Winter Giveaway Week: Win a ProPur BIG Water Filter System (valued at $290)!

Winter Giveaway Week: Win a ProPur BIG Water Filter System (valued at $290)!

Pro Pur

There’s no way around it: water is a vital part of our everyday lives. I love to chug down a tall glass of cold (but not ice cold, please!) water to quench my thirst – there’s just nothing quite like it. There’s also nothing quite like the taste of chlorine and sediment and general grossness that all too often comes along with tap water. Blech!

I am very thankful to have access to relatively clean water whenever we want it. That is definitely not the case in all parts of the world.

Unfortunately, while your water supply may not make you deathly ill tomorrow (though it has happened on rare occasion) it may actually be a lot less clean than you think.

The water from your tap looks clean and pure . . . maybe a taste that’s a little off or distinct odor, but clean for the most part . . . right? Wrong. The fact is that your municipal water supply is defiled by a long list of regulated contaminants. Per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these contaminants come from industrial waste, agriculture, and urban runoff. What drains into your water supply is where your drinking water begins. (via United Environmental Solutions blog).

When I wrote about the importance of a good water filtration system last year, I summed it up this way:

“Here’s the situation in a nutshell: Dangerous chemicals from manufacturing and industrial waste, from air pollution, from sewage, from landfill seepage into the ground water sources, not to mention additions like chlorine and fluoride which are added to the water supply… much of it ends up in the water that comes out when we turn on the tap and pour ourselves a glass of water.

Though not every chemical that I list below is necessarily present in your personal drinking water, many of them may be. These are some of the most common toxins that are found when tap water is tested:

  • Toxic heavy metals (including arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, and more)
  • Fluoride (hotly debated, I know, but many believe it to be highly toxic, myself included)
  • Chlorine (intended to killing bacteria present in water, but it can cause serious cell damage and is considered carcinogenic, or cancer causing)
  • Chloramines (a replacement for chlorine, that actually produce nitrosamines once in the body, those dangerous chemicals that come from eating nitrates or nitrites, also carcinogenic)
  • Hexavalent Chromium (remember the movie Erin Brockovitch? This is the cancer-causing chemical that contaminated ground-water, exposing a small town to very high levels of toxicity)
  • Medical drugs including: Atrazine (a herbicide which causes decreases in fish populations and changes in animal behavior), Carbamazepine (a drug used to treat bi-polar disorder), Estrone (an oestrogen hormone that causes gender disturbances and deformities in fish), Meprobamate (a tranquilizer used in psychiatric treatment), Naproxen (a painkiller linked to increases in asthma incidence), Sulfamethoxazole (an antibiotic), just to name a few.”

United Environmental Solutions is a company that cares about your health and the quality of your water. Many of us are already familiar with the Berkey systems, also sold on their site. Now there is a new kid on the water filter block called the ProPur Water Purification System.

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image source

Like the Berkey systems, the ProPur is highly superior to any of the typical Brita-style filters on the market. Those types do not filter out the smaller particles such as are listed above, which are actually the more worrisome contaminants. That’s why it’s important to get a filtration system that does more, like the ProPur.

With its ability to remove toxic chemicals like chlorine and chloramine, the ProPur is an incredibly powerful carbon water filtration system that will leave your water free of harmful or nasty-tasting contaminants, all while leaving in the important minerals that our bodies need. These systems are the best of the best, and are a worthy addition to any home!

The United Environmental Solutions site says:

“The new ProPur portable gravity water purification systems are economical, convenient and easy to use. These systems require absolutely no electricity and provides you with reliable water purification anywhere you go.”

The ProPur has a brushed finish (which matches stainless steel appliances) with four beautiful deco designs to choose from, and features an all metal spigot instead of the typical plastic.

It also has a new non-slip pad as well as a solidly made container that is all one piece to prevent cracks and leaks down the road. A separate wire rack is also available to set it on for easy access to the spigot without needing to place it right at the edge of the counter.

Would you like to have clean water that’s actually clean?

Today we are partnering with United Environmental Solutions to give away one BIG ProPur Water Filtration system (including 2 ProBlack-D filter elements) to one lucky winner!

This is a value of $290! The winner will choose from four etched designs. (The BIG ProPur is similar in size to the Big Berkey).

A a huge bonus, Keeper of the Home readers will receive 10% off at the United Environmental Solutions site using the coupon code: koh10off.

Rather than simply leaving comments, I’m trying out a new method for entering giveaways. Click below to complete one Rafflecopter form, for all of your multiple entries, and then you’re done! If you’re reading in an email, make sure that you click through to enter from the actual website. 

*Please note that the winner may choose to receive a travel Berkey instead of the BIG ProPur system if desired.

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Giveaway ends 2/25/2013 at 12:00 PM.

Disclosure: All opinions stated are my own. This giveaway was generously sponsored by United Environmental Solutions.

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  1. This would be fabulous – I’m becoming more and more conscious of what I am exposing myself and my children to in our food and drink. I LOVE the Pebblestone one. 🙂

  2. First of all,I would probably choose the floral deco style 🙂 I would LOVE to have this because my family is on county water,and it’s horrible! You can turn on the faucet and it smells like you just poured out a gallon of bleach. Yuck!! We buy cases of water to drink,which is expensive,not to mention all those plastic bottles!! Definitely praying I win this!!

  3. I would love one of these. My town’s water is so bad, I buy 4-5 of those 2 1/2 gallon jugs of spring water a week. I don’t like the plastic, the inconvenience and the expense. This is a great contest!

  4. Thanks for the great giveaway! I’ve been looking at the Berkeys but am very interested in the “new kid on the block”

  5. My husband and I live near some nasty companies that use chemicals, and I am terrified of the tap water here! We have been buying bottled water for almost a year now, and we desperately need a water filter. I would love this!!!

  6. Thank you for the informative post! My 6 month old is just starting to drink water and I have been wondering about the tap water I have been giving her to drink. This is very helpful! Would love to win!

  7. I would pick the honeycomb pattern. I would love this system b/c our water does have a “taste” that just isn’t right and I do not want to continue to fill a land field with plastic bottles.

  8. I would love to win this water filter system. Being we live in a area where there are no natural lakes all our water comes from man made water sources. I can’t imagine the junk in them. When I run our hit water sometimes the chlorine smell is so bad it burns my eyes. We have a large family of 7 and this water system wound be such a blessing to us.

  9. Neat. I’ll have to do some research into comparing the PurPro and the Berkey. I’m not too big of a fan of the deco styles, but the pebblestone one would be the one I choose.

  10. I would love to win this because I’m concerned about my water supply, and am trying to save up to purchase one…but it’s taking me a while and wining one would be awesome!

