The Last Great Giveaway

I’ve owned a cheaper dehydrator for years. It came from a thrift store and it did the job. It wasn’t particularly fun or enjoyable to use, but it worked for me. This last year it started to show it’s age with cracking trays and ripped mesh sheets. My husband and I discussed it and he suggested that maybe I should just buy a good one, since I use it so often. Seriously? I was stoked!

I knew exactly what I wanted. And I knew exactly why I wanted it…

To read the rest of this review and see the incredible giveaway that accompanies it, see my review page.

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This giveaway has now ended. What an incredible turnout of entries! Good luck, everyone! I’ll announce the winner soon!

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  1. Oh what a blessing this would be. As a new SAHM my husband and I are working to try to save as much money as possible…including gardening this year. This would allow for us to preserve even more of our fresh fruits and veggies. PICK ME PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!

  2. I assume this is where I should leave a comment? I have been eyeing that exact dehydrator for about 6 months now and just can’t get myself to spend the money. I would absolutely love it! I would help us to preserve all kinds of things and save room in the freezer! I would also love it to help bread to rise since our house is usually cold enough 6 months out of the year that it becomes difficult. This would be awesome! Now I want fruit leather ­čÖé

    1. Wow, that is the best dehydrator I have ever seen!!! You can not buy anything like that here in New Zealand!! I have been looking for one for a while and they only have tiny round ones. All the best to the person who wins this!! I love your blog, thanks so much for all your handy tips, I learn so much every day! Mel

  3. I would love to win this giveaway. We try to feed our son a very healthy diet and he loves dried fruit and fruit leather. I could save a lot of money if I was able to make it for him myself. It would be a wonderful blessing!

  4. Love all these new features on your blog, Stephanie – congratulations!

    I’d love to be entered into the drawing….


  5. Oh, that looks so cool! I have a round, old, cheap dehydrator that I don’t use often because of many of the reasons you didn’t like yours.

  6. I would LOVE to win this. I have a less expensive dehydrator, too, and really like using it. I have found that it does not have enough room, however, so 9 trays would be AWESOME! I really enjoyed drying herbs from the garden and grinding them for storage (in the coffee grinder, thanks to your post). The herbs are so much more flavorful then the grocery store herbs!
    .-= Michelle┬┤s last blog ..It’s Official – I am Jaded. =-.

  7. I want to be able to preserve food w/o having to can to be as self sufficient as possible while saving money and gardening organically. my husband has finally agreed to dig up the yard for a garden this year and i hope to have tons of vegetables as well as fruit in the coming years. i also would like to experiment w/ some raw food recipes since they look so good and seem practical since i am lactose intolerant.

  8. I would love to have a dehydrator to use with herbs, drying fruit, and making yogurt. Great job getting this for a give away!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, I have SO many entries into this, let’s see, first off, I LOVE dehydrators, but the one I “have” (read: borrow from my MIL) is the wonky circle kind! My little bug and hubs LOVE dehydrated chewy bananas, so that would be the primary use, and apples, and leather!
    Sarah M

    1. Somehow I have three “twitter” responses, but there is only supposed to be one! It said there was an “error” each time I tried to comment, but I guess they went through?
      .-= Sarah M┬┤s last blog ..In Review: Play All Day =-.

  10. Oh my – this would be such a blessing to our family and our budget! I would make the fruit leathers my kids love so much, yogurt (and then maybe my husband would start eating yogurt along with the rest of us) and my favorite, use it to rise bread. I struggle with that in our drafty old house, and to have a nice place for it to go would be amazing!!!! I hope & pray that I win.

  11. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these for all the reasons you mentionedyou use it for. We just started the GAPS diet and it would be SO helpful!!!

  12. That dehydrator would be great for drying fruits of any kind…especially apricots. I don’t like that the ones in the store contain so many sulphites! It would be a great energy booster. What a good way to bless people, Stephanie!

  13. Cool! I have never seen a dehydrator like that before! I would use it to make fruit leather, dried fruit and sun dried tomatoes. After seeing your sun dried tomatoes a few months ago, I made my own and they are so delicious on pastas and pizzas.

  14. I would love to have a dehydrator! My MIL makes some of the best dried fruit, jerky, etc. But if we want any we have to hope she has enough to shit it half way across the country to us. I would love to be able to make my own dried goodies.
    .-= Cassidy┬┤s last blog ..Can I Have A….. =-.

  15. oh my! I would use it to dry fruit for/make granola with. To rise my bread as I JUST STARTED making homemade bread and I find my cold kitchen doesn’t help it rise very quickly. and to make my hubby jerky ha ha he;d love that.
    as well as to dry nuts etc etc ­čśë WOW what a giveaway!

  16. Well, my current dehydrator is a combination of two old, totally different, dehydrators from a thrift store. The trays from one kept cracking so I kept the round white base since it had a fan. I tossed the base from the other because it didn’t have a fan and kept the brown, round trays. To provide an air gap between the base and trays, one tray needs to be turned upside down which provides the dilemma of the upper trays sliding off. To keep the trays from sliding off the base, I cut two sections from ice cream buckets and taped them to the sides to provide supprt. Anyone chuckling yet?!? Ok, so I’m a modern day MacGyveress! I don’t think my husband realizes what I’ve done in order to provide him a steady supply of crispy nuts and homemade hamburger jerky which is out of this world!

    I would like my next dehydrator to be good quality like the one being offered. Since it is a chunk of money, I’ve been praying about it as I desire to be a good steward of God’s money.

  17. Wow!! What a generous giveaway!! Thank you so much for offering this. I have an Excalibur already and I love it. It is so much better than my cheap-o dehydrator.

    However, I would love to win this so I could give it to my friend, Rachel, another full-time, Christian homeschooling mama whom I admire very much and who has been eyeing dehydrators for awhile.

    .-= ChristineG┬┤s last blog ..Weaving a Life =-.

  18. I would LOVE to win this dehydrator! I’m a mom of eleven children and have been wanting one of these for years. This would greatly help me with my food budget, being able to preserve the bounty, especially fruit. Wow!

  19. I have am new to the idea of growing your own and perserving. I have a friend that dehydrates and my chdilren love the fruit and vegges she makes. I cant get them to eat them otherwise. I would love to be able to make my own fruit leather but could never afford even a cheap one. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  20. I’d love to win this too! I just borrowed a round dehydrator from a friend, and it was super fun! Everything is so *different* dehydrated, it’s like a whole different food.

    Fun giveaways!

    .-= Cara @ Health Home and Happiness┬┤s last blog ..Modifying GAPS intro to work for us =-.

  21. I would love to win this giveaway. Like most people hear I would enjoy making fruit leather. I would also like to try my hand at drying sprouted grain. Thank you for the giveaway. I learn so much from your site.

  22. I joined your forum when it first opened up. However, I just left another comment so that it can be counted for the giveaway.

  23. I would love to win this because I have been meaning to do a lot more stuff from scratch, at home, on my own. One of my big hurdles, well totally in my head, I know, has been my mindset that I don’t have the “tools” for doing such things. That said, I let a lot go to waste that I intended to dry (or can, or freeze…) But my little one is a big fan of dried fruit and it makes a much healthier snack than crackers, etc, so I would love to be able to make my own.
    .-= Kelly┬┤s last blog ..Blah…. =-.

  24. I want to win this dehydrator because it would allow me to soak and dry my nuts without using an entire oven – which gets so hot in the summer.

  25. I have an old Ronco dehydrator that I use for herbs, jerky and nuts. Oh and dried fruit. It doesn’t have screens so I can’t do fruit leather or anything that will fall through the holes… I’ve been wanting an Excalibur forever!!! There is no limit in what you can do in one… and I have a fabulous raw cookbook that I’ve been wanting to experiment with ….

