A Wormy Update

Seeing as we've just been talking about composting, I thought I might as well continue on with the topic!

Today I did my weekly maintenance of my worm composting bin, and was so impressed with how it's doing that I just felt like I had to show you all the contents of my box (alright, I know it's a bit yucky, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, whether it's a lovely image or not):


After only one month, you can see that my food and paper scraps are quickly being turned into genuine compost (at least, I hope you can tell that in the picture- if you can't, it's true and you'll just have to take my word for it)! Go, wormies, go!

I was briefly having some issues with fruit flies and smell, but quickly dealt with those by re-reading Rachel's helpful post on worm box maintenance.

My weekly routine has now developed as such: open up the box and give it a good stir, add the contents of my compost bucket from under the sink, spread a layer of recycled paper strips over the top, and replace the sheet of cardboard that rests on top of my pile. Takes about 3 minutes, and now there is no smell, many more worms than before, lovely compost developing and no annoying fruit flies.

Kind of makes a girl wish she had more worms (of the composting variety, that is). All this successful composting business has got me dreaming of having a system of multiple, large worm bins down in my garage… one day, my wormy friends. You'll fill a veritable mansion, and oh, the composting fun we will have.

(Did I mention that it's very late at night? And that I'm functioning on extreme lack of sleep due to having a newborn? I'm not quite sure where the sudden affection for any sort of creepy crawly creature has come from, but perhaps all this gardening and composting I've been doing these past few years is starting to go to my head. Tell me that there are others out there that speak to their worms! Or, at least tell me how your composting is working for you.)

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  1. You have inspired me. My only fear is that my three year old will open the box and play in my worms. Maybe my 13 year old tooo….hm…

    I’m tired here too and envying your newborn:)

  2. We are vermicomposting here, too. My husband bought me a tiered worm bin (manufactured in Bellingham) for Mother’s Day. We did have a fruit fly problem for a bit, but were not sure if it was caused by that, so it is out on a sheltered porch until it gets too cold for them. The flies are no longer present as I filled an empty tray with a thick layer of dry shredded paper and placed that on the top. I’m excited to start using some of the product to be ammending our garden beds throughout the fall and winter and I’ve already been able to use several small buckets of worm tea.

  3. I may try this since our outside bin has been invaded by very large rodents taking up residence. thanks for making it sound so simple!

  4. Kathy, no sleep or not, the newborn is lovely. No complaints here! 🙂

    Rachel, it seemed to be the thicker layers of shredded paper and cardboard on top that really dealt with my fruit fly issue as well. Not sure why, but I’m glad to hear that it worked for someone else as well!

    Sarah, it really is simple- hope you give it a try!

  5. Sounds great! Sigh…still haven’t turned my outside compost. Last time I opened it, the flies were crazy out there! I so need to get better at the turning. AND maybe use the stuff. LOL

    I always sort of wondered about using compost though that has been made from non-organic fruits and veggie scraps. We cannot eat totally organic (although we try our best especially with the worst items) so I sort of wondered about that. Maybe I should just use that on the front lawn or something, and use the garden waste one for the garden. Any thoughts?

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