Blogiversary Q&A- Round 3

Love coffee

Donielle asked- If you didn’t have to worry about the ingredients or the fact that it was super unhealthy, what is the one junk food you would eat every day?

Coffee and ice cream, hands down! Oh wait, that’s two. Can I add chocolate to the list as well? 🙂

Willow asked- Do you take vitamin supplements? If so which ones? What about your kiddos?
I actually did a large post on using supplements and what our family uses maybe 6 months ago.

At this very moment, we’re pretty minimal. Cod liver oil and greens (everyone), a multi-vitamin that my husband’s Naturopath recommended for him (plus some digestive enzymes), and a herb that helps with hormone balancing for myself. Oh, I almost forgot… in September we started taking some intramuscular B vitamin shots. That’s an interesting tale all in itself. I’ll have to tell it sometime (suffice it to say that they really, really made a huge difference!).

Also, I thought you mentioned something about a cleanse after your exchange students left….did you do one? or have you done one that you like? I hear all this hype about Advocare and when I looked at the ingredient lists there is artificial stuff in there. Not quite sure how that can be “cleansing”!

We did briefly do a cleanse, but honestly, I was a bit too exhausted from a summer full of students (and cooking to keep up with their pickiness) that I didn’t continue it for too long. A couple weeks. We did the Maker’s Diet again, which we have done multiple times before, and love doing it. We always feel so fantastic when we finish it. Here’s a link to a post I wrote on how we do it and make it work for us.

I’ve never heard of Advocare before, though I did google it and check out the ingredients. Most of them are fine, some are unnecessary for sure. I’m not really into buying supplements for cleansing, in general. There are some that can help, but it’s very difficult to distinguish those on your own, and it’s easy to waste a lot of money. If you really want to use something to assist in a cleanse, I would recommend working with a Naturopath who can recommend something that will truly help.

Otherwise, a good cleanse can be done simply through eliminating foods in our diet. There are many different types- Candida diets, fasting, juice cleanses, mono-diets, lemonade cleanses, etc. They all have pros and cons, and different people will do better with different types. It is not an area I claim to know enough about to really attempt to advise people in, though we have personally tried most of the above with some success.

Nola asked- My question that I have always had is not directly about you but about do you have any more healthy baking and homemade bread recipes that you can share that you haven’t shared in the past? You probably have many…a few more at some point would be great to see. Especially if you have one to make whole wheat/whole spelt/whole grain bread/buns that doesn’t include dairy.

Actually, I do! I have recently come to love a couple of recipes, mostly from my Sue Gregg Whole Grains book. Only thing is, I don’t want to post too many of her recipes, because I’m sure she’d rather that you buy the book (and I really do recommend her book). I’ve been loving her yeast bread and buns recipes, as well as slightly altering her sourdough bread recipe.

There’s also a non-soaked bun recipe for the breadmaker that I recently used and found nice with spelt (it would be best to do with sprouted flour). As well, my sister-in-law has given me a bread recipe to try, using sourdough starter and yeast and applesauce. I tried some at her house and it was amazing, so when I try it myself (which I think I might this afternoon), I’ll share it. I’ve added bread/bun recipes to my list of upcoming posts. 🙂

Rebekah asked- Do you eat snacks?? If you are going to buy snacks what kind do you buy? We have trouble getting full at our meals especially if we don’t eat a lot of carbs. I make snacks for us but I was wondering what you do.

Do I ever eat snacks! One thing that I love about being a stay-at-home mom is that I can make myself a snack whenever I need/want to, LOL!

Common snacks in our house include fruit (apples, pears, and grapes are my favorites, and my kids love plums, peaches and bananas too), smoothies (usually yogurt or kefir based with fruit), a piece of toast, a couple slices of raw cheese, a bowl of homemade yogurt with nuts, a glass of kefir, hummus or salsa with crackers or tortilla chips. I do try to find alternatives to grains because they’re just so convenient, but I find it very easy to over-indulge. However, I still enjoy snacking sometimes on homemade baking like muffins, zucchini bread or coffee cake.

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