  11. I, of course would choose the plain one… comes from marrying an engineer who likes clean lines. But what a neat giveaway! Thanks for all you do here.

  12. I’m regularly looking for ways to protect our family and this seems like another area to pursue.
    I’m a bit of a plain-jane so I’d probably go with the pebble design 🙂

  13. I’ve been using a Brita for 20 years – would love something that filters better.
    I love the “clover design”.

  14. I would probably want the pebblestone one. I would love to win this and not have to go to the store every week to fill up our two five gallon heavy jugs.

  15. What a wonderful giveaway! I have to choose between floral and clover as I love anything with flowers on it.

    I’m currently battling severe outdoor, environmental and food allergies. Am taking drops for outdoor and am on GAPS for the food allergies. Have gone completely organic for cleaning/washing/bathing, etc.

    As you can imagine, this is costly and I’m trying to do all this on disability. I’ve also recently started to suspect I have Chronic Lyme Disease. I have to address that with my specialist but am trying to conserve doctor visits as the co-pay is very costly.

    It would be such a help to win this water filtration system as I’m currently using tap water. I know I would do better with a water filtration system, but just can’t afford it along with all the other expenses. So I would be eternally grateful to win the ProPur.

  16. I would love to win this filter because I know our water is full of not so tasty things. What a health benefit this would be!

  17. I would love to win one of these systems. We just use a pitcher filter system and we are constantly having to fill it up. It would be nice to have something larger for a family of 6. I like the Clover style design.

  18. Oh my! These are beautiful and functional! I have been drooling over the Berkeys, never heard of this kind, but it looks like it would be wonderful, and healthy, to use in my home.

  19. I would love to receive this water filtration system. I am working on drinking more water than ever this year and this would certainly help!

  20. I would pick the clover deco style. I drink so much water throughout the day, I would feel so much better knowing that it was actually really clean.

  21. I would LOVE one as well!!! Water is something that I really want to clean up, but on one income it is unfortunately on the back burner financially. PLEASE pick me! I would be so grateful! And I would talk about the product and the reasons everyone should use their blow money on it 🙂

  22. I am very concerned about my family’s drinking water and would love to win the ProPur Filtration System for my home!

  23. I have been using a Pur filter for a few years to “save money”, now it’s time to upgrade and I have been wanting a Berkey for so long, this is great to know that ProPur is just as good! I like the honeycomb style.

  24. I would love to win this, filtering our water is such a concern, but after the monthly bills are paid, there never seems to be any left over money for a system.

  25. I would love to win! Our water tastes gross and my kids are just used to it now, it would be great to give them pure water. I like the honeycomb and pebble stone styles.

  26. We just moved to a new city and the water tastes horrible. Even after a trip through the Brita, I can taste (and smell!) the chlorine and who knows what else. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! The pebblestone design is so pretty!

  27. I would love to have one as we do not have a water filtration system installed at our home, too costly for us at the moment. I love the floral design.

  28. I would love to win a water filter so my home is healthier, especially my 88 year old mother in law that I care for.

  29. i would choose the plain one… and i really want to win cuz I’ve been concerned about our chlorinated city water for awhile.

  30. I don’t drink much water because I don’t like the taste of our tap water, and I can’t stand the thought of buying bottled water with all that waste packaging. We would be beyond thrilled to win this!

  31. I hope to win because we have been looking at this type of system for a long, long time. I know the benefits of an excellent filtration system!

  32. My 10 y/o chooses to drink water over everything else, unless there is lemonade. A friend of mine has a large water purification system and he has told me multiple times how important it is to having overall health. If I won I think I’d choose the Honeycomb pattern.

  33. We are moving soon, from a private water supply, to where we will be on city water. My 4 kiddos drink almost only water! They love it! We would be so blessed to win this! 🙂

  34. I’ve been thinking about one of these filters for a while now. We don’t live in an industrial area, but we are in the city, so I’m sure there are chemicals and prescription drugs floating around our water supply. I love the honeycomb design!

  35. I would love a chance to win a water system. It’s something I really want for my family, but haven’t been able to save for one that actually does any good. I love the clover design.

  36. I dream of having a water filtration system. And love that this system is attractive too. Because both are important! 😀

  37. I would like to win because the thought of drinking tap water is revolting to me! Got to have CLEAN water. 🙂

    I’d be grateful for any style, but the clover is my favorite.

  38. I never really thought about all the “other” stuff that could be in my water. I would like the pebblestone style.

  39. I have wanted one of these for the past few years. We are surrounded by fields and these farmers use heavy chemicals that I know end up in our water. 🙁 If I was able to chose one, I think it would be the clover. Thanks so much for this AWESOME giveaway!

  40. We love our Berkey so much and would LOVE to win a ProPur filter system so we could donate it to a friend or family member so they can also enjoy the health benefits of clean water!

  41. Wow I didnt know that there was a better filter than Brita,I would love to win! I want to remove all the toxic stuff out of my familes water.
    Thanks for the great giveaway. Brenda

  42. I would love to win a new filter. This is something I’ve been wanting to change since our daughter is just now starting to drink liquids instead of just nursing 🙂 The honeycomb deco is my fav design, but I would probably choose the travel berkey if given the option because I’ve heard so much more great things about them. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  43. Our water is not very good. I would love to try one of these for our family!! Any design, I would just be thrilled for the health benefits 🙂 Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win one!

  44. I would love to win one of these. We have well water which I love, but I would really like to filter the water to make sure we can stay healthy, especially since I have 3 little ones. I would choose the pebblestone!

  45. Would love to win one. I only drink water and a cup of coffee or two a day. This would be terrific to try out. Thank you.

  46. I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting a good water filter since reading about the Berkey…our tap water tastes strange sometimes and it kind of freaks me out! Almost like I can taste chlorine in it at times. Now that we have enough room for a large water filter I really want to get one. I love the pebble design…it reminds me of water filtering through rocks 🙂

  47. I like the pebble stone deco.

    And we would love a filter because we are missionaries overseas, so we REALLY need a good filter.

  48. I want to win because we live in a rural area where tons of fertilizer, pesticides, & GMOs are used & grown and leak into the water supply (along with the “usual chlorine, flouride, etc.”). We are just preparing to move again, to an even bigger farming community…and will be living in a rental, so we won’t have any kind of filtration system for our water. I want my baby, toddler, husband, & self to be able to drink healthy water…without the yucky, harmful stuff BUT also have the healthful minerals in it! I love the FLORAL printed one :0)

  49. I would love one of these systems so that I can ensure I am giving my children the best quality hydration I can. They are little camels, and I it would give me peace of mind to know that they are getting filtered water. I am pregnant, as well, so I want to give the little bean the best quality water possible, too.

