Fall Giveaway Week: Win a Royal Berkey Water Filtration System ($283 value)

Fall Giveaway Week: Win a Royal Berkey Water Filtration System ($283 value)

family of berkey systems

There are few things more basic for human survival and health than having clean water to drink. 

My experience in the Philippines taught me how much we take it for granted that we do not have to struggle daily to access clean water, or for that matter, to access water at all. Those of us in North America or other developed parts of the world have such an incredible privilege of being able to turn on a tap to find drinkable water, safe from most types of bacteria, parasites, and disease.

Yet, even our water is not ideal. Run-off from commercial agriculture includes herbicides and pesticides. An alarming number of pharmaceutical drugs have been found in tap water. Then there are concerns over exposure to various heavy metals, among a host of other contaminants found even in our “clean” water.

Our family has always chosen to have some sort of water filtration system, even if it’s a very simple and inexpensive system like a Brita or PUR filter. Two years ago, we switched over to a Berkey Light system, based on many rave reviews that I had read, research and information provided by Berkey, and the fact that a number of health-minded companies I respected carried the Berkey line and highly recommended it.

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I’m still so happy with our choice. The water tastes so fresh and pure. Friends and family that visit have commented on the wonderful taste.

The large capacity of the system is perfect for a family, as we can usually get away with refilling it about once per day (sometimes more if I’m using it for cooking water). I do wish it filtered a little faster, so the best way to do it is to fill it before going to bed at night, for a full system of filtered water in the morning, but the quality of filtration is worth waiting for.

sport bottle large

We even have two of these Berkey Sport Bottles (which use the same filtration system). These are ideal for being out and about, particularly for travelling places where water quality will be dicey. A friend recently borrowed our bottle for his trip to Nigeria, and this allowed him to freely drink water anywhere without worrying about sanitation or safety. They’re also perfect for camping or hiking.

What exactly does the Berkey filter out?

Taken from the website:

The Royal Berkey® system removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes. It also reduces nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury. This system is so powerful it can remove red food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs. Virtually no other system can duplicate this performance.

For more detailed information on exactly what these filters remove, see this page.

I love that the filters are self-sterilizing and that they can actually be cleaned when they the filtration rate begins to slow down. You simply take them out, rub them with ScotchBright pads under running water, and put them back in. A set of two filters (each system uses two at once) will last for 6,000 gallons!

Would you like to win a Royal Berkey Water Filtration System ($283 value) from LPC Survival?

Rather than simply leaving comments, I’m trying out a new method for entering giveaways. Click below to complete one Rafflecopter form, for all of your multiple entries, and then you’re done!

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Giveaway ends 12:01 AM on Saturday, September 15, 2012. 

Disclosure: This giveaway was generously sponsored by LPC Survival.

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  1. I’d love to win a Berkey because we live out in the country around other farmers and those around us all use heavy pesticides on their crops – so much so you can smell it for miles when they spray. Knowing those chemicals leech into our water system as we are all on wells, makes me nervous as to how well other filters would work. Knowing we have safe drinking water for our babies would mean everything!

  2. I live in town and am always worried about the chemicals! I love to can and want to make sure that the city water won’t spoil my canning. I would LOVE to win this as I have wanted one for years but can just never seem to get the funds to purchase one.

  3. We have nasty water here in the summers due to an algae bloom in our water source. I hope that a Berkey would take care of the problem.

  4. I would love to win a Berkey to encrease our water’s taste. The more I read, the more I fear unfiltered water. My family & I have looked into Berkey’s for years but never seem to take the plunge.

  5. I would love to have something for my family that I know will remove most of the “garbage” that is in the water now. I have a lot of health problems and it would be comforting to know I am not contributing to the problem.

    1. We have well water, but it has to omany hard minerals to drink. I would love to be able to use that, and get rid of the plastic buckets that we always have to carry around.

  6. Have heard great things about this system and would LOVE to win it.!!!! I have city water and a low thyroid problem.

  7. I would love to win a Royal Berkey filtration system for my family! It looks like an awesome and efficient way to ensure pure water. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  8. We would love to have a Berkey. Our Brita filter doesn’t keep up with our family, and the water still doesn’t taste very good. Thanks!

  9. Its amazing how not clean our clean water is. But that said we really do take for granted how clean it is compared to others in the world.

  10. This water filtration system would really benefit my family. I have had the opportunity to try this system at a friend’s house who has one and it was fabulous! I would love to win!

  11. I think the question you should ask is who wouldn’t want a Berkey water system? LOL! I hate buying water, it should be free; but you never know what you’re getting with(in) your water and that’s why I would LOVE a Berkey water system!

  12. I would like to win the system because the water in our area is kind of sketchy. There’s not really a way to find out either. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  13. I’ve been wanting a Berkey system for awhile now to provide clean, healthy water for my family. Would love to win one here!

  14. We’ve got well water, and old pipes. While our water tastes fine, I’m concerned about what might be in it that we don’t taste!

  15. I have been researching several water filter units and this is the absolute best one that I have found! Would love to win!!!

  16. This would be great for our family with all the weird things happening healthwise here. My daughter had abscess, then boils and we are really trying to eliminate toxins in addition to building her immune system. Half our family has had cancer and the other half is all of a sudden getting unusual maladies.

  17. My husbands father has a Berkey, so we have been able to experience the pure taste….it would be great to have one in our home for my family of 6:)

  18. I want one of these sooo bad! We live in AZ and our water is horrible, we have to buy bottled water. This would save us so much money.

  19. I have been dying for a berkey for years now, especially after I got terribly ill and ended up in the ER from my well being contaminated.

  20. I would love to win this filtration system for my family because of its ability to remove all the “nastiness” from our water while leaving the beneficial minerals!

  21. Our family lives in NE in an area with lots of farming, a Monsanto plant, lots of spraying crops…all of which leaks into the water system (no matter how “careful” people are). Would love to have an opportunity to protect our family from this using this system!!!

