Keeping babies occupied

Last week I stumbled upon a brilliant solution for keeping a younger baby occupied while getting housework or cooking done:

The laundry basket! Why didn’t I think of it before???

It’s perfect for little ones just learning to sit up, because they are happier than being in a chair, all of their toys stay right within their reach, and if they lose their balance, they don’t have far to fall (I just add the blanket in for a bit of extra padding). It’s also so easy to move if you are heading to a different area of the house.

I thought I was so creative, until I mentioned it to a mom of 6 who just brightly said "yeah, doesn’t that work great?". Hmm, maybe I’m not so original after all. 🙂

For more (truly) original ideas, visit Works-for-me-Wednesday!

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  1. I really like that idea, Stephanie! It is new to me. Karis is just starting to sit up and loves it! She hates laying down now, so this will be perfect. Thanks for the idea!

  2. My husband and I joked about “inventing” and baby product in the same image and call it a “Basket Buddy” after it worked for our cutie. You can even attach those ring toys to the basket so they can’t be tossed out (my son’s favorite game, “uh-oh”).

  3. awesome idea, unfortunately my little bugger is trying to walk, guess i’ll have to remember it for my next one!

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