  50. I so would love a good water filter system. This sounds interesting. Glad to know it removes so much of what I’m concerned about.

  51. Wow another filter system to look into. I am looking into systems right now. I wonder if they have a shower filter as I am having allergies to the chlorine in our water here in Canada. Would love to win one.

  52. Love the honeycomb style! Would love to win one to have filter water. Definitely, not in our budget for a long time. Thanks

  53. This would be really nice to make sure that my family is getting clean water. Water is one of the most important things for the body.

  54. Ever since my son was born, eating healthy has been more important to me. Cleaner water would be a good addition to all the diet changes we’ve been making.

  55. We live in the city and I want to drink more water but hate drinking the unhealthy water here. And I would also love to know my children are getting a good source of water! The honeycomb deco design is really pretty!

  56. My husband and I have been trying to reduce our fluoride consumption because of health problems. Thus, this water filter system would really be a blessing to us! I think the clover deco style is my favorite. 🙂

  57. I would love to win this because right now we have to travel and bottle spring water and it would save us a lot of time and hassle if we had a water filtration system!

  58. We have been looking into getting some sort of filtration system, but haven’t had to finances to do so yet. We really only drink water in our house and we use it in a lot of baking and cooking, so it’s pretty important that it’s clean water. This would be amazing to win.

  59. I have recently sworn off of all soda pop and water has become my beverage of choice and, of course, I want to drink pure, clean water!
    I like the clover pattern, it makes me think of ‘green clean.’

  60. I would love to have a water filtration system again. We had to move a year and a half ago when my husband lost his job, and we relocated for his new one. We had a water filter in our home, but the house we now rent does not have one. I try not to think too much about what might be in the water we drink. I really like the floral design.

  61. I would love to win this. Our water doesn’t taste that great here and I do use a Brita filter but I know that’s not getting everything.

  62. Wow! The designs are so beautiful! I think I like the floral pattern the best. I love how they are metal and our area has high amounts of flouride in the water, so I’d love to have a filter that works on that too.

  63. I would love to win the Big ProPur Filtration System because we only drink water and milk. We have a faucet water filter, but that’s it. I like the honeycomb design.

  64. I’ve heard about all the chemicals in our water, but never really had the money to buy one of these systems. Thanks for offering one through your giveaway! 🙂

  65. We live in a highly agricultural area, so I have always been concerned with what is in our drinking water. I would love to win this! I especially like the pebblestone design.

  66. After living overseas and having to filter dirty water, I know the value of a good filtration system and those are LOVELY systems, not sure which one I would choose. 🙂

  67. I’d love to give this a try. I think I would likely drink more water if it tasted cleaner/fresher. My favorite is the honeycomb design, but all are nice!

  68. I would love to have one of these! My daughter has multiple chemical sensitivity and anything I can o to lower her toxic burden helps.

  69. This would be great for my family of four. We just moved out to the country in a pretty rural county just outside the city and I noticed our water tasted a little more metallic. I’ve got two children under two to protect and nourish so this would be awesome to win!

  70. I have been doing a lot I reading and such trying to rid our home/apt of a lot of these things, so I am very excited at the chance to win such a great filter! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  71. I have been considering a quality water filter for a couple months now, would love to be rid of the fluoride in our water! My sister had bone cancer so I’m extra skeptical of fluoride.

  72. I live in a rental and can’t instal a proper filter system, and I would love to win this and know we’re drinking (and cooking and making kombucha with) clean, pure water! I think we’d get the Honeycomb pattern.

  73. I really want one of these. I hate having to sniff my water from the tap to see if it has an extra concentrated amount of chemicals. Blech!

  74. This would be wonderful, especially for the little ones as they would be more susceptible to the contaminants. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  75. I would love this! We are living in a crappy rental with plumbing issues who knows what we are drinking! Bottled water adds up quick money and waste wise! I love the honeycomb one!

  76. We have been considering a new filter for a while, and the Berkey was on our list. Now this one will definitely be explored. Thanks for the information. We would love to win one, too. 🙂 I believe the girls would prefer the floral design, but the boys might prefer the pebblestone. We would have to come to an agreement. 🙂

  77. This would be awesome for my family. We went from 4 to 6 over night and the amount of water that we go through in a day is astronomical. This would greatly reduce my burden of water filtering daily.

  78. Would love to have this amazing filter! I too believe that flouride and other contaminants ruin our water. Thanks for the give away!

  79. We just use a Brita pitcher and I’m tired of drinking water from plastic from a basic filter. I’ve been wanting one like this that catches more important contaminates! I think I like the pebble design best.

  80. I’ve been looking at the Berkey system for the last two years while our family has been on a well system. These look great!

  81. I drink tons of filtered water. I didn’t know that these small particles are not filtered out! would love to try this filtration system.

  82. I would love to win this. We have had two earthquakes and two tsunami warnings in the past few months. Clean water is definitely one of those things I want to have covered in the event of an emergency!

  83. I have wanted one of these for a while. What’s more important than clean water? I would choose the honeycomb design.

  84. What a great giveaway–my husband and I have been looking at water purification systems lately, so this is perfect timing!

  85. I like the Pebblestone design – We’ve been using a Brita pitcher for years, but I know it’s not “good enough” so I’ve been hoping to invest in a nicer system someday. This would make it possible to make the switch now! Can’t beat that!

  86. I would love to win the ProPur water filter so my family can enjoy REALLY pure water. I’m torn between the floral and the clover patterns. That are all so pretty.

  87. I can smell the chlorine & I’m sure there’s lots of other toxins in my water I can’t see or smell. I love the honeycomb pattern

  88. This would be such an incredible thing for my family to have. Our water is so horrible that we are unable to drink it due to the high chlorine content. My husband has been complaining about tasting chlorine when he coughs!

  89. I like the pebbelstone design…this water filter would be a great addition to our kitchen…it would be great to filter a larger amount of water at a time.

  90. We currently buy jugs of water from the grocery store and I’d like to reduce our waste. We use a lot of water! I like the honeycomb design

  91. Our family could totally use this! We use a pur filter on our faucet now, but this would be awesome! I’d choose the floral design!

  92. I have well water, but there is some funk in it that I’d like to filter out. For a while I used a cheap filter, but it actually added in “beneficial fluoride” so I stopped. I like all the designs, but I’d probably choose the floral. Thanks.

  93. So thankful we have relatively clean water compared to the rest of the world – and would be thrilled to make it even cleaner with this filter! We’d choose Pebblestone 🙂

  94. Cool! We have well water and are surrounded by farms. It would be great to stop buying water for myself and our two babies.