  22. Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I’ve looked at them, wanted one, and been waiting for the right time. Thanks for the opportunity to win one 🙂

  23. I would love to win one of these to have fresh, healthy water on hand for my large family. We go through soooo much water! The only thing is that the webpage says that it doesn’t ship to CA and so it doesn’t even seem possible to buy one even if I wanted to. :-/ Been looking at these for years and thinking how much I’d like to have one and how easy it would be to keep water ready to drink/cook with. Hope I win :-)))) I could have it sent to my sis in AZ and then get it from her if she would give it up that is.

  24. We live in town and our water tastes terrible! I’d love to be able to give my family good water without all the chemicals.

  25. I’d love it for camping–we have whole-house filter and reverse osmosis system, but I’m stuck with whatever’s available when we’re out for a week.

  26. Thanks for this giveaway! I would love a Berkey water filter simply because I am unsure of the water quality in my area. I certainly don’t want to drink and cook with toxic water!

  27. We just had a huge storm roll through last month that took out our power for 3 DAYS!!! Because of that, our local water company couldn’t guarantee that our water supply was clean b/c their filters weren’t operable for a while while they got their generators up and running. What a beauty one of these would have been as we worried about the safety of our water!

  28. This is amazing. My newest form of nesting for my pregnancy is emergency prep. This would be ideal for our family.

  29. I would like to win a system because we have farmers around us that spray pesticides and I would love to have my water filtered because of that.

  30. Our town water supply consistently doesn’t pass the required water standards. We’d love to have a Berkey to filter it!

  31. I would LOVE a Berkey! Been eyeing them for a year now and just haven’t saved for it yet, as we are barely saving enough for pastured meats at the moment. 🙂 My hubby is really sensitive to water quality too.

  32. would love to have one. the water in our area is very hard and a brita just doesn’t cut the mustard and bottled is expensive.

  33. We went on the GAPS diet last spring, but we didn’t last very long. 🙁 I want to start back up with it this fall. One piece of the GAPS puzzle that we didn’t have in place was really pure, clean water. I’d love to have a Berkey the next time we do GAPS. I’ve been wanting a Berkey for a while, but it’s just not in the budget right now. I would love to win one! 🙂

  34. ONE of the many things on my wishlist is a Berkey! Along with a well, and a septic tank, and a pressure canner, and a very long fence, and a chicken coop, and a pig, and a cow, and of course, the chickens, and did I mention a BERKEY!

  35. Having lived overseas, I couldn’t agree more with the importance of clean water. I have been admiring these for a while and tho we cannot afford one right now, hope to be able to in the future… Unles I win! 🙂

  36. I would love to win a system because we use bottled water right now. I would love to be able to stop buying it, save money, and help the environment.

  37. I would love to have a Berkey for use in case of emergencies and survival situations, though we’d probably use it for camping/hunting/etc., too!

  38. I can’t begin to describe how much I’d love to win this for our family. We have a special needs child who struggles with seizures, and we work hard to keep her diet as clean and healthy as possible. Thanks for the chance!

  39. I would LOVE to win this for several reasons…We live smack dab in the middle of the midwest, aka BigAg central & I don’t trust our local water. Our family is currently buying SEVERAL gallons of water each week & it is not good for our budget. I have been saving for a Berkey for a while and would love to win one!! Thanks!

  40. I’ve been drooling over Berkey’s for years, but we haven’t found a way to squeeze the cost out of our budget. It would be so nice to win one!!!

  41. Would love this ! Just recently moved to area water doesn’t taste good and I know it’s super unhealthy for us! It would be an answer to prayer. Blessings!

  42. We live in the middle of Monsanto Land and have a shallow well. I would love to win the berkey for filtering out the chemicals and foul smells in our water. We used the berkey light until in broke and we really need a replacement.

  43. Thanks for a chance to win a Royal Berkey. I would love to have one as we are unsure of the quality of the local water.

  44. I’m in the middle of a battle with multiple health problems that are spiralling downward. This would be such a blessing, since we can’t afford one ourselves!
    Thank you!

  45. We go through water so fast, and lugging 15 gallons of water every week is not my favorite thing to do. I would love to win this system.

  46. Having a six-year old boy with cancer makes us think more about what we eat and what we drink. Would love the Royal Berkey for him!

  47. I would love t win a Berkley. We have just began eating a whole foods diet due to some health issues, and I can’t help but wonder if purified water isn’t a missing piece in becoming healthy again. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  48. one of my dear friends has this system, and i would love to see what health benefits my family would gain (plus how much more inclined we would be to drink MORE water if it tasted better!) thanks!

  49. I would like to win one cause we’ve been preparing for our adult children (5 of them) and their families cause they said they was coming home if anything happened, so its all up to me and the wifey

  50. I would love to win a Berkey. It’s something I would love to have in our travel trailer…more than once the water has been questionable.

  51. We have one at home that we LOVE, but it would be great to get one for my husband’s office. He wouldn’t have to take some many bottles with him and everyone could enjoy pure water.

  52. I would love to have one of these that I can enjoy both at home and while traveling or camping. in an emergency situation, it would also be great to have to filter my pool water.

  53. Would love to win the Berkley, my husband has liver disease and this system is much better than the current brita filter we use now. Time to start saving up, looks like this is the way to go!

  54. I would love this…we are a family of organic trainee’s and I’ve read one article about water and had to stop! Since we’ve mostly cut out all beverages except water and coffee and minimal juice, I couldn’t delve into the world of what they put in our water so this would just make me feel like I have some control over what I choose to drink.

  55. I would love to win a Berkey Water Filter. I have wanted one for a while but they are so expensive for me. The water at our house always smell like chemicals, so we get water at one of those filter machines at the grocery store. I always worry if we are getting enough minerals so it’s nice to know the Berkey doesn’t remove all the minerals.

  56. I have wanted a Berkey for AGES! Right now we are filtering some chlorine through a tap filter, but it is a weak solution at best.

  57. I’d love a filter like this so we can have good water all the time. We currently buy water in jugs since we cannot afford a filter right now. The plastic gets recycled, but then I think about all the energy and who knows what else needed to recycle the plastic!

  58. I would love to win a Berkey because I am tired of buying bottled water. Our tap water leaves me feeling bad and it taste awful. So, for years and years I have been buying bottled water and drinking only that and using it for cooking. It would save me a lot of money to have a great water filter!