  26. Just this summer I have started experiment with a borrowed dehydrator this summer….making mostly fruit stuffs. I have really liked it, and could definitely put this to good use. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    .-= Emily┬┤s last blog ..Another fall project =-.

  27. I would use this dehydrator because I know it has had no cross-contamination with gluten-containing foods. More often than not, the dried fruit in stores has been made on the same manufacturing lines as products containing wheat.

  28. I have been looking at this same dehydrator all summer. I am so glad you like it so much! I got a little one at a yard sale, but it takes so long to process. I spent almost 24 hours making fruit leather for my boys and then it wouldn’t peel off the tray very well. We love jerky and adding herbs to everything, so a good dehydrator would help me take care of my family even better. I’ve been figuring out the best way to get an Excaliber, it’s even bookmarked on my wish list. It would be wonderful to win such an amazing prize!
    .-= Amy Lynne┬┤s last blog ..Homemade Halloween Costumes =-.

  29. I have been dreaming about owning one of those forever!! A cheap one like your old one has been struggling along at my house. I have dried peppers, green beans peaches, tomatoes, various herbs and I am going to dry some onions next week. If I had a better dehydrator I would use it all the time!

  30. Oh my… I think I just drooled a little! I have the old round kind you mentioned, and I use it for making crispy nuts, dried fruit, and wheat crackers. I tried making pumpkin leather on it once — such a hassle! This one would be perfect for that!

  31. Stephanie, that is the neatest dehydrator! I’ve never seen a square one before. I have a small round one with only two trays that I got from a garage sale. It works, but since I have a family of six, I have to do a lot of batches. It would be awesome to win a dehydrator like that and get everything done swiftly!

  32. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I’ve been wanting a food dehydrator for awhile now, but it has justn ot been in the budget. I would love to be able to preserve our garden’s bounty with this dehydrator. Anyone who wins this will be incredibly blessed!

  33. I would like to use this to preserve my herbs for starters, & then fruits & veggies. Yummy! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  34. WOW. This would be incredibly awesome. I have just started to save for one of these. Being a mother and working full time this appliance would save me so much time in my kitchen. Being on the brink of layoffs at my work – I may be able to become a SAHM, and I am praying for that actually…however with that I wouldn’t be able to afford one of these! Thank you so much for your site and all of the wonderful topics that you have introduced me to. I have devoured just about every word you have said…countless hours pouring over all of this information and just finished reading the bootk nourishing traditions. Again thank you for everything you do on this site – and for your family. You are truly an inspiration. God Bless…

  35. Happy Blog Anniversary! I would love a dehydrator because I am trying to have our family eat more healthy snacks and I would love to make things with it. Also we are getting to be more serious gardeners with the garden getting bigger each year. We have a lot of herbs and I desperately want to dry them out in something like this. Hope you pick me:)

  36. I would love a dehydrator for drying fruits and veggies. I’d probably make yogurt too. I remember the fruit leather and banana chips we used to eat as kids! YUM! Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. I would love to have this because I’m down to three trays on my dehydrator (life with a toddler ‘helper’). Come to think of it, even if I don’t win I’d still like to have this. LOL.

  38. I signed up for the forum. And can I just say I love all the topics you’ve set up. Can’t wait to take some time to read through them!

  39. I recently started the GAPS diet and would love a dehydrator! Thanks for your blog and for such a great giveaway! JEssica

  40. Hmmm….so many things I would use this for! First and foremost would be the herbs I grow. And I never thought about drying homemade granola this way!
    Yup….lots of ideas brewing!

  41. Ok. WOW! You knocked MY socks off with this one!! I would LOVE this dehydrator! My husband is a hunter and we like to make our own “beef” jerky. We’re also planning a larger garden this spring and would love to use the dehydrator as much as possible! What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!!!
    .-= Becky@BoysRuleMyLife┬┤s last blog ..Unplugged Project: Change =-.

  42. This would be wonderful for making fruit leather, beef jerky, dried herbs & vegetables, and maybe even granola.

  43. I would love to win this. I have a cheaper plastic round dehydrator (from a thrift store!) right now, and while it has served us well, I would love the versatility of the Excalibur. I have heard so many wonderful things about it. It would be much easier to dehydrate grains.
    .-= Susan┬┤s last blog ..My son failed! =-.

  44. WOW! What am awesome giveaway! This is a lovely dehydrator – in fact I have it already. Just purchased one last month. My husband wanted me to have one, too, and used his birthday money to buy it for me. Can you believe it? If I win this one, I would bless my oldest daughter with it. She will soon be graduating and I can’t think of a better way to pass on great knowledge and encourage good habits and a healthy lifestyle.
    .-= The Cottage Comtesse @ River Rock Cottage┬┤s last blog ..Food, Inc. on DVD =-.

  45. I would love to win this! We are planning on being missionaries in a somewhat primitive location, so this would be great for preserving the produce from our garden!

  46. I’ve been dreaming about an Excalibur. I don’t have the resources (yet!) to get one, so have been using my oven on its lowest setting. Burned fruit leather is not so popular w/ the kids!
    .-= Rachel┬┤s last blog ..Mom’s Relish =-.

  47. I would love a new dehydrator! I found one on Craigslist this summer, but it’s not worth the $10 I spent on it. None of my fruit dried out! Anyways, I would love a new food dehydrator so I can dry my own fruit and fruit leather without any of the added sugar.

  48. I’m a new blogger, a new wife (of a seminary student), and I have a new sense of purpose when it comes to our household and our family. I’m realizing that being a SAHM someday won’t mean I’m “just” a SAHM. It’s a serious calling!
    And I’m trying to learn everything that I can now, so that when God does bless us with children, I’ll be ready to raise them to be healthy, happy kids! This dehydrator would mean so much to me since a.) seminary budgets don’t leave room for dehydrators (want to send me your old one?) and b.) I’m trying to retrain mine and my husbands palates to enjoy simple, real food. Pick me! ­čÖé
    PS– I blogged about it, too!

  49. Amazing giveaway! I’ve just been talking to my husband about wanting a dehydrator. I’ve loved reading your posts about using yours. He wants to plant a bigger garden next year, so the timing would be awesome. I also hope this is where the extra entry from the survey I took, comes in. ­čÖé

  50. I would love a food dehydrator~
    I too bought one a few years ago at a garge sale…..I did not like it so I gave it to Goodwill.

    I will win if it was meant to be~ (and I sure hope its not your old one…hee hee LOL)

    .-= Fruitful Harvest┬┤s last blog ..More Christain Films~ =-.

  51. I would love to win this. I have a round one that was given to me new about 6 years ago and it doesn’t get nearly as much use as I’d like. I don’t like the fact that it’s round and doesn’t have an adjustable heat setting. Winning this one would be awesome!
    .-= Laura V.┬┤s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday – 10/12 =-.

  52. I just bought Healthy Homemaking (the ebook)! I’m so excited to look through it. Now a question for you…should I leave a different comment for each entry or will this entry suffice for all five? Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  53. I would love. love. love. to own the Excalibur Dehydrator!! I have never owned a dehydrator, but I know that it would get lots of use if I did. Drying home-grown herbs, raw recipes, sprouted grains, and fruit for sure. The other things you mentioned are intriguing! This is an amazing giveaway!!!!! And will be so excited for whoever wins!

  54. This appliance would be such a blessing! I cannot stand the prices of organic spices, and the non-organic makes me nervous. Drying my own herbs would be wonderful!

  55. This would be such a blessing to own! I would be able to make so many healthy treats and I love the idea of rising my bread in it!

  56. I would like to win one because I always have to borrow one from my friend Andrea, and I am sure she would like hers back sometime! I make dried apples which my daughter can’t get enough of, and I would like to dry tomatoes next summer.

