Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping at its Best: Moukisac Review and Giveaway

Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping at its Best: Moukisac Review and Giveaway

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I’ve been using cloth shopping bags for the last couple of years whenever I go out grocery shopping, and I just love using these sturdy, reusable bags to avoid the usual plastic offerings. Still, I wasn’t happy. I may have been avoiding some waste, but my beautiful fresh produce was still sitting in (what else?)… a whole lot of plastic!

Enter the Moukisac!

This little discovery made my trip to a local cranberry festival last month so very worth it! I found the Moukisac, an all-in-one pouch that covers all my grocery shopping needs.


It starts out as an inconspicuous little bag that gets tossed into my diaper bag when I set out for the market.


Then it transforms into a full-sized, cloth shopping bag. Nice and roomy, well-constructed and sturdy.


Best of all, it comes with these wonderful produce bags inside!

These gems are made of a mesh netting, with a drawstring sewn into the top of the bag. They come in 6 different sizes, from mini (could hold something like nuts) all the way up to jumbo (think pineapple-sized!). Their purpose? To replace all the clear, plastic bags that we use to hold our veggies, fruits and some bulk food items. I love it! Eco-friendly produce bags!

The set that I reviewed, the Moukisac Reusable Shopping Bag system, comes with one sturdy cloth bag (which folds up as you see above), and 4 Moukinets (mesh bags), 1 small and 3 large. The idea is that as you calmly walk frantically run out the door (along with your kiddos, sippy cups, snacks, diaper bag, cell phone and the proverbial kitchen sink), all of your shopping bag needs are contained in this one neat little pouch. Throw it over your shoulder or in your bag, and you’re set. As you shop, you can pull out the mesh bags as needed (remember that not all produce needs it’s own bag- a squash, a big yam, a bunch of bananas, etc.) and as you go through the checkout stand, open up your cloth bag and fill er’ up with all the good stuff you’ve just bought.

I thought it was genius. I am really, truly crazy about mine. My only complaint? I wish I had two! 🙂

(Seriously, if you do larger shopping trips at one time, which many busy mamas do, you’d probably want to own more than one system. The other great option is that you can purchase the Moukinets in sets of their own, according to your size preference, and then use them with any cloth bags that you already own!)

And just for fun (because yes, I’ve been having fun with mine!), here are a few other amazingly useful ways to use your Moukinet mesh bags in the kitchen:


I was tickled to discover that this bag (I used the Small size) makes a perfect sprouting bag! I used my regular method for making sprouts, but did it in the bag instead of in a jar. I hung it up by the drawstrings on a small nail, over my dish drying rack. Worked like a charm!

Yet another use for those who are raw milk connoisseurs… after souring my raw milk in a jar on the counter, I poured it through the size Large bag over top of a glass bowl, to catch all of the milk solids from the separated milk/whey. By hanging it up in the same manner, it provided the ideal method to drain the whey out of my raw cream cheese!

A few other uses for Moukinets– sprout grains or beans, strain homemade nut milks, dry herbs or spices, etc. not to mention using it around the house in some of these other ways.

To top it all off, not only do these bags offer a really practical solution for those wishing to avoid plastic at the grocery store, but they are also 100% locally made here in Vancouver, BC by entrepreneur Marie Naubert (aka Mouki)!

Would you like to win your own Moukisac Reusable Bag System??? (I thought you might!)

Here’s how to enter (and remember to leave each additional entry in a separate comment, to ensure that they are all included when I draw a winner):

1) Leave me a comment tell me what you like best about the bags, and which color you would likes your in if you were to win (visit the Moukisac online store).

2) Tweet about this giveaway.

3) Link to the giveaway on Facebook.

4) Blog about this giveaway on your own blog (leave post url, please)

5) Follow me on Twitter.

6) Subscribe to my blog (or let me know that you already subscribe)

7) Become a member of the Keeper of the Home community forum, or if you’re already a member, start a new topic.

Giveaway ends Friday, November 27 at 4pm.

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered- winner to be announced soon!

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  1. Produce bags! Awesome, this is excactly what I need! Hate having all those plastics in my cloth bags! Thanks for the great giveaway! Love the classic red.

  2. Wow! This is so cool. I didn’t know anyone had something to replace the plastic produce bag. How handy! I think the maroon one is the prettiest! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love these bags! Especially for the produce…I just bought some pears and I never use the little plastic baggies, and I noticed they were all brusied by the time I got home. I would love the orange bag!

  4. I love cloth bags. I feel they are so much stronger than the plasic bags and much better for the enviroment too.

  5. I like the variety of sizes of the mesh bags. I’d seen some mesh bags, but not so many sizes. Well done! I like the green color best of all. Just subscribed to your blog and signed up at the forum. (Which I thought I’d done, but, alas, no. Now I’m all set.)