  59. With every glass of water I drink, I wish that I had a better plan for water filtration. I’ve tried britas and purs and I am always disappointed.

  60. It is the ideal water filtration system for use at home with large families, travel, outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies, and it is really cool looking! I’d definitely get the light option!

  61. Living in a farm community our drinking water that comes from our well may be laced with pesticides and hormones. Having had breast cancer, neither is a pleasant thought

  62. I’ve been looking into this system for a long while. I love how much water you can filter at a time and how the filters can be washed.

  63. i have been looking at a berkey for a while. i have it on my list for when hubby gets another job…but maybe i can take it off the list if i win!!!!

  64. My parents have owned one for years and love it. My husband and I would love to have the same clean, great tasting water for our family but just haven’t had the extra money. This would be great!!!

  65. What an awesome giveaway. We live in the country and have a well. The land around us is farmland and the farmer sprays. What a great product to win….thus helping my family drink better water.

  66. I would love, love, LOVE to win a Berkey water filter! I just discovered them about a month ago and have been chomping at the bit to own one!

  67. I would love to have one of these filters. Who knows what they put in our towns water supply.. This would be a great item.

  68. I JUST sent an email to my sister-in-law about water filtration. As soon as I hit send and clicked over to Facebook I saw this post. My sister- and mother-in-law visited last weekend and drank out of plastic water bottles the entire time. I was just recommending that they purchase a system like this!

  69. I would love to win one of these. When we purchased our small farm we found it had very bad water. The neighbors call it swamp water. Seems like every since they put a well in here after the ram pump was replaced with the well they can not get decent water. We can’t afford to dig a new well or purchase a water filtration unit. We can’t even wash white cloths here. My sister owns one of these systems and it just seems to be the most fantastic water.

  70. Love the Berkey but it’s been a bit out of the price range so far. Would love to win one. BTW love the site, great info.

  71. I’ve always wanted to try a Berkey Water Filter as I am trying to drink water only for my bervage daily. I still drink a cup of coffee once a week and green tea but for the most part its water for me; so winning a Berkey Water Filter would be a dream come true!

  72. We live out in the country and been building on our homesteading skills and items for a while now. One of our concerns has been water filtration for our 8 grandchildren (two still in diapers and two preschool) when the time comes and is necessary, they are on the property with us. I’ve heard and read a lot about this amazing filtration water system and would be elated to add this to our family/friends daily use. I don’t miss a day without logging onto homestead survival and reading the amazing posts, I LOVE it. Thank you for the opportunity. Respectfully, Pam

  73. with a family of 6 I like to be prepared for anything. Sanitary water is a basic need for survival so I would love to win a Royal Berkey Water Filtration System!

  74. I would love a really good filtering system as I have been filtering with different types for years in different states. I have been reading for the last 3 yrs. about fluoride in water and the findings for people in my age bracket being prone to stress fractures and other symptoms and I have them all. No doctors will listen to me and say we don’t get that much. But we don’t throw it off it stays in our systems. I have had these problems since I beat cancer in 07′ and now I have this to live with. And not able to work. Disability isn’t enough for a better system. Would love to win. Thank you.

  75. I would love a water filter system that’s reliable, and that REALLY lets me know it’s working. I’m confident in the Berkey’s ability to provide fresh drinking water for my household and I’d love a chance to be proven right! 😉

  76. Is this how you sign up to win one?
    A friend of mine bought one ….and loves it.
    They are just a bit out of my budget…..but interested.

  77. The water around here is pretty terrible. Bottled water is expensive, and still not much better for you than tap water. I’d like to have a good water filtration system so I can drink good water again.

  78. I currently have no type of water filtration system and am living off the grid. I have been researching systems and have yet to hear any negative reviews on the Berkey and would enjoy the chance to use one to have fresher and cleaner water.

  79. My husband & I are leaving in 20 days to spend AN ENTIRE YEAR on the road in our Teardrop Camper travel-volunteering, learning sustainability and farming through organizations like Wwoofers, Helpex, WorkCampers, Coolworks and WorkingCouples. We desperately need to upgrade our Pi-Mag, but a Berkey would be BETTER! It’s currently on the list of items we need but can’t afford. You’d be doing us a huge favor and we’d give you props in our blog! Thanks a bunch! Hope we win 🙂

  80. I could not get the entry form to load properly so I thought I’d leave a comment! Have looked into your products many times, and I know they are considered to be the best! Have not been able to afford one, so I am really hoping I win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Raffle thing won’t load would love to enter and win. I have a thyroid issue and am interested in cleaning up my water.

  82. We would love to win the Royal Berkey! We have used several different types of filters, but this is the one we decided we would get when we could afford it.

  83. The rafflecopter form is not loading is anyone else having this problem? I would love to win a Berkey for my family, a friend of ours has one and we have been saving a little every month to purchase one for our family.

  84. Have been looking at these for awhile. Sure am tired of lugging 3-5 gallon bottles of water to get filled up every week. (I’m no spring chicken). Thanks for picking me!!!

  85. I just received my sport bottle from LPC Survival and I’m very pleased with it.
    I have been saving for a Berkey for the home. It would be a blessing to win.
    A Royal Berkey is just the right size.

  86. Because I really need to drink more water and a purifier on the sink isn’t an option since I have to hook up my dishwasher each time I use it there and refilling the pitcher takes forever for enough water for a family of 6!

  87. I can’t get this to load either, however, I would love to have a berkley filtration system. My husband and I are retired, he is sick, and knowing our water is really good for him would be great!

  88. I just to be confident that the water I’m drinking and giving to my family is clean and winning would be awesome. The mass marketed brands ALL have flaws and leave us with questionable containers of “filtered” water.

  89. Our water quality is not great, and water quality is so important since we consume so much of it. This is out of our budget right now, so winning it would be great!

  90. I’ve been eyeing these filters for a while, in my elusive search for the “perfect water filter” – I have hopes this may be it.

  91. our family has had no filter for the past few years but we are moving out of town and i was just wondering what we would use.