  57. I am positively drooling. I have never entered a contest before but I am jumping in this time! I don’t have a blog – but I think I’ll start one just to get that entry!! I am barely fluttering with Twitter but I will also figure that out and how to subscribe to your blog. I am so pathetically technologically challenged but this one has me off my duff – I’ve gotta go figure out how to do all of this. Plus, I’ve got to figure out which book I want – at least that part is easy!! ­čÖé Thanks for a terrific give away!! Happy 2nd Blogaversary!!

  58. Awesome giveaway! I would love to use this dehydrater for fruits and veggies. I am also really excited about making granola and yogurt as you mentioned. Thanks!

  59. I’d love to win this dehydrator! I could make a lot of dried fruit in it and it would be really handy for making my yogurt!

  60. I been wanting a dehydrator for a while now! That one looks great! I’d use it for yogurt, fruit, fruit leather, rising bread for sure. I’d probably be persuaded to give soaking grains a try!

  61. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! This would be a perfect addition to our kitchen as we make the transition from the Standard American Diet to a Whole foods diet. What an opportunity to have another way to preserve the Lord’s bounty! Thank you!

  62. Wow, what a giveaway!!! I would love an Excalibur Dehydrator since they are the BEST in dehydrators! I have been looking for a dehydrator and am finding they are too expensive for me. This would be perfect so I could provide healthy snacks for my twins!

    I also began following you on Twitter.

    Congrats on 2 yrs!
    .-= Renee┬┤s last blog ..Balancing Act =-.

  63. Wow! This is great! We were given a snack size dehydrator, which sounds like the one you have, and it does an okay job, but I find I am always having to think strategically to get everything to fit! And have that weird shaped fruit leather too.

    Also, dried fruit is a favorite snack around here and I found when I was trying to dehydrate what was in season the dehydrator would not keep up! It was very frustrating and a lot of extra work, so I would love to win this!

  64. Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to win this! I have been considering buying a dehydrator to make healthy snacks for the family, but since I’m getting ready for baby #3, it’s not feasible for my budget right now. What a beautiful giveaway! Somebody will truly be blessed!
    .-= alexis┬┤s last blog ..We’re Having A Handmade Christmas! =-.

  65. Wow. I have been saving up for one of these. I use my oven, which goes down to 170, to dehydrate crispy nuts and soaked oatmeal on a monthly basis. I also use it to make dried fruits and tomatoes in season. The wasted energy and the killed enzymes makes me sad. The lack of treys makes the dehydrating process slow going. I would use a real dehydrator at least monthly and probably more often. I could dry much more fruit, but I don’t at this time b/c of the wasted heat/enzymes and lack of treys in my oven. Thank you for the amazing giveaway.

    I tweeted it and subscribed to your blog.

  66. We borrowed one of these from a friend a while back and my husband made the most wonderful beef jerky. I would love to be able to have one for our family!

  67. I can’t believe you are giving one of these away! I have been humming and hawing about buying one for years. My mom had one and we grew up with homemade fruit leather all the time. I would like to pass that tradition on to my children.

  68. This is so exciting! I quite working 15 months ago, we sold our home & moved into an apartment. It’s been beyond worth it, but with a small freezer & no room for a stand-alone freezer, food storage is tight. We have plenty of room to store dried food, though, & this would be beyond a blessing! Thanks for this giveaway.

  69. I would make fruit leathers — my favorite snack! — if I won. And I’d cut them out in pretty shapes for my daughter. And send them to work with my dh. Mmm, fruit leathers. ­čÖé

  70. This is a dehydrator’s dream! I’ve been wanting one of these since my garage sale, podunk dehydrator stopped working. Thank you for the chance to win one!

  71. Entry #1: I would love a dehydrator and would use it mostly to dry fruits. I would love to make fruit leather. Also, I would love to use it to dry tomatoes. I don’t have a dehydrator at the moment but it has been on my wish list in my mind for a while.

  72. This is great! I actually bought a book yesterday via paypal. It was your “Cream of the Crop” e-book! (My email address from paypal was ssmast@hotmail ifthat makes it easier to find?)
    Sarah M
    entry #1 for book!
    .-= Sarah M┬┤s last blog ..In Review: Play All Day =-.

  73. I totally want this — I have a Nesco dehydrator (from Wal Mart — yuck!), which has all the not-so-great things you listed about yours. Hope I win!

  74. I would love to have a dehydrator for making dehydrated veggies to snack on in place of chips or crackers. I’m trying to cut out as much processed snackage out of my diet as I can.
    .-= Daria @ Daria Can Cook┬┤s last blog ..Nu Naturals Review =-.

  75. Entry #6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    I just bought your printed copy of Healthy Homemaking.

    ( I think your site thinks I am spamming you because I am entering so many times.)

  76. Well I can only do one entry (since I have already done the other things I can do LOL) but I might as well enter anyways! The odds are going to be like one in a million LOL ­čÖé

    Why I would want to win: because I could really use a larger dehydrator. I actually already own an Excalibur 4 tray model (actually it is in use as I write, and has been for several days, drying apples and now tomatoes). However the 4 tray model is so small. I have been using mine in constant all day and overnight use often to get it to work. It was a gift so I had no option for the bigger one. If I had two, then I could actually save a ton of work and do it all at once!

    What I would use it for: mainly drying garden produce or things bought on sale/bulk/seasonal or discounted items. I would use it to dry everything at once rather than continually refilling.

    I definately recommened these dehyrdrators too! Way down the road, if I don’t win of course, I will be saving to buy a bigger one.

  77. I would LOVE to win the dehydrator. I have an old hand me down one that doesn’t have mesh or anything so I can’t use it for a lot of things. I would love to have it especially to try the granola. Thanks ­čÖé

  78. I’ve looked at the Excalibur before–everyone seems to agree that it is the best in the way of dehydrators. I think I’d use it for tomatoes and other things from the garden, also it would be a great way to preserve fruit when its on sale. And I like the jerky idea too, or summer sausage…..yum.

  79. Wow, what a beauty! I’m in the same situation with my thrift-store dehydrator–this harvest season might be it’s last. I’d love to win the Excalibur!

  80. My lands…that dehydrator would be SUCH a blessing! I was just telling my husband last night that I was trying to decide between a dehydrator and a grain mill for Christmas – how wonderful if I wound up with both!

  81. This is one cool dehydrator, I tried a few years ago with a cheap used one and this didn’t turn out very well. This machine inspires me to give it another chance, and with a variety of new things. COOL!

  82. My husband’s been mentioning that he’d like a dehydrator for awhile … imagine his surprise if I win this one! Thanks, Stephanie!

  83. I’m in the same boat you were. I have a hand me down, cheaper dehydrator that has served it’s purpose, but is looking very, very sad. The top has a piece broken off that I have jammed back into place. Also the holes in the trays are too big for some items, and I don’t have any mesh trays.

    So, this would be a very welcome win for me indeed! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  84. I would love to win the dehydrator! I could see it being used to make yogurt, dry fruit and yummy raw treats!
    You got me on to Twitter, ­čÖé
    And I tweeted my first first tweet about this great give away,
    I subscribed to your blog, it looks like fun…
    And I joined the forum!

  85. I would love to win this dehydrator and would use it as a way to save the goodness of summer fruits and veggies for cold wintry days!

  86. Hi! I’d love a dehydrator as I am working hard at learning food preservation that does not require canning or freezing. i followed you on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway ­čśë I am @fthillagrarian on Twitter.
    .-= Michelle┬┤s last blog ..Did you hear that loud clang? =-.

  87. OMG I sooo hope to win this!!!! I have wanted to do more with dehydrating because of camping with scouts, managing health problems, and making use of the extras from the husband’s garden!

    See my blog entry, and I tweeted several times about the contest and my lust for this item, and even posted my wish and info on the contest to my Facebook page!
    .-= Eilish Higgins┬┤s last blog ..I have so wanted to do more with dehydrating foods….. =-.