    Thanks for telling us about this!

  6. Those are great! I hate using the plastic bags at the store. I think the burgundy is a beautiful color. I am so glad she sells the pieces separately, that is a great idea!
    .-= Amy Lynne´s last blog ..Thankful Thoughts =-.

  7. Wow, what a great idea. I like the Moukisac one that you put over your shoulder. I’d love to win one.

  8. I would take any color, since these bags are fantastic! I would definitely be sprouting grains and making nut milk with them. Of course, this would be once I got back from the store without leaving a carbon footprint!
    .-= Ian´s last blog ..An Appalling Sight =-.

  9. i like the natural unbleached cotton. but that would probably get dirty pretty quick so for practicality sake i think denim would be my second choice.
    .-= domestic chick´s last blog ..advent calendar =-.

  10. I love how they fold down to almost nothing – and I was going to go with my standard favorite blue color, but I’m really digging the orange. :>)
    .-= Lenetta @ Nettacow´s last blog ..Biokleen Giveaway =-.

  11. I have fallen in love with this bag system and I do not even have one yet. I would love to win it. I like the part of the bag that you fold away the big bag in being it’s own little bag. I can see so many ways that could be helpful. The mesh produce bags are just great. I really like the Evergreen and the Burgundy colors.

  12. I like the fact that the mesh bags come in more than one size. I have some that I found at my local grocery store, but they only come in one size and they don’t always accommodate my purchases. My favorite is the Ripe Orange!
    .-= Laura V.´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday – 11/23 =-.

  13. Well, I really like the natural, but I don’t think that is very practical for me because it would be dirty in no time, so I like the ripe orange.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Green Smoothies =-.

  14. I love these! I’d been looking for a way to eliminate those plastic produce bags! I love the red one. 🙂

  15. Stephanie,

    These are great! Thanks so much for telling us about them. Is your giveaway good for Americans too? If so, I’d choose the “evergreen” color bag. Finally, a way to stem the tide of plastic shopping/produce bags! Love it!

    K Hewett

  16. Thanks for making me aware of these! I LOVE the idea of not using the plastic baggies anymore. BTW: I like the navy blue ones best, as it looks like most people do since it’s on backorder. 🙂

  17. I just joined your forum as well. I had no idea you had one since I usually read your blog on google’s reader. I love what I’ve found so far.

  18. Love it!! Hate having to use the plastic bags for produce when I avoid them for other things. Burgundy or Sand would be my preference.

  19. I love that they consolidate into one bag, and that one bag has a shoulder strap!! I like the navy blue and the evergreen.

  20. I don’t like plastic produce bags! I have been wanting to get some reusable ones for a long, long time. This system would be perfect. I use reusable grocery bags already and even though some cashiers seem to resent it (usually Wal-Mart…another reason to avoid it!) it makes things so much easier and less wasteful. I like the natural or the denim colors!

  21. I don’t like plastic produce bags! I have been wanting to get some reusable ones for a long, long time. This system would be perfect. I use reusable grocery bags already and even though some cashiers seem to resent it (usually Wal-Mart…another reason to avoid it!) it makes things so much easier and less wasteful. I like the natural or the denim colors!

  22. I like the red..oops, I mean maraschino. I also like the nets, and the fact that they are clear. I have seen other produce type bags but not clear ones and that was always something that stopped me from purchasing/making them. I want to easily see what is in my produce bags, as I’m sure do the checkout people.
    .-= MacKenzie´s last blog ..And so it begins… =-.

  23. I am a blog follower – oh, and in my previous post I forgot to mention what I love about these bags; that would be the whole not using plastic thing and reusing again and again.
    .-= Annette´s last blog ..Where have you been? =-.

  24. I love this! I have been looking for some great bags to use for produce. I really dislike using the plastic supplied by the store, and I worry about all the raw meat juices left behind at the checkout if I don’t use a bag….

    I would love, Love, LOVE one in RED!!!! Thanks!

  25. Oooh, I like the red! I’m excited about those mesh bags- I can think of so many useful things around my home 🙂

  26. i’ve been keeping my eyes out for these…..

    if i won, i’d go for orange since my hubby is a huge fan of the BC Lions and it would be much easier to convince him to use them if they are the colour of this fav team. no joke. anything orange in our household goes.
    .-= Katherine´s last blog ..Beating the common cold =-.

  27. I love the fact that my food won’t be wrapped in plastic! What a great idea…I love the Maraschino Red color the best–hard to lose when it’s that bright. I am also going to subscribe momentarily!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Ooooo. What a fantastic idea!! I dont really have a color preference, but if I had the red one, I might not forget it as I walk out the door!