  95. I’d love to win a Big Pur water filtration system because we just moved to Florida and it has the 3rd worst water in the country! I think I like the clover deco design best 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  96. We want to be more independent and since we live in an old farm house with well water that can not be drank this would be a great help. I like the honeycomb one the best:)

  97. We have well water, but we are surrounded by farmers who spray pesticides. Keeping our water pure is a challenge, especially with iron deposits. We have a filter on our water system, but it still leaves behind an aftertaste. I would love to have one of thee amazing filters! I love the honeycomb design!

  98. I would love to win this so I can stop worrying about what might be in our water, and to know we can always have clean water even when our water isn’t working (well with a pump–no electricity=no water). I like the pebbles design.

  99. I would love to win this prize! I think I would choose the Clover style. Very pretty! I have always wanted this grade and quality water filtration system for my family, but it just hasn’t fit into our budget. We now rely on just a pur filter, knowing, unfortunately, it’s not enough. Thanks for the chance to win an AWESOME giveaway!

  100. This would be a great addition to our home. Your website has been such a blessing when needing ideas and inspiration to live a different way. I would pick the pebblestone design. 🙂

  101. we’ve been recently talking about getting a water filter — this would be great for our family! I like the honeycomb style.

  102. I would like to win this because I don’t want my family to be drinking toxins anymore. I would prefer the honeycomb design.

  103. I love the clover pattern! I would absolutely love flouride-free water, since I’m dealing with a hypo-thyroid issue.

  104. How many reasons do I need to mention? clear, pure water that’s good for you, less waste (we drink a lot of water and go through a lot of plastic bottles even though they are 2.5 gallons), healthier water etc.

  105. I live in the country and would love the chance to have clean water as our well water is not the purest. I would choose pebblestone!

  106. Our family has a history of thyroid disease and issues methylating heavy metals. This water purification system would be a dream!

  107. I would love to win a propur water filter. I had just heard of Berkeys and was looking into them because we have town water. We buy spring water to avoid the chlorine (and other unmentionables). It’s disturbing to run the tap and actually smell chlorine- how is that safe drinking water?

  108. We have been drinking distilled water for awhile, but am not sure that it is the best long term – we need a different solution! This one sounds good!

  109. Love the floral design! I cant stress enough how important it is to be able to have clean water. I have donated money to other countries for them to have that chance to have clean water, now I realize the US’s water needs cleaning before drinking as well, and this product will do great!

  110. Well we live in the country so we have well water and already filter it because its high in iron and stinks like eggs too. I would live to have this to help keep us safe especially when our well pump is not working. I’m thinking the honeycomb or pebble stone design.

  111. I would love to have something this beautiful that would clean our water better than the under-sink filter we have now. It is a middle-of-the-road filter that does an adequate job, but it would be nice to have a filter that provided even better filtration.

  112. I would love to win one! We are determined to save up for a water filtration system this year–despite a tight budget! We have 3 very young children and we live in the city–so healthy water is very important to us! I love the Clover design. 🙂

  113. I’m dying to get a nice water filter, because it’s scary to think of what I might be ingesting through our tap water without realizing it! I think I’d choose the pebblestone design.

  114. Thank you for this opportunity! ?Que est?n disfrutando su viaje! I would choose the honeycomb deco, it looks the most simple and clean.

  115. I like the honeycomb design and truly need to filter our water as we live in big ag country and have a lot of chemicals in our water.

  116. This is something we’ve been needing for quite a while. I’m not sure what design I would choose at this moment. They all are nice. I would have my husband pick.

  117. I love the look of the floral deco system and have been wanting one of these for my family for awhile. It would make making baby bottles so much nicer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. I like the honeycomb deco style and I have wanted to water purification system for a long time, especially for my home use.

  119. that honeycomb style looks to be winning! we too have been considering a filter and are glad to see so many wonderful options popping up! thank you both for this generous giveaway…

  120. I would choose the clover design or the travel one. We are missionaries in Romania and the water here is AWFUL. So hard. Would love to win this!

  121. I would love to win the system because I want to have clean water for my family & if anything ever did happen, we have stored water- I just don’t have a filtration system for it!
    I would choose the pebblestone or honeycomb design 🙂

  122. I like the clover design! Most importantly, I’d love to win this water filter system to ensure the water we use is as safe as possible! 🙂

  123. I would LOVE to win this! I have always wanted to try one of these out….like the Berkey but cannot fit it in the budget. Thank you SO much for doing this giveaway! I like all the designs but think the floral or clover are especially pretty!

  124. I want to make sure that I am serving my family the purist water possible. Love the 4 patterns, I think clover is my favorite.

  125. So far in ChilliwackBC we have been blessed with using our water pretty much straight out of the aquifer but we’ve just been told we are going to have to chlorinate. So sad about that! I’d love to win the filter system!

  126. Our water tastes like bleach occasionally, so a little faucet filter helps that a bit, but I know it’s not catching it all. Would love to give this filter system a try! They’re all so pretty, but I’d pick the honeycomb.

  127. I would LOVE one of these because we are trying to detox our life and prepare for new life in our family. I highly suspect we have MTHFR and are trying to do the most we can to keep toxins out of our life. But trying to get GOOD filtered water on a budget is hard. It would be wonderful to have one of these! As for which design, i’m leaning towards clover, although pebblestone is pretty too 🙂

  128. We are moving to a home with our own well in a few weeks. From water testing we know we have lots of ‘stuff’ in our new water supply. This would be MARVELOUS to win! Thanks!

  129. I really don’t like the idea of my kids drinking all those chemicals all day long. 🙁 I like the honeycomb pattern!

  130. I love the floral one. It would be great to not have to fill our water jugs at the grocery store several times each week!

  131. I’ve wanted a large water filtration system, but I don’t have the budget for it yet. I think I’d like the honeycomb design!

  132. I would love to win this! We live in an area with hard water that about 50% of our town drinks, while the other 50% buy water from the store. I just drink the tap water but the taste is pretty minerally. I would love to have this system!!

  133. Would really like to try the ProPur System. We are on well water in the country, so our toxins are much lower than most, but it’s still necessary and we want to have a system for emergency water filtration.

  134. I would like to win the Big ProPur Filteration System because I care about my family’s health. While it is a difficult choice, I would choose the pebblestone Deco design in the event I would win! Thank you for this offer.

  135. Oh this would be a WONDERFUL win! The calcium build-up and other heavy minerals always stain my things so badly, we often uneasily wonder what it’s doing to our insides! We drink water constantly too!

  136. We recently made the switch to non-fluoride toothpaste and hope to someday get a water filter system. This would be an awesome win for us!!!

