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I was wondering: Does your site recommend a list of podcasts that your readers might be interested in subscribing to? I found the 'Revive Our Hearts' one through Girl Talk (a site you referenced just recently), but was wondering if you had any others to suggest?

This great question landed in my inbox a little while ago, and I thought I would put it out to all of you, to see what resources you are aware of. Though I'm aware of a few resources, I don't have any particular list of audio resources that I recommend.

Personally, I've listened to a couple from Revive our Hearts, with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Most of them are interviews with other women, and they are very Biblical and very encouraging. If you go here, you can search for previous shows on a variety of topics or by date.

Another resource is the GirlTalk blog. Though I couldn't find any specific category or place on their blog where you can locate things to listen to, by doing some searches for sermons, audio, etc. I came up with this link to some Audio Resources for Parents, and this one to a sermon by CJ Mahaney. These are just examples of the types of audio that they link to from time to time. I've always appreciated their suggestions.

Yet another place to find audio messages is the Sovereign Grace Ministries website, where you can sort through their audio resources, and many of them are free to download. Sovereign Grace is the body of churches that our local church belongs to, and though I'm obviously biased, I think that the teaching material that comes out is excellent and challenging.

Where do you find great podcasts and audio messages to challenge, encourage and inspire you in your walk with Christ, or your role as a mother, wife and homemaker?

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  1. Ooooh, I’ve got this one covered. I have a section on my faith blog of exactly this – podcasts. Some are geared toward the beginner but there’s a healthy mix (including the aforementioned Sovereign Grace Ministries one). One I haven’t yet mentioned on the list is Mars Hill Church in Seatle, but that will be going up soon. They did a GREAT episode on Ruth recently which was fantastic.

    For all of these, I plug the appropriate URLs into Google Reader and am notified whenever a new episode is up (saves going to and from the pages all the time). I don’t always get a chance to listen to them all right away, so I use the ‘starred items’ feature on Google Reader and then pop in and download/listen when I can. I prefer this to auto-subscribing using iTunes – I usually listen to most of the episodes given on the list on my blog but occasionally the subject matter doesn’t interest me and so doing it manually I can pick and choose what to listen to. Most of the time the URLs are easy to find, but sometimes it can be tricky – it’s not *exactly* like sticking in a URL for a blog (most do not just have the subscribe button), but close (you have to be careful to link direct to the unique podcast page URL, not the site itself, otherwise you’ll get articles, updates etc – but that could be good too, LOL). Some, like Riverview Church (see list on blog) make it extremely easy by having the podcast link written out in full.

    Once the podcast URLs are in GR, if you open an item up, you’ll see a ‘popout player’ built right into the text/item. You can play directly from Google Reader by pressing the play button. Alternatively, if you want to download for later, right click on the text link underneath the player (‘Original Audio Source’) and choose ‘Save Target As’, saving it to an appropriate folder on your PC (check to make sure the file type – underneath the file name – is ‘MP3 Format Sound’). You can play these files using any PC-based audio player like Windows Media Player and you can drag them over to your open iTunes music list if you want to take them on the road.

    One last thing – be aware of the size of each download. Some can be up to 30Mb (over an hour of audio).

    Okay – s’pose you need the link to the blog, huh? LOL.


    ‘Podcasts/Audio’ is in the left hand sidebar. Feedback appreciated! (and if any other readers have other suggestions, let me know – I’m always looking for more to add)

    Actually, I could put this info up on my own site to help others. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. A couple suggestions for great sermons: truthforlife.org is Alistair Begg’s website. I listen to him daily if I can, and for a few years in college was priveleged to attend his church.

    Also desiringgod.org is John Piper’s site. I’ve been really challenged by his books and the sermons I’ve heard, though I haven’t listened to many.


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