Making my home a haven- Day 7 and 8

Alright, time for some major humbling. Here, for all the world to see, are some pictures of how our family room/playroom looked yesterday afternoon:

I haven’t been completely following along with the Making our Homes a Haven challenge, although I have been trying to stick to my morning routine, and make a plan for other things that I would like to accomplish.

Yesterday, one of my major goals was to get this family room not only tidied up, but also to re-organize a bit, especially the bookshelf and my desk. In addition, it was just a plain old mess, and you can also see my ironing table up in the left hand side of the top picture. I just couldn’t get it all done yesterday, because, well, life happened.

But today… it’s done!

One thing I add was our library books and Christmas picture books to the top of the mantel- I like having them up there as a reminder, and also just a fun display of the books we’re reading right now.

Ahhh… it feels so good to have this done. My books are now all arranged by category, my home educating books and materials are finally organized, and my desk is once again clutter free!

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  1. Hi, I just linked here from the biblical womanhood site to check out how your challenge is going. The room looks great! It does feel so good to get things organzed and looking good again. Now.. any tips on keeping it that way? LOL That’s my trouble.. I guess the setting the timer quick pickup is the next thing I have to work on:) Blessing from Amy over at

  2. Your family room looks fabulous! Our rooms look like the before picture quite frequently, unfortunately! Your after shot is great!

  3. WOW! Roses and chocholates to you!!! Great job..and I LOVE the new picture of you and hubby…so, what was the conference you came for down here in the desert?

    blessings and sunshine on you today! lylah 🙂

  4. congratulations! i wish i could do that, too, to our living room!! I love your title, keeper of the home. wow, same as me – we’re both CEOs of our home. 😀

    God bless to you and the whole family. Happy holidays!!!

    hope we could exchange links, i have added you to my blogroll.thanks!

  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I’m so glad the room looks so much better, but naturally it’s a bit messy again (sorry Amy, no tips on how to keep it that way!). 🙂

    Hi Maline, why don’t you send me an email and let me know what your blog is all about? 🙂 Thanks! Blessing on your holidays, too!

    And Lylah, we went down for the Sovereign Grace Women’s Western Conference, last November. So much fun, and I flew over the Grand Canyon and everything!

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