.

  40. Oh, I would love to try this diaper. I love my bumgenius, but I have the same qualms about the Velcro that you do. If I won, I would like the lavender daisies- all of our diapers are gender neutral so that they can be used for subsequent children, but I would love for my little angel face to have something girly, too =)

  41. I would chose the Apple Green color because it’s so SPRINGTIMY! My cute little 3 mo old boy would look adorable in them!

  42. That cotton changing pad looks great! And I’ve been toying with the idea of using flushable liners, now that my daughter is firmly in the solid food stage.
    .-= Jessie´s last blog ..Norman’s Birthday =-.

  43. I would like to try the Goodnight diaper insert. My little one is becoming somewhat of a heavy wetter, and it would be nice to have a couple of these instead of double stuffing my diapers.

  44. i am curious about the “goodnight diaper inserts”. We have major leaking issues at our house every time we use cloth at night (and many times we use disposable too). I will try anything that might work to stop this! Nobody wants to be washing sheets every day!

  45. We’re expecting our first baby, and as I’m browsing on Just Bumming Around, I’m reminded that I need a changing pad! The one they have listed looks perfect.

  46. I’d probably choose pink, since we’re having a girl in July, and our current stash is blues/greens/yellows.

  47. I love that her site is so simple and straight forward. I’m just staring to research and her “Help! Where To Start” article really helped. I like that she promotes the brand that she really loves. That helps when choosing.

  48. I’m just starting my cloth diaper stash for our 1st baby due in July 🙂

    I love the apple green color!

  49. I am LOVIN the lavender with daisies! It would look so cute on my sweet little girly’s bum! The Periwinkel is adorable too and would be great for both girl or boy (we plant to have lots more babies). I have never used a pocket diaper before. We use homemade flats (made with flannel) with Thristies covers.
    I am liking the “Just bumming around booklet.” I am sure it is full of great information and would be great for giving to the many women who have asked me about cloth diapering. The good night diaper insert would be nice too. We still use disposables at night because we haven’t found something that doesn’t leak. She is evidently a heavy weter. Love the blog! I’ve been reading it for a few months now and my inbox is always full your posts because I don’t want to delete the information “just yet.” :o) Thanks for continuing to write!

  50. WOW! What a fantastic giveaway! All the diapers are cute, but the daisy ones are DARLING! Just too hard to decide between pink and green (One little girl and pregnant with a boy due this summer!)

  51. Oh my goodness I would love to win. I really want to cloth diaper my baby girl. I tried G Diapers…They just don’t do it for me. The insert scrunches up and it just becomes a mess. I have heard good things about Fuzzi Bunz. The apple green is just too cute 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  52. I checked out Bumming around’s diaper care page. From cloth diapering for nearly 5 years, I know this wash routine works great and I’d also recommend it to the ladies starting out with cloth diapers.

  53. I’m already one of your subscribers. I really enjoy your blog and how you shine your light for our Savior.

  54. I think the ‘try me out’ diaper package would so neat to try out & help me decide if cloth will work for me!

  55. The “Goodnight Diaper Insert” is appealing to me. I find that my son often wakes up in the night wanting a diaper change. However, if I am especially desperate for a good night’s sleep I will put him in a disposable, and he always sleeps through the night with them. This tells me that his cloth diapers aren’t keeping him dry enough! If only I could find a super-absorbent method of nighttime diapering that does not include the chemicals and waste of disposables!!! The “Goodnight Diaper Inserts” might be just the thing! 🙂

  56. I checked out the web-site and have about 7 FuzzyBunz and hemp liners in my diaper stash!
    I love them~
    Since I use cloth diapers(and a bit of EC) my kiddos potty trained early.
    I know have no kids in diapers:( but pray to have more little ones in diapers soon! sigh~~~~~~

    Peace and Blessings,
    .-= Fruitful Harvest´s last blog ..Celebrating Sedar Supper =-.

  57. Was checking out here site…I may have to order some of the Goodnight Diaper Inserts…those look like they might fix our nighttime leak problems and there really affordable!
    .-= Brianah´s last blog ..Weekend Epiphany (pt. 1) =-.