  88. Oh my word! We would be so blessed and thrilled with this. We have an apricot tree that we would love to be able to dry the fruit from, as well as growing tomatoes and other fruit. My husband has a lame, energy inefficient dehydrator that we’ve wanted to replace for a long time.

    I have blogged about this giveaway.

    I just subscribed to your blog.

    I’ve also just joined your new forums.
    .-= Ranee @ Arabian Knits┬┤s last blog ..Four Great Giveaways =-.

  89. I would love to win this, because I have six kids that I try to feed as naturally and as locally as possible. I would love to use it to dry sprouted grains. Fruit leathers would be cool too!
    .-= Ginny┬┤s last blog ..And into the pit I fall =-.

  90. I would love a chance to win this. I have been looking on craigslist and at local garage sales and have not been able to find a dehydrator. The only one I ever came upon was not guaranteed to work, and they still wanted $10 for it. My husband recently lost his job, so purchasing a new one was out of the question. This dehydrator would be a blessing to us and several other families. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

  91. I would love this dehydrator! I am trying to eat more sprouted grains as I am on the Maker’s Diet for health reasons. We have a grain mill, but would love to be able to use my own sprouted grain when milling. Thanks for your encouraging site!

  92. Oh! I have wanted this! I would use it for everything you mentioned in your post. I think making granola and drying fruit would be my favs. I never knew you could use it for yogurt, another great reason to get one. Love your new site. I have really enjoyed your site and have learned so much.

  93. I would LOVE to win this because this is something I could never talk my husband into Lol and we could use it for soooo many things! My husband is an avid hunter and we make a lot of jerky. Plus, I dry my own herbs. I could also use it for the fruits, veggies and berries we grow. I try to feed my family organic, wholesome foods and this would go a looong way in helping financially in our house!! Thanks for the giveaways!

  94. Hi, Stephanie – I’ve subscribed to your blog for some months now, but I don’t believe I’ve commented. I joined your forum yesterday and that is fun! I would love to win this dehydrator, though at #192 I doubt I will. ­čÖü That’s okay – I’ll be glad for whoever does. ­čÖé I’ve been using a cheapo dehydrator for some time. Mostly what I dehydrate are sprouted grains, for flour. I know I’ll be upgrading someday as my current dehydrator is running hot. Thanks!
    .-= Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS┬┤s last blog ..How Do You Pick Your Battles? (My Kitchen is a Mess!) =-.

  95. I would LOVE this dehydrator! why? Because I have tried to dry out my soaked nuts and grains so many times in the oven with very little success, for many reasons! I have talked about getting one, but have never saved the $$ up for it.
    THanks for doing this!

  96. I would love the dehydrator because I have tried so many times to dry out my soaked grains and nuts, with very little sucess (in oven)!

    Thank you for doing this! I am way excited!

  97. Wow, what a blessing this would be!!!

    I would use this for fruit and vegetables, and think it would be awesome for rising bread. It would definitely make yogurt making easier, and I would love to try soaking grains as well.

    What a wonderful kitchen tool, congrats on your purchase and THANK YOU so much for the chance to win!

  98. Just joined your forum. Thanks for the opportunity to share my passions! (and thanks for a bonus entry in your drawing ­čśë ­čśë

  99. Subscribed to your blog. Previously was just stalking via my favorites button. I thoroughly enjoy reading your archived posts.

  100. Now, I would love love love to have this dehydrator. I have recently gotten to stay home with my family, shich is about time really since I homeschool and have five children!! I find myself now getting to do all the extra things I couldn’t do before like take the time to prepare all of our meals from scratch. We also joined a produce co-op in our community recently adn would love to be able to get double orders and dry out some of teh wonderful fruits and veggies we get. I would love to add dried fruit and veggies and leathers to our on the go snack list!

    Thanks for the entry!

  101. I would probably use it mostly for fruit leather (at least at first). My husband is a great sport when it comes to my always making healthy food but I’m bad at having snacks around for him and he loves to snack. It would be great to make a healthy snack to have on hand.
    .-= MacKenzie┬┤s last blog ..You Don’t Have to Put on the Red Light (Camera) =-.

  102. I’ve been wanting one of these for the longest time but haven’t been able to justify the expense to myself! Just closed on my first house, complete with a sweet kitchen, so this seems like an opportune time! Would love to have one of these bad boys! Thanks!!

  103. I would for sure use this for drying fruits, but would love to try some of the other things you use yours for! Thanks for the giveaway ­čÖé
    .-= Greta @ Mom Living Healthy┬┤s last blog ..Fitness Plan Friday =-.

  104. Wow!! That is an awsome dehydrater. Mine got lost in our move to Ontario. I would love one like that. The fruit leathers I would make, not to mention the veggies and fruit from my garden or bought in season.

  105. WOW! That really is a fabulous giveaway. As a gluten free family, I want to be able to make more of our snacks instead of spending extra money just to make sure they are gluten free. I would love, love, love to win this dehydrator. Oh, the possibilities… Thank you for such a great giveaway!!
    .-= Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads┬┤s last blog ..Foto Friday: Motion Challenge =-.

  106. Oh sorry Stephanie, I didn’t realize I had to go back to the main page to comment. My son has severe food allergies so this would be excellent for making him some special yet healthy treats.


  107. I would really love to win this dehydrator! I’ve never had one that works, so I’m sure the possibilities are endless!

  108. Oh! My! GOSH!!

    I would LOOOOVE to win this!! I”ve had a food dehydrator on my wish list for a LONG time now!! I’d use it for fruit leathers … dehydrated fruit for longer storage …. JERKY (!!!!!!) … making our own sun-dried tomatoes … Oh GOSH … what I could accomplish with one of those babies!!
    .-= Brandy┬┤s last blog ..Baby, it’s COLD outside! =-.

  109. I would love love to win this to make my children fruit leather, ok, and some for me too. Also for apples, herbs and other garden greats.

    I had already joined the forum…I am so excited about it.

  110. I’d love to get this for my mom, she makes snacks to give to my diabetic grandfather and dehydrating fruit would be a great snack for him!

  111. I would LOVE this dehydrator. I’ve been wanting to get one, but we don’t have the money right now. It would be great for preserving garden produce, but I also want to try soaking and drying nuts, and sprouting flour. And fruit leathers.
    .-= Miracle Quelle┬┤s last blog ..God is Love =-.

  112. Wow, what a giveaway! My husband I are trying to eat healthier…. and he loves things like dried blueberries and banana chips, so something like this would be a boon!

  113. I would LOVE to win this (chagrined smile) because I already have a 9 tray Excalibur dehydrator and I could really use another one! We have 9 children, and we could be making granola in one dehydrator while we make yogurt in another. I love (have) to cook in large batches. I also have 2 refrigerators, 2 freezers, 2 stoves – but only 1 dehydrator. ­čÖé

    We love our Excalibur! We’ve made all sorts of dried fruits, yogurt, buttermilk, fruit roll-ups, granola, jerky, dried herbs, and raise bread dough. It’s a great piece of equipment. We also are gardening now, and will need to put up a lot of food.
    .-= Kimarie @ Cardamom’s Pod┬┤s last blog ..Wordless: Two Cute Kids =-.

  114. Oh how exciting… I too have a worn out little round dehydrator that has gone kaput…. every year I have a huge garden and dehydrate many herbs, tomatoes, etc. I would LOVE to win one of these lovely dehydrators…. how exciting!

  115. I have just recently found your site in trying to find better and truly healthier ways to feed my family. My husband (US Navy) and our family have been sent to Canada for a posting. I have found one other family following Nourishing Traditions and she has taught me alot. She just bought a dehydrator and I never knew how great they could be. I have decided to purchase one but I am saving up to buy a pretty inexpensive one b/c with this move we have been under a tight budget. I have been using my oven like crazy and i am realizing that this is way too expensive of a route. Anyway, to get a top of the line dehydrator would be amazing. Regardless, thanks for all the time you put in, I am encouraged by your website and your life.