  137. we use a pitcher filter right now and i would love to have something that doesn’t have to be refilled all the time. I think i would pick the pebblestone or the the beehive pattern.

  138. I think I’d pick the honeycomb design. We’ve been relying on a Brita pitcher to filter our chlorinated water. And with the filter needing to stay wet, I don’t like how much time our water ends up spending in the plastic pitcher! This Propur would be a huge leap of an improvement!

  139. Would love to win this, as we have city water and I know its so tainted, but can’t afford right now to do anything different!

  140. I think I like that honeycomb style best, although they are all neat. I’d like to know that my kids have access to safe water.

  141. I think I would go with the Honeycomb or the Clover pattern. Our water comes from the Rio Grande River so drinking tap water straight is not something we do. We buy filtered water from the watermill things. I would love one of these because then we wouldn’t have to buy the water and could filter our own!

  142. I would love to win a water filtration system. I have been wanting one for some time and am trying to pull together the pennies to make it happen. I love the etched honeycomb design!

  143. I drink a lot of water and encourage my family to do so. I would love to have cleaner water to drink. I like the honeycomb.

  144. We are currently buying bottled water because our tap water is particularly awful. We truly dislike using plastics and the waste! Oh my goodness. But we rent and cannot install something permanent so the BIG ProPur would be perfect for us! I like the floral design.

  145. I think I’d pick the pebblestone. I’d love to know my family was drinking “clean” water! We’d probably drink way more too!

  146. This looks really amazing! I would love to win it for my grandmother who lives in town and has no way of purifying her water! Any of the styles would be great!

  147. I love this! I hate tasting everything in the water and then knowing what harmful things I’m drinking. I love the pebblestone design of the ProPur system!

  148. We have a Berkey at homes that we love. So, I’d love to be able to send this to my husband’s office so they can have healthy water. The water where we live is terrible and I cringe every time I see people use the water fountain!

  149. We don’t have any kind of filtration system right now, so I’d love to add one to our house, especially one that the kids can easily use and that is so pretty. If I actually won, I’d have to put a lot more thought into the design choice, but the honeycomb and clover appeal to me the most. Thanks for the interesting review and chance to win one! winterwrens at gmail dot com

  150. I am so excited that you are dong this giveaway!!! I really hope that my family can finally benefit from all the goodness of real purified water. I’ve been doing research on this and it is just so expensive that I haven’t made the investment yet. I love the floral design!

  151. oops, missed the question about the designs! They’re all lovely, but I like the floral best. And our main reason for wanting one is to remove fluoride and other toxins.

  152. My husband has wanted a filtering system for a long time…it just hasn’t been in the budget yet. Would love to win one! I like the floral.

  153. We use a Brita filter pitcher now but it’s a pain with a family of 4 to keep it full (or even have water in it at all!) This would be awesome to have a big filter that I could use filtered to cook with too.

  154. I would love to be able to use this to filter our yucky florinated city water. It’s not something we can afford so it would be awesome to win one! I would choose the pebblestone finish.

  155. I would love to have a system like this that leaves valuable minerals and filters out harmful chemicals. If I win, I would choose the clover design. Thanks for this opportunity!

  156. I love the floral design. I really need this because our water is super gross! I hate it. This would help me feel better about drinking more water!

  157. I would love this so I would stop bugging my husband by not refilling our our pur pitcher. 😉 I’m sure it would work better as well! I would choose the Clover design.

  158. I would like this as I have been learning more about purified water, toxins in drinking water, etc. My second baby is due TODAY (!!) and I’d love to be able to do more to ensure my children’s good health at home.

  159. We are about to be moving and will need a water filtration system we can take with us! Right now we purchase purified water from a local health food store. But having a ProPur would ensure we could have clean water wherever we have to stop on our journey (hotel room, friend’s home and then new residence). I would like the Peddlestone or Clover pattern best!

  160. I want the system because our water is gross- I can’t drink it from the tap! I am dreaming about a purification system!!

  161. The pebblestone looks nice. We have well water and I know it’s not the best/cleanest water. I’d love to upgrade our water.

  162. I feel like all the things we are doing are good for us but how much can it help if we are constantly filling up with contaminated water. Also feeling betrayed as I believe my two youngest have white spots on their teeth from fluoride that was in our water when I was pregnant and when they were young. I didn’t know, I thought I was using good filtered water. So frustrating!!!

  163. I’d use this system because, while we are on a well, our water didn’t pass the drinking water test last time we had it tested so we buy big jugs of drinking water. I like the clover design best.

  164. I would love the pebblestone one. We are on well water an while it is better than city water the house and pipes are so old I would love to make sure our water is super clean.

  165. I have wanted one for years. Right now I leave water on the counter to let the chlorine evaporated, but that’s all I’ve managed to do. I like the floral pattern.

  166. I would looooooove to win this. I worry about the water quality my baby drinks and this would help my whole family be more healthy.

  167. I like the floral design. I would love this for our household, we are currently only drinking tap water and have no filtration system at all. I usually have something to purify the water. I’m concerned about my family drinking and eating as healthy as possible!

  168. this would be awesome. where i live , many years back, the water was contaminated by a dry cleaners, almost everyone here drinks bottled water but we cant afford that.

  169. I have been looking into this type of water filter for awhile, unable to afford right now. I like bees so the honeycomb pattern is my favorite.

  170. I have been searching and searching for a good water filtration system… This looks like it! I love the honeycomb one, but more importantly I would love to finally have pure drinking water and not wonder what’s going into my body while I hydrate. Thanks 🙂

  171. I’d love to know that the water we’re getting is so clean! 🙂 I’d probably want to look into the styles more, but I like the pebble one from the little photo I see. Here’s the hoping we win!

  172. Hi, I would want to win this because we HAVE to buy bottled water for everything, even brushing our teeth. Where we live all people get sick from drinking tap water. IT’s not good. Winning this would save us lots and lots of money. Oh, and I’d pick the pebble pattern.

  173. I really need a good water filtration system especially now that they are talking about putting fluoride in our water. It would be great to win this!

  174. I’d love to know we have safe water! Hmmm… I’d have a hard time choosing between the honeycomb design, because I have bees, and the clover. I think I’d have to go with the honeycomb.

  175. Wow, functional and pretty! I am drawn to the clover pattern, but I have been known to change my mind (maybe)! If you boil our water unfiltered, we have so much stuff in it, a crust forms!

  176. I’m interested in winning one of these water filtration systems, because we don’t have anything but a Brita pitcher here. I really couldn’t get a close up view of the four patterns of ProPure systems that you showed at the top of the screen, and I didn’t see them on their website, either, so I have no idea which one I would prefer!

