Frugal and Green(er) Option for Shaving

Have you by chance found an alternative to using disposable shavers? I can't think of anything other then chemical removers that I am loathe to use but I hate constantly tossing out used ones. thanks!

As a matter of fact, I have! Great question, because I would have never thought to show you ladies a picture of my lovely little shaver! Here she is:


I use this little handheld electric shaver. It works just great with our rechargeable batteries (except on the mornings when I have to recharge and I'm running out of time before church, LOL!).

This is my standard shaving option for both my legs and my armpits. Every once in a while, I use my husband's disposable (a Gillette Mach 3 that we purchase disposable heads for) just to get a super close shave on my armpits. Other than that, the electric seems to suffice. I believe you can actually use it wet or dry, but I've never bothered with it wet, as it suits me better to use it dry.

I bought it at a drug store while visiting family in Florida for $10 (maybe a CVS or Walgreens?). I wish I could tell you what brand it is, but it doesn't actually say anywhere on it (and I got it about 3-4 years ago, so I just plain forget). That "C" on it's front may be a hint, but it doesn't spark anything in my memory.

It's been so worth it. Just as good as something more expensive in my opinion. It actually shaves quite close and smooth and quickly, for something so small, simple and cheap. If it ever breaks, I won't get one of the pricier ones. I'll just try to find another one of these. 

Another perk to using a dry, electric shaver is that I have no need for shaving cream. Most shaving creams are full of chemicals, fragrance, dyes, etc. It's not a concern for me! Sometimes I put on a bit of coconut oil or some other natural lotion after I shave if my legs seem dry, and I find that totally sufficient.

A side note: For those out there with sensitive skin, you might be interested to know that mine is extremely sensitive. I actually can't handle wet shaving with a razor blade. It raises bumps on my legs and makes them incredibly itchy for days. I've also tried the waxing and sugaring route, but found that somewhat irritating as well, and it resulted in a whole lot of badly ingrown hairs. Ouch. This has really been the best option that I have tried in the past 8 or 9 years, and believe me, I've tried almost everything (different razors, lotions, soaps, salon waxing, home waxing and sugaring, etc.).

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What do you use for shaving? Any other frugal and non-disposable suggestions? 

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  1. I sometimes use coconut oil. I do use disposable shavers, but they seem to last a long time for me. My skin is sensitive & shaving bothers it, so i don’t do it all that often.

    We live in a dry climate, & i make my own moisturizer of vegetable glycerin, aloe vera juice, distilled water & recently have begun adding Witch Hazel (you have to be careful of this because most brands add parabens). This is very liquid, & i keep it in a spray bottle & use it for shaving & moisturizing after my shower & for my hands & feet.

  2. WOW! I’ll have to see if I can find one of these! I have SUPER sensitive skin and HATE shaving because I get razor burn EVERY SINGLE time. HORRIBLE stuff. LOL, thanks for posting this! I didn’t even know these existed!

  3. I have that same razor in my desk at work. My husband grabbed it for me one time while on our way somewhere and I realized I missed a huge line on my leg. I’ve never tried to use it for my whole leg(s). I’m Italian,so I have to shave everyday in the summer. The disposable refills are SO expensive-I hate buying them! That would be wonderful if this works for me.

  4. Oh, and I haven’t used shaving cream in years, I just shave with my legs under the shower flow and use soap for my underarms. It was such a huge waste of money, not to mention all the chemicals like you said!

  5. i have a question.. i’m one of those low maintenance gals who just also happens to have super sensitive skin. i rarely shave (currently i only shave if i have an OB appt!) b/cs of both the razor burn and skin sensitivity and the fact that i have a huge 8 mo belly in the way….
    does this little razor work better if you kind of keep up w/ the shaving or is it even ok if you wait b/twn shaving???
    and my one and only time using a man’s elec razor on my underarms was so miserable the idea makes me cringe in fear!!

  6. I just got one of those a few weeks ago! I love it too. I believe it’s called “Clio.” I have dark, thick hair on my legs so it doesn’t actually feel smooth when I’m finished, but I look clean.

  7. Wow, I’ve never even thought about getting one of those. Currently I use cheap disposable razors (and I use them WAY longer than I should, so they last a long time). And when I used shower gel I never used shaving cream, but now that we’ve switched to soap, I don’t feel like I get the same lather. I use Aubrey Organics shaving cream or Tom’s of Maine. My skin doesn’t like to be shaved, though. I always have ingrown hairs on my armpits, the back of my thighs, and in the bikini area. I’ve been seriously wondering lately how expensive laser hair removal is, but one of those electric things might make my life SO much easier – I’ll have to try it!

  8. I took over my husband’s Mach 3 razor and keep the blades dry after shaving and haven’t had to replace them … in several years. Instead of buying something specifically for shaving, I use conditioner on my legs. (It was also great on an itchy pregnant belly last summer.) On the other hand, having a dry-shave option for places I’ve missed sounds really great.

  9. Here’s another great hair removal technique (a little more time consuming). It’s also a great way to use up all that leftover white sugar in the pantry that you shouldn’t be eating… 🙂


    Thanks for the tip on the razor. I had a spendy rechargeable one that died recently. I just used up the last of my husband’s old Mach 3 blades and was trying to figure out what my new “I don’t have time to sugar my legs” option would be.

  10. I would love to give up shaving all together but with jet black hair I can’t seem to “let go” and “let grow”. We get snow here in my parts and spring pretty much does not exist. I do take the winter “hiatus.”I hope I am helping the environment. At least I try to rationalize this when buying disposable blades in the summer. On another note, last year I purchased a mug and soap cake set for my husband. No more aerosol cans in this house!

  11. Those electric shavers are also good when you realize you’ve missed a spot, like I did this morning! I wish I had one!

  12. I just spent a week in Winnipeg visiting my parents and found the identical shaver (“Clio” brandname) at Wal-Mart ~ for $8.96 ~ and bought it. I, too, have rather sensitive skin and often don’t bother shaving certain parts of my leg unless I absolutely HAVE to. I tested this shaver out and experienced NO irritation, which is AWESOME!!! (and foreign!) It isn’t as close a shave as I’d like, but for the most part, I like it because I won’t need shaving gel anymore ~ or even water. Plus, I can do it everyday, so the stubble is never really noticeable anyway. AND we use rechargable batteries, so we save there, too. Thanks for the WONDERFUL tip!!!

  13. Thank you for this! I don’t know why I never even THOUGHT of using an electric razor but after reading this I went a lookin’ the next time I was in the city and lo and behold I saw this EXACT razor on the shelf at Walmart for eight dollars (Canadian)! The C stands for Clio by the way =) I’m SO excited about not having to purchase any more razors and worry about them being left where a baby can reach them! Love your site, thanks for all the great information here.

  14. Hi I recently turned to dry shaving with a little electric shaver. I also discovered that patting the area with baby powder for some reason gives a closer shave and a smoother finish. Thanks

  15. I have the exact same shaver. It’s a Clio. I bought mine at a store here in Illinois called Meijer a few years back.

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