  29. I like this idea. I’ve used cloth grocery bags for probably close to 20 years, but honestly never thought about the plastic I actually put my produce in. Anyway, I would pick the denim.

  30. I love mesh bags for produce. I usually go without instead of using a plastic bag, but that can be a pain if I’m buying a lot of tomatoes, apples, or other things that can easily roll around in the cart. The bag in evergreen looks like it would suit my tastes.

  31. I love the sprouts idea! I’ve been looking for an eco friendly bag for my fruits and veggies, so I think that’s my favorite part. The red is my favorite. Thanks for the info!

  32. I have a few produce bags already, but they are made of muslin, and checkers at the store frequently get confused about what is in the bags and why I am using them. I like that these are translucent and would hopefully get rid of some of the confusion!

  33. What a wonderful idea! I’ve been trying to find a way to avoid all those plastic produce bags and this looks ingenious! I really like the natural cotton one…

  34. I love these! My favorite color would be evergreen!
    Sarah M
    (3rd entry for being a blog subscriber–in Google Reader:)

  35. I would love to add this cloth bag to my growing collection! I am trying to reduce the plastic bags that we use, and this bag is perfect! Also, maybe it would help me to stop FORGETTING my cloth bags. It would fit in my purse or daughter’s diaper bag. I love the red. (I subscribe to your blog.)

  36. This bag looks awesome. I really like the individual produce bags and the fact that it is all in one small pouch that doesn’t take up a lot of room. I like the burgundy color.


  37. What cool bags!

    1. I love that they would fit into my diaper bag. A lot of times getting my cloth grocery bags to the car is still no guarantee I’ll remember to bring them in. If they went in my diaper bag, there’s no way I could forget! 🙂
    I like the Evergreen color.

    2. I subscribe through Google Reader.

  38. I love this idea! I also am bothered by my plastic reusable bags but didn’t know there were any other good options. My favorite is evergreen. Thanks!

  39. Hi,
    I really like this bag! I’m just getting in to using re-usable bags for my grocery and other shopping. I would love to win this! I would like the evergreen color. Thanks!

  40. I would love to win a evergreen bag! And I think I would love to sprout my own bean sprouts. I bet they don’t mold because the air flow would be better than a jar!
    I also would like that the bags all fit compact……and around the waist like a hip pouch! Very cool!

    .-= Fruitful Harvest´s last blog ..And The Winner Of My Thanksgiving Giveaway Is…….. =-.

  41. Mesh bags are great. What I did was buy some oranges and onions in mesh bags and saved those to use when buying fruit and veggies. It works really well. The only problem I have is storing the veggies(like broccoli and celery) in the fridge. It seems that unless they are in a plastic back they go all soft and wilty. Do you have any ideas on how to keep them crisp?

  42. I love this idea. I have always wondered how to remedy this!

    I especially like burgundy……

    Should I mention I am already subscribed 🙂

  43. Hi…… I just love your website!!! I am learning so much. My number 1 reason for wanting one of these bags is that I have 4 going on 5 kiddos I usually have ALOT of groceries, this would not only free up my hands but I wouldnt have to move 20 bags from the car 🙂 I love to use reusable bags and i LOVE the idea of large bags! I really like the burgandy. Thanks for all the info you share with your readers……. 😀

  44. I would love these – I hate those thin plastic bags for produce, too! I like the burgundy.

    I already subscribe.

  45. Great giveaway! I really like the burgundy color! I love the mesh bags idea-I too have been using reusable shopping bags for awhile, but still using the plastic produce bags. I try to cut down on not using so much, like not using them for just a couple avocados, one pepper, etc.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..i heart carbs & the bread of life =-.

  46. Wow! What a neat product! I like it because it will eliminate all the plastic that is so unnecessary (yet needed at the time) when buying produce or bulk items. I was just dreaming about a solution like this yesterday when I was at the store!! If I won it, I would like it in burgundy! But all the colours are great!

  47. These are so nice! Love that they come with the mesh bags for produce. I am a fan of the red! Thanks!

  48. Wow that sounds really great. All those uses. I would try them not only for shopping but sprouting and making cheese as well. You could probably use them for herbal stuff. I wonder if it would work for tea? I like the natural and evergreen colors.

  49. This system looks great! I get tired of the bulkiness of storing and toting the cloth bags we have. My favorite color would be the burgundy.

  50. I subscribe to your blog! I love those and have been looking everywhere out here for them, but can’t find any….I like the burnt Orange!