  177. I would love to remove fluoride and chlorine, among the other nasties, so that I can feel good about the water my family is drinking! I like the Honeycomb Deco style one 🙂

  178. I worry about the chlorine smell that comes out of my tap!! I would feel much better knowing the water I’m drinking is clean and pure, as God intended.

  179. Been wanting to improve our drinking water, but I have allowed this to slip lower on the priority list as I’ve been trying to implement changes to our eating first. This would be amazing to win, since the budget has been the biggest obstacle thus far.

  180. I would love the Clover Deco System! I have wanted something like this for so long especially since the little ones rarely drink anything but water.

  181. I would love to know that the water I’m giving my family is good for them, since we rarely drink any other beverage! And I love the floral pattern!

  182. I’ve been trying to get a system like this for awhile. Will they ship to California? I will drive elsewhere if I have to to pick it up. 🙂

  183. A Berkley filter has been on my wishlist for a while. I’d be curious to know more about the differences between the two brands.

  184. It would be so nice to win one of these. Wish our municipal water was actually clean. It’s incredible this filter can do such a good job.

    I like the honeycomb pattern.

  185. I’d love to win this to have truly safe drinking water. It’s hard to choose from the designs, they’re all really nice. I prefer the honeycomb one, although the clover design one is a very close second choice!

  186. I would love to have the honeycomb design to put in our church kitchen so my husband( Pastor) would have good water to drink there and share just like at home with our Berkey!

  187. I would really like to win a good filter as I think contaminated water is NOT helping my son with ASD at all 🙁
    Honestly, I would take any pattern.

  188. I really would love to win this! I fight with our water every day. I have bought so many things to help me feel better about serving my family our tap water. Nothing has worked so far, so we buy our water by the jug and walk it up two flight of stairs every time. This would be awesome

  189. I like the floral but not picky. We are renting and have tried to convince home owner to put in system. No go. We tried the Brita faucet one but will not work with our faucet. So just doing the pitcher but not convinced it’s doing a good job. About once a month they flush the hydrants and the water turns a faint brown for a couple of days. The city says not to wash clothes during that time but doesn’t say not to drink the water–sounds fishy to me!!

  190. I would love one of these. I’ve been so concerned particularly with fluorides and drugs in the water. Estrogen in particular! I can’t choose between pebbles and honeycomb. Maybe pebbles. 🙂

  191. I love the clover design! My family drinks a lot of water and I am currently pregnant with twins, which means I really have to drink a TON. So we’d get constant use out of a water filter system like this one. I’d love to win because we are a low-income family and I doubt we’d be able to ever buy one of these ourselves. Thanks 🙂

  192. Would LOVE a filtration system. our town water looks worse and worse each year. We have pitchers to filter but I know they don’t come close to filtering out the “junk.”

  193. I do love the idea of honeycomb.. 🙂 Though I ate some the other day and realized it was only wax! Silly me. I imagines it tasting like crystalized honey or something. To be honest, we have just started thinking about water purification. I hadn’t thought of it before until I started searching the web for tea kettles, and found that it’s nearly impossible to get a kettle to last more than 5-10 years now because of the minerals in the water–that corrodes the kettle metal! ha 🙂

  194. We have well water where we live, and while it doesn’t have fluoride or chlorine, we don’t know what other things it may have. Having a filter would be great. It helps that this one is so pretty, too! I would probably go with the floral design.

  195. I have become increasingly aware of how toxic our water supply is and continues to be and have thought about purchasing a good filtration system. I would love to have one of these water filters for our family!

  196. I know our water supply isn’t safe, and we can’t really even afford the BRITA filters that we do have, but they are not enough. We only drink water and milk at our house, and the vast majority of that is water, so I’d love to think that the water we have is safe for us! I love the honeycomb design.

  197. oh, this would be FANTASTIC for my family! we’re milk and water only…it would be a dream come true having safer water!

  198. Would love to win, have been wanting a berkey forever and didn’t know there was anything comparable! Any design would be great! 🙂

  199. I think have access to clean water is very important! We actually just bought the Big Berkey for ourselves – I had debated between that and this ProPur filter. I would love to win this to give to my parents so that they could also be prepared in this area. I love the cool designs – my favorite is probably the clover.

  200. This would be wonderful to win! I checked out the designs, and I’m just not sure which one I would choose. I like the floral and clover, but am afraid they may be a little too girly. 🙂 But they do add a bit more personality than the pebble or honeycomb.

  201. We have been interested in getting some type of filtration system for quite some time. I think I would like the honeycomb design.

  202. Water Filtration has always been an issue for me and I’ve yet to find a satisfactory solution. All the designs are lovely, but honestly I only care about clean water.

  203. We recently got a letter that our city failed it’s safety test and there is too much ARSENIC in our water…the letter went on to say that it’s not “unsafe” though and we can still drink. Uuhh yeah right! How is there ANY arsenic in our water?? That’s why I want a filer system LOL!

  204. I would like a ProPur because I feel that clean water is important, I live in the city and currently use a Brita. It would be a helpful addition to my kitchen!

  205. I <3 the honeycomb design. Oh my goodness!!! And WHY do I want to win one of these filter? Because I hate chlorine, fluoride, and all the other junk in our water supply. I'm actually scheduling a home water test in the next couple weeks… and kinda scared about what they may find! 😛

  206. I have been wanting to get a filtration system for quite awhile. Clean healthy water is so important. I am currently ridding our home of chemicals. The next step would be cleaning up our water supply. Thanks!

  207. Clean water is so important, especially living in the desert…I really like the clover deco style filter, and so would my daughter:)

  208. The honeycomb design is so cute!

    I’ve been looking into a water filtration system. The water here is so processed.

  209. I dislike drinking tap water, and I also dislike using plastic bottles. I would get the pebblestone deco one 🙂

  210. I have been wanting a filtration system for awhile…just the peace of mind in drinking clean water- especially with the kiddos.

  211. We own a brita but discovered that they create highly acidic water. My brother has gout and tested the ph of brita vs. tap water. He found the brita water to be significantly more acidic than tap water, so he switched to a better water filter, that did not change the water ph and his gout went away! Needless to say, we are very interested in a new water filtration system.

  212. We have been wanting a Berkey for quite some time. I would love to give the ProPur a try. I would probably choose the floral deco style.

  213. I like the clover one. I have slowly been cleaning my family’s food supply this year, and also trying to drink more water. This would help the health of my family. Thanks!

  214. I always thought I had “pretty good” water. We recently purchased a propur, and let me tell you, it makes all the difference in the world. Our “pretty good” water tastes awful. I would love to win the floral style filter for my mother. Even before I knew what wonderful water tasted like, I thought her’s was awful. You can smell the chlorine and it’s fully fluoridated.

