Giveaway: Learn How to Crochet DVD

For those who are a bit domestically challenged in the areas of handicrafts (sewing, crocheting, knitting, etc.- you know, like me!), have you ever wished that you could just have another woman sit down and patiently show you how to do something, step by step?

Crochet flowers 

Image by Fern R

Personally, I've always wanted to learn to crochet and have tried to teach myself. In the process I've created some, er, interesting projects on my own. Who knew blankets were supposed to turn out even on the sides? πŸ™‚ It's the type of skill that is just so much easier to learn when you can really watch someone else, have them explain what they're doing, showing you what different stitches look like and how they're done.

For a newbie like me, the Basic Crochet DVD did just that! There's nothing flashy or showy about it, which is part of it's charm. It's simply one woman patiently teaching another woman how to learn this beautiful, useful skill. And one of the best parts? If you missed something the first time, just pop the DVD back in and watch it again!

I mentioned a while back that I was wanting to teach my daughter how to crochet, and I realized in the process that I really needed to be taught properly first, before I could teach someone else. Abbie and I watched Basic Crochet together, and although we haven't done any projects together yet (I feel that she's still a little young for the finger coordination), she was excited and inspired by watching and I felt so encouraged that I could really pick up the skills to begin making some of the things I'd love to make, and one day teach my daughter to do the same. 

There are so many reasons that I'm eager to learn this skill, but I am especially eager to be able to create special gifts for others, to make items for my children like winter hats or wool soakers, and even to learn how to repurpose old items (like unwanted sweaters) into new and useful items- another way to be both frugal and green! 

Wool soakers 

Image by Squirrel Cottage (I know it's knitting, but you can crochet them, too! πŸ™‚

The 70 minute Basic Crochet DVD includes instruction in:

  • Choosing yarns and hooks
  • All of the common stitches found in patterns
  • How to read a pattern (as she shows you how to do each stitch, the pattern for what is being done is up on the screen so you can easily begin to read patterns and visually understand what they mean)
  • Making several projects: a dishcloth, granny square and scarf
  • How to switch yarn colors

Would you like to win a copy of this DVD and finally learn how to crochet for yourself? 

1) Leave a comment, letting me know why you'd like to learn to crochet or what types of projects you're interested in trying!

2) If you'd like to be entered a second time, post about the giveaway on your blog and leave a second comment with the post url.

3) Contest ends next Wednesday, June 17 at 4pm PST.

As well, Kathy (the lovely woman who wants to teach you to crochet!) has offered a discount for my readers from now until June 21. DVD's are regularly $21.97 but are being offered to Keeper of the Home readers for only $18.97!

Edit: I apologize for the initial typo saying the offer was until July 21. It is not July, but rather JUNE 21!!! So sorry!

When you visit the site, Teaching Good Things, make sure that you sign up for their 7 part mini-course, Encouraging Eager Hands, on teaching children good character through working with their hands!

**This giveaway is now over and the comments have been closed. I'll announce the winner soon!**

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  1. I have tried to teach myself how to crochet and can do very basic stitches (I know enough to make scarves, for instance) but am limited because I have trouble understanding the pattern language. I’m not even sure if I taught myself correctly! I would love to be able to crochet afghans especially…..I could make beautiful gifts for others AND keep warm as I stitch during the cold winters! πŸ™‚ Granny squares sound fun, too. I am definitely a visual learner and it would be so helpful to see an actual demonstration of how to crochet the correct way. Please enter me in the contest! Thanks!

  2. Oh boy! I’ve really been wanting to learn to crochet! I just taught myself how to knit a few months ago. I’d really like to make us some kitchen dishtowels to use instead of paper towels! Thanks!

  3. This sounds great! I would love to learn. I had a dvd to teach me to knit and it was the best way for me to learn.

  4. I would love to crochet. I knit, but find it very different. I also love teaching good things I hear rave reviews about their cake decorating dvd.

  5. Hi. I’m trying to learn some home-skills that I’ve missed out on and crocheting is on my list πŸ™‚ I’ve recently seen some gorgeous baby hats that I’d love to try for babies of friends and babies at church πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, this would be wonderful, and something I’d like to share with my daughter when she’s old enough.

  7. I love to knit (working on baby legwarmers right now!) but I’ve never learned to crochet, so this would be perfect!! Apparently, it takes roughly 1/4 of the time to crochet a baby blanket than knit it! What a time-saver!
    Sarah M

  8. That looks so neat! My daughter would love to learn how to make those flowers. πŸ™‚

  9. What an awesome giveaway. I have tried to hard to do a granny square. I just don’t get it. And serioulsy, are blankets supposed to be straight? lol. And to learn how to read patterns would be awesome. I have 5 children and to be able to make scarves hats and gloves and even some sweaters would be so nice and make the budget so much easier.

  10. I would love to win this! My mom taught me to knit, but she doesn’t really know how to crochet, so she couldn’t teach me. I would love to knit wool soakers, too, or dresses or those cute beanie hats for my girls! I’d love to crochet anything!