  116. I, too, have a small dehydrator. I use it for my garden produce, primarily for tomatoes. I would love this model. I have looked at it, but it is not in the budget right now. I would like to try making yogurt in it. I didn’t know you could do that. I make mine in the oven. Please choose me!
    .-= Jodi┬┤s last blog ..Random =-.

  117. I would love to win the dehydrator! I have an old one from Walmart that barely works anymore. We love to dry the herbs that we grow and the extra fruit and veggies we get from our organic coop.

    I also follow you on Twitter (@ajoyfulmom)

    I’m a member of your forum as well.
    .-= Laura┬┤s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  118. I have been interested in srouting and drying grains for bread. Winning the Excalibur would let me experiment!

  119. I would love to win this dehydrator. I am loving saving food from the garden for my family throughout the year. It is such a blessing to be able to preserve the bounty without always using the freezer or canning everything else. Thank you for the opportuntiy to win!

  120. What a wonderful giveaway!! I would love to win this because we are missionaries overseas and always have to borrow a friend’s dehydrator when we want to dry the gazillion bananas from our banana patch ­čÖé Our gluten-free daughter LOVES dried bananas!

  121. I’ve wanted one of these for so long. I can’t eat sugar so I’d love to be able to dry fruit and use it in my baking….I can’t stand to pay $5 a bag for special dried fruits.

  122. I would love to have a dehydrator again. We sold our last one when we moved to another state and I miss making my own apple rings and pineapple slices.

  123. Wow, this is a great giveaway – I am not easily inclined to beg, but I would if I thought it would help me. I have admired the excalibur from afar for many years. When i was in my twenties I had a small, inexpensive dehydrator that I used very often. It made alot of noise and used alot of electricity, but oh the taste of banana, apple and watermelon chips made it so worth it.

    Somehow, I dont remember all the gory details now, I left the cover on the gas stove and accidentally melted/warped it. Havent had one since.

    So besides all the fruit chipping, especially watermelon (tastes like candy) I have to catch up on…I would definitely do tomatoes with seasoning, herbs which I have been growing a couple of years, but dont know how to process, and possibly some jerky and healthy fruit roll-ups. The possibilities are endless. ­čÖé

  124. I don’t have a blog, and don’t think i could start one on such short notice, but I did join the forum ­čÖé

  125. Oh wow, my Mom had an Excaliber Dehydrator and we used it ALL the time! I’d love to have one and I’m sure we’d dry lots of apples and bananas (my dad had even made a contraption that sliced a whole banana at once!), fruit leather, and probably beef jerky for starters. Who knows what else we would do? The possibilities are endless!
    .-= Julie Christine┬┤s last blog ..My First HSBA Swap – What Fun! =-.

  126. Wow such an amazing generous giveaway…
    I would love this to make food for my kiddies..
    I have own a dehydrator but mine finally died after 10 years or so of use…
    My little guys are both special needs and eat very differently…
    We grow our own foods( veggies that is ) to help give them the best……
    I heard of this dehydrator before but money does not allow for such a purchase…

    I will also add this to my blog as soon as I can figure out how to do it…I am pretty green when it comes to knowing how to do this posting things
    To tell you the truth…I have no clue how to do it!!
    .-= nadine┬┤s last blog ..Out of clouds…Can you see HIM… =-.

  127. Well, I’m 60 y.o. and have dreamed of this for years. It would be wonderful to dry my ‘stuffs’ with, and to finally make yoghurt! And I just know I would find many, many uses for this. ­čÖé

  128. I would LOVE to make fruit leather and dried fruits for my kids!!
    .-= Beckie Tetrault┬┤s last blog .. =-.

  129. I would use this dehydrator to make healthier snacks for my family! It’s something I’ve been toying with trying, have dried a few things without one, and am excited about the options this dehydrator gives!

  130. I WOULD LOVE THIS!!! I have been looking at this exact one! The wonders you can do with a dehydrator! Love all the new blog features, especially the forum! Kristy ­čÖé

  131. Why would I like one? I do not currently have a dehydrator, we used to use one growing up, but have not bought one now that I am married and no longer able to use my parents. My husband and I are training to serve as missionaries in a remote tribal location and I know it would be so handy as we will not have the conveniences of having a local grocery store nearby for us to be able to go and get some healthier snacks, and lots of perishables will consist of what we can grow ourselves.

  132. I would love to try to make my own fruit leather…maybe banana chips… I’ve never had a food dehydrator, so I wouldn’t know what to do with it at first…a lot of trial and error (and a lot of google ­čÖé

  133. I would like one for fruit leather, veggies, herbs and I never thought of making yogurt, but that sounds good too.

  134. My husband and I have wanted an Excalibur since this past summer when we learned of them. We would make good use of it to process garden produce and make beef jerky. Thanks for the chance to win.

  135. OOOOh! Would love, love, love one. I’ve been searching my local thrift stores, but nothing yet! A new free one would be even better. Oh how easy packing for 2 weeks of camping in the north would be!….not to mention the fruit leathers, dried fruits, dried veggies…..oh boy!

    Love your blog by the way, what an inspiration!

  136. Thanks for this opportunity. I would love to win this dehydrator! I would use it for drying soaked nuts, making granola, drying herbs, making yogurt and crackers.

  137. My husband has been wanting an Excalibur for awhile now! He wants to make jerky. But, I could think of lots of other ways to use it! Got my fingers crossed! WOOHOO!

  138. Wow, I would love one!! this is like the one my mom always used. I’d love to make beef/deer jerky like she used to ­čÖé

  139. How wonderful! A friend of mine just got one of these and made these wonderful raw cookie balls in hers that were SO yummy! I’ve been craving them ever since and that was 2 months ago!!

  140. I am new to the “whole foods, green living, wonderful homemaking” idea and am so excited about the journey that I feel the Lord is leading me and my family! I am always eager to learn new things -especially something that makes my family healthier! Please enter me in this drawing!!!!

    Thanks and God Bless-

  141. I would love to win a dehydrator. After living overseas for a year, we are now back in the states and just recently discovered that my husband is gluten intolerant. The dietary adjustments we are making would be helped by owning a dehydrator for making fruit leather and other snacks that we can no longer buy due to the ingredients. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I really enjoy reading your blog, since I am still learning about the world of more natural living.

  142. Wow! Someone who wins this will be so blessed. I’d like to win because this appliance would help me to make frugal, healthy snacks for my family, I would use it to make fruit leathers, dry sprouted grains, dried fruit, dried veggies, dried herbs, crackers, granola, and I’m sure I could find other uses.

  143. Wow! One of my own would be great instead of borrowing it from my in-laws when we need it! I loved your tip about using it to help bread dough rise…genius! I would also use it for the many backpacking trips we take!

  144. I just bought your e-book, which I’ve been really wanting to get anyway. I’m excited to read it! Thanks for the discount, and the 5 extra counts!
    .-= Miracle Quelle┬┤s last blog ..God is Love =-.

  145. Oh, I’ve been trying to move into new ways of preserving summer’s bounty. This si a great idea.

    OOOOHHHH, just read someone’s earlier comment. Herbs is a great idea.
    .-= Creative2xmom┬┤s last blog ..Works for Me Wednesday =-.

  146. I would love to own one of these for drying herbs. I want to make my own dried onions and I want to dry fruits and other vegis.

  147. Oh my! I would love to win this dehydrator! I would use it to dry soaked nuts, apples, bananas, and extra veggies from our garden.

  148. Oh la la!

    In my fam, we are very sensative to sugar and I’m always looking for dried fruit without added sugar. This would be PERFECT. What a great giveaway!
    .-= Katherine┬┤s last blog ..I heart my husband =-.