  92. My husband and I agree that pure water is a valuable resource and are looking at purchasing a berkey, but funds are tight and hopes are high! 🙂

  93. i haven’t heard of this system, but it sounds wonderful! We have well water and a softener – that does not take out all of the iron… this would be great for the drinking water and cooking!

  94. I would be so happy to be able to use a filter like this to improve our city water! We are big water drinkers and I’ve been eying this filter for a long time – but we simply haven’t been able to swing the cost yet.

  95. I would love a water filter system that works and is reliable. I?ce heard awesome reviews about Berkey?s ability to provide fresh drinking water for my family. I?d love a chance to own one 😉

  96. We have wanted one for a long time but just have not had the money. We know the dangers of our water and love they way the Berkey filters it.

  97. Wow!! Thanks for the chance to win a Berkey. I’ve been saving for one and this gives me a chance to one and use my money for other needed items.

  98. I would LOVE to win the Berkey filter system. So tired of lugging 3-5 gallon sized jugs every week to the “Watermill” to get filtered water. I’m no spring chicken either!! Thanks for picking me!!

  99. our well water sucks!!! Currently using small filters that does a few glasses at a time or buying water so the dogs and birds have clean / good / healthy water to drink. This would make my life so simple and definitely healthier for my pets and myself !!

  100. We have city water that just doesn’t taste good at all…it tastes like chemicals. We are trying to save enough to purchase one….so winning one would be awesome!!!

  101. I would LOVE to win this. It is on my wish list, but financially hasn’t been an option for us……pick me, pick me!

  102. I’ve been thinking of buying one for years, but they are a little pricey. Tight budget so it would be great to win one.

  103. Wow!! Thanks for the chance to win a Berkey. I?ve been saving for one and this gives me a chance to one and use my money for other needed items.

  104. Right now we’re trying out another filtration system. It seems to be working adequately, but with a family of five it will not be enough to support us long term. A Berkey would be perfect for us! Thanks for sponsoring this great giveaway!

  105. We live in the country and have a water tank sometimes I worry if it is good to drink this would be a true blessing to win~

    Thank you for this chance~Teri

  106. Hi, Stephanie
    I’ve been researching Berkey filters for a couple of months now. The Royal Berkey is on my wishlist. We have a gravity fed Spring water system and the water is pretty good right now, but that could change if there was an earthquake, or if the mine above us on the mountain reopened. So we are seriously looking into this. Thanks for your review.

  107. I would love to have one. I have been interested for a while now and we are currently taking our gallon jugs to the refill store and back. Would love to have a great filter in the kitchen.

  108. I live in the GULF COAST Hurricane prone area and not only do I need this for every day use…but I really really need it for emergencies!!

  109. I would love to have the Royal Berkey Water Filtration System. I am having some health issues and with the great water I would have to drink, I could be one step closer to making my list of improvements I need to do for my health.

  110. My husband and I drink a lot of water and I use quite a bit making Kombucha. These are the only 2 things available is our home to drink. We live in an drought-stricken area and worry about the quality of water available to us through the tap. We already use a filter, but the water still tastes awful. I have been coveting several of the Berkey systems for a while now.

  111. I just found your blog through Twitter and I love what I see so far! I’m having trouble clicking on the link to enter the giveaway and wondered if others were reporting the same thing. Thanks so much!

  112. We r a military family, so we are on the move often. I have experienced some different bases/houses with less than optimal water quality! I would love to ensure that my family has access to the best water I can provide!

  113. I would love to taste some really fresh, clean water that I knew for sure was clean! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  114. I have wanted a Berkey for so long, but have never had the money to spend on it. I would love to win one so that I know the water family is drinking is healthy and not full of unwanted substances. Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. I would love to win this for my family, but also think it would be nice if you gave it to the military family. My Dad was Army Air Force, husband was Army, and my son was a Marine. We need to support our military families.

    Thank you for your wonderful site.

  116. I would love to try a Berkey filtration system! I’m strict about water quality but it is not easy. This would make our lives so much better.

  117. We live in a 1929 home and while it has character I’m not convinced about the quality of the pipes. It would be nice to have the peace of mind that the water I give my children is clean and pure!

  118. The Royal Berkey Water Filtration System may just be what I have wanted for quite awhile. I am in constant worry over safe and clean drinking water for me and my family. I will not drink town water and I am walking away from bottled water due to many warnings I have read. I only can drink spring and well water and I still question and worry over the safety and cleanliness of those. I would love to win this!

  119. We would love a Berkey! Our water here is awful– we’ve only lived here a year and a half and all of us have had skin and scalp problems since the move. We have water softener now that help on the dishes, etc., but I can’t help but think about all we’re putting IN our systems. Thanks for the opportunity!

  120. We have been using a brita filter for so long, and would love to install something permanent instead, except that we are renting where we live.

    This is the perfect solution.

  121. How funny, my friend and I were just talking about Berkey water filters at lunch, and how much we would each like to have one!

  122. I would love this in order to remove trihalomethanes and chlorine residual that are in our water. I know that these cause many health issues and I would like to keep my husband, myself and any future ones healthy.

  123. My girlfriend has one and the water taste so great! I would love to be able to give my family clean water to drink! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  124. I’ve been reading about Berkey’s a lot but we haven’t been able to save up the money to buy one yet. I would definitely love to win one!

  125. I have a friend who’s had a Berkey for a long time and can’t say enough about it. I would love to get one but I’m short on money and to win one would be a dream come true.

  126. I’ve wanted one of these for so long as we don’t currently have a filter and really need it. I can smell the chlorine when bathing and drinking!

  127. This would be fantastic as I drive to fill up our drinking water…I would love to have this in home! Does it filter out fluoride?

  128. have a pitcher but can’t ever keep it full. would love to have one of these..we are starting to make new life chooses and this would so help out!

  129. I’ve been looking into water filtration options for awhile. This sounds like a wonderful option! Our city water tastes bad, and filled water bottles purchased from the store are even worse.

  130. Tap water gives me stomach cramps and I have to filter all my water, so I would love to win a Royal Berkey Water Filter system because the Royal Berkey is the best one available.

  131. It’s the perfect size for our family of 6 right now and I’m trying to drink more water and less soda and juice, so hopefully the excellent taste will help me with that.