  58. I like the sage green color. I don’t know if I’m having a boy or girl, so that color will go nicely with either sex.

  59. I would love to try the Goodnight inserts – my 4 mo old leaks out of his bumgenius diapers almost every night!

  60. The Goodnight Inserts look like they would be very helpful because I could use them with the handful of pocket diapers I already have without investing in a totally different overnight diapering system.

  61. I’d also go with the zippered diaper tote on the just bumming around website. I did some cloth with my first and with this second one I would like to use the cloth more outside of home. This diaper tote would be perfect for travel!

  62. I also like the package deal which includes a free diaper. I am about to make the CD plunge and it looks like a great deal. Thanks!

  63. i also love the zippered diaper tote because its great for moms on the go and it keeps everything neat and tidy.

  64. I am so excited about the giveaway!
    Personally, I would probably chose the neutral butter colored diaper. I am expecting my first baby in June and since my husband and I are waiting to be surprised as to the baby’s sex, I think it would be safest to go with a neutral 🙂

  65. The Good Night Diaper insert has me intrigued…we’re needing a new solution for nighttime diapers in our house!

  66. I just looked around the site and I am quite interested in the hemp inserts, as well as the goodnight inserts… I have a very wet boy at night!

  67. I just subscribed via e-mail.
    I found your blog through passionate homemaking and have enjoyed what I’ve had time to read so far 🙂

    I live in Pennsylvania, but my mother is Canadian, from the Toronto area. I am excited to tell her about your blog, she would be so encouraged to hear about it!
    .-= Monique Einwechter´s last blog ..Placenta-Brain =-.

  68. I highly recommend the flushable diaper liners – they make cloth diapering SO much easier. Glad to see those in the Just Bumming Around store.

  69. Since I’ve got three BOY bums to diaper, I’d have to choose the blue cover. But I tried not to drool TOO hard over those cute flower ones. Maybe a girl will come along soon! Love your site and all the recent diapering info; it’s really reinforced my resolve to switch completely to cloth, rather than just half and half, like I’ve been doing.

  70. I’d pick blue (the dark blue)…cause I think my little man would look so cute in a diaper-butt and t-shirt this summer!!

  71. The zippered diaper tote would be fantastic to have, since I’ll be new at cloth diapering a newborn on the go (with #3 we’re going to work on doing all cloth, no matter what)

  72. I’vebeen cloth diapering with the bummis organic prefolds. I love them. This website sells the bummi whisper wrap diaper covers and I think they aren really great and affordable.

  73. I would LOVE to win this! We are just starting to cloth diaper with my third and soon to be fourth child. I am kicking myself because I didn’t cloth diaper with my older two!

    If I had to pick a color I would say I love the Apple Green! It’s cute and I like that shade of green. And it’s unisex! So it’s perfect!

  74. oooh what a great give away. I would try the apple green if i could. I have tried them before, and couldn’t get the right fit, but with your review yesterday I think i finally nailed it! 🙂

  75. I would have to say the product on Just Bumming Around’s site I like the most and would find very useful is their Goodnight Diaper insert. I have a “big wetter” at night and would love that so we could eliminate leaks!

  76. On the site, i would love to try the cloth wipes. That is something i am still nervous about branching into. That would be the product i would be most interested in trying. That and flushable liners for the messy ones! 🙂

  77. i’d try the Kissaluvs ORGANIC Fitted Diaper, too.

    we cloth diaper two babes currently in prefolds and mother-ease fitteds. love cloth!
    .-= suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter´s last blog ..slings and arrows =-.

  78. i would LOVE to win this. I’ve used the sized fuzzibunz (XS, S, M and L) on all three of my little ones, but I’ve never used the one-size. The goodnight diaper inserts look awesome – I’m a sucker for a good insert (not to mention one that keeps the sheets dry in the morning!).

  79. I was looking at the website and wonder do Fuzzi Bunz come with micro fiber inserts only or is there also wool inserts? I like the sound of the wool inserts. I have had trouble with microfiber inserts smelling and wonder if wool inserts wouldn’t be better?

    Is the Fuzzibunz one-size fleece on the inside? (what touches baby)

    I really like her website!

  80. I would choose red! My favorite color, could be used by either gender, and don’t have any cloth dipes in that color.

  81. I’d like some Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper covers. I’ve received some Good Mamas from the cloth diaper foundation and they need some covers. I have one of these that I like.