  11. I have a cyclical problem… I keep buying and storing skeins of yarn (sometimes instructions books or booklets). They stay neatly tucked away for a magical time when I’ll finally sit down to learn – but I never do πŸ™ and once I gave it all away, but this time I’m holding out because I know I’ve got the knack hidden deep within me πŸ™‚

    hope I win!

  12. Oh how I would love to win this DVD! I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for a few years now, but have never gone out and purchased something to help me learn. My mother tried to teach me to knit when I was younger, but she is left handed and I am right handed and I couldn’t replicate in backwards what she was trying to show me! It would be such a blessing to win this. I would love to make our little baby (due in November) a lovely blanket from its Mommy!

  13. I have always wanted to learn crochet but never seem to have time to meet up with someone who has the time to teach me! This could be the perfect solution!

  14. I would love this…to learn a handy craft on my own time, anytime, is great. Can’t beat the DVD way of learning. Journey would enjoy this too.

  15. This resource sounds like just what I need. I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for a while but really need someone who can show me how to do it and who doesn’t mind repeating instructions over and over (the DVD would totally fit the bill).

    My main inspiration to learn to crochet is to be able to make blankets, hats, booties and sweaters for orphaned babies in China. We have several friends who foster these children and need a regular supply of infant items. Added to that the personal nature of the handcrafted items and the result not only meets a physical need but is also a way to share love to these precious little ones and the families who pour out their lives for them.

    Please include me in your drawing and thanks so much!


    Mrs. H

  16. I would love to learn to make clothing items/diaper covers for my (soon to be) three little ones! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the entry!

  17. I would enjoy brushing up on my crocheting and teaching my daugther. I know the basics, but have a difficult time with beyond that. Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. I have a basket of yarn, several different hook sizes and a few crochet “how to” books. They look lovely sitting on my shelf in the living room! Maybe one day I can actually create something!

  19. My grandma tried to teach me to crochet when I was a girl, but I could never get past one row. I would love to have a skill like this for relaxation and making gifts for others.

  20. Oh I would LOVE to have this DVD! I have 2 five-year-old girls that desperately want to learn crochet and knitting. Unfortunately, I was never taught. I also have a 4 week old baby girl that will need to learn! Thank you for offering this!

  21. I was taught to crochet in college and the poor girl who taught me had her work cut out for her. I never want to put someone through what that poor girl went through teaching me so I think a DVD would be a perfect refresher! (My blankets are still crooked!)

  22. I would love to learn to crochet with this DVD! My husband’s grandmother is amazing at crochet and has made a blanket for every one of her grandchildren. We have one for both our sons, and even have my husband’s from when he was a baby! I was honored and touched when she gifted me with a crocheted blanket of my very own a few years ago. I would love to be able to pick up this skill and bless people the way she has through a simple, homemade gift.

  23. I have been teaching myself to crochet and this would be really helpful. I want to learn to do something creative that creates products that I can share with others as gifts. Plus I like the simplicity of handmade items and the process of creating something from nothing.

  24. I would love to learn to crochet! I love learning new skills and attempting fun projects such as this.

  25. it takes a good give away like this to make this lurker respond πŸ™‚ i’d love to learn how to crochet and could use all the help i could get.

  26. I would love to learn to crochet! I think it would be great to crochet baby blankets for friends and family.

  27. I bought a crochet kit because I really, really, really wanted to make the cute little sweater it had directions for. (I was pregnant at the time and feeling a little hormonal/emotional/sentimental.) Now that baby is 4 months old and big sister is 2 it’d be good to have some help getting the basics down so I stand a chance of actually making that darling sweater (and maybe some other cute things)!

  28. Generations of women in my family crochet, but in the generation before mine, my mom has forgotten and my MIL hurt her finger and cannot anymore. I would like to learn to bless my family and teach my daughters.

    I would like to crochet the accents for their pillows that my great granny put on mine (as well as accenting clothing), I would like to crochet them blankets and dishcloths.

    I would love to be able to crochet blankets for babies in our church, and, Lord willing, the next generation of our family.

    This DVD set is on my birthday list, it is one I think would be excellent, and I would love to learn!

  29. I would love to have this DVD to teach me how to crochet the “right” way- I have done a few crochet projects, but really do not know the correct way to do it- I too would like to teach my daughter!

  30. I have been trying to self teach myself to knit and crotchet to no avail. I not only want to learn for myself but to also teach my girls when they are older. What an awesome giveaway.

  31. I have been trying to self teach myself to knit and crotchet to no avail. I not only want to learn for myself but to also teach my girls when they are older. What an awesome giveaway.

  32. Oops! I posted my comment under the wrong heading! I would love to enter your contest! I have requested a DVD from my local library but the one time my number came up I was just too busy to sit down and do it! Thanks for entering me into the contest!


  33. Just recently started learning the art of crochet. Would love for my girls and I to learn this and make dish rags, towels, and they want to make purses.
    so … sign us up :o)

  34. I’d like to be able to crochet washcloths–my sis-in-law made us some awhile back and we really like them!

  35. I would love to win this DVD since we already know the basics of crochet but would love to add on some better skills!!
    ~Cynthia and her three daughters… Shiloh, Bethany and Eden

  36. I would truly love a copy of this DVD. I taught myself to knit a couple of years ago, but like you, I felt frustrated at times because I needed an actual human being to help me and show me how to correct my mistakes. This DVD sounds like a wonderful tool!