  149. Ooh, I would love to try a dehydrator. I’m just starting to get into food preservation, but we have very little freezer space, and I’m a little intimidated by canning, but I do plan on trying it someday soon. I would love to start making fruit leathers, dried fruit, granola, yogurt, etc, but I don’t have an easily available place to do it. The oven in my apartment might possibly work–I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it’s likely too warm, even on the lowest setting. If I don’t win this, I’ll have to give it a try either way, but it would still be nice to have something specific for the job!

  150. I would love a dehydrator for making fruit leather dried mangoes and yogurt. I’m sure I could find so many other things to make if I had one!

  151. Oh I would love to win! My desire to feed my family of 6 a healthy diet can be overwhelming at times with all the other things going on :). Anything that helps out and saves time and money is Wonderful! Right now I use my oven.

  152. Although I don’t own a dehydrator, I wrote a grant for my daughter’s 3rd grade class and was able to get one for the school, and have been volunteering in the classroom to teach children about food preservation every year since (my daughter’s in 7th grade now). During the summer, when school’s out, I’ve been lucky enough to borrow the dehydrator. I would love to win this contest so I could have my own dehydrator to use all year! I dry tomatoes from my garden and experiment with raw food recipes, so winning this dehydrator would be so awesome! I would really use it. : )

  153. I would LOVE this dehydrator for using and enjoying our produce in the long winters here in Idaho. I was thinking about dehydrators earlier today, and wishing I had one to get a start on Christmas food packages for the extended family!

  154. I would love to have one of these dehydrators to make a variety of dried fruits/veggies, but mostly to make large jars of yogurt!

  155. Initially I thought the biggest use I would get out of the dehydrator would be drying sprouted grain for grinding. But drying nuts and fruit are also high on the list. Also, the idea of using it to rise bread dough just sounds so much easier than trying to do it in the oven on warm and then hoping it doesn’t fall while I take it out to preheat the oven. I think this dehydrator would simplify sooooooo much of our kitchen routine.
    .-= Melody Joy┬┤s last blog ..G-G-Giveaway @ Kitchen Kop =-.

  156. Oh goodness! The Excalibur Dehydrator looks amazing!! I have been doing research on dehydrators, and this one certainly looks great. If I won this, I would make delicious sundried tomatoes, dry all my jalapenos and banana peppers from my garden, make fruit jerky until my heart was content, and then start drying fruits and other veggies… It would help our family so much to be able to frugally buy in bulk and then preserve!!

  157. I’d love a food dehydrator; mainly for drying fruits and making yogurt. It’s on my list of dream appliances. ­čÖé

  158. Yes, I would be delighted to be entered into your giveaway, Steph. I have not as of yet purchased one, but my mouth is watering at this giveaway. Great work! I would love to use it for preserving summer bounty, herbs, tomatoes, drying granola, yogurt, and fruit leather to name a few. I would even venture to add that I might try jerky making. ­čśë I would be blessed to win! ­čśë

  159. I have been wanting a dehydrator for a long time! I would do many things with it including:
    raw live sprouted gf granola & cereal
    dehydrating in-season veggies (my roommate works at the farmer’s market and will often come home with more than we can handle)
    making my own gf crackers
    making yogurt
    drying sprouted nuts & seeds so I can have them on hand instead of having to think a few days ahead if I want to use them in a recipe

    & on & on!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. Mmmm… Tomatoes! Apples! Pears! Peppers! I would be a drying fool with an Excalibur Dehydrator! I had a very small garden this year, but am planning for a bigger one next year. An Excalibur Dehydrator would be put to *good* use in my kitchen!

  161. Subscribed to your blog! (I already submitted this comment, but it didn’t show up, so I apologize if this is a repeat!)

  162. wow! this has been on my list of things to buy soon…forever. I would use it for drying garden veg and for fruit leather and definitely for yogurt since i make it every week.

  163. I would love to win this dehydrator so I can give my father in law back the one I borrowed from him. I would love to try making yogurt in it as well as fruit leather. This would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  164. My name appears under the following post (I don’t have any kids at home-but my comment shows up elsewhere under a different name.)
    “Posted by: Jonell | Oct 30, 2009 at 9:23 pm I would LOVE to make fruit leather and dried fruits for my kids!!
    Beckie Tetrault┬┤s last blog .. My ComLuv Profile”

    And one of my posts appears under another’s name. It is a minute after my first post, and also comments as an entry.

    So both of my names that do show (wrong comments) appear that I’ve entered twice when actually one of them should say I joined the forums. Whew….I know this is confusing; now I’m confused! lol

  165. Oh my, oh my, oh my! I have been envious of your dehydrator since you first pictured it in a post! My husband has heard numerous times about the wonderment of a rectangular “oven” style dehydrator ­čÖé
    I have a cheap, round one that I got at a garage sale for $6. I am sorely disappointed with its performance so far!
    I would definitely be doing more fruit leathers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.!
    Thanks for the giveaway. This is the best one yet! I hope I win!!! ­čÖé

  166. OK, I would love to win this– I almost bought one of their refurbished ones this summer, but talked myself out of it since the garden isn’t up and going here in the new place yet. Would’ve loved to have had it for drying all the cherries on our 2 trees and making yogurt though…

    And I would love to learn how to make fruit leather!

  167. I joined the forum– just left my “Another hello from Oregon” post!

    I’ve been a subscriber for awhile and bought your e-book awhile back, but I’m assuming those don’t count for this contest. Sorry, I don’t Twitter, and my blog is woefully neglected these days…

    I’ll just have to hope the win is meant to be ­čÖé

  168. 1) I would love this dehydrator as we put in a fairly large garden. I expanded my preserving this year to canning and would LOVE to add drying next year!
    .-= Lenetta @ Nettacow┬┤s last blog ..Dehydrator Giveaway! =-.

  169. I’ve been wanting to try making fruit leather for over a year now so I would for sure make that and I dry all my herbs on cookies sheets laid out all over my house so I would love to use a dehydrator! After I did both of those I’d expand my horizons and make some of the things you listed! I haven’t tried drying my sprouted beans yet. Very cool idea! Thanks!

  170. I too have lots of fun, expensive kitchen equipment that I put to good use on a daily basis. But, I don’t have a dehydrator, and I’d love one!! I would use it to dry fruit and make jerky mostly. Yum, I would love to win! And, how great to have this when we are cleansing to add some texture and fun new dishes to our diets.

  171. I would love it to dry fresh fruits for my girls, explore drying tomatoes and vegis, as well as give herb drying a try! Mostly it would be a joy to have since it would always remind me of my summers with my grandmother. We would go pick fresh fruit from the trees nearby and dry them for snacks. She is still with us at 99 – whew!

    Congrats on your new gift!

  172. I have wanted a dehydrator for quite some time now, but just haven’t had the money to get one. This would help us so much on our quest to health!

  173. I have been wanting a dehydrator for so long and I didn’t even think of using it to rise bread! I’ve started making all kinds of treats for the kids (and um…the adults too) and this would be the best for the leathers and chips and jerky and so much more! This is such a great give away and we are all blessed to have you in our lives. I cannot begin to tell you how much you have changed my life in such amazing ways and I am still learning so much! Thank you for your wonderful blog and wisdom and great encouragement!!!

  174. I’ve been watching this type of dehydrator on eBay for the past few months and would love to use it for fruit leathers, drying nuts,drying sprouted grain, drying tomatoes,and rising bread. My son just turned a year and his switching to food from breast milk started our journey towards eating healthy. My parents jumped on board, too, which is just great. My mom and I have your Healthy Homemaking book and it was a great tool in getting started! Thanks for the chance at this dehydrator!

