10 Last-Minute Date Night Ideas 3

10 Last-Minute Date Night Ideas

The better I take care of myself, the better I am able to take care of my family. 

The same is true for our marriage. It’s so easy to get caught up in our kids and businesses that we don’t take the time to really care for us.

The first couple of years were probably the same for you as they were for my husband and I. We were all goo-goo eyed for each other and deliberately made time to get away frequently. But routine and the busyness of life with kids got in the way and we slowly forgot to make it a priority.

When we read The 5 Love Languages together we decided to be intentional about loving each other all the time. Valentine’s Day serves as a great reminder to be intentional about your love for each other. If you’ve gotten out of the habit, use this season of love to boost your romance and get intentional about each other all year.

Learn each other’s love languages. Make time for alone time. Be intentional about loving each other.

It doesn’t matter if we go somewhere fancy or even if we stay home when we have the house to ourselves. The point is we make the most of our time and focus on each other.

Here are 10 of our Favorite Date Night Ideas that are easy to do at the last minute:

1. Bundle up and go for a walk together.

It may be cold, but the fresh air is exhilarating. Hold his hand like you are teenagers or hold on tight to his arm and let him guide you on a trail or even through your neighborhood. Take pictures and if there’s snow on the ground have a snowball fight! We often walk together for exercise, but sometimes a stroll is a romantic change of pace.

2. Have a picnic!

Take some finger foods to a park or even throw a blanket down on your living room floor. When we were in Atlanta recently we both had a long day, so instead of dressing up and going out to dinner we got comfortable and ordered in. There was no dining room table so we just spread everything out on blankets. We spent more time enjoying each other than if we had taken the time to go out somewhere. And the best part was… it was just us!

3. Cook a meal together.

He won’t admit it, but my hubby really likes to cook and can be very creative. Try letting him take charge with a new recipe. It could really spice things up!

4. Fix him a five-course meal at home.

Surprise him with the kids out of the house, set the table with real dishes and your fancy napkins, and impress him with your culinary skills. Or even just surprise him with his favorites. Either way he is sure to appreciate the time and thought you spent preparing it.

5. Take a romantic drive to a nearby lake to watch the sun set, then gaze at the stars and at each other!

The only requirement is the two of you and a vehicle to get there!

6. Just do dessert at your favorite restaurant and linger over coffee and good conversation.

Talk about hobbies and what the future will look like when the kids are all grown up and moved out. Avoid making the conversation about them. This is hard for us, because it seems most of our conversations are about the kids, but when we are intentional we get a lively conversation going or a real heart to heart.

7. Go dancing or take a dance class and learn some new steps.

Our very first date we spent hours on the dance floor. Neither of us are that good, but we know the basic moves of swing dancing and had a blast laughing at ourselves. It’s fun and good for you!

8. Find a live band and grab a corner table for two.

If you both like music this is for you.

9. Go ice skating if you don’t have two left feet.

If you do, I’m sure he’ll catch you 😉 An outdoor skating rink is totally romantic if you have one near you. We were working in New York City a few years ago and went to the rink in Central Park. It’s a lovely stroll to get there too!

10. Give each other a massage.

Who wouldn’t want to be pampered with a massage?! No need for a $300 couples massage at a spa. All you need is a little oil and a willing partner! This one is new for us as neither of us gave good massages until we went through the Melt massage course. If you need help with your massage techniques, you’ll love this video tutorial! And how awesome is it that there’s a 25% off sale through Valentine’s Day? 🙂

Podcast Melt Button 1

Whatever you choose to do, just be intentional to keep the focus on each other! You’ll be glad you did!

What are your favorite last-minute date night ideas?

It's so easy to get caught up in our kids and businesses that we don't take the time to really care for us. Looking for a way to show him love this Valentine's Day? Here are 10 last-minute date night ideas that even the most procrastinating among us can accomplish!

*Affiliate Disclosure – I love these products, both The 5 Love Languages and Melt Massage so much that I have been wanting to share them with you for some time. They have both made such an incredible difference in our marriage that I have been wanting to share and what better time than now? Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or roll your eyes at all of the fuss, there is no better time than the present to say “I love you” and start being intentional about it! Happy lovemaking! 😉

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