  37. Just like you I’d love to teach my (9 year old) daughter to crochet…but, ahem, I don’t know how. πŸ™‚

  38. Oh, Stephanie! Oh, how I would LOVE to win this. I am so handwork-challenged, but I really, really want to learn. Like you said, I always think if I could find someone who would just sit down with me and teach me with patience and grace . . . This sounds like it would be so helpful to me! I would be happy to learn to crochet ANYTHING!

  39. I’d love to learn to crochet. I sew and usually have a craft or two in the works, but I just told my husband the other day I’d like to learn how to crochet or knit. This would be perfect. Thanks!

  40. I would also love to learn to crochet. I am pregnant and it would be great to make things for the baby! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. This would really help me to remember what I learned oh so long ago. My eight year old daughter doesn’t even know what this is……time for her to learn. We would love to win this.

  42. I’m wanting to teach my daughter to crochet so this would be perfect. When I learned to crochet, I learned “wrong” (I don’t hold my hook the right way), so I need to correct my mistakes and teach my daughter the correct way. This would be a huge help. Thanks!

  43. I self-taught myself simple knitting and have been wanting to learn crocheting for a long time. I would love to win!

  44. I have been trying off and on for years to learn how to crochet. I had a friend show me and when I brought my results back she said it was pretty, but it wasn’t crocheting. lol I have no clue what I did wrong.

    I would like to win this DVD so I can learn at my own pace and back anything up that I didn’t catch the first time.

  45. Hi ! I’d love to learn how to crochet for real…I’ve tried a little from a book before and couldn’t quite get the hang of it. There are so many things I’d love to make but I think I’d start with baby blankets, especially for gifts. My aunt crocheted a blanket for me for Christmas when I was a teenager…I still have it ! Let’s just say it’s been with me for more than 20 years…I’d love to do the same for others as well as keep some around the house.

  46. Please enter me in! I can crochet a little, but would love to be better at it!

  47. Please enter me in! I can crochet a little, but would love to be better at it!

  48. I too have tried to teach myself to crochet and I’m lost. My next step is to find a group and beg for mercy. This dvd might just save my humility.

    My daughter would look adorable in a poncho and I’d love to make baby blankets for the Linus project.

  49. I would love this DVD. I would like to learn more about crocheting, so I can teach my girls when they get older.

  50. I would love to learn how to crochet. For the longest time I’ve been meaning to enroll myself in classes at the craft store, but work is always in the way. It would be great to be able to learn in the comfort of my own home.

  51. I’m late to this as i’ve been away for a family trip. Mary Grace at Hooked on Needles has an excellent site of all kinds of hand work & she has very good vids that are instructional. Good site. πŸ™‚

  52. I would love to win this! I’ve been taught how to crochet but have never managed to be able to keep it up once home. I think watching this DVD at home would help tremendously. Thank you!!

  53. I LOVE homemeade dishcloths and would be thrilled to learn how to crochet them. Maybe I could finish some for Christmas?

  54. I would love to learn, but haven’t made it to any class yet! This would be great.

  55. I’d like to win because I’m always cold (I have an autoimmune disease that results in poor circulation). I’d like to be able to crochet hats or mittens, so they’d match my clothes. Of course, after I have children, I’d like to be able to crochet wool soakers, as I have heard great things about them.

  56. I have wanted to learn to crochet for a while now. I knit prayer shawls for our church and the crocheted ones the other ladies do look so pretty. I remember my grandmother doing a lot of crocheting when she was younger and I would love to learn this skill.

  57. Would love to win this DVD if the contest is open to Canadians… but then you live in Surrey/Langley (where I grew up) so maybe….
    I would make diaper soakers, scarfs, blankets, cute stuffed animals etc..
    Extra bonus, my son would love to watch it too. He loves the DVD we got with my sewing machine!!!!

  58. I would love to learn to crochet. I know how to knit (very basic) and would like to add this as well!

  59. Please enter me! I have had such a hard time with the granny square. This would be great to share with my daughter and sisters too.

  60. I know a tiny little bit how. I made a blanket with lopsided sides LOL. I want to learn so that I can make things for my kids, and to teach my girls how (when they are old enough). I want to try making those little flower like things like you showed in the picture…I’ve always wanted to make some.

  61. I need a hobby. Something I can do this summer while I’m off work and have some extra time.

  62. I have tried to learn to crochet a couple times, but it never really stuck with me. I really want to learn as it seems like a very relaxing yet productive hobby. I would like to make scarves and blankets, baby hats, all kinds of things!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. I do know how to crochet, but I am so confused on how to change colors and all of that fancy stuff! I am sure that I am not joining the yarn in correctly and this would be such a wonderful source to teach my daughter to crochet! I like to crochet baby afghans mainly.

  64. Well as for me I would love to learn, and a dvd would make it a lot easier. With 4 time is priceless. I only have one girl and I know it would be a special thing that she would love to do together when she gets a bit bigger.

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