  175. What a wonderful giveaway! I have eyed the Excalibur for years. We would use it to put up fruits and vegetables – and also make healthy snacks like granola, crackers, etc…

  176. I’d LOVE to win this dehydrator!!! As new missionaries moving to the mountains this would be a great help in preserving our food

  177. The Excalibur dehydrator sounds fantastic! Since my oven doesn’t go less than 170 degrees, there have been many things in the ‘Real Food’ recommendations that I couldn’t try. This would give me the opportunity. Thanks for the chance.

  178. Ok so my sister has a wall of dehydrated food. Seriously!! She built shelves in her breakfast nook on a big wall to keep jars of food. She dehydrates so much more than she freezes. In the past she has used the cheap-o round ones, but at the beginning of the summer she found an old Excalibur at a yard sale for way cheap. I wanna be able to dehydrate food like my sister! I want a wall of jars!!!

  179. I’ve been scouting out a good dehydrator for years now and have yet to actually purchase one. I’m crossing my fingers I win this one instead, hehe.

  180. I would LOVE to win the dehydrator. I have heard WONDERFUL things about the Excalibur. I have not had good success with my yogurt, but I hate to buy a single use appliance like a yogurt maker. I also have some produce that went bad this summer before I could get it put it (I work full time), so 9 trays would really help. Thanks for such a great giveaway. I love your blog!

  181. I have been wanting a dehydrator for a couple of years now, I saved up the money and was going to purchase one but then used the money to see a homeopath for health issues. I would use the dehydrator to make crispy nuts and would love to start making yogurt again.

  182. I have been just drooling over this dehydrator!! I am a mother of three my oldest is 4 ­čÖé I am wanting to feed my family more raw foods and many things mentioned on this sight and in Nourishing Traditions. I also still have about 25 pounds to lose from my first pregnancy ­čÖü I’ve been hanging onto it ever since just in case there is a famine!! I am trying so hard to get the weight off and maintain good quality breastmilk at the same time. (I am breastfeeding my six month old.) Your blog has been such an encouragement to me!! Thank you so much! You are a huge blessing to many moms who want to equip their children spiritually and physically for whatever God has planned for them. We all appreciate you so much!

  183. Hi! What a GREAT giveaway!!!! I just found you and now I have a new website to explore!!!

    I would make fruit leather for my boys and also dry fruit for sure. And make jerky for my hubby. I bake bread all the time too so I could use it for that.

    I started following you and added you on twitter.


  184. I would love to win the dehydrator. I would use it to dry my garden produce, make yogurt, do crispy nuts, and to dry sprouted grains. What a fun giveaway!!

  185. wow! what a fantastic giveaway. I have been wanting one like this for some time. It would be a dream come true to win.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  186. Well, to start with I’d make my kids lots of healthy fruit snacks, because they BEG for that junk in the grocery store (since it’s packaged so temptingly). I ALWAYS stand my ground because…over my dead body am I going to feed that JUNK to my kids. Other than that, I’m sure my hubby would love some beef jerky in his stocking this Christmas. ­čÖé
    .-= Lori @ The Davidson Den┬┤s last blog ..Ditto =-.

  187. Joined the forum. (Cool. I didn’t even know you had one!!) Username is “groovyrainbow.”
    .-= Lori @ The Davidson Den┬┤s last blog ..Wishing =-.

  188. Hi! I would love to win this dehydrator. I’ve been wanting to do more raw recipes that require a dehydrator for making their goodies (chips, crackers, etc) but don’t own one yet. Please count me in on the giveaway. ­čÖé
    .-= Joelle┬┤s last blog ..A peek into my day =-.

  189. What a fantastic giveaway! I’m interested in starting to dehydrate the fruits of our garden. Thanks for sharing your review!

  190. What an amazing dehydrator! I would love to win this. I have been wishing for a dehydrator for a long time (I don’t own one, currently). I would love to dehydrate our garden produce, make some dried gluten-free snacks, etc.

    I am following you on Twitter, and am subscribed to your blog! ­čÖé

  191. You’re talking about my dream kitchen appliance right here!!! I have been dreaming of an 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator for 8 months now, and for eight months it has sat as the single item on the wish list that is stuck to my fridge (just so my hubby doesn’t forget!! hehe). I painfully went through the summer picking and freezing or canning everything I could…not so secretly dreaming of dehydrating a ton of it too!! I talk about a dehydrator so much that my hubby can finish my sentence with “all I want for Christmas is an excalibur dehydrator!”. I’ve already started a collection of dehydrator recipes that I’m just dying to try – from yogurt to soaked nuts (especially since reading the benefits of it!!!), and I have a granola recipe that looks devine for the dehydrator! I think more than anything I’m anxious to try fruit leather though!! MMmmmm…a better question is what wouldn’t I use it for! ­čÖé Since completely eliminating white sugar and white flour from our diet back in March, we have completely changed our lifestyle as a whole. A dehydrator is just the next logical step for us to continue eating whole and healthy in a wider variety of ways! I would be blessed beyond belief by a dehydrator…but it also looks like you have quite the task ahead of you choosing a winner! hahah…I hope for your sake it’s a draw! ­čÖé Thanks for the opportunity to write about this! Be blessed hun! P.S. I’ve also subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks!

  192. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have one of these! My friend, the Cottage Comtesse at blogged about hers, and I have salivated ever since. I am always looking for the best ways to use all of the great GA produce in our area, and this would be great for the peaches, figs, tomatoes and JERKY!!! I am a homeschooling SAHM that loves to make healthy food for the family and friends. Love your blog! (I just subscribed!) Thanks for the chance to win! Laura

  193. My 3 year old daughter and I spend much of our day in the garden and the kitchen. Having a dehydrator would be a wonderful addition to our home-made breads and other goodies. We would be delighted recipients and use it often.

  194. I would love to have this dehydrator, since I am a university student trying to adapt to a high raw diet. This would allow my capability for “un”cooking to skyrocket! I would be able to make all sorts of tasty things for myself and for my friends. A dehydrator allows for an unlimited variety of raw food using all sorts of interesting ingredients.
    .-= Ian┬┤s last blog ..Food TrucksÔÇŽFree Falafel!? =-.

  195. Wow! I would love to win this and upgrade from my little round dehydrator. Great giveaway and thank you for all the work you do on your blog. It’s always an encouragement whenever I read your blog as I don’t know any like-minded mamas near me. THANK YOU!

  196. I am just learning about what it means to eat healthy and getting a dehydrator is one of the top purchases on my list. I would love to make my own fruit leather and dried fruit for snacks. With three young kids, this would really come in handy!

  197. I just purchased your Healthy Homemaking ebook. I’m just beginning the journey to try to have a healthy household and there is a lot to learn. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of information available and all the changes that I would want to make. Because of that I often end up doing nothing instead. I like the idea of having steps to take to break it down for me to make things seem a little more doable. I’m really looking forward to reading the book! Thanks.

  198. I’d love a dehydrator. I have wanted one for years but never take the time to research and buy a good one. I would love to make dried fruit for my son to snack on instead of buying it from the store! It is also such a good way to preserve the abundance of fall’s harvest.

    carlamo (at) ymail (dot) com

  199. Congrats on the 400+ comments and counting!

    I’ve never used a dehydrator, but would love to start out trying tomatoes and friut leather.

    Maybe I’ll buy the ebook! I’ve been thinking about it for a while! Great incentive!

  200. Oh my goodness! This is THE BEST giveaway I’ve ever seen! I can’t even list the reasons I want to win and what I would use it for…the possibilities are endless!!!

    I do not subscribe to blogs or social networking sites for personal boundry reasons but will definitely check out your book sale!


  201. A good dehydrator would a huge blessing to my family. We do currently have a dehydrator, but it is on it’s last legs. I would use the Excalibur for many different things. Preserving the harvest from my garden, dehydrating fruit for yummy snacks, making fruit leathers, drying soaked nuts, drying sprouted grains to grind into flour, and drying fresh herbs. I saw that you have used yours to make yogurt. I loved this idea, and would try that as well.