    1. I like the honeycomb one. I would feel very much at ease giving my kids drinking water out of this filtration system.

  215. I need this so much…our water is not drinkable so we have to buy water to drink! I need this badly would love to win it!

  216. I don’t know what design I would pick! That would be hard. Probably the honeycomb! I like the simple brushed design on there website too!

  217. I have been dreaming of a water purifier for years but as an artist, it is difficult to budget for. I started making water kefir and kombucha and so clean water would make these guys happier too.

  218. I would LOVE to win this filter because I have tried the water that comes from it and it is excellent. I cannot afford to buy one now. I really appreciate clean water and have tried many different devices that are overly expensive and flimsy. I live in Florida, a state the has the worst water in terms of hard water deposits and total dissolved solids. The water here tastes horrible! I buy my water from dispensers that are placed in front of grocery store, but even that water is not guaranteed. Once after filling up several bottles I found that the water tasted like soap. This device would make life so much better for me and my child.
    I would choose the Pebble or Floral.

  219. I’d love the pebblestone! I have been looking for a water purifier system for a couple years now. I am dying to reduce the nastiness in our water and would absolutely LOVE one of these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  220. What a great giveaway! I have looked in to the Berkey systems before, so what is the difference? Would be great to win one 😉

  221. I am buying water all the time, I buy 10 cases of water a week because I will not let my family drink Kansas Water at ALL….. Not only would this be better for us a family but lets be real, it would SAVE me money!!! I would LOVE to HAVE THIS FILTRATION SYSTEM for our HEALTH!!!!!

  222. I have a friend who has Berkley system and loves it. I think I like the honey comb or maybe the pebblestone. I would love this in my home with for my water drinkers.

  223. What a great giveaway! Thank you! I think I’d choose the Pebblestone. I would love this as we used to be on a well in CT and the water was amazing. Now we are on “city water” and I just don’t have the same confidence in our water.

  224. I would love to win this because for some reason I hate drinking water. Even with the Brita filter, it still tastes gross to me. My parents’ filtered water is a bit better, but I’d love to get a good filter that would help me actually drink more water. I like all the designs, but the honeycomb is probably my favorite.

  225. I think I would choose the honeycomb or pebble design. We have been getting by with a Brita for years and have always wanted something better.

  226. I worry about our yucky Florida tap water and have been wanting to invest in a good filtration system. I like the clover design.

  227. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I would actually choose the travel berky as I live in Mozambique so transport it a consideration. We have well water that is safe to drink but still, who knows what all is in it.
    Blessings, Laura

  228. I’d love this! It would take us forever to save up for one, but I know it would be best for our family. I’d rather have one that’s just plain, but the honeycomb style is nice too.

  229. I am deeply concerned about the mass medicating with fluoride. I have been trying to educate as many people as I can about its toxicity. I have been looking at the Pro Pur filters for a while now. I hear they are among the best of them.

  230. The city that I live in has been ordered to add chlorine to the water, so my hubby and I have been looking to purchase one of these and voila here you have a giveaway. 🙂

  231. I would love to have one! We can’t afford to make such a big purchase right now, but it’s been on my wish list for a long time. I would like the floral design.

  232. I would so love to win this. We are dealing with some skin issues in my wee one, and I’m trying to figure out what I can do to give his system a break and promote healing. Cleaning up our water could certainly help.

  233. I spend waaaaay too much $$ on bottled water fromthe store — so winning this would save me a lot! I would probably choose the honeycomb design.

  234. This looks like an amazing filter system! I would love to use this instead of the little Brita ones I have now!

  235. The water line (with the filter) on my frig quit working a few months ago and I haven’t been able to afford having someone in to repair it, so I could really use this. I like the pebblestone design.

  236. I would love to win one because our water has chlorine and doesn’t work at all with my water kefir and I have to boil or get it someplace else 🙂

  237. Our family is moving to east Africa this year, and a water filtration system like this is definitely something we want to look into.

  238. I really need a new water filter. I have been without filtered water at home for the last 10 months. They system I have doesn’t work with the new kitchen faucet, rendering it totally useless. This system would work and be such a blessing to me.

  239. I would love to win the Big ProPur Filtration System, as I have long been looking for a filter that can improve the quality of the water in my family’s home . Our health would greatly benefit from this product! I would love the honeycomb design.

  240. I would like to win because our water is terrible and I would love good tasting water. I like the honeycomb design.

  241. Fantastic idea. Would love something like this to take when working in Africa so I don’t have to drink bottled water. I like the pebblestone deco.

  242. I have always used tap water but the more I read, the scarier it seems. I would love to win this water purification system.

  243. I have always wanted one of these for my family for health reasons, it would be such a great blessing to us.
    Linda Finn

  244. My husband actually works as a water operator for the city & he on occasion brought home his water test kit to test the flouride, lead, etc levels in our water. It’s not good!! A high-quality water filtration system is now high on our list of “must haves”. I’d love the honeycomb one!

  245. I would love the clover, second choice floral. Have been thinking so often about wanting to filter our water! Trying to heal our family via GAPS diet and I know pure water is important.

  246. I have been looking at the Berkeys for several months now……now that I see the ProPur, would LOVE to win one! Really like the Clover Deco Style……maybe it will bring me luck?! 😀

  247. What a great giveaway- who doesn’t need this nowadays??? I love natural inspired prints they have, I think the pebble or honeycomb would be my pick 🙂

  248. I would pick the honeycomb design. I would love to win this because we currently don’t have any kind of filter system.

  249. I’d love to have a filter to share with my in-laws so we can have clean water at their house too! And I like the clover deco style.

  250. Know how important water is for me….every part of my body uses water to function! The Pebblestone Decor is the one I would pick 🙂

  251. I like the Pebblestone the best. I want to win, because even though our water has been tested, it would give me added insurance. Ground water can change as people impact the environment. We live on old farm land, so I always wonder if there is something in the water that we don’t know about because it’s not something that the water is typically tested for.

  252. I would love to win it so we can have cleaner water! And I would chose the honeycomb.

  253. I’d love to have a system like this because it would be one more step towards getting my family to be as healthy as we can be! The honeycomb design is just beautiful!

  254. What a great giveaway – one weakness in our preps is water supply, and this would go a long way toward securing that.

  255. I so need a good water filter system and have not been able to get the money together to buy one myself. I hope I win!!

  256. Would love to win this! We are in need of a filtration system and this would look lovely in my kitchen 🙂 Not sure yet which design I would pick. I liked them all!

