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I was so surprised to find this morning when I got on the computer that my dear friend, Mrs. M, has nominated me for a Blogging with a Purpose Award! It’s an honor to be nominated!

And now, the fun beings… I have the privilege of nominating 5 other bloggers whom I believe to be bloggers with purpose. Here goes:

1) Passionate Homemaking– I love the careful purposefulness with which Lindsay tackles great topics, like natural living on a budget, stewardship, living simply, strengthening marriage and families, etc. She is a kindred spirit, it seems, and I am always encouraged when I read her blog.

2) Womanly Pursuits- Kimi has this wonderful, gentle spirit about her, that comes through even in her blogging. She loves the Lord, desires to glorify Him as a homemaker, mother and wife, seeks to keep her family healthy through careful meal planning and creative cooking. As I went to get her url for this post, I noticed that she has just begun a new blog, focusing on nourishing, gourmet recipes and cooking, so that she can continue to keep her first blog from becoming only about food- now that’s purposeful!

3) I’m an Organizing Junkie– Lately Laura has been talking about living with intention, and it seems to me that’s something she does well. Her cheerfulness and joy, along with her desire to help other women organize and simplify their lives shines through her blog.

4) Like Merchant Ships- you know, Meredith might have already been nominated, just because her blog is so very wonderful, but if it has been, I haven’t heard about it, so I will anyways! 🙂 Cheerful frugality, creativeness, extending beautiful hospitality- this is what this blog is about, day after day. I love to visit and see what she’s up to.

5) The Lylah Blog– as her tagline goes, "living life as an on purpose woman"… that (almost) says it all. Lylah is so intentional with her words, her encouragment, to be a Titus 2 woman for the younger moms and wives, and to share the joy she has in Christ.

If you’ve been nominated, click here to find out more about the aware and the rules.

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  1. Hi Stephanie! I am so glad “Mrs.M” linked to you! What a great blog you have – you are definately deserving of the award. I am really enjoying the little peak into your life and am sure I’ll be gleaning lots from you.
    See you soon!

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