  202. This is exactly what I just asked my husband for for my birthday (November 11)! It would be amazing to win it, since money is tight right now! I want to use it to make snacks for my daughter (13 months), fruit leathers, apple rings, to dry out soaked nuts, and for many other things!

  203. I’ve been looking for a way to preserve some of the food from our CSA. I want to give my son the best food possible for his meals away from home.

  204. What a neat giveaway! We are fairly new to gardening, but this summer had an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies that we grew our very own selves. I borrowed a dehydrator from a friend and had it going all summer long, filled with tomatoes. I’d love to keep drying all our produce ­čÖé

  205. That looks like one great dehydrator. I have been thinking about what it would be like to own one lately. Thanks for the giveaway.

  206. Hi,
    Wow – great giveaway… i’ve been wanting a dehydrator for ages… lucky you finding one in a thrift strore… But i’ll be happy when i get this beauty !!

  207. I would definitely put the dehydrator to good use preserving veggies from my garden. I would also love to use it to make yogurt and for bread rising. I have a cheap dehydrator currently but I am not thrilled with how it works. (It has no motor so I have to constantly rotate trays.)

  208. I would LOVE to win this! I’d use it for drying nuts (before grinding into nut butter!), fruits, fruit leathers, granola, and rising bread!

  209. This dehydrator sounds wonderful! I’ve been slowly working my way into healthier food for my family and this would be an invaluable tool in my kitchen. I canned and froze so many things this summer and would love to make fruit leathers and dried fruit and other stuff with this! Thanks for this giveaway and to your husband for calling the company and making it possible! ­čÖé

  210. I joined your forum and poked around there today. What a great forum with so many great topics! Got so busy that I totally forgot to put the whole wheat bread in the bread machine for supper and missed my time window! Oh well….maybe tomorrow.

  211. What an amazing giveaway!! I would love to win this dehydrator! I would use it to make healthy dried fruit and fruit leather as snacks for my little ones (and mommy and daddy too!) And the part about raising bread and making yogurt sounds awesome too.

  212. I recently joined the forum and looked around a little bit – my username is Emily M. It looks like such a great place to go to connect with other like-minded mamas!

  213. What a wonderful giveaway! Personally, if I win, I would use this to make healthy snacks for my 18 month old. She loves fruit snacks, but I hate feeding her anything with that much dye and sugar in it, so we reserve it as a special treat. With a dehydrator, I could dry fruit hopefully as a substitute for the fruit snacks. Also, I am dying to try out the fruit leather recipe.

  214. Oh I would love to have a dehydrator like that! I have been driving more than an hour to my parnets to use their’s. I make fruit leathers and other dried fruits/veggies. I just heard you can even use them to make yogurt! I would definitely find a bunch of uses for it!!

  215. I am just starting to really emphasize eating more natural/real foods. I have gardened for years and canned and frozen foods but drying foods would give me another option! I would love to win this!

  216. I would love this dehydrator! It looks like one that my sister has and she LOVES it! They make everything with theirs (they are raw food folks). We’d make our own ‘lara’ bars for my darling daughter that can’t have the real ones! Thank you!

  217. Oh I could make my kiddos so many yummy snacks with this!!!! I would also like to let my bread rise in it. Good idea!

  218. I would love to be able to make healthy snacks that I would know were gluten free/nut free for my son. Thank you for hosting such a great give away.

  219. Stephanie

    I have been reading your blog a lot lately, especially when I am nursing my son. I am inspired by all your healthy living advice and research. We do our best to live and eat healthy, and your blog gives me so many ideas, lots that I still need to try. My husband and I have a garden and love it. We have also been dreaming of getting this exact dehydrator. I would love it for making my boys, and my husband and I, healthy snacks as well as being able to preserve more of summers bounty.
    P.S. When I am done nursing I will still read your blog ­čÖé

  220. I have wanted one of these for many years! We are stuck with the round kind for now… So glad you could get an Excalibur!

  221. This would be such a blessing for me. I have been looking at this very dehydrator for the last two weeks…thinking of ways to come up with the monies to buy it! I have five children, three with asthma and I have been working little by little to give them a healthier lifestyle through diet to keep down their “attacks” to a minimum. We have seen wonderful results and this exact dehydrator was my next wish list item for moving our family into an even healthier lifestyle. Thank you for all the wonderful insights you bring to others like myself who can glean greatly from your wisdom in promoting a healthy lifestyle. May the Lord richly bless you and your family. Blessings, Jackie

  222. what would I use it for!?! As I dream I say all of the above plus whatever other crazy ideas come. It would be wonderful! We love dehydrated fruit. And with the added convenience, would love to try some meat, herbs, fruit leather. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  223. I’d love to win a dehydrator for canning is wearing out my old stove(I could use one of those too!). I’m thinking that I’d use it most for tomatoes. And fruit. And …… Thank you for the chance to win.

  224. I am now following your blog and I joined and posted on the forum.
    The dehydrator looks awesome and has been on my wishlist since my husband tried some veggie chips that a co-worker’s wife made with her dehydrator.

  225. That looks so fantastic! I’d use it for fruit leather, for sure, and drying a lot of my garden produce and yogurt-making. Certainly letting bread rise! Hubby would probably want to make beef jerky.. :]
    .-= EllaJac┬┤s last blog ..Ecstatic! =-.

  226. I shared this giveaway on my facebook, though I’m not sure how to ‘prove’ that, since my fb is viewable by friends only… :\
    .-= EllaJac┬┤s last blog ..I’m Not Dead =-.

  227. This dehydrator would be a great asset for my family. 3 of our children follow a gluten-free diet. It is often difficult to find products for them that have been manufactured in a safe (gluten-free) environment. Oh, the possibilities of things we could make at home and be 100% sure the food would be safe for them! Thank you for this give-away; the winning family will be greatly blessed!

  228. Amazing! I’ve never even thought there could be such a great dehydrator. I finally bought your baby steps book and am looking forward to learning from it.


  229. Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is an Excaliber 9 tray dehydrator…. but not for me, I already have one and love it, but for my daughter who I know would truly become a believer in Santa and use it day and night! May the best elf win! Thanks for putting this on Stephanie! Love your site and read it daily.

  230. My dehydrator died in the middle of drying a huge batch of hot peppers. ­čÖü I would love to win this–it’s tons better than my other one.

  231. It would be wonderful to have a dehydrator, to dry herbs…fruit leathers…dried prunes and apricots. Even jerky. Mmmmm…The possibilities are endless. We’ve been trying to eat healthier, but buying healthy foods…and dried fruit etc….is so expensive.
    Plus, you still don’t really know what they put in it–preservatives or dyes.

  232. What a blessing a this dehydrater would be for our currently two families living in one home with seven children! It would save on the electricity bill for sure! My sister and I would use it for sprouted grain, granola, dried fruit, beef jurkey . . . and many other things we have yet to try. Thanks for this amazing giveaway! Blessings.

  233. I’ve been wanting to get your Healthy Homemaking book and since my birthday is Nov. 6th, I was able to get it for my birthday! Thank you for all the time you have put into sharing such valuable information with so many. Have a joyful day!

  234. I would love to win the dehydrator to save money on using all of the good foods I get from the farmer’s market. I would also use it to culture yogurt for the SCD diet.
    .-= Lindsay┬┤s last blog ..It is about babysteps =-.

  235. I would love to win this. I have spent the past two years really working at natural living and this would be such a tremendous help as I work on preserving and storing food. I had my first baby, a beautiful girl, praise God, in June and I’m thrilled to be home with her. I’m looking forward to caring for her and our home and teaching her to do the same.

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