  132. This is on my list to buy in the next couple months, after seeing Kelly, the Kitchen Kop’s blog post this morning!! What a huge blessing it would be to win it! Thanks SO much for the opportunity!

  133. I recently moved back out to the country to help my family care for my father (diagnosed with terminal cancer) and have discovered that the water I used to love now tastes terrible! Each trip to the grocery store results in the purchase of (far too many) bottles of water because my father can’t stand the tap water, but desperately needs to stay hydrated. The Berkey system would be an amazing addition to our home, health, and would drastically cut down on the amount of recycling we have to haul to the city for recycling.

  134. It has been on my wish list for a while now. I want to know my family is drinking safe water- but not safe by public standards- really safe!

  135. I’ve heard so many great things about Berkey systems. I really wish we could afford one, our water here is awful (it smells fishy and tastes bad, sometimes even comes out of the faucet orange!). Winning this would be an answer to my prayers!

  136. I’ve been wanting one of these for so long now! We live in China and, of course, have to buy all of our water in big bottles – which we’ve never CERTAIN are perfectly clean… our friends have one of these and we would LOVE to have one, too! No more having to order water or question if it really is clean!

  137. We need a new water filter system! I would love to win this! We have a countertop system that was barely adequate at one point, and now is in dire need of a new filter, but they are expensive and I am doubtful of the filtration quality. A Royal Berkey would be perfect for our family and it’s been on my wish list for a long time now 🙂

  138. I have always wanted one of these, but haven’t ever had the money to get one yet… Thank you for this giveaway, what a blessing !
    Keeper at Home @ Peaceful Acre Homestead
    Linda Finn

  139. A GOOD water purification system has been on my wishlist for some time now. I would love to not have to think twice about the water my family is using!

  140. I’d love this filter, our home was built in 1855, I can only imagine what the pipes are contaminated with. I’d love to stop buying plastic containers!

  141. When we lived in the city I wanted one to filter out all the crap they put in the water. Now that we’re in the country, our water is well water, but I’m sure it’s affected by the chemicals local farmers put on their fields. I would LOVE a Berkey filter to know for sure that my water was clean.

  142. Hubby has had some “unexplainable” health problems recently and after multiple trips to doctors with no idea what is causing this, I am convinced it’s coming from the new water treatment plant in our city. Sadly, we can’t afford a Berkley system, so it would be great to win one!

  143. Thankfully we don’t have city water, but I’d love to have a Berkey to make sure we’re getting really GOOD water!

  144. I love these water systems and would love to be able to share this with a friend. So glad you posted about the importance of clean fresh water!

  145. We just moved to a small town in Colorado that, as it turns out, has an extremely high level of natural fluoride in the water. We’d like to filter this out for our 5 year old son and I understand that Berkey has a filter that handles fluoride. The Berkey has been on my “want” list for years now, great giveaway. Thanks!

  146. My parents summer in NH to be close to family. They have lost there summer trailer to mold. They will rebuild next summer – but financially it wasn’t part of their retirement plan. A water filter system would be a sweet luxury/addition that wouldn’t normally be part of the plan.

  147. Our water is pretty bad over – particles and who knows what. (I’m not sure I’d actually want to know!) I’ve had a Berkey on my wish list for awhile.

  148. My husband brought home news of these systems just a few weeks ago. His coworker buddy just got one and loves it! We’re looking for a good way to not only have daily drinking water, but also be prepared in case our water supply is compromised in some way. Thanks!!

  149. My family would love one of these. We tend to simply try not to think about what all might be in our water, and it would be great to have peace of mind.

  150. Mmmmmm! Fresh, clean, filtered water! You guys are really throwing out some AMAZING give-aways….this rafflecopter and I are getting to be good friends! Thank you for freely giving away your research, insight, recommendations and reviews, and opinions on such healthy options for our families. I know I am not the only one who appreciates this! Thanks!

  151. We’d love to win this for our family. We are moving to a Clean Eating lifestyle and filtered water is one piece we don’t have yet.

  152. The Berkey water filtration system is reputable and it would be an asset to our home. I am truely not as grateful as I should be for such uncompromised access to clean water and it is a privilidge. In some ways our physical need for water reminds me of our need for Jesus…the Living Water and source of life!

  153. I would LOVE to win this because we really cannot afford one right now, and all we have is a Brita. I’ve been thinking about collecting well water from my parents’ house, but we really have nowhere to store it. I cringe to think of all the chemicals, etc. we are consuming via our city water since the Brita doesn’t really filter much!

  154. I want to win a Royal Berkey because I want the best water for my family. I want to know that what goes in our bodies is as pure as it can be. I have discovered a new passion for becoming self-sufficient and my wife’s newest passion is living more natural. The chemicals in the water we have right now? Is not natural. Thanks for the opportunity.

  155. We have had to have filtered water since we moved a few years ago and had been using Pur faucet-type filter systems but they are not very cost efficient. We recently switched over to a whole house filtration system and love it. I have read that Berkey is the best and would love to have one of those but unfortunately that was not possible at the time we bought. Still may have to get one of those water bottles though, that just seems so cool to be able to go anywhere and have clean water!

  156. Wow I would love to win this! We have well water and I don’t trust it at all but I’m tired of buying/ throwing away the plastic bottles. Thanks!

  157. I have the sport bottle and would love to have the bigger version for home use. Currently we do have well water, but we will be moving overseas to do mission work and the berkey would be a great item to take with us, since I am not sure what type of water source we will have. (Probably municipal, but not certain.)

  158. I would love to win a Berkey Filter! I first became aware of Berkey Filters back in 1999….oh yes, the Y2K scare. I would have loved to had one back then, but it never happened…Y2K or obtaining a Berkey. But every year when we inevitably experience another power outage due to an ice storm or other bad weather, I wonder WHY?? WHY DIDN”T I get that Berkey?

    We live 15 miles from town and during bad weather, driving down an icy mountain road to BUY water is not high on my list of things to do. When the power goes down so does the well. We are able to access water from our old well, but even though its covered, it can contain debris. The Berkey filter would be perfect in a situation like this.