  51. Love this idea. If I don’t win, I plan on making those mesh bags myself. My color choice would be the evergreen. Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

  52. Wow, these look like such a great alternative to the plastic bags — and little plastic produce bags — that I often end up toting around! I especially love the denim!

  53. oh I would love this for the farmer’s markets! My favorite color is the Ripe Orange, it definitely would add a splash of color to my purchases… I have several reusable bags, but not for fruits and veggies so this is a great idea.

  54. I love that these eliminate the need for the produce bags. I don’t like to use plastic but it is tricky when you have apples rolling around in the cart:)
    Burgundy would be my first color choice.

  55. I’ve been looking for a great bag to make homemade almond milk! We go through it so fast in our house, and I’ve been told it’s so much cheaper to make yourself. These bags would work fabulously for it! I also LOVE the idea of no more plastic bags – we find ourselves reusing the produce bags to try and eliminate wasting new bags every grocery shop. Burgundy would be my first choice….

  56. These look fabulous. I like that it is a 6 in 1 reusable, eco friendly bag. It will be great for my shopping trips.

    I like the ripe orange color.

  57. These are amazing! Every time i’m at the store I have the worst time finding all the plastic produce bags, and even though i reuse them at home, i still feel bad wasting so many bags! And with a toddler in tow it’s so perfect that they’re all contained in one bag! I would love orange!

  58. That’s amazing! I hate having all of those little bags for produce! Good thing I subscribe to your blog. 😉 I think you’d have to go for the green one because they arre so green.


  59. I would love a navy one. I would use mine for grocery shopping, storing lettuce in the fridge, keeping my yarn untangled for crochet etc etc…. 🙂

  60. I like that these are made in Canada, yay for semi-local shopping! I like the burgundy ones.

  61. These are great! Much better than the plastic produce bags. I would definitely choose red, because it matches my car. =)

  62. I just found your blog and love it! I am going to subscribe in a second here. And then later today I going to go buy some seeds to sprout. Thanks for the directions. Gotta get back to reading your blog. Thanks! ps. I love this bag in burgundy! Great idea. I love bringing my own bags but some are so big it’s hard to store them. This makes it nice and neat!

  63. What a cool bag. I honestly have never considered that there would be an alternative to putting your produce in anything but the plastic bags right next to the produce-how ingenious. I love this bag in burgundy.

  64. Wow, what a great idea! I would love the navy bag but would take any color. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  65. Wow!! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I love that it is made in Canada. Orange and maraschino are my favorite colors…love bright colors.

  66. I like the denim one – and it’s great that it folds up into your purse or diaper bag – how convenient!

  67. Seriously! These are so cool! I already use my cotton grocery bags, but these are amazing… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reusable produce bags… I try to avoid the plastic ones at the grocery store as much as possible and have never had an alternative. What genius! My favorite is the ORANGE one 🙂 … it matches my orange knitting bag!

  68. I would love to enter the drawing. What a great idea. I subscribed to your site.

    Have a great Thanksgiving Day everyone!

  69. I love them! I also like the burgundy and must say I really like that they include a drawstring on the mesh bags!

  70. love the burgundy. this is so brilliant! it would easily fit in my diaper bag so i wouldn’t forget my bags as often (hopefully!).

  71. I think I would go with the rust or green colored system.

    I really like the fact that the larger bags are reinforced. I would use these all the time!

  72. I like that there are so many purposes for these, in addition to being a replacement for plastic produce bags…like using them for sprouting! That would be very useful!

    I like the burgundy best. 🙂

  73. These look great! I’ve been using cloth bags for a long time now but end up using the little ones for fruits and veggies so this would be great!

    I also would like to try making nut milk and it sounds like this would work great for that too.
    .-= Suzanne´s last blog ..Thrifty Threads #6 =-.

  74. I love the evergreen color, and I love how everything condenses into a small little pouch so it’s easy to take along anywhere.

  75. 1) I like best that they are a replacement for the plastic produce bag. I would like any colour really!

  76. I like how compact this bag system is. I also think the versatility would be great. My favorite is the burgundy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. I have been a subscriber for about a year! I really have enjoyed your posts! I have been looking for something like these bags but since I don’t live in an area that is eco-friendly, I have to work twice as hard to find things.

  78. Would love to win the Denim color and love the fact that they are compact. I love my reusable bags but I am already carrying a purse and big notebook full of coupons into the store, this would be one less thing to take up space in the shopping cart. 🙂

  79. I have subscribed to your blog and registered for the forum. I love your sight you have such great information. I love the bag in navy blue.

  80. These bags look really cool. The part I like best is that they fold up in such a compact way when not in use. I would love any color if I win but especially denim.

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