Yes, You Really Can Buy “Celebrate with Joy”

I need to apologize that the “Buy” buttons for purchasing Celebrate with Joy: Transform your Christmas Season have been down for the last day. It seems that Paypal had made a mistake and frozen my account, so that my buttons stopped directing to the proper page. Oh, the joys of computers.

All is well now, and they are working once again! So sorry for the inconvenience to those who tried to purchase a copy!

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  1. Stephanie, am I doing something wrong? I click on the button to buy the book and it takes me to the Paypal homepage.

    1. @E.E., There was a problem with the buttons, but it should be fixed now. I just tried both buttons and they brought me to the correct purchasing page. If you try again and it doesn’t work for you, please email me and I will directly invoice you for the book so that you can purchase it!

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