Want to know if your cosmetics and toiletries are safe?

Want to know if your cosmetics and toiletries are safe?

How sure are you that the ingredients in your cosmetic products (ie. shampoo, makeup, lotion, toothpaste, baby soap, etc.) are safe and non-toxic?

My sister-in-law just sent me an excellent link that I wanted to pass on to you. It is called Skin Deep- cosmetic safety database. This site is a rare gem!

Here’s my challenge to you: Go into your bathroom and choose your five most commonly used products. Go to the site and one by one, do a product search on each item. And be prepared for your jaw to drop…

Here’s a link to one search that I did, just something off the top of my head (I actually use mostly natural and organic toiletries, so I had to rack my brains to come up with a regular cosmetic that I use). I was shocked!

I’ll wait for some of you to go visit this site, and then I’ll be back in a day or two to tell you more about why what we use on the outside of our body can matter just as much as what we put in it!

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  1. WOW — VERY interesting! THanks for the link….I really need to check it out…although, I’m scared! lol

  2. hey Stephanie,
    Great resource. I was just thinking last night as I washed my daughters hair and the soap when into her bath…what was in it, knowing she would probably play in the bath for another 15 minutes. So I’ll check out what we are using. This has been on my list of changes to make along with a few processed things we are still using:O)

  3. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have a lot of generics listed – I couldn’t find the baby wash I use (Parent’s Choice).

    About 3 weeks ago I did buy a deodorant rock when I ordered our vitamins – out of curiosity and also cheapness (90 cents, supposedly lasts 3 months) and I think it works BETTER than my antiperspirant/deodorant. I am very pleased! What do you use in that department?

  4. Good for you, Melody!

    Mrs.M, if you find something good for kids, let me know. That’s on my list of what to look for (I’m using a natural soap, but it’s not tear free, which we’re having issues with lately).

    Milehimama, I haven’t used the deodorant rocks. I’ve heard mixed reviews on them. I’m glad you like it! I imagine I will give them a try soon. I have a heavier duty one that I use in the summer (it’s European, so the ingredients are a bit safer, but it’s still not as natural as I’d prefer), and then I just use J/A/S/O/N or Avalon in the winter.

  5. Thank you so much! This is the kind of information I have been looking for. I wish there were more regulations on these kinds of products.

  6. I am disapointed to see Toms of Maine and J/A/S/O/N as recommended products. I have used both in the past and have come to discover many unsavory ingredients in thier products, a common one is propylene glycol. One must be very careful in reading and identifying ingredients. I have been disapointed several times in thinking I have a good natural producted only to find they are just as bad as the regular stuff.

    Dying to Look Good by Christine Hoza Farlow D.C. is a great resource to tell you what all these ingredients are and resources for true healthy products.

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