How to Be a Good Steward of Your Story

Guest Post by Janna Antenorcruz

Did you know it’s possible to be a good steward of your life story? Your life is an amazing love story of a Father’s pursuit of His precious daughter. He formed you in your mother’s womb, He created new life within you, and some day He will receive you into His bosom. Your Father has relentlessly pursued you, protected you, and lavished His love upon you.

This is my Father reading his homemade Father’s Day note from me.

Experiencing God’s Peace During Loss

Part of my love story involves losing my father at the age of eleven to a massive heart attack. Although I cried until I was physically ill, at his funeral I experienced God’s peace that passes all understanding. Even as an eleven year old, I recognized that only God could bring that kind of peace to my soul on that difficult day and the days to come.

Sharing God’s Peace with Others

Both as a teenager and as an adult, I have been able to comfort others because I myself have been comforted. During my teen years, I worked as a camp counselor and was part of several leadership workshops. Many girls confided in me of their struggles living in a single parent home, and I was able to offer them understanding and hope.

As an elementary teacher, I grieved with several students who lost parents to illness or to divorce. I shared my story with them, and encouraged them to write about their hurt. I purchased an attractive journal for each one, and wrote a personal note suggesting they use the journal to write “Dear God” letters and pour out their hearts to their heavenly Father.

Speaking of God’s Love to Our Family

As homemakers we are considered the heart of our home. Since Christ chose to teach through story, we see what a powerful tool it is in reaching the heart. We can minister to our children simply by sharing our life story. Take time to explain what experiences influenced your values, and why they are important.

Sharing to Glorify God and Minister to Others

Autobiography actually began with the Puritans. The Puritans wrote about their Christian walk in order to edify others and glorify God. If writing your story seems too self-centered, consider making it God-centered. Make your story shout His Name!

Just as God has created no two snowflakes alike, God has written a unique story for you. Your story will reach people that I cannot reach. Being a good steward of your story may mean writing it down, sharing it on the phone, or being aware of others who need to hear your story. Do not bury your story. Instead take the lessons you have learned and use them to invest into others’ lives for the glory of God.

How does your unique story impact who you are as a homemaker, a wife, a mother and a daughter of the King? Are you sharing that story?

**Stephanie’s note: My dear friend Janna has a blog where she loves to share her own beautiful story, and encourage and equip other women to share theirs. It’s called Mommy’s Piggy Tales, and together with Janna and other women you can work through a 14-week journey of putting your own story down on paper as a gift to pass on to your children!**

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  1. I was surfing around this morning…link to link and don’t know how I ended up here but how interesting and fun for me to discover your post up on top…which rings of psalm 139. I just read this a few weeks ago at a funeral of a dear and amazing friend who claimed this psalm as she lived her eight years of cancer with abundant peace. Also amazing for me to see her husband’s book (which came out a few days after she died) on your sidebar (Experiencing God as Your Provider). They do live this life……taking only $1.00 in salary last year and giving everything else away. So nice to stumble in for a visit, the world just got much smaller 🙂 and wonderfully so.

    1. @barb,

      Amen for this couples testimony and willingness to share it. I love Psalm 139. Thank you for sharing Barb.

  2. Janna, this is such a beautiful way to view loss and tragedy. My first pregnancy resulted in what could have been deemed a tragedy when my son was diagnosed with a fatal chromosomal abnormality in utero. I am so sad that he isn’t with me. I certainly grieve every day, but I treasure every day I was given to carry my special boy. What would have been tragedy has become a story of victory, and this is the result of the Gospel! I am honored to comfort other mothers as they walk through the Valley. My marriage has been strengthened. My hope for heaven is stronger. I too want to be a good steward of the life I have been given.

    1. @Megan,

      How I hurt for mother’s who have experienced what you shared, and yet I marvel at the grace God has given you for your trial. Praise God for the way you are using your story to encourage others. How precious to see your son’s life was not in vain but his life is impacting others.

  3. Janna, Some of what you wrote sounds so familiar, I have a post ready to go myself encouraging others to join you! I am really looking forward to the 2nd session!

  4. Janna,

    This was very touching and really blessed me. My father died of a heart attack when I was 15 and I understand completely about crying until you are ill. Thanks for writing and I’m going to have to go work on my story, thanks to your encouraging article.

    1. @Julie,

      I’m so sorry for your loss, but like I tell people I’m so thankful for the good father I had for 11 years. Some children never experience the earthly love of a father like I knew. It sounds like your father was an example of our Father’s love too.

      I’d love to hear your story that HE has written for you. Bless you!

  5. Thank you Stephanie for the opportunity to share.

    All of these comments are just beautiful. What a great group of readers you have established.

    May HIS story always be seen in ours.

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