Time for a little modesty

I’ve noticed in my stats that the Modesty category is a popular place for newcomers to check out- and unfortunately, there’s not much in it yet (until now)!

Lately, I’ve come across a few great sites offering modest attire that I thought I would pass on to you:

1) Christa Taylor
; ; This online store sells very cute and fashionable, yet still very feminine and modest, women’s clothing. They have a large selection of skirts ranging from just above the knee, to just below, and down to ankle and floor length. They also have a lovely selection of femininely cut and styled shirts, sweaters, tunics, dresses and coats. Although I dress quite simply, and prefer a more classic style, my husband really enjoys styles with a little bit more flair and interest to them. He immediately loved this site and requested that I spend some of my birthday money there! Just out of interest’s sake, it appears that Christa is the sister of Lindsay, of Passionate Homemaking (I discovered this site through the link on Lindsay’s blog)

2) Shade Clothing
; ;; I first came across Shade while shopping at Costco in Washington. They had a week-long display, of three of their most popular styles of shirts. Just that very week I had been looking for some modest tank tops for wearing under other shirts, and so I bought a 3 pack of their Strap Camisoles. They cost more than I would usually pay for something like a tank top, and yet I have come to find that they have been one of my best purchases. They have a very modest, rounded neck, and are quite long, and the fabric and overall quality is great. I purchased white, cream and black, and I wear one of them almost every day under other shirts and sweaters, and they have really helped my wardrobe!

; ; They also carry simple and fashionable short sleeved and long sleeved shirts, all with modest necklines and lengths, as well as some vests, dresses, and maternity and girls tops. As well, they have something called a slip extender (a type of slip), which goes under skirts that are just a bit too short, and brings them to the knee or mid-calf.

3) The Skirty
; ;; Another Mom in my homeschool group recently sent all of us this link (which I thought was funny, because she has 3 boys!). Basically, the Skirty is a pretty, feminine alternative to putting bike shorts or leggings under little girls dresses. It allows a girl to play a bit more freely, without being immodest, and they look really cute! They’re white, with lace on the bottom- very sweet! Go take a look for yourself!

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  1. Thank you for your encouraging words! Lindsay (yes, she is my sister) and I were just discussing your blog two days past…

    Thanks for the post and Merry Christmas!

    in HIs Grip,

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