My 10 Favorite Real-Food Recipe Sites 1

My 10 Favorite Real-Food Recipe Sites

Need some help finding great real food recipe sources? Here's ten great sites to start with, and tips to modify non-whole food recipes!

I have recently started meal-planning for the month. It is just amazing to look at the month of meals, PLANNED, in my calendar! While it is a bit of a bear to plan 30 days of meals at once, the rewards far outweigh the trouble! Anyone with me??

Whatever your method of planning meals (or not planning meals!) there probably comes a point where you think, what am I going to make for dinner? I need some inspiration! Here are the places I go for real-food meal-planning inspiration:

  • Keeper of the Home, of course! Sometimes I type “meal plan” or “recipe round-up” in the search bar, and this is the jackpot, because you’ll end up with lots of meal ideas!
  • For The Love of Cooking: Nothing fancy-schmancy, just normal good food.
  • The Pioneer Woman: No, not every recipe is 100% real food, but I can often adapt (for example, using this cream-of-soup recipe, or other homemade versions of things).
  • All Recipes: I like the reviews and comments feature of this site. I often use this site when I want a recipe for something kind of common (chicken enchiladas, for example). I’m able to see which recipe is most popular and get ideas that way. You do have to weed through a lot of standard-American recipes, but many are real-food!
  • Damn Delicious: I know, I know…the name! I wish it were different! But the recipes sure are…delicious.
  • Nourishing Home: I love Kelly’s recipes, especially the sweets!
  • Stacy Makes Cents: You’d be surprised how many things you can make in a Crock-PotMy 10 Favorite Real-Food Recipe Sites, even in the warm-weather months!
  • 100 Days of Real Food: It seems she has a recipe for everything!
  • Kitchen Stewardship:  I don’t know what I like more…the recipes, or Katie’s adorable sense of humor!
  • Pinterest: Real earth-shattering news here! We all know Pinterest is great for recipe searches, but I do have to give a specific shout-out to my allergy-friendly dinner board. It is a great place to look if you have dietary restrictions, like our family. Nothing gets your mouth watering like browsing Pinterest late at night for recipes!

So now it’s your turn. Where’s your favorite real-food recipe sites?

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  1. Simple Bites is another one of my go-to real food recipe blogs. Aimee knows what she’s talking about and I usually learn at least one thing from her posts.

  2. I’m a relatively new blogger, but post real food recipes on my site: (we also eat grain free due to food allergies, so there’s that aspect too).

    I enjoy the recipes on Elana’s Pantry. I’ve been reading her blog for years.

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet shout-out. I’m excited to check out the sites you listed that I haven’t visited before. It’s always fun and helpful to find new real food sites for inspiration. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed summer! 🙂

  4. Please, pinterest is useless for everything and should be blocked as spam. There are too many “recipe” sites that are just scraping real recipe sites, yet google allows them to show at the top of the search. It’s getting increasingly difficult to find sites with original content. AmericasTestKitchen is good, allrecipes is ok. Jamie Oliver site is good. Foodnetwork and thespruceeats are ok.

  5. these photos are incredible. The colors are so amazing together. I would kill for a plate of this salad for lunch, right about now

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