    But even more so, I feel that the Berkey would make a wonderful difference in the taste of our water every day. I have resisted drinking more water because the taste of the well water isn’t perfect. I’m sure the Berkey could help change that. So, of course….I’d love to win! Thanks for this opportunity!

  159. My husband calls me a water snob, but I just can’t stand the way most water tastes. Drinking highly treated water doesn’t make me jump for joy either… Having a good filtration system would make my year!!!!!!!!!!

  160. I would love to win this! We have city water and I don?t trust it at all but I?m tired of buying/ throwing away the plastic bottles.

  161. This is on our ‘need to get’ list. We have researched home water filtration systems, and the berkey is the best option we found. Id love to win it.

  162. We’ve been looking at getting one of these for a while now. It would be great to win it. Thank you for this opportunity!

  163. I’ve been looking for one of these for a while now. Trying to drink more clean water in our house hold without wasting money and making trash buying bottled water. Clean fresh water is a top priority for our family and our 5 month old who will soon be drinking water!

  164. I would love to win one of these. I have wanted one for a while, but have not had the finances to get even the smallest. All we drink in our house is water and I sure wish it was easier like this would be.

  165. I simply don’t believe what I’m told about what is safe! ie: the air that we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, the Earth we live on… I try to do the best I can to promote my health and well being. So, yes, I would love to try this water filtration system.

  166. I would LOVE this system, so I can always have filtered water. Filling up glass jugs at a water store is heavy duty work!

  167. This is an amazing opportunity, first off I would like to thank you for hosting a great giveaway!! I would love to win this, yummy water and coffee sounds oh so amazing!!!

  168. We have been looking at these recently as the system we currently have requires the filters to be replaced once a week – too expensive! This would be such a blessing. Our water is undrinkable from the faucet…makes me physically ill.

  169. This would make it possible for us to have good water and not have to worry about what we are drinking! I’ve been eyeing them a long time 🙂

  170. I would love to try a filter like this. My little filter pitcher does well, but has to be refilled multiple times a day.
    Very nice giveaway.

  171. I would love to win because I’m a water snob 🙂 and our water is often yellow. Even though I use Britain I’m not totally satisfied with that but couldn’t afford this any time soon.

  172. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck on a stranded island with no water! Tap water tastes bad (even when filtered with the Brita), distilled jug water tastes like plastic, and I don’t want to waste a bazillion water bottles. We cannot afford a nice filtration system like this, but would LOVE to have one of these at our home. I’m pregnant (and have a one year old constantly drinking water and juice mixed), and really want trustworthy, pure water system.

  173. I have been eyeing a Berkey for a very long time. Being military and moving so often, having something that will purify enough for our entire family and still be movable would be a fabulous thing to have.

  174. I would love to win this filter system because I am concerned with having safe drinking water and not having the room to store enough.

  175. I saw a share on Facebook about you natural medicine cabinet! You have a great blog and I have enjoyed reading some of the articles.

  176. I’d love one of these for the health and safety of my kids. Our water tastes terrible and I can only imagine what is in it!

  177. I’ve been dying to get a Berkey forever! I need to remove fluoride from our water and Berkey is the filter to do it!

  178. Since we live in a dry climate it is always a struggle getting the whole family to drink enough water. Having clean, fresh tasting water from a Berkey would help us get what we need and be healthier.

  179. I would love to win one. My in-laws just got one and the water tastes so much better. I feel so much safer knowing the water has been purified with a reliable filter.

  180. My family and I drink water almost exclusively and go through water filters for a pitcher very quickly. I also use filtered water for everything I cook that calls for water…rice, beans, pasta, etc. I’ve been wanting one of these for a couple of years now; I’d love to win one ; )

  181. I love the sound of those water bottles! We love to go camping and sometimes there is no source for clean water. We have a little water filter but it can be challanging to use- a water bottle like that would be very nice.

  182. I have been wanting one of these for quite some time! Always harder to get the husband on board when what I want is expensive. 😉

  183. I would love one because of the huge amount of water it can hold, and because of all the stuff it takes out that other filters don’t!

  184. We would love to win the Berkley Water Filtration System! We are retired and live in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Our water source is well water. County water is not available in our area. Our current water filtration system failed and the company went out of business. A Berkley Water Filtration System is what we need for our drinking and cooking water. Every day we are concerned about what we are drinking, but cannot buy a new system due to the expense.

  185. Very interested in this for having better water but also in case of a situation where clean water is difficult to come by in the USA. Hoping that doesn’t happen but wanting to be prepared for any situation or disaster. I have been looking at these for some time now.

  186. I like he fact that it leaves so much of the good stuff in while filtering out the bad. My family would definitely enjoy a Berkey system.

  187. Our well water has a high amount of sulfur and calcium, so it’s pumped through a filtration system before it comes out our taps – but my biggest worry is that the power could go out for an extended period of time. If we were forced to lift water directly from the well in the event of an extended power outage, we would have to filter the water before we could drink it. I’ve been looking at Berkeys for a long time, but it’s just not in the budget right now.

  188. My family and I have recently taken great measures to better our diet and way of living. A Berkey System would assist our efforts. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  189. We’ve had our eye on the Berkey for a while now and are hoping to have enough money to purchase one. Winning one would be even better!

  190. I keep looking at these with my family of 6, but this is something we could not afford yet. Would love to have such wonderful water!

  191. I have wanted one of these for several years, however my dh thought a whole house unit was better, so that’s where the money went. Meanwhile, we’re still ingesting fluoride–yuck!

  192. Our water is so foul you can hardly stand to wash yourself or dishes in it. We buy water to drink and cook with. A Berkey would be great!

  193. I am always concerned about our drinking water! City water especially seems to be more at risk…who knows just what is done to it? At least with well water, you know what farms/companies are around your water. This sounds like a great system and a must have for a family on the road to better health!

  194. Shortly after my husband and I were married, we put off the fancy gadgets and bought a Berkey. BEST decision ever! Thankful to be giving this water to our kids! I would love to win one for my parents!

  195. I have been looking for a way to afford one of these. Not only do I not enjoy the flavor of city water, the more I read about the things in it the more nervous it makes me to drink it! The Berkey seems like the best option from what I’ve read! Thanks!