  257. This would be so wonderful to have since our water here in WI is horrible! I love the honeycomb design!

  258. I have been considering getting something like this since seeing Berkley reviews, but winning one would be so much better! 🙂 I like the clover design, but I think my husband would prefer the pebblestone, so that is what I would choose.

  259. i would love to win this amazing gift. our water system is pretty bad where we live and we dream of getting one to keep our family healthy. thank you so much for doing this giveaway. i love all of the designs. i think the floral one is my favorite.

  260. I would love the peace of mind of knowing I was offering my family clean drinking water, free of pollutants and contaminants. I love the pebblestone pattern.

  261. What a great giveaway! I like the honeycomb design. I’m glad there are more choices in gravity filters joining the market.

  262. This looks like a great water filtration system. I wonder how it compares to the Berkey? I would like to try it!

  263. We have really bad water in our area. It’s the only county in our area that puts flouride in their water. I have a smaller filter for our tap, but it doesn’t get everything out. We would love this water filter. Thank you for offering this.

  264. Oh….nice! I could use some fresh filtered water for sure. Thanks for the opportunity.

  265. I really like the honeycomb and pebble designs on these filters, not sure which one we would pick. I have been wanting a filter for some time, but my husband has been battling many health issues and is now on board. This give-away comes at a perfect time, as we just started looking!

  266. We where just talking about clean water. My refrigerator has a filter system, but it broke. You can sure taste the difference!

  267. I would love to win this system. We have looked into filtration systems, but just can’t fit one in the budget right now. what a great giveaway! I think I would choose the Pebble Stone pattern

  268. Hey! I have always wanted one but they are fairly expensive and so I just keep waiting!! I love all the designs. It would be hard to decide.

  269. We drink tons of water…we’d love this. Pebblestone is my favorite but love all the styles. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  270. I’ve been looking for a water purification system, but they all tend to be so bulky! This one doesn’t look bad at all though…

  271. Love clean water! We have hard water and have a system to get rid of it but you have to use salt and chlorine and we nee a better purification system. Either the pebblestone or honeycomb.

  272. I live in a very small town and continually get notices from our water supplier about arsenic levels being elevated …because of this I only drink bottled water! We fill 5-6 5 gallon bottles a week at our local store…which is a 30 minute drive. This would truly be a life saver…I will have one even if I don’t win one here.

  273. We would love to have something that ensures QUALITY drinking water for our family! I would choose the pebblestone design!

  274. YES !!! I can’t handle not drinking filtered water and always wonder if mine is “filtered” enough. Help!!!

  275. I have read about this water filter system before and would love to win one. I especially love the Clover pattern. Thanks for such a great site and all your helps.

  276. Would love to win this so we could enjoy pure, non-toxic water. We are trying to kick the BAD ‘soda habit’ at our house and really need some GOOD water. I would choose the Pebblestone.

  277. Clover for sure, but I like the pepplestone too. We are using a Brita filter right now and even that low quality filter makes a difference in taste for our city water. I have been looking into Berkey filters but don’t know much about the ProPur. I’ll be checking it out though!

  278. I have been wanting a Berkey for so long now but they don’t ship to California. I would love to win this and I think I like the Clover design.

  279. I would like to win this water filtration system. We have bad well water and my Culligan filter no longer works. It would definately be a blessing to us. I like the floral deco style, but they all look nice.

  280. The thought of what’s in my county’s tapwater makes my skin crawl! I would love to win a filter system so I could ensure my family has the cleanest water – I also love the designs!

  281. As my husband is working his way through a water treatment program in college to make clean water, I am constantly amazed at what he’s learning about what goes into water treatment…and the chemicals used!

  282. I have had a Berkey on my wish list for a while now and would love a water filter like this so I could have fresh, clean, filtered water available at all times for my family. I’d go with the Honeycomb!

  283. I think I would choose pebble or floral. Our tap water is in need of much filtering. My husband does not like to drink it, and our Brita only does so much to help. Thanks for the chance to win!

  284. What a wonderful gift! I didn’t know about this water filtration system before reading this. I think I’d like to have the clover design. =)

  285. I’d love to be able to provide cleaner water to my family, especially in making baby formula. So hard to choose, but I think I’d go with the Honeycomb design!

  286. I like the Pebblestone design. I would love to win a BIgProPur to get all the junk out of our water. We live in farm-country, so our water is riddled with pesticide runoff…yuck.

  287. I have been wanting to get one of the water filtration systems. We drink a lot of water and would love to know it is a pure as I can get it.

  288. oh, I commented, THEN read the questions to answer! I have just been using a brita, but it appears that isn’t getting rid of the most problematic things, so I would love something like this. I would probably pick the Pebblestone Deco style.

  289. We have well water, but I’d love to have more control over what we actually drink. I love that they come in designs now.

  290. We’ve been wanting a good water filter for quite some time, but can’t swing the upfront cost. I like the honeycomb design.

  291. I have been struggling with my health for 8 years & am sensitive to toxins so a filter like this would be a HUGE blessing! Plus I would love to be able to offer healthy water to my 3 little ones & husband! I LOVE the Pebblestone design… lovely!

  292. I would really like to win this filtration system. We have well water and even with the way we filter it now I still have a lot of tummy troubles when I drink too much water. I like the honeycomb design

  293. I would LOVE to win this filter! Primarily I would like it to make sure we are drinking pure, clean water without having to buy it at a store. I would have to have my husband help pick which design, but I think I like the honeycomb.

  294. I would love to win a system like this, to have on camping trips and such. But I do already have a water purification system for the home using reverse osmosis. It is by far the best filtration technology available, so I decided to go that route, just to be as safe as possible. However, having one of these for the outdoor adventures would be great.

  295. I would love to win because our filter is mediocre, this sounds great, I would love the Pebblestone!

  296. The healthier I can make my family,the better! I can’t enlarge the pictures above, but it looks like four neat designs- not sure which one I’d pick.

  297. Oh my goodness…the day I got the email about this water purifier, I had been researching and pricing them. I have had severe health issues and have not been able to work for a year. I have learned how important it is to drink pure water…not only for healing but for health. A disability check doesn’t leave much room for ‘extras’ that help improve health, so winning this one would be SUCH a blessing! I love the pepplestone deco! So beautifully natural!

  298. My husband and I have five kiddos and homeschool. I drive each week to a “natural spring” source about 20 minutes from our house in order to fill about 7 glass gallons of water. I wish it was easier to get there and feel like I have to “ration” out the water when I’m making cooking choices etc. (i.e. soaking beans, making soup, etc.) so we can use the majority of it for drinking. We’ve been talking for some time about getting a berkey, but it’s just not feasible right now. In the mean time, the kids and I are taking the extra time to do our weekly treks to the well. Thanks for the info. We’d absolutely be bl