Menu Plan Monday- Dec.10

Menu Plan Monday- Dec.10

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I’m feeling uninspired this week. Perhaps it’s that I’m doing this at 12:40am, or that I know my kitchen counters are full of dirty dishes. Whatever the reason, sometimes meal planning is just hard work.

I suppose that what makes it hard at times is that I don’t want to just be conventional in my meal planning. I want it to be healthy, delicious, full of variety, and always homemade, never from a package. I want a significant amount of vegetables in each meal, varying sources of protein, and yet for it all to still be frugal and to work with what I have (because this mama doesn’t make last minute runs to the store for particular ingredients anymore- I have wised up and now I work with what I’ve got!).

But, I am so glad that I do this. Because feeling uninspired, late on a Sunday night, sure beats feeling frustrated at 4:48pm on a Wednesday afternoon. 🙂

Monday: Pasta with Janet’s Tomato Sauce, Greek Salad and homemade bread (there was a slight change in plans last week, so an impromptu meal was added, and this meal got dropped- only to be recycled for this week’s plan)
Tuesday: Curry Beef Soup, with homemade bread- I’ve never tried this soup, so I hope it’s good!
Wednesday: Baked salmon, greek rice and steamed veggies
Thursday: Dinner with friends, I’ll be bringing an Apple/Blackberry Crumble (using frozen blackberries from the summer- yum!)
Friday: Homemade baked beans, squash, and dijon scalloped potatoes.
Saturday: My husband’s work Christmas party
Sunday: Creamy Tomato Soup, which I add rice to, plus bread and raw veggies with dip. I substitute the sugar in the recipe with honey, and I will be using raw milk (with the cream) instead of whipping cream.

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  1. I hear ya about how Sunday night is better than Wednesday afternoon for menu thoughts! Sometimes I think ‘oh I’ll cook whatever’ and then one of those ‘wiped out’ days will happen n I’ll wish I had a plan, an ‘autopilot’ supper idea!

    ~~Have a super week!

  2. I have been looking for a homemade Tom soup recipe that was easy….Thanks. My kids love it but I don’t like the sugar in the store bought.

  3. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I think all of you are first time commenters (if not, I’m sorry- I’m just beginning to recognize my regulars!). Thanks for checking out my menu plan and blog! Hope that you all have wonderful week, too!

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