  196. We have a small water container right now, so it has to be refilled many times a day. This would be great to have if I only have to fill it up once a day! 🙂

  197. I have been looking at a Berkley for several weeks and have been selling on Ebay to get the money to buy one. this would be a huge blessing for our family.

  198. We have a water filter but it is on its way out I think.. I wish I had known about this brand before we bought the one we did years ago. This one seems so much better for so many reasons. Clean drinking water is sooo important!

  199. I visited a friend recently, and she had one of these systems… knowing how we struggle with our health, just in relation to water, I asked so many questions…

    We have looked at Kangen, Tyent, and others, but as newbies in the preppers networks, we are looking for something that doesn’t need electricity to work, and something that will not only benefit us in an emergency, but our community as well…

    Thank you for sharing the LPC site, because I have been able to really get all the information I need…

    If we were blessed with winning this water filtration system, it would be a huge help for our family to be able to regain the health we had before we moved to an area where the water is questionable, at best…

    We recently had our water tested, and it has so many carcinogens in it – which according to the local water district, is “safe” for human consumption… As a mom, I’m not comfortable with their estimation of what “safe” is… And from all the research I’ve done, it seems the Berkey will fulfill all the points on our checklist!

  200. I would love to have a Berkie! I have looked at a researched water purifiers for quite awhile now and I impressed with what I read about these. The water where we live has a very bad clorine smell and taste even at times…the smell is always. We recently have taken to boiling our water before using it. This would be a blessing to have.

  201. We LOVE the Berkey system!! We were intorduced to them by a friend and we put it on our list for Christmas. This would be awesome to have!!!

  202. I really want to get the gunk out of our drinking water. When I realized just how bad city water was I was utterly appalled. Have wanted one of these for years….

  203. This would be helpful for my family and the “gut” issues that I have!! I used to buy Penta water but it is too expensive on our budget. 🙂

  204. Good morning Stephanie,

    I am desperate! I would like to enter your raffles but I am not allowed to fill out the rafflecopter……..HELP!! Would you please enter me in the raffle for the Royal Berkley Water filter? We are on a well and the Berkley would be so wonderful for our family.

    Thank you
    Rebecca Stallings

    1. Hi Rebecca! We’ve had so much traffic on the website with the giveaways! The website is working well now so you should be able to enter!

  205. We live in a rural area, so agricultural run-off has always been a concern for me when it comes to the water we drink. But on a less health-conscious note: my husband, who grew up on well water, hates the taste of town water, and having something that would pull all the chemical treatment flavour out of our drinking water would be… amazing.

  206. I’ve never had a water filtration system but I would love to try one. I try to get my girls to drink more water but it’s very hard water and ‘tastes funny” to them. It’s my hope that something like the Berkley would help my girls become water drinkers and thus be more healthy.

  207. I would love to win a Berkey because right now we get our water from a spring because our tap water isn’t good to drink. It would be helpful to not have to spend an hour every week going to the spring and knowing even if we kept going to the spring, that it wasn’t imperative to get back right away if we ran out of spring water.

  208. Because living at the beach the tap water is not the most desirable. I am constantly buying gallons of pure water for drinking or cooking. I have often thought of buying a water filtration system but didn’t know where to start. This is exactly what I need. Better tasting and healthier water that I didn’t have to worry about having all the chemicals (in tap water) to make it better.

  209. Our city’s water is FAR from clean. We researched and our city is fluoridating our water with the lowest grade of fluoride available. The Berkley would be a great way to have cleaner water available to us!

  210. My husband and I go through a lot of water, but we just use a regular tap filter. Since a Royal berkey is not in our budget right now, it would be a true blessing if we won! Thanks for the opportunity!

  211. I have been researching water filters like crazy lately, and the Berkey is at the top of my list…now I just need to budget , or win one in this awesome giveaway!

  212. I love that Berkey systems really filter the water, rather than cheaper systems that mostly just take out the chlorine.

  213. I’ve wanted a Berkey for some time now, but haven’t had the room in our budget. We have a child with colitis and another with autism, and I’ve moved the family over to a whole-foods, farm-fresh diet, trying to get chemicals and the like out of our bodies. The results have been fantastic, to say the least. However, we are still on city water, and so a Berkey would be a wonderful addition to our quest for healthier living.

  214. i have well water from a quarry nearby that is close to factories. i worry what the factories dump into the quarry, so that why i would so like to win this. thank you

  215. What a blessing it would be to win a Berkey water filtration system. I have been letting my neighbors know about this product because it’s contributing to the health and peace of mind to all those who use it.

  216. I am dying for one of these! My water is very contaminated. There is a plant near my home that has been shown to be releasing toxins into the ground water. I have thus far been unable to afford any filter, and this would definitely be a huge blessing.

  217. They have a lot of neat things to buy! I’d love a Berkey b/c my husband thinks our town water tastes awful. I end up filtering then boiling his tea water every day. We also don’t have the budget for something more than the inexpensive small brita filter. Berkey seems a much better product!

  218. We live on 21 acres and have a well. Our water has a sulfur smell at times. We have never had it tested but know that is common in our area. We really need to get a Berkley but the funds are just not available.

  219. We would love to win this because of all the things it filters out that tap doesn’t. I want to get one (we have a 6mo baby) just can’t stomach the price!

  220. Would like to win this to get rid of the chemicals in the water sepcially my husband gets kidney stone and we’re been drinking lots of water and our filter (Pur) just broke, so this is a perfect timing for this nice giveaway 🙂

  221. I would love Berkley Water Filtration System for my family! It would make me feel so good to provide my family with clear, pure water.

  222. I would LOVE this!!!! we have been wanting one for a while! it would be a wonderful gift since i just found out i’m expecting!!!!! good water for baby..

  223. I would want to win a berkey to secure clean drinking water for my husband and I, and hopefully someday for our family! I only want my future kids to be drinking clean water for sure.

  224. I would consider it a real blessing if we won this – I have two babies in diapers at home and was not able to breastfeed with my second child so he is on formula. This would save us the expense of buying water from the store. We are also about to move out to a more rural area and while we won’t have well water I’m still concerned about the safety of the water through the tap. This would be lovely to have! 🙂

  225. This would be perfect – we have a brita faucet filter now but this removes so many other things and I love that you can buy the fluoride filters too.

