Winter Giveaway Week: Natural Skincare Products from Essential Lotions {5 winners!}

Winter Giveaway Week: Natural Skincare Products from Essential Lotions {5 winners!}

Winter Giveaway Week: Natural Skincare Products from Essential Lotions {5 winners!}

Here at Keeper of the Home, we love promoting small businesses that offer quality natural care products at an affordable price to our readers.

And Essential Lotions does just that.

Going above and beyond in the natural skincare realm, Essential Lotions actually adds therapeutic grade essential oils to their already high quality natural lotions. Each product is formulated to give quick,Β effective results.

Winter Giveaway Week: Natural Skincare Products from Essential Lotions {5 winners!}

Products include:

Winter Giveaway Week: Natural Skincare Products from Essential Lotions {5 winners!}

One of the most popular Essential Lotions products is their “BooBoo Juice.” The blend of lavender, rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense and spruce essential oils aids in healing, disinfecting, and helping the body to fight off infection. The juice is made with these oils and aloe jelly and almond oil, which makes it perfect for bumps, bruises, wounds and burns.

Many “BooBoo Juice” users have commented on how it has helped heal eczema!

Winter Giveaway Week: Natural Skincare Products from Essential Lotions {5 winners!}

Their “Sleep” lotion contains essential oils specifically intended to help you to soothe, relax and help to ensure a refreshing night’s sleep and has received excellent testimonials. I personally use an EO blend that contains similar oils to the ones in their lotion and the oils make such a difference on the nights when I need it. Being able to rub it on in lotion form would be handy and perhaps even more soothing!

Every Essential Lotions product is made by hand in the small town of Weiser, Idaho. They also offer free shipping on orders as low as $20!

Want to WIN store credit to Essential Lotions?

We’ll have 5 winners for this amazing giveaway! One very blessed Keeper of the Home reader will win $50 in store credit–and 4 more with win $25 each!

Rather than simply leaving comments, I’m trying out a new method for entering giveaways. Click below to complete one Rafflecopter form, for all of your multiple entries, and then you’re done! If you’re reading in an email, make sure that you click through to enter from the actual website.

*Please note that this giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents, but Canadians winners will not be able to apply their gift certificates to shipping fees.*
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Disclosure: This post has been generously sponsored by Essential Lotions. All opinions are our own.

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  1. I would love to try the BooBoo Juice for my baby’s skin! He has some red patches that I’m trying to get rid of.

  2. They all look great! I think my very first pick would be the sleep lotion though. My husband suffers from insomnia so perhaps a gentle massage with this before bed would help!

  3. I’d like to try the Baby Wash! We’re almost out of the Original Sprout wash that my mom got for Little Peanut.

  4. I would love to try the baby care products. I’m getting more “crunchy” (or shall I say better informed) with each baby, and I’m determined Johnson & Johnson will never touch baby #4’s skin!

  5. boo boo juice! My poor little one has eczema and a nut allergy that reacts badly to coconut oil, and cocoa and shea butters!

  6. These all sound lovely! The lavender sleepy time one in particular. My one year old is currently waking up more often then he did as a new born. I am exausted. :o)

  7. This is wonderful!!! I can’t wait to see what you’re giving away next! How fun! I would like to try the Breathe lotion. Seems like we have a lot of colds around our home and it would probably get a lot of use. I don’t have fb or tweet. I follow you on pinterest and receive your posts via email. Thanks again for all of these WONDERFUL giveaways!

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to win – I would love to try these products, particularly to give as a gift to my daughter for both her and her toddler.

  9. Our family would be eager to try the Lotions for sleep, pain, stress relief and energy. We have three little ones, one who doesn’t sleep well at night, plus I’m pregnant with our fourth. Daddy could use some of this lotion too. It looks like a very fine company and good products. Here’s hoping we win, or a hardly congratulations to whomever does!

  10. would love to try the boo boo juice. several of my kids have serious psoriasis and it would be a miracle if this could help.

  11. i want to try them all! but i always seem to be in need of face lotion, and with two rambunctious boys in the house, the boo boo juice would also go a long way. thank you!

  12. Thank you for such a nice giveaway, my hands are getting bad this winter with checking the fire and carrying wood.
    Linda Finn

  13. All natural skin products smell so great and repair damaged skin! Looking forward to trying some of these products.

  14. Wow! I am learning about so many great products from you this week! I would love to try the baby products out!

  15. The Boo-Boo Juice for sure…and the Baby care products…and the Sleep lotion…and the Pain lotion. :0). Thanks for introducing us to some more great products!

