Father’s Day ideas?

Does anyone out there have any creative ideas they want to share, either of what they are doing for Father's Day this year, or of something they have done in the past?

I've been thinking about it casually for the past couple of weeks, and I feel like I'm at a standstill. I've waited to long to order anything, though I could still buy something locally. I tend to prefer to do special things (like outings), rather than buy something, though if I got a really great idea for a gift I could go in that direction (keeping price in mind, of course).

Previously I've done things like a day to the zoo with a picnic lunch, but the weather has been just miserable here lately and the reports say that it will continue like this for most of June. 🙁 With that in mind, I'm a bit hesitant to plan anything outdoorsy, even though that would probably be my preference.

So seriously, I need your help! What can I do to bless my hubby this year? Thanks!

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  1. Probably the best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever given my husband was the one for his very first Father’s Day. It might be cutting it a little close for you to do it now, but then again, maybe not!

    I made a little booklet for him comprised of beautiful and/or powerful quotes about fatherhood, Scriptures about fatherhood, and notes from special men in our lives. The notes that came from other men were their thoughts on what they had learned about being a good dad. Notes came from our parents, grandparents, pastors, my husband’s buddies, and other men he looked up to.

    I included funny quotes from Bill Cosby and serious quotes from men like Benjamin Franklin. It was a beautiful little book and I think he loved it. Oh, and I also found some cool pics to put in it.

  2. Well, I tend to be practical and frugal. But it’s what works for us. There is a 40% off sale on men’s clothes at Old Navy till the 19th….my hubby is getting a few new things which are much needed. The fun part is I get to pick them out and surprise him.
    Other years we have done tools that where on sale or taken a fun rode trip for the day but gas prices are atrocious right now!

  3. One year, as a gift I gave DH a bag of organic coffee. Then, for the day, he chose to make homemade ice cream, and have a “movie marathon.” He picked out a couple movie favorites from the library, and watched them in between checking on the ice cream. Then in the evening, we went for a walk to the park. (We never watch movies that much, but he had a list of ones he wanted to see, and really just needed a restful day!)

  4. For my husband’s first father’s day I bought a picture frame with a mat and using an ink pad put foot prints and hand prints of our new baby boy on the mat (of course they didn’t fit totally but it was a really neat effect. Then of course used a picture (b&w) of the baby. He still has that sitting on his desk at work.
    Good luck, I am trying to figure out something for this year as well!

  5. I am giving one month’s worth of Netflix movie subscriptions to each dad. I thought that would be something fun for them and I just planned to put a little popcorn with it. 🙂

  6. I have three little ones and my husband enjoys spending time together as a family, especially on Fathers Day! We too would rather spend time outside doing picnics and walks, but the weather doesn’t look to promising:) Sometimes we will grill and do a picnic inside, spread a blanket on the floor in the living room, the kids love it, we enjoy it as a family! One thing I have given as a gift is a picture frame of the kids or a little album that he can take to work and put on his desk! And then have my five and three year old make him a card…hopefully that gives you some ideas…you’re a very creative person I’m sure whatever you come up with he is going to love:)

  7. I make my husband a T-shirt with a small (about 2.5 inches square) picture of each kid interspersed with the word “Dad”. We have four kids, so the t-shirt looks like this:

    kid1 D kid2 A kid3 D kid4
    (this across the mid-chest of the shirt, and 8-9 inches by about 2.5 inches in size)

    They end up looking sophisticated, and he likes wearing them to his classes (he’s a student).

  8. This year for Father’s Day, we’re keeping it simple! The kids and I are going to go on a super secret mission while Daddy spends some time alone at home. Our super secret mission will be a trip to the grocery store for bananas, ice cream, whip cream, chocolate sauce and other toppings for banana splits and sundaes! We’ll come back and make a nice big sundae just for Daddy along with a homemade card (I’m thinking a card with monkeys and the saying “We go bananas over you!”). Then we’ll surprise Daddy with a delicious and cool treat since it’s near 100 degrees here.

    I have to give credit for this frugal and delicious idea to my co-worker Richard, who advised me that men appreciate simple gifts and not things that we (their wives) think they need LOL!

  9. Thanks for the great ideas, everyone! It’s definitely helping me think of what I’m going to do, so keep them coming! 🙂

  10. I am having my 2 year old decorate a simple wooden frame that is unfinished. I am going to have her decorate it and then write something on it like “I love my Daddy” (I will write that, obviously) and then put her picture in it, or one of her with him. Then I hope to do something family-oriented if possible. Even just play around in the living room. Sundays are such LONG days for us (we have a service after lunch too instead of an evening one) and so by the time we get home around 2 or even later we are very tired and its nap time for my DD, etc. Other years I would also like to be able to cook him his favourite meal or something like that.

    One thing I have learned is that at least with my DH, he really doesn’t care WHAT we do for him, as long as it is acknowledged. I think its important that for Father’s Day that the kids, if possible, get involved (scribbles on the card, helping prepare a special meal, etc. according to age). I don’t think it has to be complicated.

    Let us know what you do!

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