Giveaway time again!

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This time, though, it's a giveaway for everyone! Here's the scoop:

See, I have this friend named Lylah, who I met through blogging. Lylah is just about the sweetest lady ever, wife to a pastor-husband whom she adores, and Nana to 5 adorable grandkiddos. She is funny, articulate, has delectable soup recipes (I've dubbed her the Queen of healthy soups), and did I mention that she is passionate about mentoring and discipling younger women in Biblical womanhood?

Well, Lylah has so generously offered to knock your socks off by offering you a free (yes, FREE) copy of her very insightful, truth-filled and encouraging ebook "Becoming an On-Purpose Woman"!

All you have to do to get in on this great giveaway is:
1)  Visit Lylah's site, Mentoring Women, and take a look at what this ebook is all about.
2)  Leave a comment, letting me know what aspect of the book sounds the most interesting, intriguing or relevant to where you are at right now.
3) Drop her a line at lylahl(at)aol(dot)com (remove spaces, etc.), introduce yourself to this dear woman, and let her know that you would just love to have a copy!
4) Do it quick- this giveaway ends on Thursday, June 19 at 7pm (PST)!

That's it! Enjoy! I know that I was personally blessed by reading through my copy of the book, and am eager to print it out and work through some of the Bible study and life evaluation assignments!

Get to know Lylah a little better by visiting her sites (Mentoring Women and Life Coach Moms), as well as her blog, where she is currently working her way through an amazing series called "Becoming an On-Purpose Home Keeper".

Edit: Comments on this post have now been closed, as the giveaway is over! 🙂

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  1. I just emailed Lylah. I would love to have a copy of this book. I am a small group pastor in my church and I believe that the wisdom to be gleaned from this book would help equip the women god has entrusted me to lead to stand up and be the women God has called them to be. Thank you!

  2. This looks great! I’ll e-mail as well. I’m especially intrigued by the Centering section–that’s something I have difficulty with in my life and home. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  3. I’d definitely be interested in this book. We are moving into a new season of life (and are literally moving), stepping out in faith, believing that God has plans for us in the future, but would like to commit to being purposeful about what he is showing and leading us into. This book sounds like it would be a great tool to help in that process. It touches on areas I’d like to grow in as well: being a wise homebuildersand making our home a sanctuary.

  4. The Centering Place will be what I turn to first. Making my home a sanctuary sounds like a dream… a good dream, but most days (in the middle of laundry, preparing/serving/cleaning up after meals, wading through toys, etc. etc) an impossible dream. I can’t wait to learn!

  5. I really do need this book… My ex-husband left me a few years ago with two pre-teen boys to raise. God has done such a work in our lives, and at this stage of my life, I need a more disciplined study so that Christ will be the central focus of our home, and that our home will be a testimony to His grace.

  6. The most intriguing and relevant part of the book would have to be “The Centering Place.”

    I am really interested in learning more about creating order in my home so it can become sanctuary.

    Thanks Lylah and Stephanie!

  7. Let me just say that I’m new to the whole blogging world, and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve been married for almost 8 years and our first child was born in January. I think the Centering Place is going to minister to me right where I am. I want to be a wise homebuilder and make our home a sanctuary.

  8. This book giveaway is great! I really thought the part of the book about “the centering place” sounds really good. I would love to really make my home the center of ministry, and not just at church, etc.

  9. This book sounds great! I have been mentoring for quite some time but am still a work in progress (Praise God!) I would love to read the chapter (well all of them) but especially The Journey to Purposeful living for others and myself. So many times we just “wing” it and are not allowing ourselves to be “guided”!
    Thanks for the chance

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