  226. I would LOVE to win the Berkey. My dear friends own one and it is amazing! I would stop buying bottled water and just use the Berkey!

  227. Thanks for chance to win a top of the line product like Berkey. I have a lot of health problems and need to drink only filtered water. We have been using low quality units because of my disability. I am unable to afford a nice unit like the Berkey. Thank you for all the information and the chance to win something that would help me with every day life.

  228. We currently have a small Berkey for our home and we can’t live without it! I would love to win one and give it to friends of the family who can’t afford what we consider so necessary.

  229. I would LOVE to win this! (sorry if this is my second comment – your site was freezing up on me and I’m not sure if my first comment went through!)

  230. My parents have a Berkey filter and absolutely love it. They’ve got terrible city water and the filter makes such a difference in taste and health as well! I’d love to have a Berkey of my own- thanks for the chance!

  231. This looks just awesome!! I can never drink water out of the tap anymore, but our Brita filter just doesn’t make the cut either. Thanks for this giveaway!

  232. My husband and I have been eyeing up these filters for a while now! We would love to be able to purify our water for better health for us and our daughter!

  233. The ‘town’ water where I live tastes terrible! I currently use 2 Brita filter pitchers, and would love to have a more effective way of really filtering the water of all the impurities!

  234. Oh how I would LOVE to win this awesome water filter it would sure be a dream come true. Thank you so very much for the chance I sure appreciate it.

  235. I am planning on getting a Berkey for our own home supply, but I would love to get one for my family in the Philippines as well. My aunt lives in the city (Manila), and she’s currently fighting a recurrence of her breast cancer. It would be wonderful to be able to send her and her family one so she can have clean water available whenever she needs it, especially in case of emergency. If we win this Berkey, I would send it to her in a heartbeat.

  236. We live in metro DC, and even having a Brita doesn’t make me thrilled to drink the tap. It’s strongly chlorinated. I drink TONS of water all day, so I’d love a Berkey to ensure we are getting the purest form!

  237. I’d love to win this! I’ve been thinking about buying one for a long time, but it just hasn’t been in the budget. Winning it would be awesome 😉

  238. Hi! I’ve wanted a Berkey for 4 years now…I have a sport Berkey, but because I’m so often in a third world country, I’d LOVE to win a Berkey that would allow me to share my good filter water with others (the kids I work with, friends that they come for a visit)! This is a great give-away-thank you for hosting it!

  239. I would love this! We live in a place where this lot of drilling for natural gas and I wonder what might get into he water! This would make me feel better!

  240. This would have been ideal to have when we lived overseas. If we move overseas again, we would definitely take it with us.

  241. I’m always trying to drink more water, but I get discouraged when I think about the contaminants in it! This would be great to know that I’m getting clean fresh water for my body!

  242. I hate to imagine what’s in our local water supply. Additionally, many times there’s a boil water order in effect, and we are not notified 🙁 I’d love to have some peace of mind about what my family drinks all day, everyday.

  243. I’ve heard so many awesome things about the system but we haven’t been able to afford one or a house system. So this would be great

  244. I drink a lot of water and would like to have a system that is able to filter out the harmful chemicals found in our water.

  245. I live in a small town and the water is not very good! I would love to have healthier water for my fam!

  246. i would love to win this because i have been eying them for years and love just how much they can remove from our water. knowing that no matter where the water comes from it is pure is so wonderful to me.

  247. Our water where we live currently does not even test so I feel very uncomfortable using it. I thought they had to but…. All my research, like yours, indicates Berkey is the best so I would LOVE to win it. Wish we all could have one. Thank you for the opportunity anyway. Enjoy your blog very much.

  248. We have well water and always have a sulfur smell even with a faucet filter. I’d like to see if this would get rid of the smell.

  249. With my wife’s thryoid problems, being able to filter fluoride out of our water is very important and we would love to have a Berkey.

  250. This year I feel an urgency in trying to feed my family healthier and try to put good things in to our body. I would love to win this!

  251. We just replace the water heater and looking in the pipes and the water residue was soooo gross! I need to filter my water.

  252. Our drinking water is awful! Our town adds lots of fluoride and it even taste bad, and is so bad for you! A Berkey home filter system would be amazing since we can’t afford a whole house system.

  253. Our water is full of chlorine and who knows what else. I put cucumbers in a pitcher of water in the fridge to get it to not taste so gross. We would LOVE a water filtration system, especially now that our little one is starting to have some water.

  254. We have good well water at our house in the country. I would love to have Berkey to use in case of emergencies, while away from home, or if we ever move to the city.

  255. this is interesting–we have extremely hard water–that just tastes kind of nasty~~I’d like to see if this would help.

    1. And while the water quality seems better in this area (less taste than where we used to live)- I would love to know that all the junk is being filtered out!

  256. This would be an amazing system to own. I would love to not have to buy the filtered water and just be able to do it on our own.

  257. We want to remove arsenic from our water. :/ I’ve read on another site that this system can remove it. I am getting close to springing for one. 🙂

  258. We’ve been eyeing one of these for almost a year – and it’s just beyond our budget with everything else we’re trying to fit in /change. What a fantastic opportunity it would be to win this!!

  259. I would love to win this because I have been having a number of health problems lately and I would like to know that my water is not causing them-there are so many sources of contaminants today!

  260. a berkey filter has been near the top of our wish list for awhile now and we just haven’t had the money for it, but would we oh so love to be able to filter our water! Maybe then my husband would drink it more 😉 I don’t think there is any better filter out there!

  261. Our family of five is currently drinking all bottled water. It would be such a wonderful blessing to save the money and not have to drink from plastic bottles that could potentially be harmful to us. For many years I have wanted a good filtration system, but could not afford one. I would love to win this for my family!

  262. I have a lot of health issues & sensitivites that are making it difficult for me to care for my 3 children so having clean, toxin free water would be a great benefit to us all! We would very much appreciate winning a Royal Berkley! Thanks for putting this together!