    1. Yes, you can make these yourself, but fair warning.. had I know how much work and money it was going to take to do this business, I probably wouldnt have! But Im glad I did. There’s nothing better than hearing how they help others. It is truely a labor of love πŸ™‚

  16. I would love to try the sleep lotion for those days when my high energy son can’t settle into a good sleep!

  17. I would love to try these products! I have a really bad rash in the crook of both arms. Thankfully it’s winter and I can hide it. The Dr. wants to put me on a steroid cream, but that just doesn’t appeal to me!

  18. Love your site and helpful ideas for my home. Also hoping to win and try out this product.. want to find a good natural product

  19. I have super sensitive, dry skin. I’d love to try these products, especially the BooBoo Juice. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. We have all sorts of “skin issues” showing up in our household. I’m attributing it to the awful ingredients in so many of our so called “skin care” products. I’d love to win this!!

  21. Though they all sound wonderful, the Booboo Juice would probably be a hit in our house. Thank you for the great give away.

  22. Our son has really bad eczema, so bad that he bleeds from the itching. I’ve been looking for a natural way to help relieve his itchiness. Thank you for offering this.

  23. I would like to try any of the lotions. Essential oils are an amazing addition to any home. I use them all the time to help my family overcome illness (or prevent it).

  24. I would like the Cleanse & Exfoliate for the face or the Energy lotions…I can always use an extra boost πŸ™‚

  25. As the mom of four kids (including an infant that is still nursing at night), I would like to try the sleep aid lotions.

  26. I need something to help my eczema and something to help me fall asleep! This looks like something I’ll have to check out.

  27. Love to find new small business to support…my hat off to Essential Lotions for there healthful endeavors and of course I would love to win ; )

  28. Everything looks great! I would love to try the face lotion but I would also love the boo boo lotion for my DH’s psoriasis or the diaper balm for my babes!

  29. I have just started looking into essential oils and eliminating commercial creams for my face and body. What perfect timing! I hope I win πŸ™‚

  30. My poor baby girl has dry, cracked skin on her hands–I would love to try the baby lotion! The boo-boo juice looks great, too.

  31. I would definitely want to try the BooBoo Juice, hands down. I love finding natural cleansers and disinfectants.

  32. They all sound amazing! How could you pick just one? πŸ™‚ However I think the sleep lotion would be my first pick!

  33. My daughter has been having problems going to sleep so I would love the try the sleep lotion. I also would love to try the booboo juice as we get a lot of scrapes around here.

  34. I would love to win this. Trying to stay hydrated in this frigid, cold weather.
    Just getting over a sinus infection and migraine…could use something for that.


  35. I would love to try a multitude of these products! Right now, however, I am combating really dry facial skin that flakes all the time. I would love to try the Hibiscus & Rosehip Serum to see if this helps since nothing else has so far!

    1. I would try the boo boo juice as well, and maybe the nourish mask with the neroli or rose water, followed by the serum πŸ™‚ Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  36. Any of the baby products! My youngest has her momma’s skin (bless her heart) and can use next to nothing to clean and moisturize.

  37. The boo boo juice sounds really interesting… and perhaps some of my family would benefit from the sleep lotion as well

  38. I would like to try the charcoal mask, the woman lotion and the sleep lotion. I’m curious about the woman lotion because I’ve recently started using progresterone on certain days in my cycle and it makes a HUGE difference in my sleep, mood, and attitude. πŸ™‚

  39. I just gave my kids booboo buddies (ice packs) booboo juice would be a great addition, especially with my daughter’s eczema.

  40. I shared this on my Facebook page for my blog as well as it’s Twitter account. I would love to try this stuff! πŸ™‚ Thanks for having this giveaway!

  41. I’d love to try BooBoo Juice for my 6 year old’s myriad “mystery ouches” and for my own horrible winter skin irritations.

  42. I’d love the sleep lotion – I used to use a lavender lotion every night before I went to bed, but it ran out, and I haven’t gotten any since!

  43. My family would love the Boo Boo juice! It seems like there is something every hour or 1/2 hour that causes a “Boo Boo” these last few weeks!

  44. I’d love to try the stress-relieving lotion. With commercial lotions, I get a reaction with my gold wedding band and either have to remove my ring or avoid lotion. I’d love a natural alternative!

  45. I’m looking for healthy face products. Thank you for letting us know about this company. I would love to win so I can give this a try!

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