Busy, Busy, Busy Around Here- What's Going On at Keeper of the Home

Busy, Busy, Busy Around Here- What’s Going On at Keeper of the Home

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I wanted to take a moment to let you know about some of the important things that are happening around here right now:

1) If you haven’t done it already, would you please un-subscribe and re-subscribe to my RSS feed? The old one is currently being redirected, which is why you are still getting it, but the redirection service will end very shortly. Once that happens, unless you have subscribed to the new feed, you will stop getting my posts.

For those who receive my emails, you don’t need to do anything. Your emails have already been switched over to the new feed (lucky you!).

2) My new book is coming! It’s so close I can practically taste it. The official launch is slated for Monday, May 3 (two weeks from today).

The book is titled “Real Food on a Real Budget- How to Eat Healthy for Less” and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you all!

3) The price on my first ebook, Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time will be going up to $12.95 shortly. Until May 3rd, you can still grab it for $8.95!

4) Have I mentioned that my site is being redesigned? The new look should be up within the next 1-2 weeks as well!

So much going on around here lately… busy, busy, busy. But good.

What have you been busy with lately?

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  1. Talk about being busy, my head is SPINNING lately getting ready to go to China! We’re leaving in 16 days to adopt our 4-year-old daughter who is waiting for us. I’ve started packing already, and have a huge list of items to remember to pack, many of which I still need to purchase. I’ve never even been out of the country before (USA), and now I’m preparing for a trip to the most populated country in the world for two weeks and two days, AND we’re bringing our 6-year-old son! (That will be interesting!)

    Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks!
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Ye Shall Receive =-.

  2. i’m so very excited about your new book!! i desperately want to feed our family nourishing foods, but our budget doesn’t seem to handle it. i’m eager to learn some tips to help us make it stretch!
    .-= katherine´s last blog ..meet me in…atlanta? =-.

  3. I’m just past my 6-month “blogiversary” and now I’m trying to change things around and launch new features too! Plus sewing diapers, marketing skin cream, a cookbook about to come out, and the usual craziness of raising two small children (both of whom are now easily mobile!). It’s fun but I NEVER get everything done in a day!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Introducing Solids: What, When, How =-.

    1. @Kate, Oh goodness, me either! I make to-do lists, knowing that they are more of a “hope-to-do”. 🙂 I’ve been learning to add less to my lists each day, so that I can actually feel like I’ve accomplished something rather than feeling dismal about all that I didn’t do!

  4. I’m super excited to read your new book. I am really really struggling with feeding us all on budget. My husband and 4 year old are really big eaters (I have yet to meet another little girl who eats even close to my daughter…) but its hard to keep good food in the house.

    What have I been busy with? Just normal life! LOL Doing lots of laundry on sunny days though since we can hang it out now yay!

    1. @Nola, I think my daughter could rival yours! It is amazing how much that skinny little girl puts away! She’ll polish off two large bowls of oatmeal with milk, honey, raisins, etc. then still want some smoothie. An hour later, she’ll be back in the kitchen, begging me for more. Where on earth does she put it??? 🙂

      1. @Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home,
        I don’t know about that 🙂 🙂 Too bad we can’t get together. We have a joke around here that she puts it in her legs. She has super long legs and is very tall for her age (we have many very tall relatives, so we shall see!)

        I shouldn’t have said that about the laundry. Now its snowing and more on the ground LOL

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