  82. Looking around at the diaper shop… I have some Bummis covers, and they are wonderful!! I have NEVER had a blow out using their covers!!
    Well, actually… I’ve never had a blow out in cloth.
    Disposables, on the other hand, thats a completely different story!…

    I <3 cloth


  83. We also use the Bummis whisper wrap diaper covers they sell….cannot remember ever having a leak, they are amazing!

  84. I would have to choose between green daisies and bubblegum, but bubblegum I want more for the name than the color. And Butter because it’s so gentle and everything else I pick seems to be really loud. Do I have to choose now?

  85. I don’t know if we do a separate comment for everything, but I just subscribed to your blog a few days ago. Can I still count it?

  86. And finally, I was toying with the idea of the hanging diaper bag – the fuzzi bunz one as I realized the diaper champ from disposables was going to be a problem with my new lovely cloth diaper laundry bag. I also like the disposable liners for when I just need a break from hand rinsing. I mean, really, I’ll do it, but I might be a pansy and want the easy way out occasionally.
    Seriously, are you sick of my million comments yet?

  87. The flushable diaper liners look like a MUST. I’ve bookmarked the website because these products are exactly the kind of thing I will use when our first comes along. I really like the package options too, which would allow us to save some $$$.

  88. Oh! We LOVE Fuzzibunz at our house! And we so enjoy Keeper of the Home as well — follow you on e-mail/my google reader capacity ever day. Thanks!

  89. I’d have to pick the lavender daisy print! Our baby girl is coming in May so this is a timely post. I’m slowly figuring everything out that’s needed for cloth diapering but there’s a lot to learn! We already have some kissaluvs and bummis super whisper wraps. I’m going to order the try-me-out diaper package from this site. Thanks for the recommendation!

    P.s. I already subscribe to your blog and I just became a fan of yours on facebook.

  90. I think the sage is by far my favorite color!
    It’s great that you did this review. My husband and I are talking about cloth diapering our newborn (who just arrived March 19th!) and I had checked out Fuzzi Bunz website the day before you did that post. what a coincidence! lol.

  91. I also linked the giveaway to my facebook page but not sure if I did that right.

    Was I supposed to do all of these entries seperately?

  92. I have a couple Kissaluvs and Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, and really like them, Glad they are dipes you promote! But I would LOOOVE to have some All-In-one, FuzziBunz dipes!! I keep reading about how great they are and am excited about this giveaway!

  93. In the last month we’ve actually started using some Fuzzi Bunz and LOVE them! We would love to get some more and would love to get the Fuzzi Bunz Hanging Diaper Bag and Zipper Bag for the diaper bag.
    .-= Rebekah´s last blog ..Ladybug Dress Set =-.

  94. We have actually never used cloth diapers but after your post about cloth diapers, my husband and I are going to start. So, if I were to win I would definitely get the Daisies Lavender! I am so excited!
    .-= Sara Suastez´s last blog ..Couches =-.

  95. I came on to check out your post on sucanat, but the fuzzy bunz giveaway is tooooooo good to miss!!!! Red is our favourite!!!!
    We have a couple of the shaped inserts and they rock!!!!

  96. If I was to pick another thing that I would buy, I would buy some goodnight diaper inserts because my daughter pees so much during the night!
    .-= Sara Suastez´s last blog ..Couches =-.

  97. I also love the starter packs that they have that allow for you to sample different kinds of diapers…great idea! Especially for someone that isn’t sure of which route they want to take with diapering!

  98. Hi! Baby # 3 will arive in Dec of 2010. I did not cloth diaper my first to but, I am planning to do so with this one! We are not going to find out the sex of the baby so I think my color choice will be YELLOW! 🙂 Also I follow you and have all ready tweeted about this on twitter. I follow you on facebook and am a member of the forum. And have followed you blog for a little over a year now. Thank you. And Blessing!

  99. I want to try the Bummis Super Brite – I like Thirsties covers and always wondered how the fit of these Bummis compares because I like the slick inside one-layer PUL covers to go over my prefolds.

  100. I would love to win this! I’ve recently started looking into cloth diapering our 3rd baby, but haven’t taken the step yet. I would like the sage color.

  101. I took a look at the Just Bumming Around site, and I think the diaper details booklet would be very helpful, since I am new to the whole cloth-diapering idea and have yet to decide if we will cloth diaper our 3rd baby.

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